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A Note to Noonan from Hicksville, USA

Peggy Noonan has a real piece of work in the WSJ today. Here is a sampling:

"More than ever on the campaign trail, the candidates are dropping their G's. Hardworkin' families are strainin' and tryin'a get ahead. It's not only Sarah Palin but Mr. McCain, too, occasionally Mr. Obama, and, of course, George W. Bush when he darts out like the bird in a cuckoo clock to tell us we are in crisis. All of the candidates say "mom and dad": "our moms and dads who are struggling." This is Mr. Bush's former communications adviser Karen Hughes's contribution to our democratic life, that you cannot speak like an adult in politics now, that's too austere and detached, snobby. No one can say mothers and fathers, it's all now the faux down-home, patronizing--and infantilizing--moms and dads. Do politicians ever remember that in a nation obsessed with politics, our children--sorry, our kids--look to political figures for a model as to how adults sound?"

She actually uses the word "infantilizing" twice in the column. Evidently she does not "get" those of us who live outside of the snooty world of cocktail parties and whatever else people like her do with their time. Maybe they spend it laughing off camera at all the redneck rubes in Hicksville, perhaps? She is offended that people in politics now drop their "g's" and don't use flowery language to impress the voters anymore.

Excuse me for going all "Redneck Woman" on her, but what the heck is wrong with saying "mom" and "dad"? I guess I am really low rent because I actually call my dad "Daddy" and my mom "Mama." That is the real down-home way, Peggy, and nothing about it is "faux." (Or fake, as we say here in Yokel Town.) My guess is that most of those politicians really did call their moms and dads just that. What do they say in Noonan's world? "Excuse me Mother, may I bother you for another serving of arugula?" I obviously don't even know what you do with arugula. I probably didn't even spell it correctly. But that sounds a lot more faux to me than referring to parents as "mom" and "dad." I sometimes refer to my mom as mother, but almost always use "Dad" or "Daddy" rather than "father." Maybe it is a southern thing.

Maybe I am just reacting so negatively to Noonan's column because I am a southern stay-at-home mom with a hick accent and a limited vocabulary. Maybe it is because I am a little too rough around the edges myself. (Heck, I know what moonshine tastes like for goodness sake.) But I really used to admire Peggy Noonan years ago. That was back when I thought she was responsible for Ronald Reagan's beautiful words. Now I realize they were just words. Beautiful, yes, but just words. What I loved about Reagan was his thoughts and ideas. Those were his, not hers. She just "prettied" them up a bit.

Please read the entire Noonan column for the full picture. Maybe I am being too harsh about the language stuff. She eventually gets around to bashing Palin, because she just can't figure her out.

She is a person of great ambition, but the question remains: What is the purpose of the ambition? She wants to rise, but what for? For seven weeks I've listened to her, trying to understand if she is Bushian or Reaganite--a spender, to speak briefly, whose political decisions seem untethered to a political philosophy, and whose foreign policy is shaped by a certain emotionalism, or a conservative whose principles are rooted in philosophy, and whose foreign policy leans more toward what might be called romantic realism, and that is speak truth, know America, be America, move diplomatically, respect public opinion, and move within an awareness and appreciation of reality...

In the end the Palin candidacy is a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics. It's no good, not for conservatism and not for the country

She doesn't understand Sarah Palin. What is her motivation and her ambition? What about her philosophy? Maybe I can help explain. Sarah Palin is a woman of action. Noonan talks about her thoughts and her words, but completely ignores her record of achievements in Alaska.

Sarah Palin has done things Peggy Noonan could not dream of doing in her lifetime and I am not talking about shooting guns and looking hot in a bikini. I am talking about taking on her state's corrupt GOP machine and getting things done in the good 'ole boys' world, whether it be negotiating an oil pipeline or returning tax money to the people of her state. Noonan doesn't even have the stuff it takes to stand up to her MSNBC buddies particularly convincingly. Noonan is a person of words. Big, fancy, impressive words. She just doesn't understand that actions speak louder than words and Sarah Palin is all about action. Believe it or not, some people can get a heck of a lot done, even when dropping their "g's."

Noonan predicts several times in this piece of work that she will be accused of being an out of touch snob. Well, at least she understands that much about the rest the world. She hit that one right on the head.


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Right on, Lorie! I used to... (Below threshold)

Right on, Lorie! I used to read Noonan without fail, and many times emailed her column to my friends. Don't know what has happened to her. I agree that she's lost touch with us common folk. As a former "stay at home mom" but now a business owner (with those kids I stayed at home and raised) in smalltown, Texas, she no longer speaks for me. I fear she's become one of the "elitists" we fear, down here in Podunk, USA.

