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Jabbing Joe: Left Trying To Drain The Plumber

The New Editor says this is just How the Left Works. And he's right. 'Joe the Plumber' is for sure getting 'the treatment,' that which happens when thou dost commit blasphemy.

So what happens to Mr. Wurzelbacher for expressing his views?

Reports in the mainstream media appear claiming that he is unlicensed (even though he doesn't need one as an employee of a business or as a contractor working on a residence), and that he apparently has a tax lien filed against him.

Not to be outdone, the Daily Kos published his home address for all the world to see.

The Democratic Underground just threw whatever they could at the guy.

Better think a little longer next time if you wish to criticize a Chicago Democrat running for president (or anything else, for that matter).

You might get 'the treatment.'

Might? He's probably the phantom who didn't yell "kill him" at a Pennsylvania McCain-Palin rally, too.

"All animals are equal" has been scrolled on the barn side. Our media has just finished scribbling "...but some animals are more equal than others" in sloppy whitewash addendum.

NOTE: Personally, if I ever ran for office, Animal Farm would be purchased in bulk and distributed as part of my campaign literature. It is short, at everyone's reading level, unmistakably to-the-point, and new to just about anyone under 35 who attended public schools.

Animal Farm has not so curiously disappeared from most public school reading lists. Wonder why? But fret not, Obama and a lauding bio already consume 15 pages of your children's public school English literature textbooks.

Just in case any public school graduates under 35 had trouble placing the "some are more equal than others" reference above. It used to be a classic. Now it's propaganda.

UPDATE: Comment from MajicalPat that is worthy of main page inclusion: "They cannot destroy him. He is everyone of us." Precisely. Have at it, Left. And stand tall, Joe.


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Comments (26)

They cannot destroy him. He... (Below threshold)

They cannot destroy him. He is everyone of us.

Suppose he does have a tax lien against him. Doesn't that make him a more sympathetic person? Who here does not fear losing their home due to an inability to pay excessive taxes?

You know a nerve has been hit when the personal attacks start. I say, more Joe the plumbers please. I want a Joe the plumber at every Obama rally from now till election day asking him the questions the press won't.

A guy can dream can't he?

It was already beyond the p... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

It was already beyond the pale when the left went after Palin personally. At least she's running for office.

This guy is a private citizen who just asked a question of one of the men who want to be our President.

A chill wind blows on the left.

Liberals HATE folks like Jo... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Liberals HATE folks like Joe, Sarah Palin, and anyone even remotely identifying with mainstream America.

They are powerful.

They can change elections.

I think they already have.

Let's hope we can thank this (going by the leftosphere): white, probably racist, unlicensed McCain "plant" plumber at the victory party... And NOT the one Obama's already spending big bucks for.

No slam to "Joe the Plumber... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

No slam to "Joe the Plumber", but it's a sad state of affairs that it takes a plumber from Ohio to talk some sense to these idiots in DC. Joe has been saying it better the last few days than our Republican "Leadership" has been saying for a long time.

If learning trickle down from a plumber is what it takes, then lets get more plumbers into politics and get the lawyers and idiots like that out!

It's not okay now, and it w... (Below threshold)

It's not okay now, and it wasn't okay then:


Were you equally outraged at the Swiftboating of a 12 year old boy?

Were you equally outrage... (Below threshold)

Were you equally outraged at the Swiftboating of a 12 year old boy?

Eh - by 'Swiftboating' I'm presuming you mean the exposure of a bunch of frauds for what they truly are. In that case, the family should be furious with the Dhimwits that put them up to the commentary.

From what I know of the Joe the Plumber story, Obomber volunteered to try to suck up to a potential voter that was minding his own business on his own property.

The words that exposed Obombers Marxist tendencies were purely his own.

It's not okay now, and i... (Below threshold)

It's not okay now, and it wasn't okay then

No, it's not OK to willfully exploit a child who's woefully uneducated about the political circus into which he had been thrust; it's quite another for an adult educated in the ways of the world to knowingly and willfully allow himself to be exploited for political purposes.

Nice try, but your comparison is, well, ya know, so much hyperbole.

Steve,My adughter'... (Below threshold)
Andy T:


My adughter's 8th grade class in Arlington, Va, a county that is probably 75% Dem, is teaching Animal Farm this year. I was stunned. It will be interesting to see how they spin it.

Doesn't matter.If ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't matter.

If Joe the Plumber turns out to be a member of the KKK, or an actual Nazi... it makes not one lick of difference.

That the left thinks it does just keeps reinforcing what McCain said about tactics and strategy.

It's way too late to get any benefit from discrediting Joe.

What's hurting Obama is what Obama himself said -- it's the fact that Obama doesn't care if his tax cuts hurt the economy or kill jobs, he just wants to redistribute the wealth.

Americans understand the choice between redistributing the wealth and creating wealth. That's why Obama is running those disgraceful ads in which the viewer is left with the impression that Obama is going to cut taxes and McCain is going to raise them.

