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Happy Birthday!

Today happens to be the birthday of my best friend, once known around here as "Jay Paparazzo" when he took a picture of me that I posted. And I never let him forget that I am one year and ten days younger than he is.

Well, he's on vacation this week, and he's under a bit of stress anyway, so I thought I'd post a video that he ought to get at least a few good laughs out of.

And most everyone else, too.

I didn't watch this year's Emmys, but my fine colleagues at Wizbang Pop did force themselves to do so, and they posted a truly amazing video clip: Josh Groban singing a medley of some of the greatest TV theme songs -- some with a bit of a twist.

Brother o'mine, pay particular attention to the segue after the Muppets. And to what he says just under his breath right before launching into The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

He absolutely nails South Park, but I'm not quite sure I like what he does with the M*A*S*H theme.

One thing comes shining through, though: he's having the time of his life doing it.


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Thanks, Wizbang Pop folks! ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Wizbang Pop folks! That was all of the Emmys I ever need to see.

He was enjoying himself, wasn't he?

You couldn't have said it b... (Below threshold)

You couldn't have said it better! Josh was having a great time at the Emmy's.
I think he should be nominated for home himself next year for that hilariously funny, very clever arrangement of TV Theme tunes.

Nice job on imitating Les C... (Below threshold)

Nice job on imitating Les Claypool on the SP theme!

Overall, very well done!

Makes me wish I had watch the Emmys!

Oh, who am I kidding...

So where is this picture? ... (Below threshold)

So where is this picture? I'm looking for context here...some kind of fuel for my saucy fantasies ;)

I confess, I watched the Em... (Below threshold)

I confess, I watched the Emmys this year for
the first time in uncountable time.
Groban was having fun, my favourite was
South Park. :)

I'm not sure what your obje... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure what your objection to the M*A*S*H theme is. The words were as originally written in the Movie of the same name. Had to do with the dentist in the movie that was known as "Painless" and he wanted an assisted suicide to be performed by the other doctors in the unit. As I recall, they just gave him knock-out drugs instead.

Burt, I just don't quite se... (Below threshold)

Burt, I just don't quite see M*A*S*H as a show tune, complete with Vegas dancers. It's an interesting twist, but I just didn't like it as much as some of the others.


Wow, amazing. All those tr... (Below threshold)

Wow, amazing. All those transitions and key changes, and Josh nailed them all. What a lot of fun, too!

What's bad is the number of... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

What's bad is the number of people who don't know A) That the actual title of the song is "Suicide Is Painless", and B) That the song actually has words.

What did he say under his b... (Below threshold)

What did he say under his breath? I couldn't make it out.

The Vegas show-tunes thing was funny. There is a guy named "Richard Cheese" who does that to all of the Pop songs; funny, but gets annoying after 3 songs.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the... (Below threshold)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the amazing show tunes that Josh performed. Some people are not aware that Josh has a great sense of humor on top of his incredible singing voice. He is an extremely talented performer as well.
Two Thumbs up! Check out his newest DVD/CD AWAKE LIVE filmed in concert at Salt Lake City.

Having seen Josh live 3 tim... (Below threshold)
Bev Malcolm:

Having seen Josh live 3 times, I knew his sense of humor. He doesn't take himself too seriously most of the time and he trys to have fun.
His part in the Emmys was the highlight of the show. He was funny and seemed to have a great time doing it. He does deserve an award . The rest of the show was very boring.
By the way, under his breath, before he does the Fresh Prince of BelAir, he says "oh god".






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