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What is your question?

Charmaine Yoest wants to hear a question about abortion in the debate tonight. That would be fitting since there has yet to be one in two debates. What questions do you want to hear?

Update: Bookworm has a great post with a scoop about what is going to happen tonight at the debate.


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1. At what point in time do... (Below threshold)

1. At what point in time does a baby have Human rights?
2. If you believe that abortion is acceptable at all, what are the exceptions?

Barack, is it true you were... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Barack, is it true you were a citizen of Indonesia? Indonesian school records indicate that you were. When did you immigrate to the United States?

1. Will you both pledge to ... (Below threshold)

1. Will you both pledge to keep Fitzgerald in his job as Special Prosecutor as he looks into corruption in the Illinois political world stemming from the conviction of Tony Rezko?
[odds of THAT question being asked by Schieffer- 1:1,000,000,000] ...but McCain should ask it of Obama!

2. [to both] If Iran launched an attack on Israel how would your Presidency respond?

Senator Obama, why did you ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Senator Obama, why did you remove the evidence of your significant work with ACORN from your campaign sites, and why is your version of your connection to ACORN so different from film and written documentation?

Senator Obama,Can yo... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Senator Obama,
Can you explain your connection to William Ayres?

sorry ... should be an abor... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

sorry ... should be an abortion q ... hmm ...

Do parents have rights when their under-18 daughter is considering an abortion? If not, why not?

Abortion for Obama: Born Al... (Below threshold)

Abortion for Obama: Born Alive Protection Act...

Education for McCain: Talked about Vouchers (or seemed to) at the Convention. Called it the civil rights issue of the new millennium. Haven't heard anything about it since. Tell us more.

Second Amendment for Obama: Has said he won't "take your guns" -- will he explicitly vow not to sign into law any new federal restrictions on guns?

Immigration for McCain: After his bill failed, he claimed he now gets it. What, if any, immigration reforms does he now support, and how big a priority are they?

And I'd like to hear both of them on ensuring an electoral system that we can all trust. Ask McCain about how to keep people enfranchised (easy answer: provisional ballots). Ask Obama about preventing fraud -- would he support photo ID cards for registered voters? How about purple ink on the fingers?


All sorts of issues we haven't talked about...

How about a question on <br... (Below threshold)

How about a question on

Three debates and no questions on those subjects its incredible.

Barack, is it true... (Below threshold)
Barack, is it true you were a citizen of Indonesia? Indonesian school records indicate that you were. When did you immigrate to the United States?

Obama: Uhh....mm...well...uhhhhh....mmmmm.....

How many of the 30 Million+... (Below threshold)

How many of the 30 Million+ abortion victims in this Country has ACORN registered for you this election cycle?

Sen Barack, Three ... (Below threshold)

Sen Barack,

Three questions

-Knowing that you as Ill State Legislator advocated newborns should be forced to die because you believe this prevents mistakes, do you ever become physically ill when you think about the what you are doing?

-Does one need a belief in God in order to understand the barbarism in forcing doctors and nurses to comply with your laws to do harm by eliminating a human life that doctors and nurses had failed to eliminate the first time around?

-Is it inhuman to purposefully do harm to life by devaluing human worth?

Senators what are your resp... (Below threshold)

Senators what are your respective views on the Employee Free Choice Act? Do you feel that this legislation creates a potential slippery slope for doing away with other secret ballot elections?

Senator Obama, when the Coo... (Below threshold)

Senator Obama, when the Cook County Board had a chance to elect a new reform-minded Chairman, you instead publically supported the former chairman's unqualified son; who immediately fired Cook County hospital employees and hired unqualified relatives and friends at enormous salaries, while you said nothing. How does this support of nepotism mseh with your claim of being for reform and for the average worker?

A question on abortion is t... (Below threshold)

A question on abortion is the last thing McCain wants to hear at the debate. There is little one can do beyond appointing judges who can read the Constitution.

The question will just piss the Republican base off and let Obama use it as a wedge.

Which Quote do you believe ... (Below threshold)

Which Quote do you believe in?
Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.
From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
He who does not work, will not eat.
John Smith

You speak of Hope and taking care of people why do you oppose comfort for babies that survive abortions and will not give these children any type of support?

Senator Obama you said that you believe in Spreading the Wealth around. Why have your personal donations been so short? DO you only believe in spending other people wealth why you keep your own?

Why did your party support Fannie May and Freddie Mac in practices that were destined to bring about finical collapse? Why did you and your party fight efforts by Bill Clinton, George Bush and Senator McCain to prevent Fannie May and Freddie Mac from collapsing? Over last 8 years your party has pursued a constant barrage that we have the worst economy since the great depression. Was this to undermine Americans and the worlds faith in Government? Why are members of your campaign former heads of those organizations who had to leave in less that honorable circumstance for committing out right fraud? Why did you as member of ACONR sue banks to force them to take subprime loans?

In your first book Dreams of My father you talk of your father who is Marxist. You speak of hanging out with Marxist in college. Your second Book is taken from Rev. Wright who espouses Marxist Black Liberation Theology. You freely associate with Bill Ayers a Marxist radical who still keeps by his believe that killing Americans is cold blood is the right thing. You talk about community organization in method of Sal Alinsky who Book Rules for Radical advocates the communist takeover of the USA. The Communist party supports you because you were mentored by one of their own. How can we trust you with protection of America when by your own words and deeds you consort with those who preach and do harm to USA.

Do you want abortion to ... (Below threshold)

Do you want abortion to be handled at the state level versus the federal level? Yes or no? and Please explain.

Do you favor illegal immi... (Below threshold)

Do you favor illegal immigrants and felons voting?
Yes or No?

Do you support the US Ame... (Below threshold)

Do you support the US American citizens right to have weapons? if no why wouldnt you be more concerned that the bad elements would have weapons and the law abiding
citizens wouldnt be allowed to be armed?

What is your plan to ensu... (Below threshold)

What is your plan to ensure aid, security, and safety on our land is provided if the US is assaulted by terrorists on our land?

Sen. McCain, what should be... (Below threshold)

Sen. McCain, what should be the sentencing guidelines for a woman and her physician who collaborate to commit murder by having an abortion if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned?

Hyper,When Roe v. ... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:


When Roe v. Wade gets overturned, it only means the STATES decide on who kills babies, not the Federal Government. Lib states will allow them and other states will ban them.

I defer my question to <a h... (Below threshold)

I defer my question to Beldar:

"Since you still haven't actually been the principal sponsor of a single piece of significant and controversial federal legislation from the drafting stage through passage into law during your almost four full years as a U.S. Senator, why should voters think you'd be any more effective in the vastly harder job of President of the United States?"

Okay, Piso, fair enough. So... (Below threshold)

Okay, Piso, fair enough. So, rephrase:

Sen. McCain, what do you think would be fair sentencing guidelines, in a state that puts murderers to death, for a woman and her physician who collaborate to murder an unborn baby in a state where abortion is illegal? As a follow-up, would you, as President, commute the death sentence for the woman and her physician; and, if so, would you care to spell out your principles for overriding a state's right to enforce its own legal penalties for specific crimes?






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