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NYT Goes that Extra Mile for Dirt on Cindy McCain

What is going on? Why are Obama's followers going to such lengths (or should I say depths) to attack a citizen who dared to ask Obama a question by digging through his personal records and finding embarrassing information on him (like the fact that the man claiming to be "Joe" is really "Samuel Joseph")? Why are they trying to get ads taken off the air that they don't like? Why are they outspending McCain several fold in most markets? Why is Obama purchasing 30 minute blocks of prime time television on major networks? Why are they registering thousands of people, both real and imaginary, who are not eligible (or in some cases even alive) to vote? Why is the media going all out to destroy anyone that might possibly stand in Obama's way and to ignore any story that might show him in a bad light? Why are the media throwing away their last shreds of integrity, honesty and impartiality by going so far in the tank for Obama?

Don't they know the financial crisis combined with Bush's unpopularity created an atmosphere in which their victory is almost guaranteed? Don't they know they are leading in all the battleground states now? Don't they know the transition team is already meeting and the party is already planned? They are behaving like the only way they can win is through intimidation, lying, fraud, and throwing more money into the race than in the history of American politics and every time I think they have done all they can do, they go that extra mile.

"Today the New York Times launched yet another in a series of vicious attacks on Senator John McCain, this time targeting not the candidate, but his wife Cindy. Under the guise of a 'profile' piece, the New York Times fails to cover any new ground or provide any discernible value to the reader other than to portray Mrs. McCain in the worst possible light. Though Mrs. McCain's battle with drug addiction and even her miscarriages are again reported, the paper entirely ignores a life devoted to family and charity work in the most impoverished and violent corners of the world -- except when a detail can be quibbled with so as to imply some kind of deceit. This campaign made every effort to share personal accounts of Mrs. McCain's good works with the paper, but apparently they were deemed unfit for publication in the New York Times. This is gutter journalism at its worst -- an unprecedented attack on a presidential candidate's spouse.

"In order to assemble this barrage of petty and personal attacks, the New York Times employed tactics that are obviously unprofessional and almost certainly unethical. This campaign has obtained a copy of an email sent by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor to a 16-year-old girl and friend of Bridget McCain, the youngest of the McCain children. Ms. Kantor sought to dupe the unsuspecting minor by soliciting 'advice' on how best to approach the story, as if a top-flight investigative reporter at the New York Times would need the assistance of an underage girl in writing a hit piece.

"The New York Times has stooped lower than this campaign ever imagined possible in an attempt to discredit a woman whose only apparent sin is being married to the man that would oppose that paper's preferred candidate, Barack Obama, in his quest for the Presidency. It is a black mark on the record of a paper that was once widely respected, but is now little more than a propaganda organ for the Democratic party. The New York Times has accused John McCain of running a dishonorable campaign, but today it is plain to see where the real dishonor lies."

--McCain-Palin spokesman Michael Goldfarb

Here is a copy of the Facebook message:

Jodi Kantor

Add as Friend

September 29 at 7:21pm

Report Message

I saw on facebook that you went to Xavier, and if you don't mind, I'd love to ask you some advice about a story. I'm a reporter at the New York Times, writing a profile of Cindy McCain, and we are trying to get a sense of what she is like as a mother. So I'm reaching out to fellow parents at her kids' schools. My understanding is that some of her older kids went to Brophy/Xavier, but I'm trying to figure out what school her 16 year old daughter Bridget attends-- and a few people said it was PCDS. Do you know if that's right? Again, we're not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like.

Also, if you know anyone else who I should talk to-- basically anyone who has encountered Mrs. McCain and might be able to share impressions-- that would be great.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

Jodi Kantor
Political correspondent
New York Times

I removed the reporter's email address and phone number because this is not the Daily Kos.

Maybe they know something we don't? Maybe the polls really are narrowing more than they expected? Or maybe the prospect of the most extreme liberal government in American history led by Obama-Pelosi-Reid, is just something too important to be left to an election free from fraud, intimidation and extreme media bias.


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They're afraid that some of... (Below threshold)

They're afraid that some of us still remember Jimmy Carter's presidency and might link Obama to him. I thought he would be a good president because he was an "evangelical Christian" who normally have good morals and should have some guidance from above. However, the moral part was OK I guess, but the guidance from above never happened to Jimmy.
Obama's profession of Christianity is just that - a profession in words, but far from any commitment.
It is so disconcerting that most of our "leaders" in Washington are so good at lying and deceiving, and so poor at really working for the good of the people. No wonder that their approval rating is only about 15%. It would take a genuine spiritual revival from above to transform our government.
One thing that might help would be to do what Brazil did in the 60s / Move their capital from Sao Paolo to Brasilia in the middle of nowhere. We could move our government to Lancaster, Pennsylvania or Independence, Missouri, but I would hate to see those noble cities trashed.
If the Dems gain any more seats, the little integrity left will go down another couple of notches.
We can only pray to the one who is really in charge of putting people in place in governments, and of course go out and vote for the other guys instead of Jimmy Obama.

Look, I don't know w... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Look, I don't know what a "conservative" is anymore. I think the political label of such is dead, meaningless. All I see from conservatives is fear. Fear of the "liberal", fear of the black man, fear of learning, fear of the muslim, fear of the Arab, fear of the mexican, fear of the gay, fear of the college professor and an overall terror that the idyllic, fantasy, Rockwell vision of America is disappearing.

I think, for you people, living in this constant state of terror has damaged your ability to reason. As more and more thinking Republicans come out of the closet for Obama [Smerconish, Buckley, Powell] the more you circle the wagons and become paranoid.

And a sad note to Myronhalo. Like most small towns, devastated by the GOP policies for the last 8 years and hit hard again by Governor Blunts draconian "reforms", Independence MO isn't that perfect American city of your dreams. It's smack in the middle of meth lab country.

dr lava...the left wants to... (Below threshold)

dr lava...the left wants to destroy this country and reshape it into some European state. Sorry, if that's being fearful, so be it.

And what GOP policies are you referring to?

Smirchonish? Like that ni... (Below threshold)

Smirchonish? Like that nit-wit matters? I live in Philly and I listened to him yesterday talk about what a bombshell his announcement was going to be. It's hard to find someone more full of himself than that jerk. zzzzzzzz

Great post, Lorie !

The NYT taking sleaze to an... (Below threshold)

The NYT taking sleaze to an all new level. My dog wont even piss on that paper anymore.

Sleaze and democrats are sy... (Below threshold)

Sleaze and democrats are synonomous. There is no fear on the republican side, the left fears the republicans. Plain and simple. ww

"fear (blah, blah) fear ... (Below threshold)

"fear (blah, blah) fear (blah, blah, blah) fear (blah, blah) terror/fear... As more and more thinking Republicans come out of the closet for Obama ..."

Oh please. Project much? So dr lava, how do you feel about the NYT's attempt to employ a 16 year old girl to help them garner "information" about Cindy McCain?

There's nothing left to fear here. You're rhetoric has become part of the normal lexicon from the new left. Any disagreement is labeled as fear. Get a grip.

Do you ever do research? D... (Below threshold)

Do you ever do research? Do you have a fact checker? Aren't you worried you're becoming a drone repeating the same nonsense?
I am a real conservative, and no one running for the highest office in the land is. Nor are many reporting on the race. This is the dirtiest race ever, and both sides are guilty. 0y Christian ethics don't allow me to accept lies from either side

Maybe, instead, it's just t... (Below threshold)

Maybe, instead, it's just that they would act exactly this way if they were 80 points ahead, that destroying their enemies is in their blood, or at least at the heart of their ideology. It's just that they see non-Left Americans as their enemies.

A LOT of mud has been slung... (Below threshold)

A LOT of mud has been slung on both sides. The Republicans keep saying it is ALL the Democrats and yet I do not see Biden or Obama on their campaign trail inciting people to treaten to kill Palin or McCain they have not done that. Obama also does not throw in McCain's face MANY of the questionable associations he has had and has or Palin for that matter. Repubicans have gone further. Many Democrats love this country just as much as the Republicans. All of us have to live together and get along. Check sites on the facts of all statements from BOTH candidates. Check out this site which was mentioned at the end of the last debate http://www.myspace.com/mydebates. VOTE and make an educated vote. Quit reading the bias remarks from either party and pick who represents your interests. Insulting either party is stupid - I feel it took both parties to put us where we are - not one or the other, but now is the time to join together and fix Americas problems not keep tearing things apart.

Read the piece and it was n... (Below threshold)
R Moore:

Read the piece and it was not as bad as the article above portrays it to be. I came away with the sense that this is a woman who supports her husband, has been through some trying times, does some great work, had some lapses in judgement and come through it all. Much like millions of other Americans....

Everytime I read posts like... (Below threshold)

Everytime I read posts like these I feel sad for the writer because I too was that far right supporter that drank the kool-aid and beleived all of the talking points without verifying them. You know the "low-information" or "uneducated" supporters that the Republicans like to call us. Tell us anything and we beleive it. I listened to Bush and his supporters smear McCain in 2000, they made us fear McCain and his family (especially Cindy and the "black daughter") using rear, hate and race mongering including the robo calls. Now these same people that told us to fear McCain want us to support him and McCain is using the same conservative company that smeared him in 2000 to smear Obama. Remember McCain said during the debate he would repudiate that? He's not, and that makes him a liar. If he lies to get elected what happens when he's elected? More years of being lied to like Bush did to all of us "low-information or uneducated" voters? Not for me, I followed every debate, fact checked the policies and issues and changed my registration to Democrat and I support Obama because I don't drink the kool-aid anymore. And by the way, I register voters, and by law I am required to submit every registration I take even if I consider it illegal. The law doesn't allow me to make that decision it is up to the election board to verify through a fact-check system they have in place. Voter fraud doesn't happen until a vote is cast and there is no report of that having taken place in any state. Just another tactic to try to scare people who don't know any better. Just say No to Kool-Aid, Drink Milk....it does a country good!

"Again, we're not really re... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Again, we're not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like.

BUt hey if we find some dirt on the kids like they had an abortion or are a drug user we will gladly print it.

Also this is nice to have information for terrorists but hey we wont mention that either.

The myth of the shouts to ... (Below threshold)

The myth of the shouts to kill Obama at Republican political rallies has been thoroughly debunked by witnesses there and by no less than the U.S. secret service agents sent there to protect the candidates. This is another example of the left leaning media not doing it's job. One reporter from a left leaning newspaper says it happens and the whole mainstream media jumps on what he writes to be the gospel. The so called journalists of today have killed their craft. They used to pick on Drudge because he is his own editor,but he does more fact checking than the mainstream does.In effect, anything reported by any fraction of the mainstream media is picked up by the rest of the media and reported as fact.

Yea, someone needs to learn the truth alright, but I don't think it's conservatives. We must constantly sift through all the garbage printed to get to the truth, and the truth is what sets us apart !

"I do not see Biden or Obam... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

"I do not see Biden or Obama on their campaign
trail inciting people to treaten to kill Palin or McCain they have not done
that. "

You don't see McCain or Palin doing that either. That comment Obama made during the debate about someone yelling kill him at a rally was found to be the non-existent except in the mind of one reporter. The "angry mobs" were manufactured by the media while they ignored tee shirts by Obama followers, even linked on Obama's website, that called Sarah Palin a "c**t."

Obama was offered several chances during the debate to repudiate disgusting remarks from John Lewis comparing McCain to George Wallace and even the church bombing that killed several little girls, but Obama refused to repudiate those remarks. Obama's campaign has been involved in several efforts to silence those who disagree with him. There are many other examples as well. It is the scariest thing I have ever seen in a presidential campaign. Not only the efforts to silence anyone who disagrees, but the fact that the media goes along with it. Obama himself went after Joe the Plumber ridiculing him to a laughing crowd saying he didn't know any plumbers who made $250,000. Class warfare is the order of the day in that campaign. It is working too. Obama will almost certainly be president and people like me who don't agree with his redistribution of wealth policies will have to shut up about it or face the consequences.

William, you are an idiot a... (Below threshold)
Joe Marine:

William, you are an idiot and an insult to this once great nation. Because of people like you and the so called democratic party, as well as the general govt corruption here, I am ashamed of what America has become.

I am a gay Democrat disgust... (Below threshold)
robert c:

I am a gay Democrat disgusted by this race. I have watched my party degenerate into a cacophony of whining cutthroats over the last eight months primarily due to the Obama campaign. A campaign I believe to be the most surreptitious and manipulative in recent American history. The far left has seized the Democratic party and employed the tactics of Rove and Limbaugh that they have themselves disdained for sixteen years. That one second of time has been spent "investigating" Joe the plumber and nothing appears in the media about Obama's Kenyan birth, his registration in Indonesia in a school as Muslim, his visit and open support of Odinga in Kenya who has exhorted a return to sharia law, or the persistent claims of Larry Sinclair is dangerous and hypocritical. In the greater scheme of things Joe the plumber's tax status is meaningless, Obama's status as a natural born citizen is not. If we elect an individual who has no legal right to run for the presidency, then there will be a constitutional crisis of the most severe kind and the mainstream media will pay a heavy price for their betrayal of the constitution.

