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Women hate Sarah Palin because she doesn't worship at the altar of feminism

Hey ladies! Did you know that you and your hard work accomplished absolutely NOTHING? Everything you have today, you can thank second wave feminism for. Had that never happened, I know I wouldn't have accomplished any of the things I'm doing today. Thank God for second wave feminism, because surely I'm not capable of building my own future.

Apparently, this is how women are required to think. Just ask Katie "Boys are stupid and violent" Granju. The real reason women "hate" Sarah Palin? Because she thinks she's the one who accomplished everything in her life, and doesn't worship at the altar of feminism! DUH!

For the millions of American women in their 50s, 60s and beyond who remember workplaces before second wave feminism, Palin's attitude toward women's issues is just plain offensive. These women toiled in work environments where bringing a child to work would have been unthinkable. In fact, they were generally fired as soon as they became pregnant. They remember the days before the law protected female workers against sexual harassment and blatant discrimination. They know that it's only in the last generation or so that more fathers have, like Todd Palin, begun taking an equal role in childcare and household management so their wives can go out into the world as professionals. These are women who had mothers and grandmothers who told them what it was like to live in a country where women had no political voice, or even the right to vote.

Sarah Palin is undoubtedly accomplished and charismatic all on her own. However, for her to smugly act as if she doesn't owe a debt of gratitude to the generations of American women before her who marched and organized and protested and brought lawsuits and ran for office themselves so that she could stand on a national stage in 2008 - while at the same time successfully mothering five children - is just plain rude. And it irritates a lot of us who share her gender.

I am younger than Sarah Palin, but I am also a working mother with four children, ranging in age from 14 months to 17 years. However unlike Sarah Palin, I am well aware every time I am able to take a break at work to pump milk for my baby that other women before me who spoke up and changed workplace policy deserve the credit for the more mother-friendly working environment I enjoy today. I am grateful. ...

Feminism isn't about "whining." It's about courageously raising issues and breaking barriers so that our daughters will have more opportunities and credibility than we have today, just as we have more than our mothers had 25 years ago. And smart women, gracious women, know when to give credit where credit is due. Sarah Palin does not.

And that is the real reason why a lot of women can't stand Sarah Palin.

God, the horrors. You mean, Sarah Palin doesn't kiss her framed photo of Betty Friedan? That's just so insulting, for her to think that she's the only manufacturer of her own life!

OK. Now, in all seriousness, of course I am grateful to feminists whose work obviously paved the way for much of what women are able to do today. But do I sit here and constantly thank them for being able to work in sports or politics? No!

Look, regardless of your age, race, or gender, there are people whose sacrifices and hard work helped to pave the way for the doors that have been opened to you. But what Ms. Granju cannot seem to understand is that it does not define who you are or what you do. I give Sarah Palin big kudos for being the master of her own life and not constantly looking over her shoulder making sure she's giving the appropriate props to the "right" people. You can be grateful for the sacrifices of those who came before you without showing it outwardly, too. What is Palin supposed to do, open every speech with a "Truth to Power" speech saluting Second Wave Feminists? The whole concept is ridiculous.

And of course, Ms. Granju has to throw in the "we have a long way to go" schtick. You know... "we have a long way to go before ALL Americans can afford healthcare". Dude. Seriously. HEALTHCARE. IS. NOT. A. RIGHT. No one has a right to healthcare, or even good health for that matter. No one has a "right" to be making a lot of money. No one has a "right" to their employer giving them flexible hours. Sure, it would be nice if everyone had these things, but its not a "right". And what's insulting is deriding Sarah Palin for having these things (uh, "wealth" envy much?!), or saying that she owes everything she's accomplished to feminism. It's ridiculous. And it's condescending.

