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A Note on the Debate

I think it's clear that McCain won the debate tonight for several reasons. One in particular: McCain did himself a lot of good when he asked Obama, "Why raise taxes on anyone right now?" because it shifted the view that the candidate who truly understands the economic crisis and how to fix it is John McCain, unlike Obama, who wants to implement redistributionist policies as if the crisis weren't happening at all. Sure, Obama talks a good game about how Americans are hurting but when it comes to policies, he'd be disastrous.


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That didn't work with undec... (Below threshold)

That didn't work with undecided or Democrats, who can't believe O man is a real socialist.

It's a shame if people are ... (Below threshold)

It's a shame if people are not bothered about Obama's shameless lying about his abortion record/votes.

It's clear that it's arguab... (Below threshold)

It's clear that it's arguable who won the debate. Which means Sen. McCain didn't get the knockout he probably needed.

That's part of it, epador. ... (Below threshold)

That's part of it, epador. There are a lot of dems that have actually turned socialist believing that Obama embodies their perception of change. They have no idea that the transition would be to communism. They can't connect the dots when Farakhan endorses him and Odinga comes to the U.S. to visit him. They don't understand the consequences.

Total victory. ... (Below threshold)

Total victory.

It's okay, jp2. I can't st... (Below threshold)

It's okay, jp2. I can't stand you, either, and I also think you are vile and disgusting. The feelings are quite mutual. How about that? We agree on something!

If McCain won this night's ... (Below threshold)

If McCain won this night's debate, it will not matter. The MSM controls the narrative: they will say Obama won, no matter what happens.

The MSM have completely sold themselves to the devil in this one that they will push Obama over the top, by any means necessary.

I will vote for McCain anyway, but the die is cast.

I thought both of them did ... (Below threshold)

I thought both of them did pretty well in what they actually said, but supposedly 80% of communication is non-verbal. Sen. McCain looked overwhelmingly smug and condescending, smirking and rolling his eyes repeatedly. That might play well if you were up 9% in the polls instead of down 9%.

McCain needed something HUGE tonight, and he didn't get it.

Obviously, everyone one of you guys will tout how much McCain won the debate, just like you did with the first two. I noticed Fox News stopped doing their post-debate poll after the first debate, but all the other ones I've seen (and it might do you guys some good to stray outside of RedState, Wizbang, and Drudge every now and then) show Obama winning the debate in a closer margin than the first two.

Remember that the vast majo... (Below threshold)

Remember that the vast majority of people don't take their information from the debate but from the "analysis" as presented by their favourite TV heads.
And those are universal in their conclusion that Obama won by a landslide.

I know that's hardly surprising, it's in line with their agenda and has been for a long time.

Combine the massive media bias (which effectively is campaign funding, I wonder if McCain can use his own campaign reform act against them) in favour of Obama with the massive election fraud Acorn is set to unleash and I don't see how McCain ever stood a chance at all of winning.

My advice to all freedom loving Americans is to stock up on guns and ammo and be prepared to fight the fight of the just when (not if) Obama moves to completely void the constitution and your rights ingrained in it.

Ryan,It would be r... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


It would be really interesting to see how those polls would go if they were done immediately after the debate and before the MSM had a chance to tell you what to think and "who really won" the debate.

I watched some of their post debate analysis and it's as if they really believe the old saying "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?".

Obama's excuses for Ayers a... (Below threshold)

Obama's excuses for Ayers and his spread the wealth around exposed him to the independent. His mouth said one thing but his body language was like that of a teenager who just could not get his body to agree with his lie. ww

Ryan, I saw McCain roll his... (Below threshold)

Ryan, I saw McCain roll his eyes once when Obama dissed the Columbian government. Another MAJOR foreign relations gaff. The O man had a smirk and rolled his eyes, or looked down, like a cornered teenager caught with a baggie of pot in his drawers through the entire debate every time McCain landed a critical comment. Then he looked serious and somber every time he started lying (talking).

However, since too many Americans could identify with a lying adolescent trying to justify/deflect cogent criticism of their behavior, I'd say the chance is high that bitter gun-hugging bible carriers will be wearing a big yellow triangle on their shirts and coats after the January inauguration.

Obama wants to be America's... (Below threshold)
Will Reed:

Obama wants to be America's Rep Payee

Social Securities definition of a Rep Payee

"Representative payee is an individual or organization that receives someone's paycheck or money to make payments for a person who cannot manage or is incapable of directing another to manage his or her own money.

The main responsibility of a representative payee is to use the individual's money to pay for current and anticipated needs of the beneficiary."

Obama wants to be America's Rep Payee. He feels that the middle class isn't capable enough to pay their bills or to provide for their family's needs. He is going to take American's that earn over 250,000 and redirect their money the way he thinks it should be redirected. He feels we are incapable of reaching the American dream with out the help of government. He feels that once you hit 250,000 dollars you have hit the American dream and it is time to redistribute that wealth to others. If our country goes this direction and elects Obama as our Rep Payee, our economy and Country are in Trouble.

Will Reed

State College, PA

"McCain was completely inca... (Below threshold)

"McCain was completely incapable of sustaining any momentum, and clumsily returned again and again to his "Joe the Plumber" gimmick. It was clear that John had "jumped the shark" when he began talking directly to the unseen "Joe", and congratulating him for being "rich". I think he realized too that he had blown his "last best chance". His eyes started flittering back and forth like he was lost and scared, and he began to make the faces that have been the source of so much speculation regarding his temperament and stability."

"McCain was completely inca... (Below threshold)

"McCain was completely incapable of sustaining any momentum, and clumsily returned again and again to his "

A direct copy and paste from a blog proves you haven't the ability to think for yourself or are unable to paraphrase what you said. One perception of McCain's performance will not help you think critically. Stop following everyone else and acting like a drone.






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