I find it interesting that ... (Below threshold)

I find it interesting that the Republicans are now saying how dangerous "Government" will be if the Democrats gain majority control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency. How quickly they forget that Georgey and his band of Right Wing Morons got us to where we are after years of total Republican Control. I don't see how the Democrats can make things any worse. Republicans got us to where we are today and "mud slinging" is their way of distracting Americans from the truth. They say that those who complain the most and the loudest are the ones with the most to hide. I think that Republicans should be grateful that Obama's Campaign has maintained the high road and not dug up the skeletons of McCain's past. There are alot there. I leave you with one question. If an American Soldier were to break and provide propaganda to an enemy of the United States, is he considered a Traitor?

"If an American Soldier wer... (Below threshold)
Joe Marine:

"If an American Soldier were to break and provide propaganda to an enemy of the United States, is he considered a Traitor?"

First, I think you need to look up the meaning of propaganda to make sure that's the word you mean to use. Maybe you meant "intelligence" instead.

Second, had you served in the military, you'd know the answer. Since you haven't served, please, shut your mouth.

your all mad. Children. Sca... (Below threshold)

your all mad. Children. Scared sheep.you talk about obama not loving america. Damn! Palins husband belongs to a secessionist group that wants to break away from the usa and have alaska become it's own country. Cheak it out if you dare. How unamerican is that? She is touched by an african witch doctor. How christian can you be. She talks in tongues. check that out if you dare.That would be an exrtremist christian wouldn't it. Your all just too afraid to live on this planet. Grow up, and realize that change happens. You loved the last 8 years, and now you can hate the next 8. Hate is a sad motivator. As for the person not hearing the "kill him" quote. Are you deaf. It's been played hundreds of times. clean out your bloody ears. Republicans are sophmoric fools, so frantic that they are loosing, loosing, loosing. You can only win by cheating, and through the supreme court. How sad. Hey, a knew day is dawning. Get mad about it why don't you.

As far as Obama not being ... (Below threshold)

As far as Obama not being born in America, I have no way of knowing if it's true but I've heard the same thing. I do know the media will NEVER investigate this issue to ascertain it's truthfulness. Another example of dead journalism. We know for a fact in every instance when it comes to issues of importance the media will not investigate Obama on any charges.

The main comment I wanted to make on Robert C.'s comment is his remark about betraying the constitution. The U.S. constitution is held in contempt by left leaning Supreme court judges. All one has to do is look at Judge Byers arguments, always looking for guidance from international courts and rulings. In his debates with Scalia, he proudly boasts as much. How can we run a country when even the highest written law of the land is held in total disregard in favor of "I FEEL this or that way" about an issue?

I like the way Dr. Williams explains the idea of a "living breathing" constitution. That would be like us playing poker, and me making up my own rules as we play. You could be assured I'd take your money. Democrats are good at both!

Everytime I read p... (Below threshold)
Everytime I read posts like these I feel sad for the writer because I too was that far right supporter that drank the kool-aid and beleived all of the talking points without verifying them.

U r lyin', William. If you were ever right wing, you wouldn't be prattling on about kool-aid and "no election fraud". ACORN is alive and well and being investigated by the FBI.

"Voter fraud doesn't happen until a vote is cast and there is no report of that having taken place in any state."

And I guess you missed out on hearing about the states with early voting. As I said, "being investigated"...

The NTSlimes, now like a su... (Below threshold)

The NTSlimes, now like a supermarket tabloid but without the ethics. Matches todays democrat party, now like Hugo Chavez's government but without the ethics.

I can't even tell you how m... (Below threshold)

I can't even tell you how mad I'd be if I was that child's parent. The writer violated a private space to try to trick a kid. (Much like a predator.) How low!

I guess you are all forgett... (Below threshold)

I guess you are all forgetting how Michelle Obama has been attacked time and time again, ie: terrorist fist bump, the cover on TIME. And the new attacks by Palin about her patriotism. Give me a break. Repubs started this nasty campaign, and then cry when it backfires. You tell me which family understands the struggles the middle class faces, is it the beer millionaire's daughter and the 26 year senate veteran or the Obama's? Grow up.

Wow! Talk about OVER drama... (Below threshold)
mark Denton:

Wow! Talk about OVER dramatizing! This was not a hatchet piece at all! I came away feeling empathy and a little pain for a woman that has had to sacrifice a LOT to be that supportive Politicans wife!

I think McCain owes it to his wife to drop out of politics and spend his waining years in Arizona with this woman!

Really? If Michelle Obama ... (Below threshold)

Really? If Michelle Obama is fair game? Why not Cindy?

"U r lyin', William. If ... (Below threshold)

"U r lyin', William. If you were ever right wing, you wouldn't be prattling on about kool-aid and "no election fraud". ACORN is alive and well and being investigated by the FBI."

Actually LaMedusa, now the FBI and Dept of Justice are both being investigated by a special prosecutor for working in collusion with the RNC and McCain's campaign to manufacture and spread rumors of 'Voter Fraud' in order to create an environment of fear and intimidation that they can then use to suppress votes on election day under the guise of protecting democracy. Thank god that there's finally a democrat running for office who has [email protected] and took steps to keep this from happening ahead of time instead of waiting until after the election (like Gore and Kerry did) and then coming across as being whiney or a sore loser.

Can not believe there are i... (Below threshold)

Can not believe there are idiots out there still Questioning Obama because he was born in Hawaii!!! McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone!!

Constitutional scholars have been debating the citizenship of someone in McCain's position for YEARS!

How do I know? I was a Military brat born overseas just like McCain, so it is personally important to me!

Stop the lunacy and focus on the simple facts that the last two Financial crashes we experienced were under Ronnie (1987) and now W, while the largest economic expansion in US history occured under Mr. Clinton.

Trickle down economics is just a way to make the rich richer and the smokescreen used by the GOP to keep you lemmings voting for this policy is the smokescreen of Abortion and Gays.

I find it very concerning t... (Below threshold)
Abdul McCullough:

I find it very concerning that in this day and age a man's religion becomes the primary focus of his critics. It is amazing that in a country that was founded on the basis of religious freedom, that so many people only care about Senator Obama'a religion. First, he is attacked for having a radical Christian pastor and next he is an avowed Muslim terrorist. I am sorry to inform those of you that are more concerned with his religion than his vision for the future of the country that he is a Christian. However, that isn't the point. This is the United States of America, not Iran. A person can be of any religion that he or she wants to be . Just because someone has an Arabic name does not make them an Arab. My name is Abdul but I was born in Macon, Georgia. If you were to simply go by my name I guess I am an Irish Muslim (I am neither). In addition, you can check birth records yourself. Senator Obama was born in Hawaii (which if I remember correctly is part of the United States). If you really want to question someone's place of birth, Senator McCain was born in a foreign country (on a military base). So who is the true native born citizen? All of this just serves to distract from the real issue. Who is best suited to break from the way "business as usual" is done in Washington. I tend to believe a Harvard educated Magna Cum Laude fits the bill much better than a 30 year Washington politician who opposed a holiday for the great American reformer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I for one have had enough of a leader who is just an average Joe. McCain got into the Naval Academy because of who his father and grandfather are (just like Bush) and he proved it by graduating almost dead last in his class (which takes some doing since it is difficult to flunk out of the Naval Academy). Now is the time for all Americans to come together, not for us to divide further along religious and racial lines. Senator McCain has gone against his own beliefs in a vain attempt to win an election. I believe that he probably has a hard time sleeping at night knowing that the Rove/Republican smear machine is doing exactly what they did to him in 2000. Luckily for all of us Senator Obama has remained above it all and focused on the true issues that the vast majority of Americans care about. Hopefully, when Colin Powell announces his support for Senator Obama tomorrow some of the same people questioning him will realize that he is not the threat to America that the RNC would paint him to be. Quite the opposite he is a shining example of what the American dream can truly be.

I am pretty amazed here. Th... (Below threshold)

I am pretty amazed here. The rhetoric is astounding, the non-facts are bountiful and the division is fierce. Why is it that things like Joe the Plumber, Acorn,and Ayers are even brought up. John McCain is the one who brought Joe into the limelight. It was his inconsiderate actions of bringing this man into the political arena at the debate, that turned this mans life upside down. Now Joe was not innocent in this either, he asked a question of a candidate, on camera and by his recent interviews, it appears he is a solid Republican who was trying to get Obama to lie about his tax plan...it blew up in his face.
The bottom line in my book is that we need an America that has more than 2 parties because the reality is that they have merged. All of the "conservatives" talk about the "Liberals" like they are going to destroy the economy. Well I hate to tell you this, but it is already destroyed. Republicans and Democrats alike did this. Don't go pulling out the "Oh Yeah, well Clinton wrote the Bill" card because that still doesn't explain why in the 6 years of total control of the House, Senate and Presidency, the republicans did nothing to change anythingand spent more money than ever before in the history of the US. Oh I know now you'll talk about the war, katrina, etc. but the reality here is that if they had these other things happening, then why didn't they cut other programs like they both are saying they will do if elected now. Be logical people. Don't listen to what the medis is saying, think for yourselves.
People need to realize that there are many other very good options in elections, and that there are other candidates. This is not about picking the best of two evils, it is about picking the best overall. Look at your other options people. You all have computers or you wouldn't be reading this. Check out who else is running and read their platforms. You will be surprized at the great ideas out there and maybe learn something in the mean time.

Hugo, there is no evidence ... (Below threshold)

Hugo, there is no evidence that he was or wasn't born in Hawaii, there's a birth registration, not a certificate, there's suspicion that his unwed mother was in Kenya when he was born with corroborating statements from Kenyan relatives. He mother was not in the service, she had allegedly travelled to Kenya to the child's father's family. I was born overseas too, and I have both a birth certificate from the UK AND a birth registration through the US embassy with a US passport issued for my travel back tot he US to prove my citizenship. I suspect BO does not, he certainly has so far refused to show any of this proof, and that murky background is a problem if you are going to interpret the requirements for President literally. However, he certainly has enough going for him that I agree it is ludicrous to attempt to disqualify him from running based on this. It IS however, troubling that he hasn't dealt with this issue forthrightly (like Kerry's discharge papers) and THAT raises my doubts.

The mud slinging is heavy o... (Below threshold)
Juan Marshall Brookman:

The mud slinging is heavy on both sides. I personally believe John McCain is the better candidate but his vice president running mate Sara Pailin worries the hell out of me. If anything happened to John McCain I can't imagine Pailin running the country with the little education and knowledge she possesses. Her interview on TV convinced me to vote for Obama and Biden.

M denton - "I think McC... (Below threshold)

M denton - "I think McCain owes it to his wife to drop out of politics and spend his waining years in Arizona with this woman!"

And I think you need to re-read the piece and then ask yourself why it was of such import for the author to note her medical condition (a stroke) in such a way that seems to cast doubt on whether she in fact had one.

While pondering that you can ask yourself what you would do if some reporter backdoored your parental authority by contacting your minor child looking for information for a story.

"Weapons of mass destructio... (Below threshold)

"Weapons of mass destruction will be found and we'll be greeted as liberators...er, I mean, Saddam Hussein was an evil man who needed to be removed from blocking the Iraqi path to FREEDOM!"

"Governor Palin is more qualified than Obama to run this country, and she's ready right now...er, I mean, we need time to prepare her before we allow her to be interviewed, questioned by supporters/reporters, and we're still working on that passport..."

"Hold me accountable and I'll cooperate fully with any investigation...er, I mean, this investigation has become a partisan kangaroo court and both my husband and I refuse to answer any questions unless they come from people I can appoint and terminate..."

"I'm suspending my campaign because my presence is needed in Washington to solve this economic crisis...er, I mean, I need to do some damage control with Katie Couric (instead of Letterman) and limited campaign ads and attacks will continue while I claim credit for generating GOP support for the bailout bill right before my GOP mates refuse to vote for it...er, I mean, I can help with the second attempt via telephone, I don't need to suspend my campaign or visit in person...Mr. Letterman, "I screwed up"..."

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong...er, I mean the AMERICAN WORKERS are strong, and the economy is the fault of the SEC chairman who should be fired...er, I mean, the so-called poor economy is a mirage concocted by a nation of whiners...er, I mean, we need a spending freeze, or rather, we need to buy all these bad mortgages people can no longer afford, no wait...that's not what I meant...or was it?"

"I don't care about a washed up terrorist...er, I mean, my robocalls still feel it's the central issue of my cam...er, I mean my OPPONENT's campaign, and besides, Lewis hurt my feelings and Obama didn't scold him--I'm going to whip his you-know-what...er, I mean, the liberal media won't give me credit for winning the debate..."