For a long time I... (Below threshold)

For a long time I've said that the "reality-based" community--Kos, DU, HuffPo, et. al. live in a fiction-based reality.

I submit the same applies to the conservative elite.

I used to like Noonan, even... (Below threshold)
Chris g:

I used to like Noonan, even as a pre-9/11 liberal when I disagreed with her on most points. She now seems just as patronizing and condescending as her media political counterparts

Spot on Lorie! I'm... (Below threshold)

Spot on Lorie!

I'm sick and tired of those on the left coast and the worst coast saying that if we don't talk and act like they do that we are somehow substandard, well screw you people and the sophisticated, opera watching , snooty partying, horse you rode in on.

Oh yeah and Jay Tea, Gosh darnit, nucular!

Ms. Noonan idolized Ronald ... (Below threshold)

Ms. Noonan idolized Ronald Reagan. I have this feeling that there is irony here with no disrespect meant to Mr. Reagan, but I think he would understand Ms. Palin very well and would likely have taken the time to patiently explain it To Ms. Noonan.

Peggy Noonan has become ver... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan has become very bitter since it's been made clear to her by the White House that her services aren't needed. David Frum is the same way. Birds of a feather.

Lorie, I just laugh at the ... (Below threshold)
Catherine Wilkinson:

Lorie, I just laugh at the intellectualized pronouncements from women on the subject of Sarah Palin. There's no real reason for these...articles....they can't really name what it is that disturbs them so deeply. They can't grapple with the fact that Sarah didn't need feminist-like talking points and actions to live and succeed in her life. Like my Daddy says, "hell, those old broads are just jealous!"

The shame is that people li... (Below threshold)

The shame is that people like her, Bill Krystol, David Brooks seem to think they can set the standards for what a Republican should be. Enter McCain stage right.

Renaldus Magnus must be doing a two and a half with a twist in his grave.

"It's no good, not for c... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"It's no good, not for conservatism and not for the country"

I would say the same of Ms. Noonan and her attitude.

I stopped reading and liste... (Below threshold)

I stopped reading and listening to her pretentious drivel years ago.

Go Lorie, it's your birthda... (Below threshold)

Go Lorie, it's your birthday. I normally love Peggy Noonan; but lately, she's been all over the place. She loved Sarah Palin at the debate, but then the crowds started getting angry and all of a sudden, it's redneckville. Look, I have news for Peggy Noonan the crowds have been angry for a while; we're sick of our values, and her's by the way, being trampled by the MSM, Hollywood, and the modern Democratic Party.

If you want all children to be born, even those with special needs, you've become a radical that doesn't respect a woman's body. If you stand up for marriage, you've become a radical bigot that doesn't respect who a person loves. What the hell has happend when standing for the unborn and marriage has turned you into a radical? Hello, Peggy Noonan! These are your values; people have found a voice in Sarah Palin, and just cause she doesn't say Mother and Father and a few folks have expressed pent up anger, you're trippen today. Girl, get a grip!

I sorry, I should have said, Woman, get a grip!

What's happened to Peggy No... (Below threshold)

What's happened to Peggy Noonan?

The woman who wrote so many of Reagan's greatest speeches now gives us the astounding clunker of a sentence:

For seven weeks I've listened to her, trying to understand if she is Bushian or Reaganite--a spender, to speak briefly, whose political decisions seem untethered to a political philosophy, and whose foreign policy is shaped by a certain emotionalism, or a conservative whose principles are rooted in philosophy, and whose foreign policy leans more toward what might be called romantic realism, and that is speak truth, know America, be America, move diplomatically, respect public opinion, and move within an awareness and appreciation of reality...

Yes. That's all one sentence, apparently. She starts with a good point, but the transition "realism, and that is" is just atrocious, as is the incoherent ramble that follows. Seriously, how many people disagree with notions like speaking truth and the "awareness of reality."

Yeah. These are the vapid issues which Sarah Palin urgently needs to address.

This is not the Peggy Noonan I know.

Well said Lorie.Yo... (Below threshold)

Well said Lorie.

Your "rough backgroud" doesn't show through in your prose. And who cares anyway. As you point out it's actions not words that make the difference.

Sarah Palin's threat to the comfy, corrupt establish ways of the political class is pappable. It is a worse threat tha Democratss beating Republicans or vice versa. It also threatend the pundits,riterrs and all the Washingtion hangers on. That's why Oeggy Noonan feels threatened. A pox an all of the political class parasites.

I read something on the net... (Below threshold)

I read something on the net the other day I was truly amazed at. Whoopi Goldberg was defending Sarah Palin! I said, "Whoa! Did I just hear what I thought I did!?" Now, I'm no Whoopi fan and wouldn't be caught dead watching The View, but she was, for once, totally defending Sarah out loud for all of the world to hear and saying that the media and others were treating her unfairly. Between that and three-generation, yellow dog Democrats I know personally that are voting Republican this year, I would say that the temperature in Hell must be dropping dramatically about now.

