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An Expensive Lesson

The latest lesson I've learned from life:

When you're shopping for a new used car, and you have a chance to buy one from a lawyer who's about to leave the country for a couple of years, have it inspected thoroughly by a mechanic.

Or, preferably, four or five mechanics.

And then don't buy it anyway.

Even if it has cruise control and a sun roof and gets halfway decent gas mileage.


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Possibly the prima... (Below threshold)

Possibly the primary mistake was having a lawyer involved.

Just got some expensive (fo... (Below threshold)

Just got some expensive (for me) work done on my own car this week. The mechanic had the option of doing it a four hundred dollar 'super glue and duct tape' way and a seven hundred dollar 'last a lot longer' way. Dude looks me square in the eye and says "You gonna sell it soon?"

As in, tape it back together if you're getting rid of it and let it fall apart on them. You always hear about that attitude out there; I'd just never seen it so clearly and shamelessly on display.

Consumer Reports Used car B... (Below threshold)

Consumer Reports Used car Buying guide
are your friends
Professional Liars only when the work for you.

JT, I am perceiving that yo... (Below threshold)

JT, I am perceiving that your experience did not go well. Car problems always happen when you need them. ww

How about buying a car bran... (Below threshold)

How about buying a car brand new? You know it doesn't have any mechanical problems except OOB failures under warranty, and all the responsibility of keeping it ship shape is yours.

Has any body else noticed t... (Below threshold)

Has any body else noticed that we have two lawyers running on the same side in this election? Isn't that a recipe for disaster?
Lawyer squared is 4 times the fool of just one.

How do you know a lawyer is lying?

His lips move.

Jay, in all truth even some... (Below threshold)

Jay, in all truth even some new stuff can have major league problems.

I bought two new motorbikes this summer including a high priced Benelli model, and something tripped the remote control starter on the bike late in the evening a couple nights ago and it filled my house with poisonous carbon monoxide. If two police didn't come by and tell that the bike was running, I would have died.

I bought a new HP Windows Vista computer that operated for all of 40 days before it fried up on me and lost most function.

Even new stuff can leave a person in a mess.

What kind of car problems are you having? I know a lot about cars and can give you some advice. I made many of my own engine parts for one high performance car, and my brother and I are masters at engine swaps, so I think I know a thing or two.

I don't like too much electronic stuff in cars. Things like electric window regulators eventually get wet from rain and stop working and the solder points in some auto computers eventually weaken and leave you with intermittent engine problems.

Never, never trust a used c... (Below threshold)

Never, never trust a used car salesman, a politician or a lawyer and lately trust no Lame Stream Media outlet. The only honest thing in a newspaper these days is the comics and they're becoming more and more anti-american.

Toot your horn there Hossie... (Below threshold)

Toot your horn there Hossie.

jhow, don't get in the way ... (Below threshold)

jhow, don't get in the way of The Hooson Method:

Sound sympathetic while maintaining a condescending tone and boasting about your own financial accomplishments.

If half of what Hooson says about himself is true (and that's a generous assessment), then he's really going to get pounded by Obama's tax plan.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Dude, What is it with you a... (Below threshold)
plum Author Profile Page:

Dude, What is it with you and cars - How many have you has in the last few years?

Never associate with a lawy... (Below threshold)

Never associate with a lawyer unless you are paying his or her retainer.
Never buy a house from a lawyer unless, you use and pay one for the transaction.
Never rent a house, condo, or apartment from a lawyer.
Never buy anything from a lawyer.
Never sell anything to a lawyer.
Never go into business with a lawyer.
Never date a lawyer unless, you are one.
Never marry a lawyer unless, you are one.
Never let your son or daughter marry one unless, they are a lawyer.
That should cover it unless, you are one.

sorry to hear about that.... (Below threshold)

sorry to hear about that. It is important to have reliable transportation. ugh!

I personally hate car problems and hate car notes ...
If one isnt particular about color of the vehicle ....
this is what we do....unsure if this works for others ...
we research online and then go thru a dealership and look at in person the former rent/demo cars. they were slightly used, discounted, low mileage and many still had the remaining warranty. they may have some blemishes.... . I really dont care about that. But hey ours are now paid for and hopefully will continue to run for a long time.

Hamish, my offer to give Ja... (Below threshold)

Hamish, my offer to give Jay car advice is sincere. All my friends know me as a real motorhead and I know lots of cheap ways to fix some problems.

Just because Jay and I disagree on some political matters doesn't mean that I don't care him.

On one hand, people that know me think that I'm a motorbike wildman. On the other hand, they all say I'm a great guy when you know me. Jay had a problem, and I offered some advice if he wanted.






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