"I can't afford to buy the plumbing business I work for under your tax plan...er, I mean, I'm not a plumber, I just play one on TV, only my boss needs a license...er, I mean, I'm in the process of getting the license I need to keep my boss out of trouble, but my taxes are still too high...when I pay them, that is, and I'm getting around to that, just like getting around to my plumbers license and saving enough money to actually be able to buy that business after I vote for McCain, er...I mean, next time, since I forgot to register (Levi Johnston forgot to remind me of the deadline)..."

Just a little info....An Am... (Below threshold)
Retired Bos'un Girl:

Just a little info....An American citizen can give birth ANY WHERE in the world and that child is an American by birth. So that would make any one under those circumstances American. If you want to know people change religions through out their lifetimes. Jews become Christians, Muslims become Christians, Catholics become Baptists, Christians become Buddists, and on and on. The nasty mob remarks were recorded by many channels and replayed (even on Fox) so check for yourself. Patriotism isn't any one persons to annoint. My patriotism is no ones right to question my families 5 generations of service and my 20 years are my proof alone. However I don't question anyone's love of this country but that seems a litmus test about how unamerican someone might be. Rabid party members on each side have lost focus. How did we get to this place of hate, vitriol, and acceptance of negativity. This country is in trouble and we all better do our part to make it better. People are losing their homes, jobs are disappearing, our banks are failing, this country is hated now not admired like it used to be, and I intend to try to make this country better for everybody, The burning question is what sre You going to do whine and cry or get to work....

I am constantly amazed by ... (Below threshold)

I am constantly amazed by the fact that so many
people in the USA actually believe that the
republicans are good for the country and good for the livelihoods of joe6packs. Anyone who looks closely at the republican philosophy, as
much as there is one, can see that it caters to only a few groups. These are the evangelicals,
who are too stupid to understand what their belief truly entails, and use it as an excuse to
rail against any kind of social or cultural freedom. Also, there are the rich. That is too obvious to need explanation. Last, but not least, are control freaks and paranoid idiots. The republican slant toward fascism and against any kind of freedom satisfy these
pathetic things. Why these people would support the republicans is clear. Why would anyone else?

There are a lot of short me... (Below threshold)

There are a lot of short memories behind the posts on this blog. For all of the "left journalism" rants, find out who specifically OWNS 90+% of ALL media markets in our country and note their political affiliation. Our media has been controlled by these 5 men for years, so how it became a tool for the left is beyond me.

Where is the outcry about suppressed stories about 9/11 or the squashing of the media to take footage of dead soldiers returning from the Middle East? Hundreds of journalists have been censored and/or dismissed for reporting on "off limits" information. Do you really think this current war is any less violent than Veit Nam? The difference is in the coverage--this war is as atrocious as any war in our world's history: men hang in the public markets from "gallows" for days for all to see, children are routinely shot at without discrimination, buildings are "cleared" and those resisting are executed on site (would you leave your home if a foreign gov't told you to?), in short, these people live in fear surrounded by death and destruction--do you get a sense of that from the nightly news?

Editors determine what goes into print or to video, and often times they do so at the direct behest of lobbyists and powerful corporate and political groups.

The news is not about the news--it is a business, one in the traditional sense that strives to make a profit as well as another in the sense that like the written word since before the times of the King James Bible, it is a means of propoganda where very few people can control a message to millions.

We have got to rise above this control to ask ourselves, "Why are we being fed the news the way others want us to see it, and who are those people, and what are their motivations." Unitl then, we are merely under its (the media) control, left, right, or objective--it is still control.

Cindy McCain put herself ou... (Below threshold)

Cindy McCain put herself out there with her own nasty political remarks and gestures. Michelle Obama has also been targeted by the media for things she has said. The reality is that remarks about Sen. Obama's past including any drug use and associations seem to be fair game. BUT, whenever anyone scrutinizes the Republican ticket everybody's panties get WODDED UP. Here are a few truths: Obama had a limited association with Bill Ayers that Sen. McCain quoted as being, "A Washed Up Old Terrorist." Obama's campaign gave money to ACORN. Sarah Palin was/is involved with the Alaskan Independence Party--an active Anti-American Org with ties to domestic terrorists and received financing from the Islamic Republic of Iran. McCain just happens to be friends with a Watergate Criminal (i.e., Gordon Liddy), was part of the Cheating--I mean Keating 5 scandal, and in 2006 McCain was warm and fuzzy with ACORN. The bottom line: EVERYBODY has something in their past, politicians more than most! It's quite simple really; one doesn't rise to these powerful positions without rubbing elbows with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

dan in duluth - "Why is... (Below threshold)

dan in duluth - "Why is it that things like Joe the Plumber, Acorn,and Ayers are even brought up. John McCain is the one who brought Joe into the limelight."

And to believe that you also must totally discount all the media coverage he received PRIOR to the debates. That snippet with obama was all over the over-the-air and cable outlets on nearly every news broadcast.

Simple question, for simple minds... if what I suggest is untrue why would McCain think it was a worthy exercise to mention him 21 times in the debate? To use your failed logic, or rather ignorance of fact, those 21 mentions would hae resulted in a collective "who the hell is he talking about" response from millions of people watching the debate.

BUT that wasn't the case, millions of people watching the debate knew EXACTLY who Joe the Plumber was.

mic bowie - "Here are a... (Below threshold)

mic bowie - "Here are a few truths: Obama had a limited association with Bill Ayers that Sen. McCain quoted as being, "A Washed Up Old Terrorist."

A few truths? You mean truths as you see them or rather the way you chose to be VERY selective in viewing them.

Please explain how someone can be in a relationship and "limited association" with ayers and entrust that person with the direct oversight of a fund worth 50 million dollars as ayers did in selecting obama to "manage" the Annenberg Fund?

Are you implying ayers is/was so stupid to allow obama a free hand with that much money based on a"limited association?"

If so, your knowledge of this particular issue is, well... to be kind limited.

I found the NYT article to ... (Below threshold)
Kathleen, Arizona:

I found the NYT article to be kind, sympathetic, and truthful. Those of us who've lived in Arizona 20 years or longer know that there's a lot more "dirt" to be found on the McCains. The media has shown remarkable restraint in its reports on both John and Cindy. Considering the scurrilous personal attacks employed by John McCain and his campaign, I'm not convinced that John and Cindy deserve the kid gloves treatment they've been given so far.

Interesting Facts on politi... (Below threshold)

Interesting Facts on politicians not born in the US or whose values are different from the norm. I'll use two Rs and two Ds...you might just be surprised

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) Gov. of California - born in born in Thal, Austria

John McCain (R) Senator of Az was born in 1936 in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama

Dalip Singh Saund (D) CA Congressman -Born in Chhajulwadi, Punjab, India

Keith Maurice Ellison (D) MN Congressman - Born in Detroit, MI is a Muslim

Dr. Lava said:"And a... (Below threshold)
show me:

Dr. Lava said:
"And a sad note to Myronhalo. Like most small towns, devastated by the GOP policies for the last 8 years and hit hard again by Governor Blunts draconian "reforms", Independence MO isn't that perfect American city of your dreams. It's smack in the middle of meth lab country."

You don't know what you're talking about! I live 10 miles from Independence, Missouri. It is NOT "meth lab" country. I think to you it's more like "fly over" country. This is an example of the "liberal elitist attitude." This is the very sort of thing that makes us "hanging onto our guns and religion" average people angry! I'm mad as hell at your comment!

The capital would sure be better off in my state. I'd get a good laugh out of watching the politicians assimilate.

As for Gov. Blunt, all he's done is go over the entitlement programs to try and save some money. I have a friend who's on Medicaid, he was sent a letter asking him to prove that he needed it. I think the Governor did this to most of the people on the rolls. What's wrong with that? My friend was irritated that he had to prove he needed the benefits, but he got to keep them. This is just an example of remaining in control of the programs, not just blindly passing out money. I have a lot more I could say but I've given up at this point. Too much divides the haves from the have nots at this point. I have voted Democratic a long time but this "change" is not going the right way. I will be voting for McCain this time around.

I read the NYT article on C... (Below threshold)

I read the NYT article on Cindy McCain this morning, and Mr. Goldfarb, the McCain spokesman, is lying. The article goes into some detail about Ms. McCain's charitable work, rather than ignoring it, as Mr. Goldfarb said. Why did he lie -- does he think the rest of us can't read?

I fail to see any "personal attacks" in the article and Goldfarb failed to cite any. The article simply makes the point that Ms. McCain has mostly lived apart from her husband during his years in Washington and has been less (or less visibly) involved in his campaign than many other political spouses, though she has always been loyal and supportive. Is that an "attack"? It doesn't sound like one to me.

You can always tell when a politician feels his campaign is going badly. It's when he attacks the media for the way it covers him. When was the last time you saw a politician who was winning do that?

Republicans will cling to a... (Below threshold)
bill dance:

Republicans will cling to anything that helps defend their close minded philosophy. You people actually want to celebrate the unbiased coverage of Wizbang, over the clout and history of the New York Times. That is insane. To say that the Main Stream Media is slanted left is one thing, to believe that is something entirely different. Who do you think owns ALL of the media outlets and therefore employs ALL of the reporters? The Right-wing military industrial complex pits you poor republican schmoe's against your own beliefs, fears and aspirations. The sadest part is that you people actually buy in wholeheartedly. You're being tricked, lied to and duped by the 10 percent of america that holds 90 percent of the wealth. If you vote MCcain/Palin and make less than $250K per year, you are a victim of your own ignorance. Or racist. Shame on you! Why do you think that the Gop works so hard to polarize America? Either you're with them or against them. Think about this phrase: DIVIDE AND CONCQUER. Republicans are destroying America. It's been days since I've seen a pro Obama story anywhere in the Main Stream Media. Virtually everything is slanted pro McCain, ultra pro Palin, anti Obama or just flat out LIES.

filthy muslim! He deserves ... (Below threshold)

filthy muslim! He deserves what all followers of Islam deserve! A one way ticket off the planet!

I have seen so much garbage... (Below threshold)

I have seen so much garbage in the above posts it makes me sick.

First off is the myth that the religious population is ignorant and stupid. There is no evidence whatsoever to support that save what the televised media says. Indeed the contempt for Christianity in a nation founded on Christian principles is so high that it makes me wonder if the founding fathers would have even fought for this country had they known how it would turn out. If one had to form a generalization of the uneducated and ignorant population, it would be the inner city population which among other things leans heavily left in order for free handouts.

Secondly is the myth of 'social engineering,' better known as socialism. It is a populist-powered pseudo philosophy which has always failed historically and relies on greed, envy, ignorance and hatred in order to survive. People are all to eager to find a 'scapegoat' for why their lives arent perfect, and that has become the 'evil rich,' just as 'the Jews' with regard to Nazism. The fact of the matter is that everyone is responsible for their own actions and their own lives, and when they screw up, its their fault and their fault alone. Its their problem to fix, not someone else's and given that they are grown adults, they should be expected to fix their own problems. Hatred, greed, envy, those are the easy way out, the way out of the weak-minded, it takes a far stronger person to admit their faults and try to fix them.

Thirdly comes the current economic crisis and who and what actually caused it. It started in 1999 when Clinton forced banks to make sub-prime loans to people with bad credit and or no credit. Left to their own devices, banks wouldn't make such loans given that they would not be paid back the money they lent. However the government under Clinton forced them to. As one would expect, with the passage of time and the ever growing number of sub prime loans and the lack of people paying them back, huge debts emerged in the lending industry, finally leading to the meltdown in the middle of this year. It should be noted that Republicans tried twice to stop this forced lending because it would lead to economic turmoil, yet they were blocked from doing so both times by Democrats in the Senate and House. Given that Bush has served as the universal scapegoat for the woes of the US for the past 7 years, the media seeks to pin this disaster on him, when he actually took steps to attempt to prevent it from ever happening. The facts are that the left created this problem, and now seek to brainwash people into believing that they can better handle the economy.

Fourthly, as a true conservative I am ashamed of the campaigning. Trying to label Obama as a Muslim was a cheap-shot given that evidence that he ever was Muslim is virtually non-existent. The same thing can be said with regard to his middle name, and that Hussein somehow has a connection to Saddam Hussein. However at the same time I am annoyed that nobody has really hammered home Obama's 'version' of Christianity which is as Christian as what Hitler tried to pass off or what the KKK believes in. It is hate-based propaganda and conspiracy theory based that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything Christian. In short, he is as Christian as he is Muslim, none at all.

As for what is best for the economy, simply look at history. Lower taxes on everyone, combined with everyone paying income taxes (if they want the right to vote), the dismantling of government institutions and the increase of individual freedoms along with the restoration of the US as the founding fathers set it up to be are what is needed. Indeed a flat rate income tax is the best option as it gives everyone equality and allows everyone to have a non-hypocritical say in how the money is used. A flat rate tax, however, does not sit well with the greedy, envious and lazy along with the control freaks who seek to use the government to create a power base for themselves.