It says everything that she... (Below threshold)

It says everything that she can't figure out what Governor Palin's 'real' motivation must be from her actual words and actions.

Everyone inside the Beltway... (Below threshold)

Everyone inside the Beltway is so used to interpreting the overt actions of people for covert motivations that they've lost track of the idea that there's actually people who AREN'T habitually hiding their motives behind a smokescreen of polticially acceptable rhetoric.

Good post Lorie. What I can... (Below threshold)

Good post Lorie. What I can't figure out is which Peggy Noonan will show up next. The Noonan that wrote this?


How do you reconcile that piece with the one today?

Peggy has used her decades ... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Peggy has used her decades old brush with greatest about as far as she can. Besides, former speechwriters have not historical been a font of wisdom (not intelligence) of late.

Peggy writes about her self-determined 7 week trial period during which Gov. Palin was to pass her litmus test. But Peggy let the cat out of the bag just after the RNC convention in the aftermath of her MSNBC interview when she was picked up on open mic saying "they lost it."

In short, Peggy is a phony.

The good news for Peggy. Yo... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

The good news for Peggy. You can expect her to get invited to sit on a panel at Meeting the Press and share Palin insults with Chris Matthews on Hardball.

Peggy knows her element.

Good points Lorie;... (Below threshold)

Good points Lorie;

My folks were Mama and Daddy to me until my mid-forties when they passed away.

Maybe Peggy prefers Mum and Pup like Chris Buckley does. THAT'S how genuine, mainstream Americans talk, er, speak.

Oh god I love this. You fol... (Below threshold)

Oh god I love this. You folks are going all-cannibal on yourselves, your rejected and failed political philosophy. Peggy Noonan worked for St. Ronald for crying out loud!!

But then St Ronnie must be rolling over in his grave as the conservative party he loved has gone all extremist, panders to the far right and wants a stupendously unqualified person to be the VP.

This is just so much fun.
notiz=This is more fun.

I used to like Peggy but fr... (Below threshold)

I used to like Peggy but frankly, her sad, droopy, maudlin act is wearing thin these days.

I rejoice that elites, whether on the left or right, hate Sarah Palin. Just ask yourself, all we've had in DC are Ivy League elites for many, many years now and how's that worked out for us?

I like Palin for various reasons and one of the biggest is her contempt and utter disinterest for the media.

Go Sarah go!

Lorie is right, I just saw ... (Below threshold)

Lorie is right, I just saw a similar comment over on NRO and I just have to say she was so impressive 20 years ago, but she has spent so much time in the N.Y./D.C. bubble that she has no credibility whatsoever. These are the people who are not passionate about conservative values and ideals and have no connect to the Sarah Palins or Joe Plumbers of the world. The ruling elite in the end doesn't care who wins the cultural war, as long as they all get to go out after and have a nice expensive dinner, with a nice beet and arugula salad. Pass the sparkling water please.

Palin is a sitting governor... (Below threshold)

Palin is a sitting governor; the feminized, metrosexual lawyer with next to no real world experience is a neo-Marxist.

Barry Hussein is fading and will lose in two and half weeks. Thank God. The media will be made to look the fools that they are.

Peggy Noonan's article is v... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan's article is very unfair and misleading! It's all about the empty vessel making the biggest noise.

Hats off to Sarah for holding her head high and "walking the walk" state after state.

It is very easy to be an arm chair critic but, it takes guts, strength and determination to stand up to the obnoxious liberal biased media, pro- choice women's movement and idiotic critics like Peggy Noonan.

Sarah has honesty, decency, principles and "I know and feel your pain" experience and attitude. I was a firm Hillary supporter and a life long Democrat but, now a very devoted Sarah Palin fan. Sooner or later she will be in the Whitehouse!

Go Sarah! Show your self for all your greatness in upcoming SNL !


She may be being snobby. B... (Below threshold)

She may be being snobby. But I give her this

But it's unclear whether she is Bushian or Reaganite. She doesn't think aloud.

I still don't feel I know Palin. Some of her comments during her debate make me wonder if she's another Big Government Republican.

In my textbook, being Anti-Abortion is not enough to earn the label Conservative.

If she can't stand short, u... (Below threshold)

If she can't stand short, unpretensious words like "mom", "dad", and "kids", I reckon she despises Hemingway (if she's ever read him).

In the spirit of Caddyshack... (Below threshold)

In the spirit of Caddyshack and Jerry Seinfeld, I say:


(Yeah, I know Seinfeld said "NEWMan"...but it still works.)

