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Colin Powell's Endorsement Illogic

I respect Colin Powell. And I also have significant political differences with him. Such is still possible in our current political climate. The fact that someone does not subscribe to your brand of politics or worldview does not preclude them from the ranks of the respected and respectable. Too many forget this.

That said, Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama for president seems founded upon some rather troubling issues, and his argument is as much if not more couched in dislike or distaste for the McCain campaign than subscription to Obama's positions, proposals and views.

Powell also said he was "troubled" by Republican personal attacks on Obama, especially false intimations that Obama was Muslim and Republicans' recent focus on Obama's alleged connections to William Ayers, the founder of the radical '60 Weather Underground.

Stressing that Obama was a lifelong Christian, Powell denounced Republican tactics that he said were insulting not only to to Obama but also to Muslims.

"The really right answer is what if he is?" Powell said, praising the contributions of millions of Muslim citizens to American society.

"I look at these kind of approaches to the campaign, and they trouble me," Powell said. "Over the last seven weeks, the approach of the Republican Party has become narrower and narrower."

What Powell said is that it's not the McCain campaign has said that Obama is a Muslim, but that it "allows" others within the party to say so. I am at a loss as to how the McCain campaign or the Republican Party can disallow others to say such stupid things as 'Obama is a Muslim.' And Powell is right to challenge, "So what if he is?" Yet, many would love the discussion to include aspects of Senator Obama's Christianity, such as his 20 years as a member of the Chicago church led for years by Jeremiah Wright. That is the discussion of Mr. Obama's religion that the campaign and the Republican Party has not "allowed."

To be sure, if we care to take a walk down the road of discourse that either of the campaigns allow or disallow from the populace, we need step no further than the Missouri 'Truth Squad' or the more recent drubbing of 'Joe the Plumber.' The Obama campaign has shown no sign of 'not allowing' these 'political silence through personal punishment' campaigns.

Powell also dismisses as irrelevant Obama's long time links to William Ayers, which he brushes aside as seemingly brief chance acquaintances. To be sure, John McCain did himself few favors by referring to the domestic terrorist as "washed up" and "irrelevant," both of which Powell uses to buttress his admonition of the McCain campaign's challenge for disclosure of Senator Obama's relationship to Ayers, which is more than an acquaintance. How is this relationship, one which changes in its description by Barack Obama himself as the challenge continues, out of bounds for discussion?

Conservatives will and do have myriad other objections to Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Obama for President of the United States, including his stated preference to have Obama appoint two liberal Supreme Court Justices rather than two more conservative Justices appointed by a President McCain. And those arguments - both for and against - are legitimate political debate.

But the above two cited reasons as given by Colin Powell for not supporting McCain and Republicans in deference to Senator Obama and Democrats are reasons lacking logic, not reasons of political discourse.

See also: Michelle Malkin - The Colin Powell endorsement: Triumph of hope over reality


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Comments (53)

I got a kick out of the lin... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

I got a kick out of the line about Obama being a "transformational figure." Well that could be said of every country that had a totalitarian dictator in place...

In any event, Powell has proven himself what we've suspected for years. He's a racist, sexist, left-wing, backstabbing pig with zero sense of loyalty, and willing to place our country at grave jeopardy. He said it himself that Obama had no experience to be President, yet he feels the melanin content of his skin overrides zero experience and his ultraleftist radical record and associations.

13 years ago I was in Washington, DC when Powell was mulling over running for President and when a Black cabbie I was speaking to got on the subject, he said Powell was completely untrustworthy and no good. The cabbie wasn't describing Powell as such because he was a Republican, but because he said he knew he was a liberal weasel. The cabbie was 100% right.

Anyone else get the sinking... (Below threshold)

Anyone else get the sinking feeling the basic plot line from Undercover Brother involving Gen. Warren Boutwell is all but coming true?

If Powell starts selling chicken.. we're all screwed!

I don't care who endorses O... (Below threshold)

I don't care who endorses Obama, he's not getting my vote.

I have heard the same irr... (Below threshold)

I have heard the same irrational reasons from some of my friends that are voting for Obama. When I try to discuss the issues with them they resort to name calling or I have been accused as being racist still today. Ignorant people. That's so insulting .... I have many friends some happen to be various religions, have diverse backgrounds ... . It is obvious to me they still have nothing but they say these things to get away from having focus on the real topics. I am voting early this week and I will have done my part. I will accept whomever wins as long as it is done legally. I am not saying I may not be disappointed but I will accept it. God help us all.

It doesn't make sense. But... (Below threshold)

It doesn't make sense. But if he gets a job in Obama's Administration, it will start to make sense.

