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McCain To Obama: Why?

"Why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now?" Senator McCain asked Senator Obama in Round 1 of tonight's debate.

The answer is boiled down to the essential difference between Conservatives and Liberals:

  • Because Senator Obama and his party believe the answer lies not in the individual, but in the government. And thus, the government requires more money to affect their solution. Joe the plumber simply does not need the 'extra' money, because he is not part of the solution.

You can shake it and bake it any number of ways you like from either side. That's the answer to Senator McCain's question.

And that answer is an affront to the United States Constitution. Silly old antiquated parchment that it is.

UPDATE: Related question later from McCain regarding Obama's central government economic plan: "Why do we always have to spend more?" Indeed.


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Comments (10)

Hey, I think you've come wi... (Below threshold)

Hey, I think you've come with Obama's new campaign theme: Shake 'n' Bake!

I don't think McCain was ex... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I don't think McCain was expecting an answer, but more or less trying to nail him on the point that he isn't Mr. Middle-Class tax cut. Obama never said he wasn't going to raise taxes and McCain underscored that BIG TIME.

Ya know, policemen, correct... (Below threshold)

Ya know, policemen, corrections, security officers all have to get zapped by a taser so that they know the effects that they are going to inflict. I have a challenge for those that want to vote for Obama, since you must think it's a good idea to "redistribute the wealth.", then get done to you what you want done to others. Take 35% of what you have and give it to someone that is less fortunate, That's on TOP of what you already are. If you have 3 TVs give one to someone that doesn't, if you have 2 game systems, give 1 to someone that doesn't. Share the prosperity! Pretend that Obama has just signed into law that you MUST spread the money around, you have no choice, if you don't have enough to give and live on you must change your lifestyle to be able to pay the "TAX". That's my challenge for those that think the rich are evil and aren't doing their part. It's the Golden Rule Libs, lets see you live by it.

Chip, an awful lot of Obama... (Below threshold)

Chip, an awful lot of Obama's supporters already make enough such that their incomes would be affected by his tax plan. Some people just feel that low tax rates for high income earners is selfish.

Take a poll of, say, university professors, and see which candidate they support. Under Obama, they'd all be paying as much or more income tax than under a McCain administration, and yet they're probably 80% in support of the Democratic ticket.

Some people factor in things into their decision making other than "Yarrrr, how much treasure will each candidate let me keep me mitts on?"

I've read posts on this blog ridiculing the stupid left-wing notion that rich people prefer Republicans. That ain't so. Rich people actually prefer Democrats; it's the upper-middle class that prefers Republicans.

So when is the McCain Campa... (Below threshold)

So when is the McCain Campaign going to hire Joe to do commercials?

Hypie -So universi... (Below threshold)

Hypie -

So university professors are making $250k+? And they WANT to pay more?

Heh. THERE'S a large demographic for you!

By the way, you still living in Canada? Perhaps they get paid more up there...

Here's a chart of which percentile pays what in taxes. The top 10% already pays 70% of the total take - you think it should be more?

"So when is the McCain C... (Below threshold)

"So when is the McCain Campaign going to hire Joe to do commercials?"

They don't have to. Thanks to the messiah's lecturing Joe on giving up his $, all caught on tape, McCain's got all he needs.

hyperbolist,So, ba... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


So, basically, people who have worked hard to get where they are (upper middle class) want to keep more of what they've worked hard for.

It's people who have made enough money to feel guilty for their own success (upper class) who think tax rates aren't high enough.

ANY person who doesn't think they pay enough in taxes is FREE TO GIVE MORE! The IRS gladly takes any extra money you want to give them, as will any other charitable entity that suits your fancy.

Sheik, Hyper is one of the ... (Below threshold)

Sheik, Hyper is one of the takers. He lives in a socialist society so he deems it necessry to critic ours. What the liberals do not understand is one of the main factors that created this country was Englands constantly raising new taxes on the colonies. Our country rebelled against that. Hypers country just bent over.

If the government were careful and wise stewards of our money, we would probably be able to lower taxes more. Simply put, government cannot be trusted with our money. But the likes of Hyper doesn't care, he doesn't earn it. ww

"Yarrrr, how much treasu... (Below threshold)

"Yarrrr, how much treasure will each candidate let me keep me mitts on?"

Yeah, it's just so selfish and evil to work for anything and expect to be able to keep it. It's just wrong I tell you! It's just wrong to be able to decide what charities you deem worthy of your money. The government will decide that for you. You needn't worry yourself about it or Hyper will criticize you. Now bow down to his superior morality.

Let me give you an example of the liberal mindset, my own brother:

Me: So it's your contention that what I work for should be subject to a government to decide how much should go to others?

Him: It's only going to affect "the rich".

Me: When I was a sub-s corp I was making under the national average and paid a higher percent in taxes than I would now making the same money.

Him: Well, like I said, it's only "intended" to affect "the rich". Just cheat on your taxes. Everyone does. Jen and I had to when her mother died and we got her money.

Me: I see. First, *I* don't cheat on my taxes. I just don't. The IRS scares me. Second, so that whopping 17k you got from her mother made you rich and made you have to cheat? In other words, YOU decided the government was wrong saying you were rich and needed to be taxed more. Have I got that right?

It reminds me of Theresa (I'm only "Kerry" when my husband is running for prez) Heinz saying she was embarrassed when she paid so little in taxes. Sure, that why she employs a small army of accountants to figure the least amount she has to pay.






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