I personally do not view McCain as that great of a political leader, Huckabee is by far better in almost every aspect. I am a 23 year old 'college kid' history major so I am of this new generation, most of whom do not know about the failure of socialism in the past and are too idealistic to see that it and those who advocate it are the problem. As Churchill said "A conservative at 20 has no heart while a Liberal at 40 has no brain" there is much truth to that statement. Churchill also said "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inhalant virtue is the equal sharing of its misery" and like the other quote, this too has much truth in it.

Obama is a socialist who uses the media to promote him while McCain is a centrist who uses cheap-shots to bolster his campaign. Neither is really qualified to lead, though McCain is by far the lesser of the two evils.

It's amazing how Obama gets... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how Obama gets a free pass from the press about everything. It's all about smashing McCain and Palin, posting phony polls, fathead reporters spewing their liberal beliefs, they actually are using brainwashing methods to get Obama elected. No where do I see questions about Acorn, Ayers, Rev. Wright, Obama's inexperience, his book, and his promises. Has America gone brain dead, does America want socialism? At least make the man explain his relationships, and his beliefs. I will give him credit, he is a great illusionist with words, he has used the word change 10,000 times in his campaign, and as of yet what has he ever changed? Ever notice when he's asked a question by McCain in the debates he smiles and laughs, that means he's lieing. We will see who the whites fear when election day comes and the curtain closes, there might be a big surprise in store for Obama.

As for Obama not born in Am... (Below threshold)

As for Obama not born in America HAs any checked John mccains place of birth? Go ahead tell me where he was born.... can you well it wasnt on American Soil. Is anyone actually better off now then they were eight years ago? anyone please step right up. Face the facts and call it what it is simple as that you would rather have a lying cheating scandulous president then a black man with ideas for the future in office. thats all it is i wish people would not hide behind they sheets anymore and just call it like it is we all know what it is. Be serious they are politicians yes they lie they all do its what you do to get elected, As for me I at first did not want Obama I thought he was not ready to lead, As things went on and I saw the choices and how they acted I now believe he is very ready to lead.People you dont gradutate Harvard Law school if your ot well educated and intelligent. McCain rode by on his dad's and his dad's Four start admiral status check your facts> i used to fully respect John McCain but after the facts i can't anymore he isn't even himself anymore he has been warped by his party just to win it's actually sad he used to be ok now he is discusting. to use the people you condemend when it was against yourself to now go after your rival is what we did with Osama Bin Laden, We Americans have a great convience we forget easily some times thats good sometimes thats bad. We call Obama Muslim, non christian and the best one Socialist. McCain um Keiting five ring a bell, google McCain and G Gordon Liddy. All i care abou is gettin the country I love on the right track , Black white male female dog or cat alien or human as long as they are the one with forward thought for the generations to come then I'm for it. Stop taking everything you hear as fact and do some work. Remember you can't have dollars without change ok

Thank you, Stephen, for tho... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Stephen, for those quotes. You can tell by what happened with the holocaust that no one listened to him then.

Fortunately, America is also the land of second chances.

I find McCain and Obama to ... (Below threshold)

I find McCain and Obama to both be impressive candidates. They are generally very respectful and capable of persuasion. They are persuasive because they listen, they make concessions, and they make reasonable arguments.

For these same reasons, I was unable to finish reading this article and the comments that followed it. I may have missed some good points of interest, but I'll never know. When a writer shows clear bias without ever reaching out to the other side - it is preaching to the choir at best. Food for thought.

J~"When a writer s... (Below threshold)


"When a writer shows clear bias without ever reaching out to the other side - it is preaching to the choir at best."

I think I understand what you are saying. The fact remains, however, that there are probably many political views expressing extreme bias that you share, and thus keeping you focused and on the edge of your seat.

McCain or Obama? I can't sa... (Below threshold)

McCain or Obama? I can't say that I'm excited about either. Not that big of a fan of George, either, although, the one thing I will say for him is that in the face of withering criticism and pressure, he has stuck to his guns (cliche - pun not intended). He has not backed down. Unpopular? Yup. Compare this to our last president - governed by polls - what was the popular slant of the issue. Wishy-washy. That is a poor way to make decisions. A poll question can be worded to reach any results desired. If the decision backfired, he could say that he was misinformed by his "advisors." So, back to the question - McCain or Obama? I consider myself a true independent. I evaluate each candidate, the running mate, and the wives. Taxes are a big issue with me - they already waste enough of my money - they don't need any more - cut the spending and start by stopping the spending on illegal aliens - that will save billions of dollars a year. However, the problem then becomes - we saved $XX billions - we can now spend $XXX billion on the pork for our districts. We need to send fiscally responsible people to Washington and our state capitals. Alas, we seemed determined not to. My concern about McCain is that he has not always been the champion of free speech that a president should be. I have to admit, I was surprised and impressed with his selection of Palin (you have to admit she is a lot prettier than Biden). Two major things that get the economy moving - tax cuts to corporations and individuals. That's what gets the economy moving - commerce. If corporations are producing then people are earning and spending. It does seem to me that people are hearing what Obama is saying and he's as smooth or smoother a liar as any politician (rivals the Clintons), but they are not listening to what he is saying. He is not a champion of free speech either. Also, he has emphatically stated that he will raise taxes. Like that will get the economy moving - HA - what a joke. He says he will increase the taxes on corporations and small business owners (don't believe his TV ad) from about 35% to over 50%. That gets passed on to us, the consumer, so you are going to get a tax increase. Yet he says in his TV ads that he will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year - yet he has voted to let the Bush tax cuts expire - that's a tax increase on everyone - 100% across the board. That makes at least two tax increases to all of us. Then there is retirement income, capital gains (he's said he will increase - almost double), estate taxes, lottery winnings - all will start or increase. Obama has already said he is going to do this. How many of those people in Washington do you think are poor? The largest tax base is the middle class. A "small" tax increase or decrease in this group is a lot of money in or out of their pockets. Simple math. So, the middle class will get bend over again. Obama wants to greatly increase the numbers of those on public assistance. Tax increases will do it. Do you really think they are going to pass anything that is going to affect their income? Of course not! How ridiculous the thought! A co-worker of mine wants Obama to win because as they stated, "We deserve everything he will give us and I believe he will give me more than I make working here." Pretty sad. To reverse Kennedy's statement - Ask what your country can do for you, not what can you do for it. A friend sent me a website link that was really good about evaluating your position with Obama. Check for yourself at http://www.BarackObamaTest.com It should help you decide or solidify your decision.

From some of the comments -... (Below threshold)
Mom in Ohio:

From some of the comments - no wonder world thinks Americans are stupid and uncivilized.
How can Obama run for the US Presidency without his citizenship? Do you really think McCain or Clinton would have let Obama stay in the race if he were not a US citizen? Think people. One has to be really brainless to believe the things being circulated online and robo calls. Please check the facts from multiple sources - not just from radio talk shows or TV programs.

How many of you know that Fox Network is owned by Rupert Murdoch (http://www.newscorp.com/) and he has donated $28,500 (maximum allowed) to Republican Campaign Committee? For change he surprised many by donating $2,300 to Hillary for her primary.

Sinclair Broadcasting (http://www.sbgi.net/) is also conservative leaning and well known for their anti Kerry programs in 2004.
According to facts.org, "The larger "liberal media" myth has been maintained, in part, by the well-funded flow of conservative rhetoric that selectively highlights journalists' personal views while downplaying news content. It also has been maintained by diverting the spotlight away from economic issues and placing it instead on social issues."
Democracy works when voters are educated about issues and implications. I pray for positive future of America for my kids' sake.

i don't understand all this... (Below threshold)

i don't understand all this mud throwing. evrybody has to focus on the issues that concern the regular working class. mccain in his speeches tells us about his experience, but where did all this experience take us? i thought all these people who were in charge were experienced. read,investigate,be informed. hopefully we will vote with intelligence. thank you. good luck. all the best to everybody.

when a person is drowning i... (Below threshold)

when a person is drowning in a river,he seems to look for someone to go in with.that is exactly what maccbushpulin are doing.he are failing and looking for loopholes, it will not work not as God is alive watching.God has blessed OBAMA for presidency, MACBUSHPULIN are fighting for nothing. they are loses are remain losers. Even a small kid knows that OBAMA has already won the election cos he has plans. MACBUSHPULIN has nothing to offer other than attacks. they have failed whoofly

I forgot to add internet bl... (Below threshold)
Mom in Ohio:

I forgot to add internet blogs - do not believe everything you read in a blog or internet. There is no fact checking and no consequences for saying whatever opinion on the internet the way reputable news media may. If a political action committees states things, find out who is behind it and what motivates them before making your own decision.

Marc,Here are a fe... (Below threshold)


Here are a few Realities:

1. There were eight (8) voting board members on the Annenberg Fund's education project named: Chicago Annenberg Challenge "CAC". The Board member's decided and voted on how the grant money would be spent.

CAC was part of a national school reform effort financed with $500 million from the billionaire publisher and philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg, who just happened to be Republican President Richard M. Nixon's ambassador to the United Kingdom.

2. The Board of Directors was handpicked by Adele Smith Simmons, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

3. Deborah Leff, frm president of the Joyce Foundation recommended Barack Obama for the position (he was already serving on the Jocye Foundation's board)

3. Pat Graham of the Spencer Foundation is the person that asked/nominated Barack Obama to be chairman CAC

4. Mr. Ayers served on the Anneberg board as a member on school issues.

5. "Other members on that board were the presidents of the University of Illinois, the president of Northwestern University, who happens to be a Republican, the president of The Chicago Tribune, a Republican-leaning newspaper."

6. There are minutes and records showing the yea and nay voting of each board member as to who would receive the grants. The minutes also record all orders of business (past & present).

7. Mrs. Anneberg has given support to John McCain's campaign.

8. Original board members, ending board members, and school board collaborators can be found on Wikipedia

I would be happy to do the same research on McCain's and Palin's ties as well.

Semi-full disclosure...I wa... (Below threshold)

Semi-full disclosure...I was a Marine, my son is a currently deployed Marine, and I'm a registered Republican. I'm not giving my name, not because I'm hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet but because I don't want to be perceived as bragging about my largesse.

I attended a luncheon the other day where a Marine discussed the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. The sergeant who spoke was hit by an IED while on his second deployment to Iraq. Three other Marines in his Humvee were killed. This young Marine, now a quadriplegic with limited use of his upper arms will be participating in the Marine Corps Marathon in a few weeks "hand-cycling" the event. I was moved by his courage, his determination, and his refusal to claim some type of victim hood status. I was proud of his service and that I too could claim the title "Marine." I went home and wrote a check to the organization.

As I was writing the check I thought about an article I recently read regarding the Democratic presidential ticket. I get livid every time I think about the tax returns of Obama and Biden. I'm sure Republicans are just as stingy...even Cheney has been criticized for his contributions but Biden makes the current VP look like Mother Teresa. First, Obama. In 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 the Obamas gave respectively 1%, .5%, .4%, 1.4%, and 1.2% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) to charity. In 2006 apparently thinking his tax returns might become public record the Obamas gave $60,307 on an AGI of $983,826 (if you went to public school like I did, I'll do the math for you, that is 6.1%).

Biden is a different story that would make even Ebenezer Scrooge cringe. For the decade from 1998 through 2007, Joe Biden, the man hoping to serve as our next vice-president gave a total, let me repeat, total of $3,690 to charity. This is on an AGI of $2,450,442. This is absolutely appalling. A Biden spokesperson offered the lame excuse that he and his wife "do volunteer work with military families" as if somehow that work justifies their financial stinginess. I am not Catholic as Biden professes to be, but I know the Bible talks of tithing...that means 10%, .001% does not a tithe make!

Mr. Biden, I checked my tax returns for last year. For 2007, my wife and I had an adjusted gross income of $88,127. We gave $13,631 to charity...that's just in one year. So in one year we gave 3.69 times more money than you and your wife gave in an entire decade! Also I might add we had military families (not my son and his family who are stationed on the other side of the country) over to our house numerous times and often took the families of deployed military personnel out to lunch or dinner...we didn't count these expenses in our charitable contributions.

We talk about character in this election. I'm not sure what the Palin family gave to charity over the past decade. I do know the McCains gave 27.3%-28.6% to charity in 2006-2007. I can only surmise that tithing to the Democratic presidential ticket means taxing us to pay for their pet projects and earmarks. Obviously, they don't believe in contributing to their favorite causes, expecting us to carry the burden.

Did you know Obama "won" hi... (Below threshold)

Did you know Obama "won" his senate seat by throwing everyone else off the ballot? Check it out.

simon - "You can always... (Below threshold)

simon - "You can always tell when a politician feels his campaign is going badly. It's when he attacks the media for the way it covers him. When was the last time you saw a politician who was winning do that?"