JFO, you're missing Lorie's... (Below threshold)

JFO, you're missing Lorie's point. We think Peggy Noonan is losing it because she thinks that not saying Mother and Father is dumbing down politics and that Sarah Palin is bring out Redneck hatred.

Peggy Noonan doesn't realize that Sarah Palin is voice for so many frustrated and angry because values, that Peggy Noonan holds, are being trampled upon by the left. We are mocked and ridiculed everyday for standing up for life, marriage, tradition, patriotism, and so much more. She, Peggy Noonan, is falling for the trap that if you don't speak in lofty language so how you're lower the social discourse and dumbing down the culture.

Well, what has happened to the culture by the lofty speaking folks on ABC, CBS, NBC and so on. TV is rotten; the news is biased, shows promote all types of filth, Hollywood still doesn't get family films do well at the box office; political films hating our country, don't! So, you tell us who is lowering the social discourse!

Anybody remember who asked ... (Below threshold)

Anybody remember who asked this: "Can uh get me uh huntin' license aroun' here?"

Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli:... (Below threshold)

Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli: Arugula. I haven't had arugula in six weeks.

Supermarket Manager: What's that?

Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli: It's a veg-e-ta-ble.

What she's saying is true.<... (Below threshold)

What she's saying is true.
Listen to Obama who never says "People", he says "folks". And "somethin'"...

Obama's jes an ole country boy I guess...

It's an affectation and a faux attempt to give the vast majority of Americans some way to identify with these people with whom they have almost nothing in common.

Liberal children aren't sup... (Below threshold)
The Dougster, POW! Ladies love that.:

Liberal children aren't supposed to use mom, dad, mother, father or anything else, they are supposed to call their parents by their first names.

Peggy wants to keep her seat warm at the fashionable cocktail parties so this is what happens.

I wonder if she cares that Baracky picks up a certain urban patois every time he visits the hood.

"Hey Detroit, wassup? I's happy to be heah, see whut Am sayin?"

Paul_In_Houston:GA... (Below threshold)


GASP!! You used the word, "reckon". For shame...I guess we'll have to disregard you now.


Palin has exactly what it t... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Palin has exactly what it takes to be President. She is mentally and physically tough. In the last 7 weeks she has been scrutinized, bashed, lied about, and slandered. It has run off her like water off a duck. A lessor person would have run away and hid. She is an accomplished governor with a real record. "The One" is a first term Senator with no accomplishments, that won't release his birth certificate, his college records, his Illinois state senate records, or his college thesis. He has written no significant legislation, nothing other than 2 books that may or may not have been written by him, has tried no cases, and is someone who seems to have no real friends. I'd much rather have Sarah a heart beat away from the Presidency than Barak be the heart beat of the Presidency.

We grew some arugala in our... (Below threshold)

We grew some arugala in our garden this year. It's a good, hearty green, like a thick strong spinach. I've read it's known in the midwest as "rocket", does this ring a bell? I really liked it on sandwiches. And, it has the coolest looking flowers.

It's bizarre to me that Noonan types can't conceptualize that Sarah's authentic accent is different from the diction she uses when giving a big speech. She took the same diction classes they did, she just didn't adopt that kind of speaking as correct. It is the journalistic English she uses strategically, for big speeches and such, not the down home accent. That's just natural. I can vouch for this -- before she even declared her run for governor I heard some morning dj's call her to talk about the possibility. It sounded like they caught her having breakfast or something. When she repeated to Todd what the dj's were saying to her, it was in that g-dropping "you betcha" northern accent.

Also? I have a masters degree and I drop g's sometimes. It's only people who worry a lot about what others think of them that put so much stock in this sort of thing.

There are three types of su... (Below threshold)

There are three types of successful musicians/music acts:

The first is the band or act that has a big hit or a successful early career. But when the times change all they do is rehash the same tired material record after record, tour after tour. Time, other acts, and the audience have passed them by, except for a small, hardcore devoted fan base clinging to that long lost past.

The second type is the band who had a great beginning success, but then tries too hard to change with each passing fad - disco, new wave, alt-rock, rap, country, etc. Anything to try to make themselves remain relevant and seem "hip", even if it means selling out your convictions. Flat and false is the aftertaste.

The third type is the talent who has honed his craft, is secure in his talent, and is able to create new material over and over again, with that unique ability to adapt with the changing times yet never sell his soul or compromise his core. Each record is different yet unmistakably bares his signature. Timeless and true.

I'll leave it to others to decide for themselves where Peggy Noonan fits. But I will say that she certainly does NOT fall into that third category. This is true for quite a lot of political pundits in both wings.

