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"Young Voices" tell their parents how to vote

Because tweeners who idolize celebrities like Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are infinitely wiser than their parents... you know, those people with jobs and mortgages who pay taxes and have life experience and all.

This might quite possibly be the stupidest political ad I've ever seen. The smug arrogance of the teenage hipsters alone makes me want to vomit.

And of course, don't ever -- EVER!! -- vote Republican. It doesn't matter if Osama bin freakin' Laden is running for President, as long as he has a "D" next to his name, it is better than voting for a Republican. The obvious comparison here is that voting Republican is the same thing as becoming a drug addict or driving drunk. On top of that, there's the assumption that anyone who stands for anything you disagree with will be disastrous for the country. Real tolerant, eh?

And you know what the worst offense of all about voting Republican is? It's not cool. And if it's not cool, then you better not do it, because all the cool kids who like Obama will make fun of you. Independence be damned.


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I love it! That is as funny... (Below threshold)

I love it! That is as funny as SNL. Friends don't let friends vote for John McBush.

They should have added that Palin believes dinosaurs are an illusion made by Jesus so that you would doubt his existence and that a 10 year old shoud pay for her own rape kit if her father molests and impregnates her, but hey I guess thats another commercial.

Well, I guess I have my sen... (Below threshold)
mcg Author Profile Page:

Well, I guess I have my sense of humor filters set low today, because I found that kind of funny. I mean, the problem with most lefty jokes is that they just aren't funny. But I kind of like this one, particularly the last bit. It's a good parody of an anti-drug ad.

My favorite anti-Bush joke is "With a Dick, Bush, and Colin [colon] in the White House, someone's gonna get screwed."

...Cuz we all know how pare... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

...Cuz we all know how parents pride themselves on the political saavy of their teenaged kids.

I may have to do a free ad in response:
"Son, you did great and demonstrated outstanding responsibility raising all that hard-earned money for your own car... Now give half that money to your sister so we can all be winners."

Yeah. I'm going to take ad... (Below threshold)

Yeah. I'm going to take advice on how the country should be run from people who - even though they have a minimum of responsibility - are incapable of keeping their rooms clean, remembering to feed the family pet daily, getting their homework in on time, and understanding that sex can indeed result in babies.

That video is from the Onion, right? Not only am I going to vote McCain, I may just burn a tire in the backyard and spray several cans of Aquanet into the air for no reason, send a few bucks to racists (David Duke and Jeremiah Wright, to keep it fair), and jam a few pages of a torn up Quran into a hunk of spam and throw it on the steps of a mosque. Choke on it, punks.

Maybe if they threw in the ... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Maybe if they threw in the cute Obama Youth choir singing the praises of the annointed one I might listen to some zit faced teen ager lecture me about who to vote for based on his vast experience. Times have changed. When I was a tyke I never would have discussed politics with anyone.

I don't know how they decid... (Below threshold)

I don't know how they decided that kids (not college age, but kids) tend to have different political views from their parents.

Even when they think they do, they don't.

That's why all those moronic "kids pick the president" things by Linda Ellerby end up accurately reflecting the real, adult, vote.

That said: "Son, you did great and demonstrated outstanding responsibility raising all that hard-earned money for your own car... Now give half that money to your sister so we can all be winners."

LOL.. oh, please do!

Unfortunately there is on... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately there is one type of parent that this ad will affect. The ones who do not want to be their children custodians , instead they want to be their kids friends. The ad is a waste of money because lemmings like that are already voting for HOPE and CHANGE

I have not had the time to ... (Below threshold)

I have not had the time to download the picture of the Obama doll Action (sic) Figure I saw in Corvallis last weekend. It had a prominent warning on the bottom panel:

Caution: Choking Hazard!

WOW! I don't know whether ... (Below threshold)

WOW! I don't know whether to laugh at this pathetic ad, or weep at how stupid today's youth is. Public school indoctrination definitely is working, eh?

AJ: those children are acto... (Below threshold)

AJ: those children are actors, reciting a script almost certainly written by an adult. Public skoolz didn't learn you too good ether, yeah?

"This might quite possib... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"This might quite possibly be the stupidest political ad I've ever seen"

That wasn't the brightest ad, but it's no where near the stupidest, I don't think. The stupidest I've heard so far is the Obama commercial about McCain's insurance plan. The one that says something about the $5000 tax credit going "straight to the insurance companies". I mean, come on, that's logic we'd get from a wizblue author.

"Duh, well I like to buy my insurance from the supermarket-- there's no way my insurance money is going straight to the insurance companies*. Uhhhh. I'm voting Obama. He's gonna 'take on the insuance companies' and make them cover tons more things than they do now, while magically sprinkling Obama dust on them so they can do it for '25% less'". Doh..."