When was the last time?

Hemmm... how about In an upcoming article in "The New York Times" magazine, Senator Obama says, "I'm convinced that if there were no FOX News I might be two or three points higher in the polls. If I were watching FOX News, I wouldn't vote for me, right?

"Because the way I'm portrayed 24/7 is as a freak. I'm the latte- slipping, "New York Times' reading, Volvo driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants something like that?"

And leave us not forget The Messiah, along with just about EVERY dem. candidate this election boycotted Fox.

Well... they did until they had a book to sell (Kerry) or was losing and had to reach a wider audience (Shillery) or The Messiah himself when it was "convenient."

Is this a website for idiot... (Below threshold)
Rich Morgan:

Is this a website for idiots? Can any idiot join?

NONE of us appreciate these... (Below threshold)

NONE of us appreciate these last 8 years..More than 2 years ago, house construction was booming, shopping malls were packed, gas was cheaper, food was cheaper. What has happened the last 2 years to change things? Ask our do-nothing democratic majority in congress, because they have been in control 2 years and have an approval rating of just 9%..

I find it funny that so man... (Below threshold)
Paul S:

I find it funny that so many people have short-term memory loss when it comes to speaking about the integrity of the New York Times. The integrity of the New York Times went out the window in 2003 with the revelation of the plagiarism and fabrication of one Jason Blair. When executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald M. Boyd allowed these erroneous stories to run, it killed the creditability.

It seems that the McCain ca... (Below threshold)
Pat Taylor:

It seems that the McCain campaign is in such dire straights that they can not talk about the issues any more they have to revert to smear ads and sleazy phone calls. They are so desperate that it is like a feeding freenzy.
He lost in 2000 to such ads that you would think the man has some scruples left. May be its his Senior Moments he is just so forgetfull that he will try anything to smear a man of convection and dedication to his country which Barack Obama is a God fearing Christian. To bad McCain doesn't look to his bible. He who is with out sin cast the first stone. He will have to repent after this campaign is over for all the dirty and nasty things he said about the next President of the United States of America maybe it's time McCain retires and goes to rest in AZ.

McCain runs negative ads ag... (Below threshold)

McCain runs negative ads against Obama.. That is politics,. Obama doesnt just pick on McCain, but intimdates , smears, threatens ANYONE who says anything against him..Shame on him!

I thought it was pretty fun... (Below threshold)

I thought it was pretty funny when someone accused the left of trying to shape the US into a European state.

Well, I spent a few years living in Europe, and there are plenty of things we could adopt in our country from their values and lifestyle.

mic bowie - "I would be... (Below threshold)

mic bowie - "I would be happy to do the same research on McCain's and Palin's ties as well."

Well, aren't you special. You're willing to "vet" McCain and Palin as well.

(Note to self... if mic does and posts it; DISREGARD it based on the incompleteness of previous effort that seems to indicate partisanship and not REAL "investigation.")

Moreover, I see you've got every, and I do mean EVERY talking point fed to the obama-bots down to a science. (i.e. damn it just can't BE WRONG the program was funded by a rethuglian! and geesh, the board has other rethuglians on it!)

Congrats on that. Nitwit.

FACT: It was Ayres that applied to the Annenberg Foundation for a grant and received the initial sum of $80,000.

FACT: Additional cash was raised in the total sum of $110 million.

FACT: Ayres HIRED Obama to fund raise and head up the disbursement of the $110 million.

Now, be gone with you.

Standard practice in p... (Below threshold)

Standard practice in politics is taking what is said out of context and slinging mud. Why are any of you surprized at this?!
Anyone confronted with possible damaging information makes a decision on whether to fight "fire with fire" or come clean. If you decide to come clean you MUST be 100% forthrite or you leave suspicions on the table. If you don't, the suspicions run amuk.
I would say (and I DON'T like it) that their are truths and falsehoods to alot of the accusations on both sides and it's easier to attack back and forth rather than answer accusations because it is sensationalism and that's what makes news.
Ever have someone accuse you of something and although it is entirely false, everyone hears about it so no matter what you say at this point there's going to be lingering doubts.... and especially form people who don't know you well.
Do one thing wrong and all the rights don't count for much. The candidates WANT you to have more doubts about their adversary than about them. In todays media circus, that's how you win. The media isn't interested in printing a long story about how you performed well, that doesn't sell. Sensationalism sells.

Patrick, If you liked it th... (Below threshold)

Patrick, If you liked it there so much, why didnt you stay there? God bless America.

Patrick - "Well, I spen... (Below threshold)

Patrick - "Well, I spent a few years living in Europe, and there are plenty of things we could adopt in our country from their values and lifestyle."

Like what? Economic growth rates that consistently is half of what the U.S. achieves?

Unemployment rates on average that are double of what it is in the U.S.

Like knuckling under to the enviro-weenies, sign the Kyoto Treaty and than can't meet any of it's goals.

Like press associations in various EU locals that feel threatened and are afraid to publish cartoons that portray anything remotely critical of the Muslim faith?

I could go on, but why bother.

Addendum for Patrick - Musl... (Below threshold)

Addendum for Patrick - Muslims "outraged" (when aren't they?) over Sony PS3 game.

Is that what you meant Patrick?

Well very interesting. It ... (Below threshold)
robert c:

Well very interesting. It seems that there is a new post on the Obama site. He admits dual citizenship. Link attached

When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom's dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.'s children.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982."

Now Why does this HAVE to be CLARIFIED. Is it because fact checkers are getting closer to the truth? Why would the OBama campaign spend over $300,000. in PN to stop the Berg lawsuit when producing a $5. copy of the COLB would do?

How are they going to explain the copy of his school registration from Indonesia where he was registered as a Muslim?


There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim. There is nothing wrong with being born in Kenya, Indonesia or on Mars for that matter. There is a problem with LYING about it. Why.
Because the constitution precludes anyone but a natural born citizen from running for POTUS. That is why Arnold isn't an issue. He is already ineligible. McCain was born in Panama to two American citizens. He is eligible. There is also a constitutional issue involved with holding dual citizenship and running. Obama was probably born with Dual Citizenship under the 1948 Act at the outset. He probably also held Indonesian citizenship. Judah Benjamin has done background research extensively on the issue and I paraphrase some of his quotes here. "Maybe Obama was born in Hawaii but that it doesn't affect my opinion on his Eligibility for the Office of POTUS at all. In my understanding Article II Requires that one be a "Natural Born Citizen", and in terms of the Law as understood by the Framers, anyone with Dual Citizenship could not be "Natural Born". It does not matter that they no longer hold that Citizenship, they fall into the same bracket as a "Naturalized Citizen" because they have/had Divided Allegiance.

Now the second question is was he an Indonesian citizen? The Senator isn't saying, isn't mentioning it, is trying to avoid producing any Paperwork at all. He's lied about Kenya by omission, for months/years> Whyshould I assume he isn't lying about Indonesia? Note Kenyan Citizenship automatically lapses if it isn't renewed at age 21, Indonesian Citizenship doesn't. If he was an Indonesian Citizen he would have to actively repudiate that Citizenship. Did he? Has he? Because if he hasn't, Senator Obama is Dual National Indonesian at this moment, subject to the Laws of BOTH Countries, equally. If Lolo Soetoro adopted him he ceased to be a US Citizen in the mid 1960s, BY INDONESIAN LAW. He also ceased to be a Kenyan Citizen, BY INDONESIAN LAW. By Kenyan and US Law he retained his Original Citizenships, until his 21st Birthday."

Why would any Democrat want to obscure finding the truth? Why would any Democrat want to not determine if a candidate is running for the highest office in the land under legal, truthful circumstances? Does every Democrat hate George Bush so much that they would nominate and elect a fraud? How much damage would this do to this country? What would an illegal Obama administration be capable of after lying and bribing their way into office?
Dare I say that the DNC if aware of this and it is proven true they are subject to prosecution.
Where is truth in all this mud?

NYT ignores the fact that C... (Below threshold)

NYT ignores the fact that Cindy McCain has done a lot of charity work long before the possibility of her husband's running for the presidency was a gleam in her eyes. She is a great and decent woman, the better half of a genuine national hero.

John McCain doesn't need Acorn or Ayers, he is a fundamentally decent man. That fundamental decency will help him if he becomes president of the United States or will resurface should he go back to private life.

I read that article in the ... (Below threshold)

I read that article in the NYT. I didn't think it was that bad. It actually made me feel a little more sympathetic toward Cindy McCain (NOT that she is in any way a woman in need of sympathy). I didn't know that much about her except that pathetic speech she made accusing Obama of voting against armour for her son in Iraq (which her husband also did). I guess you never really know for sure who your kids are talking to on facebook.


Politics is a very dirty ga... (Below threshold)

Politics is a very dirty game. On one side, we want to know about a persons family life and that their significant other supports them and that they are "stable". Look at the news and how you see lots of coverage on what the spouse commits too. they do play a significant role these days.
On the other hand, think about how you would personally feel if the one you chose, the one you love, the one you are committed to was being slighted. I personally have almost no tolerance for this. This isn't just happening in privacy but the world is in on it. I could take the attacks on myself but my wife is out of bounds.
Neither candidate is nieve enough to possibly believe that at least some trash would be thrown around but this election has gone way beyond reason (and no, I am not talking about this article or any one specific slander...this is in geeneral).
I can't remember a time when there was anything like this. When is the last time everyone was talking about an election this much in any shape or form.
We must remember that this is the age of information! Both sides are constatly being hounded with cameras and mics and ANYTHING said amiss is instant news around the world. This is part of the reason why everyone is so involved in all the soap opera drama.
If someone followed you around everywhere and recorded everything you did or said I gaurantee you would make alot of people happy and alot of people angry.
Humans tend to make rash decisions based on emotion. I've heard boaters say the best day of their life was the day the bought their boat and also the day the sold their boat.
When I was younger, I would buy a car with my emotions and of course get the consequences along with it. At 43, I buy with my smart, not my heart and I am much more content.
This coming election, vote with your smart.

MUD slining leaves ... (Below threshold)

MUD slining leaves your hands dirty.

SOLUTION: (possibly)

One Term Politicians (Jefferson & Adams agreed)

One Retirement Plan same number as years served.
Politicians Paid salary equal to average income in their state.

Politicians could serve City-County-State-Congress-Senate-President No more work up...One years at each level and move on. Move up or move out.

Social Security is a flat tax system paid into my all self employed at 15% and split by job holders. Should be hands off to any politicians.

No bills passed except one subject at a time.
Should be in name of drafter. One bill one law one thing only.

All projects/laws should be sunset laws. Set for a specific time. Then expire.

There should be channels set aside for politics only. No paid advertising on any channels at any time. No money spent to promote politicians.

All politicians should have a web site showing their days spent in office, what they have done, how they voted on any thing. If so many days are absent, fire them and bring in the runner up from last vote.

No budgets set for the future. All should be based upon incomes/salaries/taxes and funded based upon percentages of hoped for. Balance the expenditures to income. Period.....

Government: Stay out of morals-religion.
People have a right to damage themselves any way they chose. They will face the results on their own.

Jury trials of locals who know the individual being tried.

MUST be two or three witnesses to any one charged. PROOF or FREEDOM. Three forms or walk.

Crime must be punished equally.
BLACK/BROWN/WHITE/RED/YELLOW/RICH/POOR must all be same. Prisons consolidated into camps. All camps set by crime committed. NO early RELEASE.


I believe this would be a good start to bringing our country back up to par. Oh, I forgot.



ALL MUST SERVE SAME AS POLITICIANS IN TIME and benefits. ALL would be in reserves and spend a week or two staying in shape and learning military principles. (set upper age limit)

Spartans / Republicans / Romans all served their country. JFK / Lincoln all promoted service of the Republic.

Wait until Obama gets elect... (Below threshold)

Wait until Obama gets elected and his duped masses start whining about the good old days when they had the freedom to make their own choices in their lives.

If you READ OB'S speeches, they are unimpressive.

This link, perhaps, explains the reason for the Obama Twilight Zone:

Marc, Far fro... (Below threshold)


Far from "boycotting" Fox News, Obama gave a lengthy interview to Bill O'Reilly last month. Please don't lie.

When you say that Obama is an example of a candidate attacking the media even though he is winning, I have two questions. First, is Fox News really part of "the media"? I thought they were part of the RNC. Second, are you saying that Obama is winning? Every other right-winger I have seen is convinced that the polls showing him ahead are being faked by the "liberal media." Not you, huh?

Rich Morgan,

Yes, this is a Web site for idiots. Can't you tell?

This is an amazing blog. No... (Below threshold)

This is an amazing blog. Normally, I don't like it when the topic of the blog is ignored. But this is a great discussion on most of the concerns in this critical election year.

I should have begun to post early on, because the off-topic topics in this post are so rife, and I can hardly address all these things in one post. So I'll start with the last one that I read.