Peggy Noonan is just anothe... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is just another Washington snob that has been there too long. She and the crowd that she runs with wanted John McCain for the Republican nominee and figured that they could control what he does and says. She and her elite crowd also wanted Joe Lieberman as McCains running mate. They were hoping and praying for just that. Well, McCain jumped off the reservation and picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. That sent them into a hair pulling frenzy. How dare anyone from the sticks be chosen as the Veep running mate? So now the McCain/Palin ticket is terrible.

PamExhibit A of th... (Below threshold)


Exhibit A of the "dumbing down"of politics is Palin and McCain's issueless campaign. That's what Noonan's talking about and she's right. We're not voting for the president of family values, hollywood morals and tradition. And as much as the right wing thinks it owns patriotism (which is of course the complete and utter arrogance of the right), it doesn't. That's why a significant group of lifetime and active conservatives are voting for Obama and/or taking Palin to task.

We're hopefully voting for a president who can steer us out of the economic crisis we're in, restore the constitution, end this horrible waste of a war and restore our standing and trade with the rest of the world. Pardon me if that's what most of us are looking for.

I didn't miss the point at all.

I think you are a bit harsh... (Below threshold)

I think you are a bit harsh on this one. Peggy Noonan has had a few out of character statements recently but she has a point here.

We look to our leaders and public speakers at all levels to have a decent level of intelligence and to use it. Many of us cringe when we hear our teachers call their students "kids" or when we hear reporters misuse the word "issue" or when politicians use that ambiguous, now almost meaningless, word "thing" (e.g. Bill Clinton's coutlessly spoken "It's the right thing to do.").

We have been so dumbed down by our community leaders that now when Barack Obama speaks in an articulate manner, it hides the nonsensical rhetoric within. His well chosen words convey an impression that he knows what he is doing. He sounds like a master in his field yet he has no real accomplishments and offers no real change from the leftist approaches that Democrats have sought for the last forty years.

Noonan's point is that Sarah Palin's folksy words make her sound like an average person when her record of accomplishment is far above average. She is inadequately communicating the superior candidate that she truly is.

Peggy Noonan reminds me of ... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan reminds me of a saying I have heard from my mother for many years, "Cria cuervos y veras como te sacan los ojos." Or, "Raise crows and you will see how they tear your eyeballs out."

I just hope she likes the cocktail parties and her new "friends".

JFO says, "We're hopeful... (Below threshold)

JFO says, "We're hopefully voting for a president who can...restore the constitution..."

That certainly isn't Barack Obama. He is a champion of suppressing free speech.

JFO continues, "...end this horrible waste of a war..."

50,000,000 librated people and bringing justice to murderous dictator who started two wars that killed 2,000,000 people is a "waste" by JFO's standards. He prefers we could have had Obama's way and simply surrendered.

"JFO says, "We're hopefully... (Below threshold)

"JFO says, "We're hopefully voting for a president who can...restore the constitution...""

Restore it? At best, the Constitution will become a museum-piece parchment, at best preserved, at worst ignored. At its worst, Obama and the Democrats will likely turn it into toilet paper. Oh wait...

Tom Blogical said to me, <b... (Below threshold)

Tom Blogical said to me,
"GASP!! You used the word, "reckon". For shame...I guess we'll have to disregard you now. ;-)"

OMG - I was REGARDED before?
Musta slipped up there.
Sorry. :-)

Well, Noonan's obviously go... (Below threshold)

Well, Noonan's obviously got it out for Palin. She's hardly given her the benefit of anything since day one. She's come off as more unreasonably bitter than objective.

But as far as the "hick" language, I almost think she has a point. It's not that we want our representatives to so much "be" like us, but "understand" us. The way I took it was more about how the change in their language seems (to me) like pandering. It's a sugary coating that hides the taste inside. It's the fresh paint that hides the rotten wood. It's the, "See? I'm just like you," when you know damn well they're not.

Well, now, isn't that inter... (Below threshold)

Well, now, isn't that interesting. Quick, who said:

We live in a bubble and have around us bubble people. We are Bubbleheads. We know this and try to compensate for it by taking road trips through the continent -- we're on one now, in Minneapolis -- where we talk to normal people. But we soon forget the pithy, knowing thing the garage mechanic said in the diner, and anyway we weren't there long enough in the continent to KNOW, to absorb. We view through a prism of hyper-sophistication, and judge by the rules of Chevy Chase and Greenwich, of Cleveland Park and McLean, of Bronxville and Manhattan.

And again we know this, we know this is our limit, our lack.

But we also forget it.

And when you forget you're a Bubblehead you get in trouble, you misjudge things.

Why gosharoonie there boys and girls, it was, TADA, Peggy Noonan.

Guess she forgot, again.