So, at the risk of being subjected to the ire of grumpy feminists who think I should be bowing down to them, I'm just going to say this. I don't think I owe anything to any feminist. What I've accomplished in my life so far has been accomplished because of me: not because of Susan B. Anthony, not because of Betty Friedan, and certainly not because of Gloria Steinem. I'm very grateful that feminists fought for equal rights, but I'm also thankful to a lot of other people. I'm thankful to our military, those serving now and those who served in previous generations. I'm thankful to those who fought in the Civil Rights movement. I'm thankful to conservatives who are fighting today. But none of those people who fought in the past and in the present define me. I don't owe them anything, and I'm certainly not going to be worshipping at their altars as if my life would be nothing without them. I am the master of my own destiny, and it only makes me love Sarah Palin that much more to know that she feels the same.

Seriously, feminists: GROW UP.

Hat Tip: Instapundit


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Comments (36)

what ever...she is crazy</p... (Below threshold)

what ever...she is crazy

Don't forget the bra burnin... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the bra burnings too. They were
ever so effective.
Having worked in the field of a manufacturing
complex making propylene, ethylene, and sundry
other chemical products, I do not owe them a
dime either. Nor a knuckled down knee bow.
Sarah Palin is a self made woman, and they
hate that.

Amen, Maggie.They ... (Below threshold)

Amen, Maggie.

They (feminists) hate that Sarah Palin did it without them, but as a partnership with her husband. I think that galls them more.

Well I know a whole bunch o... (Below threshold)

Well I know a whole bunch of women, and they love Sarah ... Must have something to do with being a special species of woman, like maybe the liberal strain?

Sarah Palin, a truly self-m... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin, a truly self-made woman is anathema to these feminists, but Hillary Clinton, who road to power on the tails of her philandering husband, is their idol.

I wonder how Katie Granju f... (Below threshold)

I wonder how Katie Granju feels about African Americans who get where they are on their own merit, without worshiping at the altar of racemongers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Have they also betrayed their history and their background?

Would she still vote for such a fundamentally ungrateful candidate?

Now, lets be serious. We'r... (Below threshold)

Now, lets be serious. We're all thankful for the people who worked to make things happen and worked to give us the world we live in today.

The issue isn't thankfulness, it's how we're supposed to express that thankfulness.

Sarah Palin did thank those women who paved the way. She very prominently thanked Hillary Clinton. She very pointedly thanked Geraldine Ferraro (who said Palin was the first person to *ever* do so.)

What Sarah Palin fails to do is express her thankfulness by subsuming her own opinions and signing on to the "women's issues" liberal feminist agenda... for solidarity's sake.

The problem with this is, of course, that liberal politics is not synonymous with women's issues.

The other problem is that requiring women to concentrate on so called "women's issues" is actually marginalizing them. At some point, if women are going to participate equally, they have to leave women's issues behind... not to be forgotten, but not kept front and center either. The whole world can not be viewed through that filter without the marginalization that comes with using *any* filter.

Women need to concentrate on human issues... not women's issues. And human issues come in a whole lot of political flavors.

Great comment! I am remind... (Below threshold)

Great comment! I am reminded that the old saying "we can see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants" was not written for feminism, but applies to every field. What folks like Katie Granju forget is that to enjoy the view from the shoulders of the giants, you've got to climb up there. Go Sarah!

I'm having a hard time unde... (Below threshold)

I'm having a hard time understanding what Ms. Granju is saying. What exactly is Palin doing to imply that she doesn't appreciate the work of all the women who came before her? Synova's right -- she thanked Clinton and Ferraro, very graciously I thought, and she accepted the endorsement of LA's NOW president. Does anyone know how Palin responded to that endorsement? Has anyone even taken the time to ask her how she feels about women's rights? I imagine she deeply appreciates the suffragettes and Title 9, at the very least. I would think feminists would appreciate a woman who doesn't apologize for her accomplishments and femininity and family, but who stands bold and proud of her self and what she's done. I don't think appreciation for those who came before us and being proud of our own accomplishments are mutually exclusive. And also, I really appreciate that Palin isn't getting bogged down in age old, cliched issues and is instead talking about urgent things like foreign affairs and the economy.

