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The ADD Electorate

Yesterday, as I was gassing up Mongo (my less-than-mighty but always-thirsty old SUV), I was congratulating myself on finding gas for under $3.00 a gallon. ($2.99.9, to be precise.) I still think it's a bit too high, but danged if it hadn't fallen over 25% from its peak. (Price corrected -- thanks, Faith+1.)

And I seem to recall that the skyrocketing price of gas was said by many to be THE deciding issue for this year's election. The high price of gas (and, by extension, other fossil fuels) would guarantee an Obama victory.

Before that, back when the current election really started heating up (I think it was 1937), we were all told that THE deciding issue for this election would be Iraq. As long as we have troops there, fighting the unwinnable war, Obama was guaranteed a victory.

Both those crises passed. And then came the financial meltdown -- which is threatening a lot of people, but has yet to directly affect very many of them. Yeah, my 401K has taken a hit, but I'm nowhere near ready to cash it in -- it has, in theory, at least a couple of decades to bounce back.

This is the crisis du jour, THE deciding issue for the election -- as long as the housing collapse/credit crunch/Great Economic Higgledy-Piggledy of 2008 is still playing out, Obama is a lock for the White House.

Excuse me, but I think this is where I came in to this movie...


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And don't forget:I... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

And don't forget:

If McCain goes negative, it guarantees an Obama win becuase the people are driven to vote Democrat when Republicans go negative (but never vice versa).

If McCain doesn't go negative, then he's a tired, old, weak, worn out candidate...therefore Obama is guaranteed to win.

Gee, it sounds like we're s... (Below threshold)

Gee, it sounds like we're screwed either way. Thanks for clearing that up. Excuse me while I go shoot myself.

Gas here in eastern Iowa is... (Below threshold)

Gas here in eastern Iowa is as low as $2.549/gallon, but the rest of the economic news is bad - which seems to be good news for Obama, despite the Democrats' responsibility for the mortgage crisis underlying much of the problem. It's hard to be upbeat when even the Fox News analysis of the debate gave the nod to BHO. McCain still has a chance if he remains on offense and presses the more conservative aspects of his campaign message - 1) no tax hikes, which adversely affect all of us, even if we don't personally make over $250,000, 2) drill, baby, drill, 3) improvement in education through things other than more money for the teachers' unions, such as vouchers, etc. If the polls are getting you down read Ann Coulter's latest column about the fact that Presidential polls are traditionally pro-Dem and can't be relied on.

Check your decimal point Ja... (Below threshold)

Check your decimal point Jay. $299.9?

A lot of Obama supporters w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

A lot of Obama supporters were not even in Jr. High yet at the time Clinton first ran promising "tax cuts for the middle class", then got elected with a Dem controlled congress and immediately imposed the greatest tax increase in the history of the human race on everyone who had any income at all. The saying "fool me one, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" does not apply to Obama supporters because they were too young to be fooled by the Grand Master of Mendacity back in '92.

Now, I have to admit I was wrong in the past when I said Obama was not a good liar. Obama is a lot better of a liar than I first gave him credit for. He still is no where near Clinton's level of perfectly genuine disingenuousness, but I can see, after watching last night's debate how the information-retarded could believe Obama and buy what he's selling. Of course informed people can spot all his lies immediately, but thanks to the leftists domination in our media and educational system, there are a whole lotta American voters who are information-retarded.

For a couple of week... (Below threshold)

For a couple of weeks, I have been commenting on the fact (asI see it) of trickle down taxes.

I have seen maybe one comment on the subject.

Am I nuts or is this something to think about and maybe for McCain to trumpet?

For those who haven't seen my comments, here it is:

Ok, you raise taxes on those making over 250K a year. So what do those folks do? Do they simply pay the taxes, or do they attempt to keep their net income the same? Now I suspect that most people who have arrived at a point in their life where they can make that kind of money are NOT stupid.

So my guess is they will in some way attempt to pass it on down the line, call it trickle down taxes.

Say you are a doctor. You have contracts with Medicare and Insurance companies, which limits your ability to raise prices, right? Well how about seeing less Medicare and charging more for UNINSURED patients? How about seeing a few more patients a day? How about laying off one of the helpers?

A plumbing company - like Joe wants to buy, raises their rates $5.00 an hour. Who pays? Or heck, how about just $1.00 an hour for 15 plumbers?

Appliance repair companies, air conditioning repair, electrical repairs, you name it, prices go up. Do they?

How many people in this country make over $250K a year and what do they do? How many can pass it on down the line? Executives ask for a raise. Athelets ask for more money. TV personalities use the tax rate when their contract comes up for renewal.

And contrary to out of touch Joe Biden, I DO know of a grocery store owner who makes over $250K a year and the brothers have ALREADY raised their prices. Guess who pays that one.

Am I nuts or is this a legitimate point? I don't have a blog, so this is the only way I can get feedback.

Am I nuts or is this a l... (Below threshold)

Am I nuts or is this a legitimate point?

Larry, if you are nuts, I am right there with you! The trickle down theory of taxation is exactly the point. My sister owns a succesful company, her and her husband would be hit hard by a tax increase. They would lay off at least one of their workers (of 6) to pay the tax bill.

Increased taxation only helps the accountants and tax attornies (and they hide their money too.).

The crazy thing about this ... (Below threshold)

The crazy thing about this recession is how my spouse and I are affected. (Out of College for 18 months and with dual incomes we'll make 65,000 this year) Besides paying off massive students loans we've never been in a more stable financial position. I work in jobforce development and she works in law enforcement- both stable jobs in this economy. In fact, the only impact we've felt is the lower gas prices, 2.51 in kansas. Crazy.....maybe food prices will skyrocket again...but honestly its weird..

Gas is $3.49 a gallon down ... (Below threshold)

Gas is $3.49 a gallon down on the corner for me in north suburban Chicago.

People on all ends are taki... (Below threshold)

People on all ends are taking big economic hits. I had to write off a $130,000 loss on one of my homes this year that renters damaged and the insurance company refused to cover. And another of my stocks went in bankruptcy this month and a bank I have funds in suffered a 60% stock value loss. There's plenty of suffering to go around for nearly everyone this time around.






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