Vulgar? What's vulgar is t... (Below threshold)

Vulgar? What's vulgar is the same old crap from Big-Money-Media elitists like Noonan. If any of these old scolds had possessed a fraction of the character and intelligence of Sarah Palin, we would have been calling them Governor or Republican Party Vice-Presidential Candidate, rather than bitter, vain, envious scandal-mongerer.

Hey Pegy and Kathlean and t... (Below threshold)

Hey Pegy and Kathlean and the fox "alstars" and little billy krystal and all the rest of you elitists, BUGGER OFF! Or go bugger each other, either way, just please don't assume the mantle of "conservative" pundit anymore, because I have tuned you out. There are so many honest conservatives who haven't been corrupted by the beltway, that I don't need you. Ten thousand michael dead-creds are not worth one Michelle Malkin in my book, so why don't you all make it official and tear open your shirt to reveal the, "I'm Elite and Proud of it!" tattoo on your chests so we can be done with you once and for all.

Got it? Good. Now, if you ever want to get your heads right, start reading Claudia Rosette and listening to Mark Levin and the like while there's still time. You are getting to be a bunch of crusty old dinosaurs after all. "Fred Barnes the conservative", yeah right!

You go girlfriend! <p... (Below threshold)

You go girlfriend!

As a fellow Southern gal, that was better than blackeyed peas and cornbread!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I would just like to say hi to my Momma and my Daddy too!

In many ways I think this is how some view Republicans. They look at Peggy and Buckley and think all Republicans are as snooty and class obsessed. They do not see us as common and regular type folks who are just like Sarah Palin in desiring the government to just get the heck out of our lives. Well we are common and regular, and do our own laundry and yard work. If Peggy wants to defect to the more cool and classy, elite side; I say -don't let that doorknob catch you in the you know what on the way out the door!

Just a thought - How old is... (Below threshold)

Just a thought - How old is poor Peggy now?
She was at her prime 25 years ago.
Maybe a touch of the Oldtimer's Disease?
The geezers have been complaining about the younger generation at least since the Roman Republic.

I rarely read per columns a... (Below threshold)
Another Peggy:

I rarely read per columns anymore. It seems to me she sold out; it costs a lot to get on TV. Fortunately we have many excellent conservative journalists and columnists remaining.

JFO saysExhi... (Below threshold)

JFO says

Exhibit A of the "dumbing down" of politics is Palin and McCain's issueless campaign.

Well then, let's get down to details. Obama says if I make more than $250,000 in a year my taxes will go up. Tell me, JFO, exactly what line on my 1040 that the magic $250,000 number appears. Is it gross revenue, adjusted gross revenue, gross income, net business income, adjusted net business income etc etc? How much of the income/revenue will be phantom income? Hmm?

McCain, you say, has an issueless campaign. Wrong. He is against Obama's tax increase because he knows the devil is in the details. But you apparently have it all figured out so explain it to us.

OK, somehow my eyes looked ... (Below threshold)

OK, somehow my eyes looked at Lorie's concluding line:

"She hit that one right on the head."

and read this:


Both work.

The problem is that redneck... (Below threshold)

The problem is that redneck idiot discourse now dominates. Rather than recognizing that an adult saying "mama" is rightly left to children and the mentally handicapped, politicians are now penalized like speaking as adults should.

This is the cleft between the Grand Old Party and the modern, slobberingly inane Republican party.

The Republican party is the... (Below threshold)

The Republican party is the party of the working class, the middle class, the movers of the American economy. The leech class - journalists in NY city and politicians in DC - they look down their noses as they live off of us.

I have two of Noonan's books - they'll go into the garbage tomorrow.

While I hear you about Noon... (Below threshold)

While I hear you about Noonan's dislike of Palin, I read her comments about dropped "gs" quite differently.

What I heard her say is that for most of these politicians, the "momma and daddy" and "hangin' out" is an act-- they've never spoken like that and they're putting it on to try and pretend they're "just folks."

I mean I suspect that the New York debutante Bar Bush would box W's ears in but good if he ever said "Nuke-you-lar" in front of her.

We don't know enough about Palin to know if her accent is a put on or not. It may be real but it may also be faked.

I would have voted for McCa... (Below threshold)
danny boy:

I would have voted for McCain but Palin made me vote against him. Ideas matter. Palin is an empty suit. Think for a minute in this moment of complex and difficult time the qualifications of Palin, lousy student took 6 years to graduate spent time in lousy schools, Romney validictorian of BYU, Governor of a state where like Venezuela the oil coffers overflow and governing is easy, compare that to Massachusetts run effectively by Romney despite a Dem control of both houses, Romney cleaned up Salt Lake City Olympic disaster, Harvard JD and MBA founded Bain Capital and made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oh you can laugh about us "Rhinos" and "Georgetown intellectual" types. Make fun of Peggy Noonan, and George Will and David Brooks and Frum and etc. etc. but such attitude guarantee a Democratic majority think of us Rhinos on election night you fools.