When I read something like this that doesn't make sense to me, at first I think I'm missing something. But when I look closer, I see that the flaw lies with the writer. She's trying desperately to articulate something that makes her very uncomfortable, and she's not coming clean about what it really is. Maybe it's her jealousy at Palin's success, energy, and poise. Or maybe it's that some part of her can't help but like Sarah Palin, and it makes her angry, because anybody who's pro-life is an enemy, no questions asked.

'm having a hard t... (Below threshold)
'm having a hard time understanding what Ms. Granju is saying. What exactly is Palin doing to imply that she doesn't appreciate the work of all the women who came before her?

Because Mrs. Palin thinks abortion is wrong. Abortion is the sacred cow of modern feminism. Therefore, if you don't buy the the entire feminist party line on abortion, you're dissing women.

No, really.

You are all over thinking t... (Below threshold)

You are all over thinking this. Sarah Palin's 'problem' is she has succeded in life with husband, children and career, but she is very ATTRACTIVE!

Feminists hate cute/pretty/attractive women.

My feelings were pretty wel... (Below threshold)

My feelings were pretty well summed up by Synova. This Granju woman has gotten her knickers all in a knot for what? Because Sarah Palin "acts" a certain way. And what "way" is that? Granju doesn't say. She thinks she doesn't have to. Just read the title of her blog.

Today's feminists were the ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Today's feminists were the ones trying to tear Palin down as soon as she was announced as John McCain's running mate. They were the ones questioning whther she was a fit mother because she was taking on such a high profile job and abandoning her children. Such hypocrisy. How about these feminists show appreciation for what Sarah Palin has accomplished in Alaska and in the national stage?

As a construction worker in... (Below threshold)

As a construction worker in Atlanta so accurately put it while watching a group of feminists marching down Peachtree Street in 1975, "You're just mad because you're UGLY".

My wife saw this and reported it to me back then. She said that it was so funny because it was true.

Where is the evidence that ... (Below threshold)

Where is the evidence that women "hate" Sarah Palin? All criticism of her that I have heard from friends of both genders is based on her lack of credibility on the major issues and that her pick seems to have been transparently political, a pretty face guaranteed to be controversial and divert attention away from the substantive and away from the clueless, petulant has-been at the top of the ticket.

There are way fewer women who are jealous of Gov. Palin than you think. Criticism and scrutiny of her come along with the glare of the national spotlight. If she doesn't measure up, the public will decide and support accordingly. I think they have decided.

Uh groucho, think again. . ... (Below threshold)

Uh groucho, think again. . .

Now it would not be exactly smart of me to make comments on this thread. This is a woman thing that Lorie is talking about and I am not the right gender to get involved.

On the other hand, I did discover this little thing about Sarah wearing white. Perhaps some of the ladies on here would like to express their opinions about this web site's comments:

(click here)

The immediate thought that came to mind was that some of the ones who hang out on that site really need to change their underwear more often.

Katie Allison Granju Hickma... (Below threshold)

Katie Allison Granju Hickman is a two bit hack. She was hired by the Knoxville New Sentinel to blog and bring in site traffic (can you say "media whore" boys and girls?) So, to that end, she writes "edgy" and controversial garbage from a decidedly liberal feminist slant. Other than that, she is an intellectual lightweight. Her line of reasoning is laughable at best. She rarely cites or even obtains sources, and frequently takes quotes and actions way out of context. Her original claim to fame was as a blogger on pop-culture, parenting and family topics. In that arena, she is a very talented writer. How she got into political blogging, I will never understand. She is in way over her head, as most of her posts show quite clearly.

For the last 3 months, I have been countering her nonsense in comments from my conservative evangelical Christian perspective. It has been quite interesting, as she says she is also a Christian yet cannot comprehend basic Christian tenets. Concepts such as "hate the sin, love the sinner" cause her a great deal of cognitive dissonance as she showed as she gleefully savaged Palin over her "hypocrisy" regarding her daughter's pregnancy.

Be sure to catch her follow up post, in which she whines about commenters on the first one saying mean things about her. Poor thing ...

