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Radio Interview: NatSec, Terrorism and Politics

With thanks to Crane Durham of 97.1 FM Talk - St. Louis, I was a guest on his radio program, Nothing But Truth. For some reason, he has me slotted as his regular first segment each week, and in the past two weeks' radio appearances, we have discussed North Korea's removal from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, Pakistan strategies, and a way forward for Surging Afghanistan. The audio for both discussions can be heard streaming or downloaded at ThreatsWatch.

For the politically motivated, last night concluded with a political question, as Durham asked my assessment of the current candidates from a National Security standpoint. Please feel free to give a listen and critique away in comments here.


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i think terrorism is bad! e... (Below threshold)

i think terrorism is bad! even though it's been out of the nation's spotlight for a while, it is still a threat to america.






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