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Anything Besides Election Politics Round Up

"He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire." Winston Churchill

Just when you thought you'd gotten rid of me. I'm back.

Since I'm avoiding politics for the next day or two, in favor of something a little more offbeat, I thought you all might like to see what else is going on out there besides all election politics all the time,too.

  • I'm sure there's a blonde joke in here somewhere. A judge has brushed off a Connecticut woman's claim that L'Oreal Inc. ruined her social life when she accidentally dyed her hair brunette with one of its products. (Via Fox News)

  • Woman Declared Dead, Still Breathing in Morgue Judith Johnson went to the Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Delaware for what she thought was a bad case of indigestion. (Via Fox News)

  • My school never took me on this kind of field trip! First-graders in San Francisco took a field trip to City Hall to celebrate the marriage of their lesbian teacher on Friday, but opponents of same-sex marriage in the state say the field trip was an attempt to "indoctrinate" the students, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. (Via Fox News)

  • Frog pizza ... get it while it's hop! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How long before PETA protests? (Via The Sun)

  • Speaking of hopping Rabbit invasion shuts down Mandela Museum. South African's Robben Island museum will be closed while authorities cull a colony of rabbits that has invaded the site where Nelson Mandela was jailed. (Via Yahoo News)

  • I'll pass on the bbq, thanks. The family of a dead elderly woman cremated her remains on a makeshift barbecue and continued collecting her retirement checks amounting to more than $25,000, authorities in Northern California said. Ramona Allmond's daughter and grandson were arrested Sunday on suspicion of embezzlement, elder abuse and disposing of a body without a permit. (Via Yahoo News)

  • Note to self: Do not taser a 450 lb wild boar. While normally effective on people, a Hernando deputy learned the hard way that Taser stun guns do not work very well on wild boars. BBQ anyone? (Via Yahoo News)

  • Shoe's on the other foot now.. Like many workers at the meatpacking plant here, Raul A. Garcia, a Mexican-American, has watched with some discomfort as hundreds of Somali immigrants have moved to town in the past couple of years, many of them to fill jobs once held by Latino workers taken away in immigration raids. (Via Lucianne)

  • France to halt [football] games when their national anthem is booed. Sounds like there will be more than booing going on if they stop the games, but hey, it's their country after all. (Via Lucianne)

  • Another disgruntled taxpayer. A blank wall built for teenage graffiti artists has been vandalised by an angry resident writing - ''I paid my tax and all I got was this lousy wall''. Seems Americans aren't the only ones tired of paying more taxes. (Via The Sun)

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