"Colon Colonel Powell", for... (Below threshold)

"Colon Colonel Powell", formerly of the, "Chief, Staff of Joints" as "Rita from Detroit" used to call him on the Rush Limbaugh show is 4-square behind the act of giving the Gitmo killers (No you commie libs -ie; dick turbin, brian, etc- not OUR guys, the ones our guys are gaurding) complete access to Americas' Constitution. Something those serving in uniform don't even have full access to.

So, although I too respect his service, it is quite clear the fine General in retirement is suffering from a severe case of "Cranial Mushentitis", also known as: BDS, Liberalis-Ostiostupidious, Dementia, or, Rejistracione' de Democratia.

By throwing in with Barack "The Most Liberal" Obama, he has lost all credibility and lost my respect in perpetuity as well. That funny line Schippert had the other day applies right here, something like, "Going for Obama is like reaching for the anchor as the Titanic slips under the surface", or somethin' like that. You get the pic.. The man has NO excuse for being so irresponsible. No intelligent adult does.

People, America is in trouble. We need to fight this mania to the boney end.

Why am I not surprised? Thi... (Below threshold)

Why am I not surprised? This is the same RINO who knew Richard Armitage was the one who outed Valerie Plame, but chose to stay quiet while the witch hunt continued.

Nothing puzzling about the ... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Nothing puzzling about the Powell endorsement.

Months back he said that having an African American as President would be "electrifying".

I guess he decided to plug in his electricity today.

There's some Americans like... (Below threshold)

There's some Americans like Colin Powell who want a centrist government in Washington that brings in the best minds to deal with pressing foreign policy and economic issues, and the U.S. to regain world respect. Unlike John McCain, Colin Powell believes that Barack Obama is that leader.

Yet another decorated troop... (Below threshold)

Yet another decorated troop with more service to his country than most of you can shake a stick at, being savagely denigrated.

Well done, keep it up.

Colin Powell... let me thin... (Below threshold)

Colin Powell... let me think:

Is that the same Powell the dems, Dems, lefturds, leftists, progressives, leftoids, moonbats, code pinkos, and whole bunch of EU appeasement monkeys have raked over the coals the last 5 years because of the [in]famous "16 words" he spoke at the U.N.?

The very same Powell who advised Bush I NOT to get U.N. authorization to depose Saddam in '91 that if obtained the "highway of death" leading to Baghdad would have resulted in a Saddam hanging then and saved countless lives, both American and Iraqi AND billions of dollars spent since?

THAT Colin Powell?

Well.. he'll be a heeeroooo NOW to the aforementioned list won't he?

P.S. Isn't Powell 71 years of age? I thought advanced age (see McCain's birth certificate the obama-bots point to) discredited you and made you irrelevant?

angryflower - "Yet anot... (Below threshold)

angryflower - "Yet another decorated troop with more service to his country than most of you can shake a stick at, being savagely denigrated."

Savagely denigrated?

Your overblown rhetoric and your ability to post it has preceded any thought process.

I agree S.S. For Powell to ... (Below threshold)

I agree S.S. For Powell to waste his breath and everyone's time he could just say, "I think Obambi would be a better President." His reason is real flimsy. But then, most of his reasoning always seemed flimsy to me and not based on a reasoned foundation. I thought he was a lousy Sec. State. He was worried more about taking the State Departments view than coming up with a consistent policy. So much for him following his superior's orders.

Hoosan asked me to correct ... (Below threshold)

Hoosan asked me to correct his #9 post above:

There's some (leftwing) Americans like Colin Powell who want a centr(alized) government in Washington that brings in the (most liberal) minds to (appease our enemys') pressing foreign policy and (punish "the rich" on) economic issues, and the U.S. to regain respect (from france).
There, fixed it.
No! Thank you! Ah, you're welcome.

Because of Powell and other... (Below threshold)

Because of Powell and others, we had Iraq II. Yeah, baby, nuance....IRAQ II.

Powell's got his opinion, I've got mine. Don't tell me mine isn't just as valid as his. Or hell, maybe it is 'cause he's black and I'm not. That how it goes?

If God himself came down an... (Below threshold)

If God himself came down and revealed to US that he was supporting Obama the posts here would be essentially the same: "Yeah, never liked that ol' God anyhow, he ain't no American".." "God's nothing but a racist socialist commie".."God just wants a job in the Obama administration".

Not sure about the Big Guy, but from most biblical accounts I'm pretty sure Jesus would be 100% behind Obama. I think he would be pleased with the current state of affairs. If he took sides, that is.

Powell's reasoning behind his support for Obama is intelligent, thoughtful. timely, and reinforces why the majority of America is ready to move ahead into the 21st century.

"If God himself came do... (Below threshold)

"If God himself came down and revealed to US that he was supporting Obama the posts here would be essentially the same:"

No, it just wouldn't sway my vote one way or another. It one of those "Separation of Church and State" things.