What Ms. Noonan is pointing... (Below threshold)

What Ms. Noonan is pointing out is a trend that is dangerous which is the appeal of it's politicians to "Mob Mentality and Joe Sixpackisms" What is funny is that once the election is over they will forget about Joe Sixpack and will go to those very same cocktail parties that "Joe Sixpack and their wives" complain about. Don't be fooled the inaguration party will have plenty of Chardonay sipping people FROM BOTH PARTIES, IF ANYBODY IS EXPECTING A BARBEQUE IN THE BACKYARD OF THE WHITEHOUSE EVERYONES INVITED THEY ARE DELUDING THEMSELVES. Wake up! You are being pandered to! That is what Ms. Noonan is saying. As for the Republican Party, well I'm a registered Republican and I am sick to death of this yokel act that is so much Mendacity to appeal to suckers that think that they are one of them. Trust me, unless Mrs. Palin quits politics you will never ever have anything in common with her. She is using you and you or Joe or Jane sixpack are falling for it. I'll vote for Obama why? He actually did well in college unlike his opponents. And a college education still counts for something.

Dear HughS I am an accounta... (Below threshold)

Dear HughS I am an accountant. If you fill out a 1040 and are salaried at 250K per year I am certain that you will have deductions your kids, mortgage, medical bills, charity contributions etc. so you will not be affected. If you fill out a schedule C for self employed individuals you will have business expenses taken from that 250K so you will pay less. LESSON TO BE LEARNED WHEN FIGURING OUR YOUR TAXES DON'T LISTED TO A POLITICIAN PAY AN ACCOUNTANT! Oh ps whatever your business when more people are doing well the rich get richer! Take that any way you like but Mr. Obamas plan is the sounder plan.

Why isn't Noonan writing ab... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Why isn't Noonan writing about the graf prone Sen. Biden instead of Gov. Palin?

Does she seriously think Crazy Joe or 57 states ObamACORN would be an improvement over a sitting governor with 80 percent approval rating in her state?

Lorie,I totally ag... (Below threshold)


I totally agree with you. It seems that Noonan was bent out of shape by Christopher Buckley stepping down at National Review. Noonan is such a gifted and articulate writer, but she seems to have lost touch with the diversity of the Republican party. Palin is an intelligent and extremely accomplished woman. She is certainly more accomplished than Noonan.

I still love Noonan's writing style, but she seems to have a vendetta to settle here, and that's certainly not the class that I expect from her.

Christopher,I know... (Below threshold)


I know you work with numbers, but could you please go back to school and learn how to form a sentence? Wheel steel bee hear wen get you back, OkAy?

(Doncha just love the irony folks? I mean, the guy says Palin is a "phony" who struggled from the bottom to the top, so he's gonna vote for the down to earth Harvard man.) Yes, it can no longer be denied, liberalism truly IS a mental disorder.

When Noonan's name comes up... (Below threshold)

When Noonan's name comes up I don't think "out of touch snob", I think; "over-the-hill gasbag" or "attention seeking sow".

This woman has an entirely too high opinion of herself.

#56 "We don't know enoug... (Below threshold)

#56 "We don't know enough about Palin to know if her accent is a put on or not. It may be real but it may also be faked."

I assure you, it's real. And with a little research, you would know that too.

#57 "Massachusetts run effectively by Romney despite a Dem control..."

Romeny did some good in Mass. But I think your putting a bit too much into that. While he ran for the nomination he actually touted, as an accomplishment, Massachusetts' health-care plan. Not exactly a resounding success.

#59 Okay, you're an accountant. Please explain to us Obama's tax plan. You are versed in current tax law. Now tell us how it changes under Obama's plan in regards to deductions.

I won't misrepresent myself. I am not a licensed accountant, but I've been a bookkeeper for 20 years and I've been doing my own taxes for over ten years; first as a small business owner and now with several properties. So I'm not totally ignorant.

Here's the thing that bothers me; The phrase "refundable tax credits". THAT is the socialist part of it all. THAT is where the "spread the wealth" part comes into play. And I figure the only way that all these "refundable tax credits" can be "refunded" is to raise the taxes on a more considerable portion of the population, because the number of those eligible for refundable tax credits will rise significantly.

In your opinion, while it's generally accepted that only the top 5% will be affected and it's touted as "only a 3% raise" on income over $250k (and of course after all their "non-refundable" tax credits), how can this possibly balance? Especially since it will increase the number of families who will not owe taxes.

I think there's a lot of ignorance here in regards to the terminology and the the change in what is defined as what.

