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Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters

Actually Sal is the one who interviewed Obama supporters in Harlem and asked them why they support Obama. Here's the kicker: Sal substituted McCain's views for Obama's but Obama's supporters didn't know the difference. Yikes! And for fairness, one person supported McCain, but he didn't know what was going on either. Keep in mind, we're talking about Howard Stern here, so I'm issuing a bad language warning in case you've got kids in the room.


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Comments (14)

LOL! "Taking the word race... (Below threshold)

LOL! "Taking the word race and making it a homonym." Wow, those people in harlem don't know what's going on. They're going to look at the ballots, too, and forget what they said in the microphone. They are just voting Obama or McCain because...or they don't want it to be about race. Good God.

Incredible. Those voters ar... (Below threshold)

Incredible. Those voters are SO informed!!!

John Stossel took pictures of the candidates and some other political figures to a a park and almost no one could identify them. they knew Judge Judy but not Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Unfortunately, Stern has bi... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Unfortunately, Stern has bitten the Obama apple. Everything he or Fred or Robin says about the McCain/Palin camp are almost verbatim talking points already disproven.
But simple minds accept repeated mantras

Almost as funny as when How... (Below threshold)

Almost as funny as when Howard used to do his Black Jeopardy Show.

Just think all of these tr... (Below threshold)

Just think all of these truly informed voters will nullify voters , not because they want to but because COMMUNIST I mean community Organizers will take them and their ilk to vote 1-10 times on Election Day.

Sadly I am willing to bet i... (Below threshold)
just me:

Sadly I am willing to bet if you headed out to any college campus or podunk anywhere shopping malls you would find just as many useful idiots. I don't think the ignorance is limited to Harlem.

I remember my very first presidential election, and it was also a friend of mines first. She stopped by the house, and my mom asked her if she went to vote, she said yes, but she couldn't remember which guy she had voted for, she thought it might be Bush (41) because she thought he was the guy people were talking about.

Sadly, her method for choosing presidential candidates is still pretty much that sad.

first for a friend of mine<... (Below threshold)

first for a friend of mine

not, "friend of mines first"

Pls, don't catch dumb from the video for crappin out loud.

The problem with these type... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The problem with these types of interviews is that you don't know how many people were questioned to get the few used on air. Without that information there's no way of knowing how pervasive such ignorance is.

The only locations where yo... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

The only locations where you could find greater ignorance would be any college campus, any faculty lounge, and any ACLU chapter.

I think this experiment is ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Earley Jordan II:

I think this experiment is quite one-sided. A harsh attempt to make Black Americans seem a bit ignorant. The truth lies in the fact that once the ball is placed (and it was) into the court of Whiteville in middle america, and they are interviewed, we see that they have no clue of who Obama is. They simply don't vote for him because he's 1) not american 2) not christian 3) because he's muslim, or some other ignorant allegation.

America, as a whole, needs education. Race, Class, Gender aside. This is why journalist must write on a 3rd grade education. Why? Because most Americans would never understand a scholarly article. Howard Stern, though, epitomized the trash in White Trash.

This is crazy. I am moving ... (Below threshold)

This is crazy. I am moving to Vancouver, BC if Obama wins!

Howard brings comfort to th... (Below threshold)

Howard brings comfort to those of us who were concerned that the outcome of this election would rest solely on superficial sentimentalism rather than on thoughtful ideology. Phew! (this post is what we call pure sarcasm folks! Black, White, Red or Yellow...God help us all!)

BRILLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<... (Below threshold)
janis wagner:


These people they interview... (Below threshold)

These people they interviewed probably can't read anyway..Its quite possible they may vote for Mccain by mistake..






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