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This is Hillary-ous

I kept reading emails telling me I had to watch the John McCain speech from tonight so I finally did. I was told it was funny and that it would make me laugh out loud, so my expectations were pretty high. They were exceeded. This is absolutely hilarious. Hang in there until you get to the Hillary and Bill Clinton jokes. They are side-splitting. I think HIllary was laughing so hard she cried. I don't know who writes McCain's stuff, but whoever it is, they couldn't possibly be getting paid enough. The MSNBC jokes are really good too, but they pretty much write themselves now, don't they?

Update: Here is a link to Part II of McCain's speech. In it he is not only funny, but shows what an incredibly class act he is.


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Don't miss Part II: ... (Below threshold)

Don't miss Part II:

(There's a bit of serious stuff in the middle, but bear with it -- McCain's closing is fairly good as well.)

In fairness, Obama also had a few good jokes, but he clearly hadn't practiced, and stepped on most of the punchlines. (Exception: he delivered the one about "Nobama" quite well.)

Hey, that was great but Mac... (Below threshold)

Hey, that was great but Mac should have taken Sarah and let her rip there. What a missed opportunity!

Loved it when he told Chris... (Below threshold)

Loved it when he told Chrissy Matthews to have Olbermann call him so that he could tell him right where to put that banner.

That was pretty funny! Hil... (Below threshold)

That was pretty funny! Hillary was hysterical over the Bill jokes. Obama actually started to look uncomfortable at one point. That smile began to look a little forced.

Off to see part II....

Obama was laughing at his o... (Below threshold)

Obama was laughing at his own "jokes" more than the audience.

McCain pegged the laugh meter many times.

Obama nudged it a few times.






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