Added to that is the huge spike in marginal tax rates for families who earn between $25k and $45k. How can that possibly be construed as a tax cut for the poor? Many of "the poor" are voting for Obama because they think they'll get more money. I think they're in for a rude awakening.

Please tell me how I'm wrong. This has only further complicated an already complicated system. It's just as prone to abuse (maybe more) as things are now.

98% of the country getting ... (Below threshold)

98% of the country getting a tax break that is supported by the other 2% getting a small 3% tax hike makes total sense to me. What doesn't add up sir?

signed: Recipient # 299,999,999
"Gee, I hope that check gets here soon..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................."

I'm with you Lorie. I can'... (Below threshold)
Sue in Ohio:

I'm with you Lorie. I can't take listening to Peggy Noonan anymore - she comes across as such a snob. And does she really think that "our children look to political figures for a model as to how adults sound?" If she's so concerned about how people speak why doesn't she pay some attention to the impact of those in the media? I've been frustrated for years now with TV reporters who constantly talk about "cops" instead of police, "bucks" instead of dollars, "guys" instead of men, etc. And now the trend is to report every story in the present, rather than past, tense. I think our children hear that much more often that they hear politicians speaking.

Q: What is the difference b... (Below threshold)
Dick Cheney:

Q: What is the difference between Sarah palin's mouth and her v*gina?

A: Only some of the things that come out of her v*gina are retarded.

Have a nice day, fascists!

I used to like Peggys writi... (Below threshold)

I used to like Peggys writing.....then a few years ago she became vapid and boring. She is so out of touch it's scary.

Hello Lorie--You know, I al... (Below threshold)
Carlos Saldivia:

Hello Lorie--You know, I also read this column..I thought that there is more to this than meets the eye..It sounded personal, and maybe a bit misguided..

Peggy is an extraordinary writer, and this piece is not her best work, but if you've seen her work in the last year, she's been REALLY tough on the women in politics--Hillary and Sarah..

Peggy Noonan is dead-on cor... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is dead-on correct. Let's see, Palin has been able to reduce taxes in Alaska by getting a larger cut of energy revenues. In other words, she's done something there akin to raising taxes on non-Alaska citizens and investors, by siphoning off resources that probably should have gone elsewhere. Alaska benefits from more federal funding (FAR more than Alaskan residents ever pay in taxes) than any other state. The bulk of resources in that state belong to the U.S. government, for the benefit of all U.S. citizens; in other words, she has made the cut of Federal resources used to subsidize Alaskans even greater. The upshot is that today, more than ever, Alaska is the biggest example of a welfare state this nation has ever seen. What the h*ll does that have to do with Republican values, people?!? She hasn't cleaned up the state's politics - very, very little has changed there. Just look at her husband's inappropriate involvement in official business. Holding her up as a reformer, on any level, is exposing all of you as pretty darn dense, you betcha. Think, people, think!

One more thing to add- <br ... (Below threshold)

One more thing to add-
I think that Peggy Noonan's point is this - would you want one of the very fun but less bright (or even average) of the cheerleader's or football players you grew up with in high school, to grow up and be allowed to do surgery on you, or to invest your retirement savings money - just because they happen to attractive and folksy and magnetic in the way they talk and smile? I'm talking the less bright ones, folks, not the sharper ones, because the good Lord knows some cheerleaders and football players ARE super bright. But some folks don't make the cut, for high office or truly important work. Nothing is dishonorable about such people - they can contribute on much, but just fall short on ability to master complicated information. Folks, don't you want to be governed by bright people? All of us know by now that President Bush got in 'over his head'. Please, please, please, I beg you, let's not make that mistake again. You can have the right morals, and the wrong abilities to hold high office. People come in all sorts of combinations, really they do. It's just that simple. Noonan has standards for smartness for the highest office in the land and the world, and that makes sense to me. God Bless her, and God Bless America for that!!!

Lorie, that is such a perfe... (Below threshold)
Dorothy Gainer:

Lorie, that is such a perfect assessment of Noonan's column. I hope you emailed it to her. I emailed her over the weekend, letting her know what I thought of her snooty opinion about the use of the words mom, dad, and kids, as opposed to mother, father, and children. How freaking out of touch with the real world can a person be?

Good for you Lorie....I was... (Below threshold)
Joan Lussier:

Good for you Lorie....I was just starting to write to Peggy. I read your remarks and and decided that I could not say it any better. Most likely Peggy would never read my e-mail anyway. "YOU SAID IT ALL" Peggy is the one that is out of touch. An elitist at best!!!
Good by Peggy!!! Will never read your articles again!!

What Peggy really doesn't l... (Below threshold)

What Peggy really doesn't like is that Sarah Palin is a woman of destiny.






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