Fresno, California is the meth capital of the world. The Big Valley of California is famous for it. While California has the 5th largest economy on Earth is due to cutting edge electronics and health care techonology along with feeding the world with our cutting edge agriculture, Fresno County's Gross County Product exceeds that of most countries and many of the united states of America. Agriculture is key here.

A key tool in "cooking" methamphetamines is a chemical found in fertilizers. The Big Valley is replete with fertilizers.

This is not a place where the caital city of The United States of America should be placed. While farmers in this state are overwhelmingly Republicans, our big cities cause us to be the most socialist state in the union (if you don't count Hawaii).

Socialism is the choice of countries like Canada and France (sadly, England has gone much too much that direction). That's not to say that those countries aren't full of fine people who value freedom. But, without The People of The United States of America, their freedoms had vanished with Adolf Hitler as our one world ruler. Don't make me point out Sadaam Hussein's similarites with Adolf Hitler.

Socialism is the antipode of Fascism. You can plant our capital city in someplace as barren as Wyoming or Nevada. But Democrats will flock there and fight against all the standards of the Republican party, such as freedom from slavery, freedom from governmental intervention in our personal lives and all of etcetera. Freedom is not a joke... it's what we'll veer away from if the topics of this election move away from Barry Obama's mainstream media support to hide his true agenda.

BWA HA HAAAA. Your candida... (Below threshold)

BWA HA HAAAA. Your candidate is a loser so you spend an inordinate amount of time blowing cr*p like this (if it even happened) out of proportion.

Get over it.

"You can always tell when a... (Below threshold)

"You can always tell when a politician feels his campaign is going badly. It's when he attacks the media for the way it covers him. When was the last time you saw a politician who was winning do that?"

Well, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan are the only Presidents that I can remember not having to care about negative media coverage, which, of course, is overwhelmingly negative to Republicans. And I've lived through 13 Presidential campaigns.

Of course, Mr. Nixon had it coming for letting his patriotism get out of hand to the point of covering up a crime. Otherwise, negative media coverage couldn't stop him from winning states like California, New York and (gasp) Hawaii.

Of course your campaign is "going badly" when all of mainstream media is against you! Sheesh.

"The Right-wing military in... (Below threshold)

"The Right-wing military industrial complex..."

LOL !!!!

We've got an old hippie from the 60s posting in here!

LOL !!!

Interesting that Ayers wasn... (Below threshold)
michael d:

Interesting that Ayers wasn't that big of an issue for the McCain campaign two months ago. Pehaps in two months he will be concerned about the economy.

I wish some people would just say that they're not comfortable with voting for a black candidate. At least that would be honest.

In 2000, McCain railed against the devisive politics of people like Falwell as he asked America to move beyond its intolerance. Sadly his remaining legacy will have been empowering the right wing and marginalizing those in the GOP that had something to offer. Very sad.

Where did you go John McCain?

did you hear that the demec... (Below threshold)

did you hear that the demecocrats are calling McCain a friend of terrorist? the nerve

The "polarization of Americ... (Below threshold)

The "polarization of America" is in the fact that half of us value things like freedom and personal responsibility along with attempting to give back the right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to babies who are at the mercies of their mothers under a lawful form of murder.

Our two-party system works spectacularly well. We've just got things much more clearly defined to make a simpler choice.

So Mr. Goldfarb you are say... (Below threshold)

So Mr. Goldfarb you are saying it is OK to go after Mrs. Obama but not Mrs. McCain you people are hilarious when the media suits your fancy you love them when they don't you trash them. Cindy McCain injected herself into this campaign when she lied about some cold chill in her spine saying Obama voted against funding for her son in Iraq, what she failed to mention is that the man standing next to her also voted against funding for their son in the same bill because it had a date of withdrawing our brave women and men in this unjust conflict, the whole story needs to be told she was trying to drum up hatred against Sen, Obama from their hand picked supporters at that rally you republicans need to stop your negative campaigning,and talk about how you are going to get this country out of this economic mess, don't blame the messenger all you have to to is look in the mirror, your candidates entire campaign has been filled with racial hatred. This is a dangerous game your party is playing the American people are fed up with your tactics stop hating and address the issues.

Frank said it all in his ... (Below threshold)
Pat Clemons:

Frank said it all in his last sentence. I for one look forward to the day when one people will not need to feel superior to another. I also pray for a time when we can truly educate Americans. The lack of education or poor education will continue to contribute the downfall of this Country.

now we are seeing the repub... (Below threshold)

now we are seeing the republicans the true
whiners. they try to bring up some dirt that is
bogus and complain when their dirt are being dugged up. bunch of losers. now if the republicans wants some dirty laundry let's bring them on.....stop whining. let us see whose got the dirtiest laundries. for all i can see it is the REPUBLICANS. REPUBLICANS GROW UP.

"48. Posted by Stephen | Oc... (Below threshold)

"48. Posted by Stephen | October 18, 2008 2:55 PM "

Wow, Stephen! Perhaps our children (like you) shall do much better than we have. My generation (I was born in 1960) has done so very much to bring us to the crises which we now face. Your writing skill is a testament to that which my generation has not excercised.

I would like to point out that, while Barry Obama might not consciously be an Islamic extremist, he certainly has the support of such people in this world. John McCain does not. Go figure.

simon - "Far from "boyc... (Below threshold)

simon - "Far from "boycotting" Fox News, Obama gave a lengthy interview to Bill O'Reilly last month. Please don't lie."

And you're so full of BS that comment reeks like 40 acres of cow pasture.

Yes The Messiah did consent to that interview AFTER, months of avoiding Fox along with all the other dems. PROOF.

Why did The Messiah change his tune and appear on Fox for the interview?

Contrary to lunatics such as yourself who falsely believe Fox is viewed by the "Great Unwashed Rethuglian" base Fox viewership is comprised of 55% dems and independents versus only 33% republicans.

Now, simon.... put down that overflowing pitcher of media matters/obama Kool-Aid and slowly back away from your computer.

Eight years ago, I was maki... (Below threshold)

Eight years ago, I was making $10 per hour (I'm an auto mechanic). Now it's $17 per hour. Yes, I'm much better off than I was eight years ago. But, perhaps, my experience is somehow not average. Considering that I was 40 years old eight years ago makes me think that I'm quite average.

George W. Bush's oratory skills only reperesent him as a member of our generation. To paint him as stupid in any other context would belie your own stupidity.

George W. Bush has, wholeheartedly and unwaveringly, fought for the freedom of The People of The United States of America from planes crashing into skyscrapers and vans loaded with bombs from crashing into our local McDonald's restaraunts (ask an Israeli if he has that luxury).

For six years, George W. Bush has beseeched Congress to care for reckless deregulation of Wall Street (18 times this year alone) before the great financial crisis of just a few weeks ago.

Why is this man so well hated? I'm much better off today than I was 8 years ago. Go figure.

If The People of The United States of America were willing to embrace reality, it should be a great pleasure for John McCain to embrace the current ruler of the free world.

Richard Nixon has been much condemnded for his patriotic excesses. But that didn't stop him from gaining the votes of The People of the states of Hawaii, New York and California after 4 years of his administration. It took democrats to give him that. Ronald Reagan did even better with Democrats.

We, simply, could not have had such a spectacular disaster on Wall Street had we not been richer than ever before in 2008.

Just watch Fox News and you... (Below threshold)
Frank Doright:

Just watch Fox News and you'll see what biased, unsubstantiated, right-wing chicken droppings "news" is and you'll thank God for the NYT.

What's with ACORN? They do... (Below threshold)
Just call me Sir:

What's with ACORN? They don't have any power to grant people the right to vote, so why does anyone care about them?

Joe the Plumber? A whiner without character whose background should have been investigated before using him as a rallying point in a televised national debate.

As for Cindy McCain - Does it matter if she was addicted to pain killers, got the drugs through fake prescriptions, held responsibility in the Keating 5 fiasco, and had an affair with a married father? She could be the future First Lady of the White House. I guess if you don't mind that sort of bio representing American values, just ignore it.

Can't the conservative media elite find anything worth reporting?

You squeal like a stuck pig... (Below threshold)
Joe the Architect:

You squeal like a stuck pig right good, Miss Lorie.

I love Europe. People ther... (Below threshold)

I love Europe. People there are much more CIVILIZED than us Americans. We are SAVAGES compared to them. And if it was SOCIALISM that got them there, then give me Socialism anytime! You betcha!

Pure and simple Barry Soeto... (Below threshold)
robert c:

Pure and simple Barry Soetoro is not eligible to run and my own party has committed a crime in nominating him. Pelosi needs to be impeached. In all probability he is still an Indonesian citizen. Moreover there are indications that fraud has been committed in covering up that fact.

we need a real american for... (Below threshold)

we need a real american for president, like Arnold

Funny! First Cindy chides N... (Below threshold)

Funny! First Cindy chides NYT to write personal life details of Obama and pronto...NYT decides that they better start with her.....and guess what? She is crying and whinning for the "personal" stories. Thanks NYT.

Ok, this might go over the ... (Below threshold)

Ok, this might go over the heads of many in my generation (I'm 48 years old). But this lack of paying attention in grade school to use English, properly, later in life just so defines the Democrat party:

It seems that the McCain campaign is in such dire straights that they can not talk about the issues any more they have to revert to smear ads and sleazy phone calls. They are so desperate that it is like a feeding freenzy.
He lost in 2000 to such ads that you would think the man has some scruples left. May be its his Senior Moments he is just so forgetfull that he will try anything to smear a man of convection and dedication to his country which Barack Obama is a God fearing Christian. To bad McCain doesn't look to his bible. He who is with out sin cast the first stone. He will have to repent after this campaign is over for all the dirty and nasty things he said about the next President of the United States of America maybe it's time McCain retires and goes to rest in AZ.

It's all about ignoring lessons before trying to teach others. "Throwing the first stone" is about pictures of salvation through the physical entity of Israel (Him Who Has Power as a Prince of God). Pointing out the truth about another human's misbehaviors is not the same as condemning her/him to The Lake of Fire.

Get a grip. I don't desire to point out the silly spellings of common words in this post. As long as communication is accomplished, even with missepellings and poor grammar, I don't usually care. But the Democrats in this blog are giving away their lack of education, their lack of paying attention.

Mud throwing on both sides ... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Mud throwing on both sides is truely an American tradition. Why does anyone complain about it? Get used to it, folks! The only "slight" difference: McCain's more aggressive mud throwing created (intentionally?) a culture of "tear and feather" justice, like "behead Obama". McCain's campaign never distanced itself from those uncivilized people. That's their true face, isn't it? Creating division when "one nation under God" is what we need most in these times. Disagree on the issues, yes, but let us LIVE together and not behead each other.

About some people's comments how wise a leader George W. Bush is: Even one of his best friends, the psychopath Bill O'Reilly, had to admit recently that the Iraq war was a huge mistake. Obama knew that before it started. Now, who was the real wise man? Besides so many invalueable American lives lost for no real reason, billions of dollars were wasted that could have been pumped in our economy and helped prevent the present recession. What a wise leader George W. Bush is! And Mr. McCain supported him 90% of the time with his votes.

Time for real change!!

whats good for the goose, i... (Below threshold)

whats good for the goose, is good for the gander.

I'm sorry. I should have hi... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry. I should have highlighted or somehow accented this excerpt from another poster in my last post (as not being my own writing):

.......It seems that the McCain campaign is in such dire straights that they can not talk about the issues any more they have to revert to smear ads and sleazy phone calls. They are so desperate that it is like a feeding freenzy.
He lost in 2000 to such ads that you would think the man has some scruples left. May be its his Senior Moments he is just so forgetfull that he will try anything to smear a man of convection and dedication to his country which Barack Obama is a God fearing Christian. To bad McCain doesn't look to his bible. He who is with out sin cast the first stone. He will have to repent after this campaign is over for all the dirty and nasty things he said about the next President of the United States of America maybe it's time McCain retires and goes to rest in AZ. ........

Excerpt from a post by Guen... (Below threshold)

Excerpt from a post by Guenter Falz:
a culture of "tear and feather" justice

Sigh. This is one more example of our parents' tax dollars for schools going down the toilet if this person was publicly educated.

More than this, "One Nation Under God" simply does not work in this world, or Israel could not have been scattered about the globe as predicted in The Old Testamaent. Our support for their effort to reclaim the land that our creator had given to Abraham is, perhaps, the leading factor in Islamic extremists hating us so well as they do.

