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This Is Why They Are Going After Joe

Last night I was ticked that McCain let Obama repeat that 95 percent will get tax cuts line over and over again without challenging it as welfare. I told a McCain campaign friend of mine this morning that I sure hoped there was a plan to do it in an ad, and that letting Obama keep repeating it was just a set up. This ad is exactly what I was hoping for. No matter how much the Left tries to destroy Joe the Plumber, it won't matter, because as I pointed out earlier what Joe said is not what was important. It was what Obama said that was. He admitted that his tax philosophy is that it is good to spread the wealth around. Well, it isn't good for everybody and what I would love to hear McCain ask the American people next is how much good is your tax cut going to do you when the tax increase your employer got puts you in the unemployment line? It is short and snappy and explains the danger of taxing the job providers in an economic downturn. I am pretty stupid when it comes to most things having to do with the economy and finances, but even I could figure that one out.

Update: JIm Geraghty on the angry mob going after Joe.

Update II: Score another one for the Obama Thugocracy. After seeing what was done to an Ohio plumber who dared to ask The One a question in his own neighborhood, a source for a story that could hurt Obama is getting cold feet. Ace points out the Politico's role.


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I thought of a good bumper ... (Below threshold)

I thought of a good bumper sticker the other day.
Obama wants to raise your bosses taxes. Think about it!

Obama.Value=Socialist... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


So easy even visual basic can do it

Just saw this on Bloomberg:... (Below threshold)

Just saw this on Bloomberg:


And we all thought the Clinton response team was effective. I really feel for this guy because he is going to get a proctologist's exam from the Obama campaign and MSM like no other. How dare he embarrass or question The One.

This Obama campaign is making Nixon look like a saint.

It's gonna be a fun three w... (Below threshold)

It's gonna be a fun three weeks.

McCain's a closer -- when people look back on this election, McCain's "huh?" line from the first debate, "I don't think Senator Obama understands the difference between a strategy and a tactic." will sum it up perfectly.

That, and I think we're going to see McCain inside Obama's OODA loop again -- and he'll stay there right through November 4th.

I think this is one of the ... (Below threshold)
just me:

I think this is one of the most effective ads McCain has come up with yet, and Obama can't deny he said what he said.

No matter how much his attack dogs and minions go after Mr. Average Joe Plumber, it doesn't change the fact that what he said to Joe was what he meant, and Joe's license or non license or what have you doesn't really matter.

I hope McCain runs this ad everywhere, and the beauty of it, is that it says all it needs to in those sweet 30 seconds.

@GUNIT: Unfortunately, I th... (Below threshold)

@GUNIT: Unfortunately, I think some people would vote for him solely based upon that.

Lori, I understand your fru... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Lori, I understand your frustration with McCain not confronting ObamACORN over taxes. But ObamACORN is not a legitimate debater. He lies, he obfuscates, and seldom gives a straight answer.

The ad is the best approach, particularly when sources by media outlets.

Becoming more conv... (Below threshold)

Becoming more convinced that Joe The Plumber will be McCain's October surprise, inadvertant tho it was.
I just hope Joe can withstand the exposure of every facet of his life that'll be forthcoming.

"EVERBODY"sigh... (Below threshold)



Oh, and the press is already tearing into "Joe" for not having a plumbing license and, sickeningly, they dug into his tax records to reveal to the world that he owes some back taxes. I guess that all invalidates what he had to say. Because, after all, McCain kept calling him "Joe the fully licensed plumber" not "Joe the guy that wants to own a plumbing company".

Nothing to see here, move along and vote for the nice black man, after all, he's only going to raise taxes on the people that employ you.

This will have no more traction than anything else. People are willing to vote for him even though they are aware that he hangs around with aging terrorists, some of them even think, ludicrously (because the press will not provide them with full and complete information), that Obama was involved in the "terror group", they know damned well that he will raise their taxes because Clinton did and they think, again thanks to the press, that this somehow causes prosperity, they know that they don't know anything about him...they just don't care. Face it, we had a good run, more than 200 years. And, hey, we have 30 hour work weeks to look forward to like France! And like 10 weeks of vacation! (well, 52 for some of us, but, hey! that's great, too!)

It's not really about Plumb... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's not really about Plumber Joe, it's about Obama's redistibution of wealth philosophy, which we already have to a large degree. Right now 40% of families pay no income tax. They pay FICA and sales, and gas taxes, but zero income taxes. Other's pay 10%, some 15% to 28% and other 33% to 36% and these folks also pay FICA, sales and gas taxes. Some think that Obama crosses a line by giving people who pay no taxes a tax refund, but we already have that; it's called the earned income credit. What's new is that Obama is open about increasing the burden on those who make the most money in order to help those making the least money.