The immediate thou... (Below threshold)
The immediate thought that came to mind was that some of the ones who hang out on that site really need to change their underwear more often.

Or, they need to lay off the bong, Larry. That train on DU is going to run until the bridge gives out. This "thinking" crowd are going to the polls in November. Neat, huh? I'll just ignore 'em and flip through my voting pamphlet.

That Sarah Palin is not sup... (Below threshold)

That Sarah Palin is not supported by feminists not because of all her achievments or her physical attractiveness but because she is threatening the achievments of all activists, what she stands for essentally is that we don't need to change the ideological system to get ahead. Just work extra hard to overcome the obstacles. We liberals ask for a level playing field. For women, balcks, hispanics, homosexuals and religious fanatics. It has nothing to do with abortion. But her views on sex education and contraception are mediaval and her personal/family life is a testament to her bad personal choices. Sarah Palin and many like her all over the world stand for a mdern world without modern thought, an oxymoron.

Persephone perseverated poi... (Below threshold)

Persephone perseverated points of Presidential pretender.

Pretty pointless when you've been abducted by the god of the underworld and hunted by your parents fruitlessly.

Why is it that some people ... (Below threshold)

Why is it that some people have such difficulty comprehending that "freedom of choice" means exactly that ... and that some people choose to disagree with them?

If Sarah Palin represents l... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If Sarah Palin represents liberated women than, as a man, I say give me more. She brings a woman's perspective to politics without blame or hate for men. She's the first woman on the national scene who has moved beyond the sexism of feminism.

"She's the first woman o... (Below threshold)

"She's the first woman on the national scene who has moved beyond the sexism of feminism."

Exactly, Mac! I couldn't have put it better.

"That Sarah Palin is not supported by feminists not because of all her achievments or her physical attractiveness but because she is threatening the achievments of all activists,..."

How has she threatened the achievements of 'activists'? What has she done but held an opinion about a couple things that you or certain feminists don't agree with?

"It has nothing to do with abortion."

Really? Then I've only been imagining all the outrage over her view on abortion? Open your eyes.

"...her personal/family life is a testament to her bad personal choices."

Really? Tell us. What is it about her family life that's so not-normal or is representative of 'bad choices'? Or is it only because her family isn't the picture perfect embodiment of Leave it to Beaver with June playing the role of a bank president?

Let me tell you a little something about how I feel about feminism. I don't need 'heroes' like Gloria Steinem or Margaret Sanger who insist I subscribe to their morality as defined in their brand of feminism when I look at women like Elizabeth Blackwell. Steinem spent most of her time railing against the 'patriarchy' (Steinem was part and parcel of second-wave feminism seeking to abolish any and all forms of patriarchy without regard to the psychological, biological and emotional differences between men and women) and how men viewed women without ever holding women responsible for their role in placidly falling into form.

I look at the 'doers' and their actual achievements without dwelling on whether or not they conform to my every belief.

No, feminism has been largely accepted as a brand, liberal feminism. Conservative feminism is being fought against tooth and nail because it threatens a political and philosophical belief system developed by women like Steinem and deified by Granju. If you hold a different opinion about certain aspects, you're a 'threat'. If you're not angry all the time, you're not 'serious'.

Why I'll bet Sarah Palin would be quick to commend women like Elizabeth Blackwell or Hannah More. These women any many others were the real pioneers. Why should Palin now start verbally offering up praise to her contemporaries who have immediately condemned her? They never even gave her a chance.

Democrats...there is no awa... (Below threshold)

Democrats...there is no away you will ever get around the fact that your party told women to sit down, shut up and adore the young, charming, handsome, suave, smooth-operator who calls women 'sweetie'.

Democrats your actions are a slap in the face to women...here comes young, handsome Obama and the first thing you do is swoon like little children enamored with the candyman.

Ask Hillary Clinton if second-wave feminism is alive and well.

Try reading <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Try reading this for a better understanding of the evolution of feminism.

One of the many quotable quotes:

Who needs feminism? We do. The world does. Women everywhere need the liberty to be what they are--not, as contemporary feminism insists, liberation from what they are. This we can see if we look back at the history of women's liberation--not as it is taught in women's studies departments, but as it truly was.