(*Plus, if we don't stop electing so damn many Democrats that money will just keep visiting the insurance companies on its way to the trail lawyers.)

THAT commercial was stupid and was aimed at the stupid.

I've had adult students who... (Below threshold)

I've had adult students who believe that only the very rich vote Republican. They have no idea what it means to be a Democrat or a Republican - they just glean a few short phrases from MTV...

...on the upside, many are way too lazy to vote.

Hyper,Of course yo... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


Of course you don't have any kids in American Public schools, nor do you likely know any so we know you're commenting in ignorance, but if you did you'd know that too.

Sounds like corporal punish... (Below threshold)

Sounds like corporal punishment needs a come back.

"AJ: those children are act... (Below threshold)

"AJ: those children are actors, reciting a script almost certainly written by an adult. Public skoolz didn't learn you too good ether, yeah?"

How do you know the kids didn't write it themselves? We know you wish you could vote in this election, but you can't. Thank God.

P.B, I know some American p... (Below threshold)

P.B, I know some American public school teachers, and I know about the bullshit they put up with from your government. I know that funds are allocated to school boards based on how much taxes each zip code generates (at least in the states where my friends teach). So I'm aware of how fucked-up your public schools are, and I'm aware of how disinterested the current regime--with its distaste for science and other liberal arts--is in funding them properly. Harpers magazine had an excellent panel interview on the merits of blowing the entire system up and starting from scratch. Featured a bunch of pedagogical experts. I'm sure you read it, right?

LM: when you see a TV ad, you should automatically assume that the actors didn't write the scripts themselves. That's not how advertising works. You see, there are copywriters, there is talent (i.e. the "kids" in the ad), there is production, and as there are specialized, they don't typically overlap. Of course you already know this and you're just pretending to be stupid, right?

hyper, I did an ad for teen... (Below threshold)

hyper, I did an ad for teen pregnancy prevention when I was in high school with a few other girls in my class. We had a lot to do with the script, and they didn't have to pay us. Don't ever assume the words don't come from the source.

I saw this ad on TV. Seemed... (Below threshold)

I saw this ad on TV. Seemed really stupid and arrogant. It increases my resolve to vote for McCain.

It's a MoveOn ad. Do you do... (Below threshold)

It's a MoveOn ad. Do you doubt that it's scripted? Do you really think they'd let kids riff during something that expensive and polished?

I had to attend an ad shoot that was supposed to look spontaneous--moms testing out some bullshit baby product and raving about how great it was--but of course it was totally scripted, and took FOREVER to shoot because the idiot commercial actors couldn't not act like actors. (Guess that's why they were doing TV spots and not TV shows.) Anyway, unless otherwise stated, one can safely assume that actors act, and copywriters/writers write. The ad you made in high school would be an exception, as would Curb Your Enthusiasm and the British version of The Office, I guess.

"Do you doubt that it's scr... (Below threshold)

"Do you doubt that it's scripted?" Stop being so thick. There are plenty of exceptions to the rule.

Well. my teenager is well v... (Below threshold)

Well. my teenager is well versed in politics. She has given a few teachers who have tried to indoctrinate her an earful. She is planning on going into meteorology and has set quite a few teachers straight about the "global warming is settled science" spiel.

I would bet she would eat these dopes for lunch and their parents for dessert...

re #16: Nice attempted dodg... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

re #16: Nice attempted dodge Hyper. How cute that you leftists now consider science a "liberal art". I'd call the leftist version of "science" more a religion than an art.

Wow, the 8th grade literatu... (Below threshold)

Wow, the 8th grade literature books in Wisconsin are working.

I'm finding that not having... (Below threshold)
Jeff Spencer:

I'm finding that not having a sense of humor is a defining trait for Republicans.

Also, for the idiot who is arguing this isn't scripted and that the teens are ad-libbing... Did you notice that all of their sentences fit together in a way to make a coherent whole? And that every sentence is crafted to make this a parody of another kind of ad?

That would suggest that a script has been used, brain trust.

Oh, I get it, Jeff. This i... (Below threshold)

Oh, I get it, Jeff. This isn't really a professionally done ad by Moveon.org for Obama. It's just a parody/comedy skit. And we don't have a sense of humor. It's all just fun.

Well now I can't watch Goss... (Below threshold)

Well now I can't watch Gossip Girl any more. Shame really cause I actually have like to indulge in it but I've taken to avoiding watching movies and shows done by actors who use their fame to influence elections. Yep I even avoid conservatives.

Jeff,(1) Are you s... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


(1) Are you saying that this ad is a joke or some kind of satire- that it's intent was comedic?

and (2) Of course it's scripted, it's an ad for God's sake, but no one made the argument that it wasn't. That argument was just one of the hundreds of strawmen Hyper has used in his repeatedly failed attempts to rebutt right-thinking commenters. Perhaps if you we're a little brighter you'd have noticed the logical fallacy insead of arguing in support of it- yet you hypocritically call others "idiots".