Whether or not that's a good idea depends on how the increased tax burden effects the growth of the economy. Certainly there's some point at which redistribution of wealth stifles growth, and maybe we are past that point now or maybe there's a way to go. It's that unknown against the promise of tax relief for most people that seems to underpin much of Obama's support.

Anther problem for pro-business pro-growth ideas is the seemingly out of control stock market. These wild swings leave average Americans wonder what hallucinations are haunting investors. If that's capitalism then maybe stupidity would be a step up.

Unfortunately for conservatives we are bucking the wind in a perfect storm of events.

It's not about Joe, it's ab... (Below threshold)

It's not about Joe, it's about Obama's Marxist answer to a question. "Spread the wealth around", whose wealth and who gets what? Isn't that always the ACORN at the center of the Marxist nut?

Why is it when they spread ... (Below threshold)

Why is it when they spread the wealth around I'm never on the receiving end? Only on the bend over side of things? Oh, that's right, we're marching lockstep towards socialism. I'm SUPPOSE to pay and ENJOY IT!

Don't you know Hestrold, "I... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Don't you know Hestrold, "It's patriotic to pay (more) taxes". Slow Joe Biden

Liberal/Pretzel "Logic":<br... (Below threshold)

Liberal/Pretzel "Logic":
If we can destroy "Joe the Plumber", then Obama's "Spread the wealth around" comment goes away!

"from each according to his ability...to each according to his need" Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Obama

Ref#10. Mac, if you are cor... (Below threshold)

Ref#10. Mac, if you are correct, 40% pay no taxes, that means they (the 40%) are below poverty level. Others pay from 10% to 28% in taxes, and others pay up to 36% in taxes.

Well, how is the GOP going to plan to get that 40% out of poverty so they can pay taxes? And what about the 2 to 3% of the people who can afford to pay more in taxes? They are the ones we taxpayers just bailed out, thanks to the crooks we elect to office.

And to help our deficit, how about all our elected critters take a 50% pay cut for the next 10 years? Got a problem with that?

Allen - "Ref#10. Mac, i... (Below threshold)

Allen - "Ref#10. Mac, if you are correct, 40% pay no taxes, that means they (the 40%) are below poverty level."

You haven't friggin' clue #1 on tax rates and who they apply to. In short they have zero to due with the U.S. poverty line.

The resources are readily available.

Why not use them instead of looking so utterly clueless?

There are millions of Allen... (Below threshold)

There are millions of Allen's in the democrat party and not one of them could buy a clue. Drugs and Ho's are expensive and they all don't have the millions of dollars Hussein came up with without ever holding more than a minimum wage job.

I can't tell that McCain is... (Below threshold)

I can't tell that McCain is running this great ad anywhere. It's not even listed on his website. But it's the ad that could save him.

A maddening fellow, that McCain.

Ref#10. Mac, if yo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Ref#10. Mac, if you are correct, 40% pay no taxes, that means they (the 40%) are below poverty level. Others pay from 10% to 28% in taxes, and others pay up to 36% in taxes.

The reason 40% of families don't pay any income tax is because the generous and growing deduction for each dependent child. Combine that with other deductions such as daycare, home mortgage interest, state property taxes, charitable giving and 40% of families drop off the bottom of the income tax tables.

You see, we already have massive redistribution of wealth and I don't mind paying in the upper bracket so that families don't need to pay while they are raising kids. We all benefit from the next generation as many of them will be defending this nation, keeping it running and paying taxes for my benefit when I'm old and eating baby food again.

Just don't be giving my money to people who won't work. (that's different than can't work)

If McCain wants to win he needs to announce a radical new economic plan. One I dreamed up last night is the Kris Kringle plan in which nobody works and everything is free. McCain might as well promise whatever it takes to get elected because it's unlikely he'll be able to get anything passed anyway.

Joe the Plumber is an idiot... (Below threshold)

Joe the Plumber is an idiot for being against the Obama tax cut for the middle class vs rise for upper class, as would any kind of teacher/dental hygienist/middle-management engineer. Guess what Joe, YOU would be one of the guys who would get a tax cut from Obama's plan you ignorant blue collar Republican who doesn't even know which candidate's financial plan would benefit him more. I'm in the class he'd be taking from and I'm still pro-Obama. I don't understand why no one is pointing this out. We are not talking about welfare for the ghettos of america. We're talking about help for the farms, the middle-management professionals, the mom and pop stores in middle america that certainly DO NOT make 250K a year. Get your minds right people, look at your facts.

Another point I'd like to m... (Below threshold)

Another point I'd like to make: Take a look at the US map of blue vs red. Notice how the most affluent states are pro-Obama while some of the poorest are pro-McCain. The very people who Obama would raise taxes on are the ones who are most enthusiatic about his election. Counterintuitive right? It's because the blue states are the ones with the highest education levels and actually understand what the repercussions of McCain's plan (medical/tax/etc) would be on our current recessionary environment.






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