Post 48 by Stephen:<p... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Post 48 by Stephen:

Stephen, you have no idea what socialism really means, otherwise you wouldn't call Obama a socialist. Obama and all Democrats are no socialists, not even by a long shot. They are capitalists, but with social, a human, sense of responsibility. If you don't know the difference, I suggest you study Ludwig Erhard -- a German Christian Democrat (comparable with our Republicans) -- who coined the phrase "Social Market Economy". Don't freak out, when you are a social person, are you a socialist? Here ya go, not by a long shot! It is still a market economy = capitalism but with responsibilities for everyone to be a social person, not a socialist. Republicans, for the most part, are not social, they are just greedy. And don't come with all that "giving to charity" stuff. It's like the kings in the olden days: they tossed gold coins to the masses and the masses cheered the kings. Because the masses didn't realize it was the same gold that the kings had taken away from them as a tax burden. Same old story.

And then you go and study the economic structures of the former "communist" countries. (Or present day Cuba). Which, by their own definition, where "socialist societies on their way to communism" (in other words, they had not reached their finale stage of pure communism). THOSE practiced socialism, that couldn't work and will never work. It's nothing but a blatant lie that Obama wants socialism in this country. Or stupid ignorance in your understanding of what socialism represents. And the ignorance of other people here who called Canada and France socialist states. Laughable!

I could comment on how we h... (Below threshold)

I could comment on how we haven't had terrorist attacks under the rule of George W.Bush. But that might be coincidental to the terrorists' ploy of giving us a volatile economy following the murders of 9/11 while they waited to install a ruler who is sympathetic to their cause.

An uneducated vote on November 4, 2008 can lead us into an Islamic takeover of The Great Satan (us) from the inside. Most Americans don't want that. But so goes the way of despotism and slavery when their armies aren't big enough. Sad it is to say, but their resolve might be bigger than Freedom has.

"It's like the kings in the... (Below threshold)

"It's like the kings in the olden days: they tossed gold coins to the masses and the masses cheered the kings. Because the masses didn't realize it was the same gold that the kings had taken away from them as a tax burden."

LOL, Guenter!

This is, exactly, what Obama proposed to do when he offered me the bribe of a $500 Economic Stimulus check (sadly, only weeks before the election).

This is, exactly, what Obama proposes to do by giving 7 (refundable) tax credits to Americans who shall receive the funds even if they have no tax liability!

John McCain calls it, "Spreading The Wealth" for good reason.

As an American who has live... (Below threshold)
Ignas M Tanner:

As an American who has lived in this contry for over 50 years I am sick of the mud that is being thrown during the last three elections. First of all I am a Democrat and have never seen a republican worth voting for. My distrust of them started with Goldwater and Nixon. The last 45 years have not given me any reasons to change my opinion. The e-mail crap floating around lately sounds like chicken little's "The Sky is Falling". How any reasonable person can read this junk and believe it is beyond me. The stories are things that only a Jerry Springer watcher can believe. We all know the country is on hard times, both parties voted for the Government Bailout. Yet now to hear then tell it its the other guy who voted for it. McCain,Obama shut up and admit that both of you voted for it, move on with fixing the economy and this country. Now then, The change I am voting for is the change back to the country I once loved. My country never; Started wars or lied about why it started one. Refused to help its poor citizens. Abused its prisoners physically or mentally. Used illegal wire taps on its own people. Justified the killing of innocent people. You want to know why we need to change back? Its because we have left that country and joined the Bush logic that we can not do wrong. Our country is not respected like it once was around the world. Americans are disliked and mistrusted globally. You will note that I did not use the word "hated" as some suggest. As a person who has traveled to other countries and who has family members who also travel, we have found that most people have a mindset that we are an evil society only out to "buy out" the undeveloped. They all would like to live in a free land such as ours but do not want to "live like us". The last 8 years is proof to them that we are devoid of any past American truths. John McCain is not a person to bring us a change back. He sounds like a person who will keep us living like Bush has. With the lies, half truths and fear.

Myth Buster...thank you , B... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Myth Buster...thank you , Buster. Don't you worry, not one cent of US tax dollars was spent for my education. And don't you worry either, I paid lots of my share of taxes to the IRS.
But, did you never hear of typos? I mya pee dat tybo gink...who knows?

That you didn't understand my hint "One Nation Under God" is the real sad fact. Unless you intentionally support division in this country instead of unity. Then you're a good representative of the McCain campaign.

Lastly, have you ever traveled the world? Have you ever talked to people of other nationalities? Or are you just guessing why Islamic extremists are hating us? I recommend you study Mark Twain's comments on traveling.

Read Revelations about the ... (Below threshold)

Read Revelations about the end of time and BE VERY AFRAID!I still have faith and pray we're finally given a candidate to vote for who's REAL:someone with backbone,balls,God-fearing,God-given common sense,and enough intelligence to get in there and earn a paycheck.I'd like to see someone who hasn't been in any government position unless they: didn't marry into money and don't have a clue what having it easy is, who knows what HARD work is,what making or not being able to make ends meet means,who has in some way been in or given themself wholeheartedly to service in our military and protecting others for little to no decent pay and benefits,who's had to worry about what will happen to their families or them if they are injured or killed protecting people they may never even get to meet, someone who's paid for their own education/career instead of having it paid for by someone other than them.I'd like to see someone run who can stop senate,congress,etc.from standing in his/her way of making the US and her citizens the sole priority until the problems we deal with here are fixed first.It' shameful the shape the US is in right now-before it's over,we'll all have to apply for welfare, but those willing and able to work honestly won't get any help(that's guaranteed)and violence will go thru the roof just for US citizens to survive and have some peace of mind.WE NEED A MIRACLE-HOPE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE PRAYING!

"I thought it was pretty fu... (Below threshold)

"I thought it was pretty funny when someone accused the left of trying to shape the US into a European state."

When did someone make that accusation, Patrick? What we are resisting is socialism, which does not include all of Europe. I like it there, too, and hope to visit again.

Myth Buster....you have no ... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Myth Buster....you have no clue. The $500.00 you may be getting, were not taken away from YOU and then will be given back to you. You better study Obama's plan yourself and don't believe Mr. McCain's propaganda machine!

Your Mr. McCain also calls a tax cut "welfare". Now, Mr. Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister, couldn't have come up with a better propaganda slogan. You go McCain! I'll go with the person who is for country and it's people: Obama.

Oh my pie, Guenther!<... (Below threshold)

Oh my pie, Guenther!

Didn't those non-US citizens who paid for your education teach you to proofread your own work before submitting it?

Typoes happen. But this is not a chat room. You have sufficient time to read your own work before you click onto Submit.

Guenter Falz~"Or a... (Below threshold)

Guenter Falz~

"Or are you just guessing why Islamic extremists are hating us?"

Islamic extremists hate anyone who does not see Islam and the one true faith, not just the U.S.

McCain is right about higher taxes being welfare if Obama's plan works as proposed. However, You're right about the higher taxes not really being welfare because the money will not be going to those less fortunate, it will be going to the groups Obama has been supporting. Probably with the help of a certain Mr. Ayers, as he has done before. Obama's Chicago politics has not stayed in Chicago.

*Islam as the one true fait... (Below threshold)

*Islam as the one true faith.

Guenther,I underst... (Below threshold)


I understood your hint with the saying, "One Nation Under God" though you seem not to have understood my exhortations against expecting all peoples to become of one mind. The People of The United States of America have come nearer to accomplishing this than any other people. We only have two political parties (realistically).

You're dreaming the Obama dream if you believe that half our population shall ever embrace and love the lawful murder of innocent unborn babies and/or any of the other fallacies of the Democrat party.

The sort of unity you're speaking on can only come about, in this world, with a dictator. And we all know that's not genuine unity.

Freedom is about guaranteeing our differences, not forcing each other to conform to the other's values. You picked the wrong country for an argument like that.

My mother was born in France of a Polish mother and a Greek father. I've travelled abroad. The city in which I live has been proclaimed "The Most Cosmopolitan City in the USA" on more than one occasion. Mark Twain wrote for The Sacramento Union newspaper which newspaper is one of (Socialist) California's last bastions of Freedom. I know the man from his works.

You remember the old saying:

"America. Love it or leave it."

Islamic extremists are hating us because we support the descendants of Isaac rather than the descendants of Ishamael. They hate what support for Abraham's legitimate son represents because it makes them out to be wrong. They hate us without good reason. And, under a free people, that's ok. We all have our rights. Those rights include freedom from terrorist attacks and murders of innocent peoples as happen in many more times and places than 9/11.

The average Muslim just wants to come home from a long day of working, sweating and bleeding to hug and kiss them whom he does all that for. But this Muslim is not an extremist.

MythBuster...you beat yours... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

MythBuster...you beat yourself, honey. You didn't proof read your own post...hehehe. Or did you not misspell my name?????

You go McCain. 'cause you have no clue. You're falling for propaganda. You don't know the facts. Go McCain!!

And you too, LeMedusa. Falling for propaganda! Go McCain! He needs a few votes to not completely loose his face.

Guenther,your lack... (Below threshold)


your lack of understanding gets more visible with every remark you make.

Where on Earth do you think that a $500 IRS tax rebate check (Economic Stimulus Check) is going to come from? Is the IRS printing its own money? Are you sure that the IRS Isn't getting 100% of its funds from The American Taxpayer?

You see, Guenter?E... (Below threshold)

You see, Guenter?

Even when proofreading, we must be vigilant to things we think we've already learned.

Resting on what you learned from Barry Goldwater and Hubert Humphrey is not helping you.

If you'd like to get past propoganda, use the internet. I've spent an entire lifetime studying the Presidents of The United States of America, US history and the rest of humanity. This election, I've been able to research the candidates better than ever before.

I question whether it's not you who has fallen to believing propoganda.

MythBuster...that goes with... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

MythBuster...that goes without saying that we will never agree on all issues of our lives. But we should not promote hatred, as the McCain campaign does by making people believe Obama needs to be beheaded. Our soldiers do not die as Republicans or Democrates, they die as Americans. We ought to have respect for each others different opinions. Dick Cheney years ago wanted to make believe Americans that Democrates are unpatriotic. Now the McCain campaign wants to paint Obama a friend of terrorists. Very shameful!! You fall for this!! Good for you!!

If you consider Mark Twain a socialist, that only shows how twisted your mind is.

Lastely, America, love it or leave it. I was told to leave America more than once. Not because I didn't love it. Because I was critical of it and wanted to make it better. Those are fascist ideas: You don't love our way of thinking, you better leave.

Democrates love their country. And the people who live in it. Probably more than Republicans do. Because they care more about the unfortunate in this country. Do you know how many more million of people live in poverty since Bush took office? Under Clinton, those numbers went down. Bush brought them up again. Why is that? Because he cares? Yeah right! Do you know how many more million of people have no health insurance since Bush took office? Why is that? Because he cares? Yeah right!

Guenter,you're sim... (Below threshold)


you're simply not dealing with reality. Even democrats know that John McCain has admonished his listeners against believing what you purport to be fact, "But we should not promote hatred, as the McCain campaign does by making people believe Obama needs to be beheaded."

You have different beliefs. You have that right as an American citizen. How dare you tell me I'm a liar because I have my own beliefs?

I'm done with this blog for tonight, if not completely.

MythBuster...here ya go aga... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

MythBuster...here ya go again....assuming things. One of my better teachers always told us: DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING ! I did NOT get my education from Mr. Goldwater or Mr. Humphrey, Sir.

And I also hope you'll be more careful next time when you're accusing someone of poor education just because of a tybo ..ooooppss...typo.

MythBuster...when did I cal... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

MythBuster...when did I call you a liar????? Beats me! Assuming things again??

The fact remains, that the ideas McCain's campaign planted in those brains caused them to ask for Obama's head. McCain withdrew his terrosist connection theory in person, but his ads still propagated it. Obama called a behavior like this "erratic". Wouldn't you have to agree?

What can be said for the th... (Below threshold)
Dylan T:

What can be said for the the many mistakes of grammar and spelling from a majority of the bloggers here ? How can they be trusted to vote with any sense of intellect ? I doubt they know much about the world they live in, let alone the country they live in. What many fail to understand is the voting is should not be done with the emotions. That is scary if you ask me, not Sarah Palin.

The argument I like best is the 90% voting record of McCain. Truths and numbers can be skewed to make them look like facts. Look at Michael Moore and his unrelated information presented to look like they have any relevance. Its the issues that have any relevance and what were the issues of the remaining 10% or the 90% for that matter?

What is wrong with a Europe ? Most people there know 3-4 languages fluently and are many times more sophisticated than the "average joe 6 pack".

Its sad when there are 15 pages of sports in the average newspaper and 3 financial pages. Now, there is gripeing about the financial times we are encountering and they had every opportunity to protect themselves with knowledge.

The future of the country depends on the best person for the job, not the lesser of 2 evils.
The USA is no longer the stand alone nation it was in the past. A new world order is in the future and the choice should be the one will best serve our nation's interest and maintaining the prosperity and future we have known in the past.

One should not care what form of government is in control as long as the opporunities and freedoms we now have are available to us who care enough to learn, know and live it.

Only history will tell us if the choices made today were the correct ones. One thing for sure, we should have never armed the people of Afganistan.