It's a very funny ad. Howev... (Below threshold)

It's a very funny ad. However, the exact same ad could be done replacing McCain with Obama as there is no substance to it.

The left can't win the election based on facts so they bring the funny. They bring the lies and the election fraud.

And generally, the MSM supports them. I heard some NBC exec on the radio talking about NBC's fall line up and how it was better to watch Tina Fey make fun of Gov. Sarah Palin than to listen what the Governor herself had to say.

Yeah, that is what they say, that is what they think. Politics is a big joke, until someone gets hurt, and then it's the Republicans fault.

Well, Republicans freed the slaves, Democrats fought to keep them. That's history, and they can't take that from us.

That was a joke, P.B. As i... (Below threshold)

That was a joke, P.B. As in, science--including evolution--being reduced to hyperbolic chatter by the creationists, having about as much actual scientific merit as Shakespeare.

Actually, P.B., AJ did imply that the ad was not scripted, and then LaMedusa (for whatever bizarre reason) took umbrage and said that lots of ads are not scripted, and she was in such an ad. This. Ad. Is. Scripted. Kids didn't write these things, some copywriter with a creativity deficit did. It's not a reflection of the youth of today, it's a reflection of a liberal PAC. (So untie the children, #14, and put away the hose.)

tyree, Lincoln was a liberal. Republicans were liberals and Democrats were racist bad guys (wouldn't think to call them conservatives because there wasn't such a movement at the time). The parties shifted across the spectrum. Don't imply that Lincoln and Dick Cheney are somehow cut from the same cloth.

Again Hyper, if you had per... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Again Hyper, if you had personal experience with children in American public schools you would realize how close to home this ad hits, but you'll likely never undertand that. I believe that was the point the above commenters were alluding to, not who wrote the script. Which is, by the way, purely speculation on your part.

"science--including evolution--being reduced to hyperbolic chatter by the creationists, having about as much actual scientific merit as Shakespeare"

Well if you meant it that way then that's true, but it's just as true that leftists have reduced science in areas such as evolution and climate change to religion that has as much actual scientific merit as Shakespeare. But you, being no less ideologically paralized than the "creationists", will likely fail to recognize that.

P.B., I know that kids tend... (Below threshold)

P.B., I know that kids tend to be further left than adults because they don't know shit about the "real world" and "taxes" and all that other stuff that Green Day can't package into a shitty 3.5 minute long anthem.

Climate change is an area that can be investigated scientifically, and deserves rigorous critical debate, not religious adherence to Al Gore's conclusions. Ditto with evolution: we can see how certain organisms begat other organisms, and how particular components therein (e.g. the human eye) developed along an evolutionary path. Creationism, on the other hand, is not something that can be discussed scientifically as there is no evidence that can be tested one way or another. So no, the two don't equate.

I love this ad.Grant... (Below threshold)

I love this ad.
Granted, not all teenagers know all that much about politics.. But don't group us all in the same boat! Give us a little credit guys.
That said, I think this ad did what the creator obviously intended. Its humorous, it states its purpose and shows gives brief (vague) details.
The ad appeals to smart teenagers, not your average Hannah Montana.

Hyper,(1)You're ju... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


(1)You're just not getting it. I'll spell it out for you: The majority of public school teachers in this country are far leftists. They are indoctrinating our children with their Marxist values. That's why those who respect freedom are annoyed by this commercial.

(2) Anything can be studied scientifically. Anything and everything.

What the hell do you mean b... (Below threshold)

What the hell do you mean by "far leftist"? Communists? That's false. The majority of teachers might be leftists, which in America means "people who think everyone deserves healthcare", but in (e.g.) Europe or Canada or Japan or Korea or Australia or England, that would be something like 90% of the population. Your spectrum is skewed.

As for studying creationism scientifically, no, it's not possible, unless some evidence of a creator could be discovered. Sure, it's possible that the universe was designed, but there's no evidence anywhere for scientists to sink their teeth into and argue about. Climate change? Scientific question. Evolution? Scientific question. Creationism? Philosophical question. While philosophers have largely thrown out the Argument from Design (see: Augustine, Aquinas), that is the jurisdiction where the notion can be discussed. It is incoherent within the confines of science, which tests hypotheses using observation. You. Can't. Test. Creationism. It's not science, because it can't be science--not because scientists are biased against religion (though they might be, and probably are on the whole).

If you understood what scie... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

If you understood what science was and the scientific method, you'd understand that it can be applied to anything and everything. (You'd also notice the falacies of "anthropogenic climate change".) But I've had this argument many times before so I'll not bother here unless you have something new to add. So far you don't have anything be the same old.






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