Like Elvis sang 'She remind... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner Author Profile Page:

Like Elvis sang 'She reminds them of what they're never gonna be'

Persophone opined:</... (Below threshold)

Persophone opined:

but because she is threatening the achievments of all activists, what she stands for essentally is that we don't need to change the ideological system to get ahead. Just work extra hard to overcome the obstacles.

As a white male, I can tell you that the road to success is working extra hard. Get over it.

As a white male, I can tell you that the ideological system HAS changed. Hillary Clinton would have been the nominee of the Democratic Party and Obama would have been her Vice President nominee if she had worked as hard, and smart, as he did. Get over it.

As a white male, I can tell you that in the workplace, a white male has to work twice as hard as a minority or female to succeed.

I dunno what kind of crack, entitlement activist garbage they are teaching in schools, but I can tell you that extra hard and smart work is the equation for success.

Real freedom is the right to make choices. That "Activist" females slam Sarah Palin for her choices is hypocritical, a travesty and a step backward, not a step forward. By all means slam her for her political views, that is fair game. Slamming her for who she is as a woman is just plain stupid. And you can't fix stupid.

By the way, you didn't spell two words correctly. Maybe you better go take some more English courses and forget about the ones that teach entitlement.

The trash talk on the web site I posted reminds me of the fat boy in school who never exercises and complains that the head cheerleader won't go out on a date with him. Er, as he munches on his second bag of cheetos that day.

Liberal disdain/hatred for ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Liberal disdain/hatred for Sarah Palin is no different than the garbage heaped on Clarence Thomas.

Persephone probably believe... (Below threshold)

Persephone probably believes the law of
gravity does not apply either, as it's

Larry,As ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


As a white male, I can tell you that the road to success is working extra hard. Get over it.

I don't disagree with your points, but with the label you use for yourself. Calling yourself a white male rather than a white man flows directly from radical feminism. The term "male" is used by sexist feminists to denigrate men as less than human. If you look at their writing you see the term woman and male used in the same sentence as if they were comparable. It's no accident that the term male can be used to refer to a dog or a pig or a man. The usage has become so prevalent that we see even intelligent men referring to themselves as being a male rather than a man. Break out of the feminist brainwashing you were subjected to growing up. A truly liberated women doesn't need to denigrate men and we sure don't need to denigrate ourselves.

Mac LorryOUCH! Po... (Below threshold)

Mac Lorry

OUCH! Point taken. I hang my head in shame.

And seriously, I have posted in another location the difference between males and men. I have total respect for men and very little for males according to my own definition.

My fingers were flying and I own my mistake.

Thank you sir.

By this logic, shouldn't le... (Below threshold)

By this logic, shouldn't leftists be following in the footsteps of those that sacrificed to give us the nation we have now, intead of trying to turn it into a socialist paradise?

And Persephone; the playing field is rather level these days, You just need to get out of the stands and play by the rules.

We liberals ask fo... (Below threshold)
We liberals ask for a level playing field.

And certainly you provide no explanation as to why Palin's views are "mediaval" (whatever that is). It also doesn't surprise me you made up your own definition of the word "oxymoron". More of the thinking crowd going to the polls come election day.

Nonsense, women don't like ... (Below threshold)
Jane Sweet:

Nonsense, women don't like Palin because she's an autocratic semi-literate moron.

Nonsense, women do... (Below threshold)
Nonsense, women don't like Palin because she's an autocratic semi-literate moron.

Should be: Nonsense. Semi-literate, ignorant women don't like Palin because they think she's an autocratic moron, when they actually know very little about her. There. Fixed it for you.

it falls into the simple fo... (Below threshold)

it falls into the simple formula that you cannot be a a successful conservative minority. Clarence Thomas was crucified, Alberto Gonzalez was dragged through the mud, and now Sarah Palin. I love Sarah Palin, she lives by the code of Self Empowerment and personal accountability.






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