Barack Obama voted against ... (Below threshold)
Joe Six-Pack:

Barack Obama voted against funding the troops in Iraq.

John McCain voted against funding the troops in Iraq.

Both statements are 100% true. But it seems that it is more wrong for one candidate to have done it than for the other. Nobody is owning up to this fact. It is very convenient for Republicans to accuse the Democratic nominee of not being in support of our troops, based on a vote he cast against a bill that would grant in essence a blank check for an indefinite time period with no oversight or accountability for an unjust and unlawful war, while overlooking the vote cast by the Republican nominee against a bill with a clearly defined set of goals for withdrawal from a sovereign nation in which we are supposedly trying to promote "freedom". And while I expect to hear the rhetoric about withdrawal being an admission of defeat, can anyone actually define what it is we're really doing over there?

Our military sons and daughters are being killed for profit. Follow the money, and of course you will find that Republicans are completely in support of continuing the war in Iraq. Take a good hard look at who is actually reigning in the profits, and their political ties. And openly admit that the entire conflict is based and perpetuated on lies. Live up to your own standards for judging those who have courage enough to stand up to "The Decider", and his failed policies. And stop allowing our soldiers to be murdered for profit. How about a body count on dead Iraqi civilians? Most Republicans I have spoken to will tell you that that's the price of freedom, some people have to make sacrifices. Most Iraqis will tell you that that is why they hate America. Are we really accomplishing our goals, whatever they may be?

It is a shame to see where this country is heading. In the richest country in the world, people are starving everyday, our elderly are unable to afford their health care, our government has long since abandoned it's people, our national debt is growing in leaps and bounds, we are doing nothing to stop the outsourcing of American jobs to overseas locations, and to top it all off, our constitution has been effectively shredded in the name of "national security".

And yet, people will put the right to own an assault rifle before the needs of a struggling single mother to be able to afford to take her child to a doctor. People will support increasing already excessive tax breaks for companies turning billions of dollars in profits before investing in the failing infrastructure of this nation. Any time you mention a program that is designed to help our citizens that need help, you are accused of socialism, yet people seem to think nothing of the billions of dollars in "aid" being sent to foreign governments. I guess if it's off shore, it's ok, just as long as no American citizen can benefit from it. Where have our values gone?

And before the war mongers go into attack mode, let me clear this up. I am in complete support of our military men and women, and the job they do for our nation. I am not in support of using them for financial gains, when they are effectively doing nothing to promote or insure our national security.

People on this posting have repeatedly leveled an accusation that Obama goes after anyone who questions his politics or statements and silences them, and how that is fundamentally in contrast with their beliefs of what a free society should be. But what immediately jumps to mind is all the arrests during the Bush campaigns, the silencing of the media, the media being kept back many blocks from the conventions and rallies, McCain and Palin first agreeing to transparency, and then hiding behind righteous indignation when transparency turned into people finding things out that they would have rather had left alone.

There is no right side to the politics of this nation. The direction we are heading in is disastrous, there is no doubt there. But one candidate realizes that American jobs are at the heart of a strong economy, while the other candidate believes that the already failed trickle down theory is what will help this nation. It is undeniable that our economy is strong when our people are working, and unless there is an investment in creating good paying American jobs, our economy is doomed to fail. How many times will we have to bail out those responsible for bringing us to this point? Where are the prosecutions for the obvious fraud that has been committed against the American people? One candidate wants to continue to deregulate industries that have already failed to be able to regulate themselves, and one candidate wants to reign in the deregulation that has allowed our economy to fail.

I could go on, but what's the point? the beauty of American politics is a complete lack of reasonability. You are either for something or against it. There can never be any middle ground, no compromise. No discussion that leads to solutions that are good for all the people of this nation. And Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats for that. I am obviously a Democratic supporter, even though I don't agree with all their stances on every issue. I just feel that for this current election, they are more in line with what is truly needed in this country, to bring us back to our once great status.

I anxiously await the venomous attacks for not being a Republican.

I'm very close to being con... (Below threshold)

I'm very close to being convinced that the only way there could be peace in this nation is if the option of secession is exercised. If conservatives move to a few specific states (like TX) and become dominant there and grow their economies exponentially, while the rest of the nation becomes ruined by a Democrat supermajority, that option is quite possible.

Because, we will have to realize at one point, we can't work together anymore. A divorce will be in order.

Joe Six-Pack~I agr... (Below threshold)

Joe Six-Pack~

I agree with you that the military should not be used for financial gain, however, I do not agree that this has been strictly a Republican venture. The biggest enemy of our financial structure has been greed, and to ignore the abuse of Wall Street and the housing market as part of the whole picture is leaving out a lot. I am a libertarian, so you know I will not attack you for not being republican.

For what it's worth, regarding the topic of the post, I don't feel that Cindy McCain was made out to be a bad person here, only human. Her story seems accurate enough and has actually made her more interesting to me. We all have shortcomings in our lives and I see Mrs. McCain as a woman of strength.

Marc, did your mommy and da... (Below threshold)

Marc, did your mommy and daddy really raise you to be such a liar? First you say Obama "boycotted" Fox. Then you concede he did appear for a lengthy interview there -- but you complain he waited for "months." So? Is there some rule that says every politician has to appear on Faux -- er, Fox -- News as soon as they want him to? Where did that rule come from -- your rear end? Well, do the world a favor and put it back where it came from.

Did I ever say that only Repubs watch Fox? No, so you shouldn't lie and pretend that I did. Making up stuff and claiming other people said it is called l-y-i-n-g, remember? I'm well aware that some Dems watch Fox. But I will let you in on a little secret. The only reason any of us do it is to make sure our gag reflex is still working. Give my regards to Bill-o and the other Nazis next time you see them. :)

Hello to Ignas M Tanner,</p... (Below threshold)

Hello to Ignas M Tanner,

I fear you are making an assumption that the change you believe Obama will bring is good. You will be disappointed. The change will not be what you seek or want.

I can't say that McCain stirs me. Obama's speeches are hype - no substance in them at all - just listen, really listen and analyze what he is saying - his speeches are illogical. He is just saying what he thinks people want to hear and says nothing about who he really is or what he is going to do. The fact that every terrorist group in the world wants him to be elected should send up such a huge red warning flag in your mind that you would choose anyone else as president.

Hello Duane:...you said>>> ... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Hello Duane:...you said>>>
The fact that every terrorist group in the world wants him (Obama) to be elected should send up such a huge red warning flag in your mind that you would choose anyone else as president.

Are you sure that is true? And if, did you ever think they might be getting sick and tired of all the kilings? I know, I know, you think they are not human beings. But...if they are? Created by God like you and me? Doesn't Jesus, doesn't God teach forgiveness?

At least Obama promised to get out and kill Bin Laden. I haven't heard Bush say this in years. Did McCain ever say this? If yes, I'm sorry, I missed that. Obama wisely voted against the idiotic war against Iraq that diverted forces from the real enemy: Bin Laden. Even the closest media friend of Mr. Bush, psychopath Bill O'Reilley, had to admit recently that the war on Iraq was a huge mistake. Now, who has the real judgment to fight terrorism effectively? Bush, McCain or Obama? The answer is clear: only Obama!

simon - "Marc, did your... (Below threshold)

simon - "Marc, did your mommy and daddy really raise you to be such a liar? First you say Obama "boycotted" Fox. Then you concede he did appear for a lengthy interview there"

Really simon, you need to update your insults, that mommy/daddy thing is sooooooo - 1990's

YES, as my link proved he and the rest of the dems boycotted the network. (note the date on the link nitwit i.e. 2007)

Sooo from April 11th 2007 until The Messiah decided he would grace the Fox studios in the last month he did in fact boycott the network.

You will also note my comment in my response to you that included the link as proof:

"Well... they did until they had a book to sell (Kerry) or was losing and had to reach a wider audience (Shillery) or The Messiah himself when it was "convenient."

But I understand, your type is well represented around here. They make utter fools of themselves with their complete lack of knowledge on a subject and when called on it with definitive proof they pull the "liar card."

In short you're a misinformed asswipe who's not even smart enough to slink out of the thread and would rather compound the situation and continue to show your ignorance.

Guenter~"And you t... (Below threshold)


"And you too, LeMedusa. Falling for propaganda! Go McCain! He needs a few votes to not completely loose his face."

What propaganda? You have only proven that you have a bias toward Obama that you can't even explain. Bush isn't after Bin Laden because he is dead (he died in Dec, 2001), and his terrorist acts have been passed on to the rest of Al Quaeda. Obama again has lied to you with the statement that he is going to get Bin Laden if he is in office. Same ol' spiel just to get elected. You don't even know what propaganda is, and you broad sweeping rhetoric proves it.

And Guenter, this post is a... (Below threshold)

And Guenter, this post is actually about the way Cindy McCain has been portrayed in the NYT, not Obama or John McCain.

"John McCain is the one ... (Below threshold)

"John McCain is the one who brought Joe into the limelight. It was his inconsiderate actions of bringing this man into the political arena at the debate, that turned this mans life upside down."

No. It was the inconsiderate actions of the ghouls digging into his life, then telling lies and half truths about him. THEY are responsible for their actions and THEY are Obama supporters. Thems the facts, pal. Like it or not. But I can tell by your little diatribe there that you don't like people to take responsibility for their own actions when you can blame a political opponent. It makes you feel better about your own ill-thought out decisions.

To: William | October 18, 2... (Below threshold)

To: William | October 18, 2008 11:06 AM
William, you are bluffing. Never would a conservative say things like these...so do not even pretend being one.
BHO is a socialist and Marxist, which really did energize conservatives (or how you put it "far right", terminology we would never use - again proves you are bluffing, comrade). While BHO is running election on the platform of wealth distribution and big government, these ideas are completely against our conservative believes. Being a community organizer he is a smart politician, and until Joe the Plumber incident when BHO spilled the beans by saying as it is, he was hiding his real socialist ideas.
You are talking abut facts? Here they are: BHO's association with terrorist Ayers, with racist Wright , his involvement with ACORN, the fact that he has an army of lawyers intimidating NRA for the ads which provided his own quotations, BHO's voting records - he is the most liberal among liberals. What really did it for me personally when I heard his wife's speech about first time being proud of this country. First time?! This is the best and greatest country in the world and she should be thankful for being born here! I am sure he shares the same views, as Mrs. Obama and Wright, his mentor and friend for 20 years. BHO has too many skeletons in the closet, which he hides very well having the media on his side.
This election is not a popularity contest, but is about this country's future. I do not know your background, but probably you were born here. I was not as lucky as you, but my background enables me to spot a commie from far away. He sounds as a socialists and Marxist - yes he says nice things which people want to hear, but believe me he will not do any good to this country with his views.

Why not measure a man by wh... (Below threshold)

Why not measure a man by what he has done? McCain has served in the military and the people of this country for most of his life. Obama has no accomplished credits to his name - the "bills" he has "passed" - written by someone else and given to him by a friend and colleague. On any controversial issue he votes "Present?" This is a guy with no backbone or balls of his own. He writes a book called Dreams from My Father, his father was a bigamist (left both families) who died drunk in a car crash.

Consider that every terrorist organization in the world endorses or wants Obama to be elected. That alone should be a huge red flag waving in you mind.

This is a guy with no experience, yet so many think he can lead. How can one lead with no experience? He really offers nothing except higher taxes. Why do so many want this? When has the government ever been responsible with our money? Now he wants to waste more. If you're Catholic, he is not only strongly pro-abortion - he is for letting a baby die if it survives the abortion attempt to be born healthy (infanticide). What kind of a sicko is that?

Which one do you think will be the more gracious First Lady? Cindy or Michele? If you think Michele, you probably shouldn't be in public without adult supervision (how's that for an inflammatory statement?).

To Guenter Falz,I ... (Below threshold)

To Guenter Falz,

I just noticed your earlier post. I'm not going to change your mind any more than you are going to change mine. I will say to you what I have said to others who are so adamant that Obama is the "savior" - I will come back in a year and be able to say "I told you so" Obama touts "change" yet the only thing he has given a plan for changing is raising our taxes. If you really believe he won't raise taxes - (I told you so). I pray God saves us from Obama.

LeDusa...this was turned in... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

LeDusa...this was turned into a McCain/Obama discussion by others, not by me. I joined pretty late. And that Bin Laden is dead, not even our lying tiger, Mr. Bush would go that far. Even McCain said, he will catch and if it must follow him to hell. All the tapes we saw after Bin Laden' "death" were inacted by a Hollywood great, uuuhh? You disqualified yourself, Sir. McCain lives from ignorants like you.

Duane....I looove "I told ... (Below threshold)
Guenter Falz:

Duane....I looove "I told you so" people. They are mostly wrong. Especially when you want to make others believe that we call Obama "The Savior". This is so ridiculous. You obviously don't understand economics. Smarter Republicans like you, e.g. Colin Powell, got the wake-up call. You still have almost two weeks to also wake up.






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