The more the left screams about Joe the Plumber, the more people get to hear about "spreading the wealth" and the more McCain's campaign can remind people that tax increases kill jobs.

Wow, Hyper that was a reall... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Wow, Hyper that was a really fair and balanced Time-CNN article you linked to. It never once mentioned the fact that the bill President Bush vetoed was a massive expansion of SCHIP and that the President actually supports SCHIP, just in a much less Marxist version than the one that the Democrats sent him. Michael Moore would be so proud of work at that level.

The facts Ms. Tumulty carefully chose to omit from her "article" were the very reason the facts pointed out in the blog post were relevant! At least she properly used the term "swiftboating" (i.e., putting the truth to a lie). Is that true about the things the left is saying about Wurzelbacher?

And even if you believe that is so, are you going to argue that that blog post rises to the level of the current level of leftist attacks against Joe?

Since when do two wr... (Below threshold)

Since when do two wrongs make a right?

And as for your Swiftboating comment, get a grip. Kerry sold out the military generally and himself specifically in exchange for personal political gain. Swiftboating is supposed to be some codeword for unethical trashing of an opponent. I regard it is an effective way of detailing the truth about some cretin who wants to be President of the United States, and got his Purple Heart(s) by gaming the system.

There are excesses from both sides of the political equation both here in the States and in Canada (how are your brakes doing).

When pointing out the trashing of a guy who asked a question and got an unexpected answer, it isn't necessary to always drag up something of excess from the other side as well. And doing so is no defense. The garbage on dailkos have no honor, which seems to me to be in company with ACORN "Voter" registration drive management. Look up Wade Rathke, you might like him.

At one point in time, my kids were in CHIP and my wife and I were grateful to have it. Then we started making too much money (again) and we didn't have coverage because we couldn't afford the monthly premiums. I have no idea the history of the Bush veto. Be glad to look if it is important to you HB.

Two Wongs don't make a Wite, even in China.

Fortunately, Animal Farm is... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, Animal Farm is still required reading in the 7th grade at Cary Academy. Probably because it is a private school. Good to know I am getting my moneys worth.

Going after the plummer who... (Below threshold)

Going after the plummer who got an answer which exposed Obama's scheme, is overkill plain and simple. It's a tactic by the Obamamaniacs which will backfire on them, as they are going after the little guy.

BTW if Joe has a tax lien against him, that makes him even more typical an American. Contractors are fairly vunerable to tax liens because their business does not have a predictable cash flow, and unfortunately they have timing issues with not getting their money before they are required to make payments.

Don't forget that Ohio is t... (Below threshold)

Don't forget that Ohio is the Buckeye state. A buckeye is a two part nut and even animals know that one half is deadly poison. Kind of fits their image, a state full of poison nuts who are ruled by criminals and assorted nuts who have outdid Florida (2000) in the stupid catagory, make that criminal election officials catagory. Someone get the RICO investigation going. It's going to fill the federal prisons with ACORN (another type of nut) and Ohio demo-rats.

[quote] Contractors are fai... (Below threshold)

[quote] Contractors are fairly vunerable to tax liens because their business does not have a predictable cash flow, and unfortunately they have timing issues with not getting their money before they are required to make payments. [/quote]

Tell me about it. As a contractor the company I am contracting FOR is about 4 months behind in their payments. I was within one day of missing my monthly I.R.S. tax payment when the next check showed up. I'm sure the I.R.S. would be so sympathetic to me for missing the corporate tax payment. Cash flow is always an issue. Getting the work hasn't been near the battle as getting paid FOR the work.

And what really gets me about the left is they HATE BUSH so much that they totally overlook at what Obama says or what he stands for. What DOES he stand for? Anyone? The fact is, MOST of them screaming to support Obama will end up with MORE taxes to pay. Where do they think that money comes from to provide "universal" health care? It comes from TAXES from WORKING people.

Hot Air has the youtube of ... (Below threshold)

Hot Air has the youtube of Obama making fun of Joe the plumber. Who said that Obama was a political genius? He just stepped in it and lost 20 to 30 percent of the blue collar vote.

I was in a bar this evening... (Below threshold)

I was in a bar this evening (Yeah, I know - Shock! Horror!), and some of the folks there were talking about Joe the Plumber. Even the lefties were saying nice things about him.

...and then I casually mentioned the Dems in his home town were going after him. After the first round of "no way, they can't be that stupid," people started talking about it. And griping about it. Yes, even the Obama supporters were mad. One of them kept trying to say that the Republicans did it, and the Dems had to be innocent of this sort of thing, until his friend told him to shut up.

Hey, I remember reading Ani... (Below threshold)

Hey, I remember reading Animal Farm in 7th grade at my junior high, and I'm only 22. Then again, we were the "enrichment" class (read: smart kids), so our teacher basically had free reign to do whatever he wanted. I don't think any other classes had it as part of the syllabus.

