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That is a very good ad. Jus... (Below threshold)

That is a very good ad. Just the facts. ww

GREAT AD!!!Run it ... (Below threshold)


Run it EVERYWHERE...nonstop!

Good! Let's keep it coming... (Below threshold)

Good! Let's keep it coming.

Needs to be shorter, leaner... (Below threshold)

Needs to be shorter, leaner, with crisper images. The flashing around stuff is too distracting. Great start -- do more, do better.

RACIST!!!... (Below threshold)


Looks to see if that card h... (Below threshold)

Looks to see if that card has been played before... finds it played so many times it's worn out.

Flips it onto the 'burn' pile - waits for next.

The cowards at youtube have... (Below threshold)

The cowards at youtube have taken this ad down. I guess the truth hurt too much to keep it posted. Wonder who they're pulling for this election! I'm quite sure the pro-Obama videos are still there for the viewing.

Hrm... All I'm getting is "... (Below threshold)

Hrm... All I'm getting is "We're sorry, this video is no longer available."

Damn, same here. Video's b... (Below threshold)

Damn, same here. Video's been pulled.

Go here...can't download an... (Below threshold)

Go here...can't download and repost on youtube though...:(


All of McCains videos are a... (Below threshold)

All of McCains videos are avalible at his website. This one is now posted on his front page. www.johnmccain.com

link to the removed video ... (Below threshold)

link to the removed video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkE86lXsCCc

I love it.But what... (Below threshold)

I love it.

But what is up with McCain? I sure hope that he is getting good advice -- and I wish he would act more animated and quit referring to himself as a maverick and bragging about how he always comes back to win. It sure doesn't look that way now.

Unless....he and his staff know something that WE don't know yet.

I saw Sean Hannity's interview with McCain, Cindy, and Lindsey Graham on McCain's plain and they all looked very happy, content, and confident. I sure don't know why. Maybe I need to drink whatever THEY were drinking - or smoking - or whatever....

Best video yet. I... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Best video yet.

I hope it's not too late to expose the real Obama.

It's depressing how low the... (Below threshold)

It's depressing how low the Republicans are willing to sink to at times. Makes me despair for humanity.

Congratulations, conservatives. This political ad is the kind of low-class slime that does Karl Rove proud.

Iceland just went bankrupt... (Below threshold)

Iceland just went bankrupt. had to borrow from Russia because none of the western powers could afford to loan them any money and you jokers want to look at this nonsense. pathetic.

Herman, been drinking the k... (Below threshold)

Herman, been drinking the kool-aid, huh?

Here are some more ads that... (Below threshold)

Here are some more ads that will be aired in Michigan soon:



All the flashing lights are... (Below threshold)
just me:

All the flashing lights are headache inducing. That doesn't make the visual any better.

The ad does a nice job of connecting the ACORN dots.

herman and jmc,Do yo... (Below threshold)

herman and jmc,
Do you understand the reason the world is in a financial crisis is because of corrupt policitians like obama? Pointing out facts about his corruption is not "low-class". It is a legitimate issue. obama's political history, on the other hand, has been very low class. He has used private divorce records of his opponents in Illinois to smear them and shame them out of the race. You should find out more about the people you support before you get behind them.

low-class slime</b... (Below threshold)
low-class slime

Herman, you are still not paying attention to how your guy has gotten his foreign financing for his campaign. Over $400 million of it is from undisclosed sources.

Iceland went bankrupt? Talk to the dems about what they did to our housing market and how Obama's buddies paid Obama for their riches. Your tunnel vision has to improve eventually.

Has anybody actually checke... (Below threshold)

Has anybody actually checked the facts behinds this ad though? I've been doing research to find the facts that back the claims up and all i'm finding out is that this add is pure misinformation. Seems like it's nothing more than a smear tactic.

Does anybody have any links that back the claims this ad is making?

As an undecided voter it seems to be getting harder and harder to get the truth from anybody.

As an undecided vo... (Below threshold)
As an undecided voter it seems to be getting harder and harder to get the truth from anybody.

Seek and ye shall find:

Chicago ACORN Leader Toni Foulkes Referred To Obama In The 2004 US Senate Primary As "The Candidate We Hold Dear." (Toni Foulkes, "Case Study: Chicago-The Barack Obama Campaign," Social Policy, 10/18/04)

"[W]e Have Invited Obama To Our Leadership Training Sessions To Run The Session On Power Every Year..." (Toni Foulkes, "Case Study: Chicago-The Barack Obama Campaign," Social Policy, 10/18/04)

"Acorn's Political Arm Has Endorsed Mr. Obama While Its 'Voter Education' Arm Has Pledged To Spend $35 Million To Register People This Fall..." (John Fund, Op-Ed, "Obama's Liberal Shock Troops," The Wall Street Journal, 7/12/08)






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