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This Guy Must Have Missed the Talking Points

And what is up with Chris Matthews asking a relevant question?


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Uh, I am shocked. "... (Below threshold)

Uh, I am shocked. "You can't name a success."

And the look on Chris Matthews's face. . .

Matthews cut his political teeth working for Tip O'Neil, a Massachusetts Democrat and Speaker of the House. Chris Matthews does exactly nothing by accident.


Oh, and good show ca... (Below threshold)

Oh, and good show catching that one Lorie. I am NOT watching the debate on purpose. I want to hear the pundits THEN go back and watch after the kids go to bed.

Wait a minute. Who is that ... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute. Who is that guy and what have they done with the real Chris Matthews?

There was actually one McCa... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

There was actually one McCain-Palin sign in the audience, when Palin debated Slow Joe, there were none. Maybe Matthews is trying to finally be objective. NAAAAAGH! ROFLMAO

I think Chris just asked hi... (Below threshold)

I think Chris just asked his boss if he could sound smart for a change.

Now, now. Let's be fair and... (Below threshold)

Now, now. Let's be fair and not blame the governor for not knowing a single time when Obama reached across the aisle and did something for the country. Few of us can name the ONE piece of bipartisan legislation OB did pass....at least while keeping a straight face.

Most of us have brief momen... (Below threshold)

Most of us have brief moments when our sanity takes a break and we do or say silly things. For Chris Matthews, it's the other way around. Sometimes, if only briefly, that tingle up his leg actually gets on his nerves.

Or, as Larry said, Matthews does everything on purpose and he hopes one question out of a thousand will make him look unbiased.

Well, there's the Federal F... (Below threshold)

Well, there's the Federal Funding Accounting and Transparency Act of 2006, but McCain, Coburn, and Obama were all apart of that.






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