People need to rally around Joe and show him that we support him. He's taking a beating.

There are excesses from ... (Below threshold)

There are excesses from both sides of the political equation both here in the States and in Canada (how are your brakes doing).

I assume, Larry, that you're referencing Liberal party supporters' brakes being cut by political terrorists who support the Conservative party? I hope they go to jail for attempted murder.

Anyway, Orwell would be projectile vomiting if he saw what democracy had come to in the 21st century. He wasn't anti-socialist, he was anti-totalitarian thugocracy, be it Communist, Czarist, or corporatist. Cable news in particular (no substance, all sound bytes) is probably the most antithetical thing to a healthy, educated democratic society.

When I read Orwell, I hear Nietzsche. You guys don't get to claim him as another Ayn Rand, he's far too good and nuanced a writer and he did speak fondly of a robust democratic welfare state in his essays. He also wrote more books than just 1984 and Animal Farm, all of which revealed certain things about the man that you wouldn't be aware of if you'd read only the two short dystopian novels. He wasn't a conservative, nor was he a liberal. He thought about things rather than letting an ideology do his thinking for him. Resisting tyranny is not solely the chore of conservatives any more than helping the poor is solely the chore of liberals.

If this is what the Left th... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

If this is what the Left thinks is fair play what are they truly capable of if forced into as corner?

If you ever wonder why the Germans embraced Hitler look at the Left today and what they preach and their tactics. Think about it.

hyperbolist, To swiftboat m... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist, To swiftboat means to tell the truth about a democrat politician. Not one word from the swiftboat vets has been proven wrong and it took ten minutes to prove Hanoi John a liar. When you claim a president sent you on a mission, you should be sure the man was president at the time and able to order you to Cambodia.
I think there is still a million dollar reward for anyone who can prove the swiftboat vets wrong. Hanoi John and all of Momma 'T' lawyers dropped their lawsuit like a hot potato. I served in Vietnam at the same base Hanoi John had just deserted his crew at and he was and still is the joke of the military. Remember the idiots 'stuck in Iraq' remark or do all democrats have a selective memory? Hanoi John stuck his penis in a sausage grinder and paid the price. He'll never be POTUS.

Larry: "it isn't necessa... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Larry: "it isn't necessary to always drag up something of excess from the other side as well."

Excess from the other side? All that blog post did was point out that the Democrats were being disingenous in using that particular little boy to make their point. All the facts presented in that blog post were relevant to that fact only. There was no excess.

Had the blog post talked about that kid getting a satisfactory minus on his report card, having overdue library books, getting a detention for stealing someone's lunch money, fogetting to feed his dog, etc., THEN it would have been equal to what the media is doing to Joe the plummer.

As it was, it was a typical, but remarkably lame attempt by Hyper to equate things that are orders of magnitude different.

P.S.I agree with y... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


I agree with you, Larry, that it is wrong to justify bad bahavior by pointing out the bad behavior of others as Hyper was attempting to do, but in the case of the disingenuous propaganda piece Hyper linked to, the blogger's swiftboating of the Demcorat's deception was not bad behavior. He wasn't personally attacking the little boy.

After the years of the Bush... (Below threshold)

After the years of the Bush administration, it is HILARIOUS that a right-winger is even bringing up "Animal Farm."

Hey, now you know how the rest of the nation feels about the last eight years of the Bush administration!

Of course, the same right-wingers decrying the treatment of "Joe the Plumber" turn a blind-eye to the Constitutional abuses of the Bush administration and the Republican operation. Worse yet, this same Republican party has tried to destroy its opponents in th same way they have attacked Obama.

Who brought up Joe's name? It was McCain: Don't blame the media for doing its muckraking which it always. And never mind the fact that MOST of the right-wingers are missing the point: That Joe is NOT in the tax bracket of 250,000+, and the entire reason why McCain even brought him up is moot.

And never mind that the Republicans have not been pro-blue collar workers for years.

It has been a very long tim... (Below threshold)

It has been a very long time since I read Animal Farm but anyone remember the horse in it, the one who kept working diligently because of his belief in the cause. The pigs kept demanding more from him and he gave it the hopes of better future. However they just lived of his labor and him little in return to increase their own power.
Marx had said Religion is the Opiate of the poor. Class warfare is crack of liberals, and the fact that some people are not taking a hit from the class warfare bong is dangerous to them. Because then horses will buck the tide, and take back the fruits of their own labor for themselves. This worries the Pigs because without others to do the work for them they are worthless and all their promises are useless.
That is why Joe must be destroyed and discredited Joe because he is the mustard seed of their own destruction.

Steve,THANK YOU!!... (Below threshold)

THANK YOU!!!!! For mentioning Animal Farm!!
For the last year I have been regularly emialing and posting at a number of blogs the very thing you menitoned about the book, and it IS the leftoiods of this country!!! Bravo!!!!
Good to see it AND that you would make it mandatory campaign material!!! Bravoe!!






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