"There's some Americans ... (Below threshold)

"There's some Americans like Colin Powell who want a centrist government in Washington that brings in the best minds to deal with pressing foreign policy and economic issues, and the U.S. to regain world respect."

Yeah - I'd like that too. It's just so damn unlikely with the current crop of liberals, though.

But as America's allies are... (Below threshold)

But as America's allies are typically more liberal than America (even when they elect "conservative" governments, like in Germany, France, and Canada), surely an ideological shift towards compatibility and multilateralism would be a good thing, right JL?

Well, with all these high p... (Below threshold)

Well, with all these high profile endorsements from the liberal and so called conservative elites, the expectations are pretty high. I'm beginning to think I am missing something that everyone else is seeing. Either that or Obama is going to go into office with the largest cadre of apologists backing him up if he screws up big time. And I am sure there are a lot of people who don't want to have to eat their words on this guy.

This endorsement has reveal... (Below threshold)

This endorsement has revealed the pettiness and intellectual dishonesty of Colin Powell. He obviously harbors great resentment for the Bush administration for the Iraq war fiasco.

But to assert that Obama has any worldview even close to what Powell has (or at least purported to have) is ridiculous. Powell is throwing a temper tantrum because of ill will toward the Bush administration, while forgetting his inclusion in national Republican politics long before the Iraq War. Here's his big "thank you" to the people of the political party that provided him with so many opportunities.

My comments have nothing to do with race, but based on what Powell has said about an African-American president being "electrifying" and his own support for affirmative action....one can reasonably assume race is a factor in this non-sense of an endorsement.

Mr. Powell is a hero and leader, but the reasons he gives for an Obama presidency are nowhere near rooted in sincerity.

The bigger question is whet... (Below threshold)

The bigger question is whether Colin Powell's endorsement actually means anything? Politically, he can only sway undecided voters. I question his influence in that arena.

Voters to the right won't care since he left the job as Sec of State. Voters on the Left would vote Obama regardless if he had endorsed McCain. Had he endorsed McCain we would have seen an explosion of "Uncle Tom" claims from the Left. Here we can see many on the right screaming "closet liberal".

Frankly, I don't think Powell influences anyone in any way with his endorsement--however, those on the extremes of either politically leaning might influence undecided voters by their reactions.

Hemmm... "There's hope ... (Below threshold)

Hemmm... "There's hope and change and audacity in the air! Why would a unbiased objective hard-hitting journalist spoil the good feelings?"

Hey Paul:<bloc... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul:

There's some Americans like Colin Powell who want a centrist government in Washington that brings in the best minds to deal with pressing foreign policy and economic issues, and the U.S. to regain world respect. Unlike John McCain, Colin Powell believes that Barack Obama is that leader.

Oh puleeze Paul, a "Centrist" government. You have got to be kidding. Well, or maybe you are comparing Obama with PETA to come up with the centrist thing.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

I heard Powell's rationale ... (Below threshold)

I heard Powell's rationale for the endorsement over the radio while driving. His attempt at justifying his endorsement by stating the Ayers issue was irrelevant was beyond comprehension. Glad Colin wasn't at Fort Dix in the 1970s. And then his VERY LAME attempt at justifying the Obama tax cuts was laughable. If you want to endorse the guy, then fine. But please do not try to justify policies with which you have no clue or sound like a socialist yourself. And yes, Colin, Obama economic policies are socialism.

It's good to know that unrepentant terrorist do not affect Colin's judgment.

hooson's "Centrist" governm... (Below threshold)

hooson's "Centrist" government" as suggested by The Messiah.

Buwawahaha... John "I Report For Duty a/k/a Global Test" Kerry for a possible post as Secretary of State.

Even more laughable... "reaching across the aisle" for Rep. Sen. Chuck Hagel for the post of Buwawawahahahahaha... Secretary of Defense.

Hagel, speaking of the Surge: "the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it's carried out."

I was not surprised by this... (Below threshold)

I was not surprised by this announcement. Powell has always been liberal and a thorn in both Bush's side.

I have always said that Powell would have made a great democrat presidential candidate. I would feel far more comfortable with Powell in the White House then Obama with him as a Democrat.

Obama is a crook. Powell associating himself with a crook makes me begin to question his integrity. Within a year of Obama's presidency (God help us if that happens) he will be under suspicion of his former ties, voter fraud, bullying, etc... Democrats will be under suspicion as well. When the fairness doctrine is set in place, extreme modifications to the election process combined with intimidating opponents effectively remove all chances of being overthrown, it will be the rest of us that will need to bring their administration to justice. There will always be a place to try these folks and by then it will not be hard. At that point I hope Americans can see the benefit to vote conservative to set the clock back to a time when our constitution is finally followed.

I do not think Powell knows what he has done.

I hope history turns out that he never has to find out (i.e. McCain wins)

So you're conceding, marc? ... (Below threshold)

So you're conceding, marc?

Sorry folks, this is just the latest endorsement by someone you thought was on your side, one more person who places the best interests of the country above partisanship. Flail away, get as ugly as you can, it just falls in line with the campaign you're supporting.

groucho "So you're conc... (Below threshold)

groucho "So you're conceding, marc?"

Considering the source....

That's some irony right there.

Or maybe it's cognitive dissonance.

Exposer:<block... (Below threshold)


The cabbie wasn't describing Powell as such because he was a Republican, but because he said he knew he was a liberal weasel. The cabbie was 100% right.

Yea, heard that too, along with the Jamaican roots. Ain't it interesting what Cabbies know?

Powell's endorsement means ... (Below threshold)

Powell's endorsement means nothing.

He's black, Obama is black (kind of), he's voting for Obama.

Just another black man voting for the color of a man's skin, not the content of his character. Martin Luther King would be so sad.

cognitive dissonance?... (Below threshold)

cognitive dissonance?

I thought you were reviewing possible cabinet appointments for the Obama administration, which suggests you think he's going to win.

"Martin Luther King would b... (Below threshold)

"Martin Luther King would be so sad."

Yes he would be very sad if he read your shallow, dismissive take on this issue. He would be sad that, 40 years after his death, this would be someone's view. Fortunately most of the country has moved on, and I'm sure MLK would be proud of the outcome of this election.

It makes my head hurt tryin... (Below threshold)

It makes my head hurt trying to follow Powell's logic.

I agree with Frazetta girl (comment #31) - my hunch is that Powell is voting for Obama simply because he's black. I don't have any problem with that per se, but Powell should just say it. Of course, he can't - that sounds kinda lame, especially coming from a former Secretary of State.

I also find it odd that Powell - a former Secretary of State - is unbothered and uncurious about the extent of the Obama-Ayers connection.

I'll take Powells thoughts ... (Below threshold)

I'll take Powells thoughts and views and life experiences over that unhinged Malkin any day. She couldn't string an intelligent, thoughtful idea together on her best day. Hate and xenophobia are her stock in trade. And she has loads of customers which is pretty sad. She shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as a man with the background of Powell.

"Powell also said he was... (Below threshold)

"Powell also said he was "troubled" by Republican personal attacks on Obama, especially false intimations that Obama was Muslim and Republicans' recent focus on Obama's alleged connections to William Ayers, the founder of the radical '60 Weather Underground."

Gee, I wonder if he's troubled by Democrat personal attacks on Palin, especially false intimations that her newest baby is really her daughters and Mr. Palin is the father. I wonder if he's troubled by Democrat personal attacks on Joe the Plumber and that Obama is perpetuating the lie that Joe said he made $250k a year and even sneered at him being a plumber and his audience just thought that was so hilarious. I wonder if he's troubled by Democrat personal attacks of Condoleeze Rice, Michael Steele and even himself until he assured them he was on their side.

Somehow, I don't think he's very troubled.

The more important legal qu... (Below threshold)

The more important legal question is "Is Obama a natural-born citizen or not?" So far, he nor his campaign has produced the birth certificate to prove he is eligible to run for President. I am very surprised that Hillary never brought this up.
What happens if he is elected and then it is proved that he is not eligible? What a batch of fermented prune juice that would be?

Groucho,If you bel... (Below threshold)


If you believe Jesus would be 100% behind Obama, it shows that you know nothing about Him. He doesn't believe in killing innocent people, especially helpless babies. It's true that he had a lot of sinners as friends, but they were repentant sinners, not people like William Ayers. The people around him were not the typical politicians, full of themselves, but people who were humble, something you see in few politicians, less lawyers, and still fewer bloggers on the daily Kos. The people who came to Jesus admitted that they had made mistakes. Obama is not ready for meeting Jesus yet.

groucho:You can ho... (Below threshold)


You can honestly think that Jesus would vote for Obama?? That is weird on so many levels.

I wonder what Jesus would think of Obama's minister?

I have to tell you, Powell also endorsed Bush and look where that ended up. I think Powell supported Obama because of race and self interest.

Do not forget the bandwagon effect.

I find it rather interestin... (Below threshold)
Ryan Carey:

I find it rather interesting and amusing that the author of the original post and all the comments after fail to mention a very important piece of information - Sarah Palin.

Powell expressed disappointment in McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the vice presidential nominee.

"Now that we have had a chance to watch her for some seven weeks, I don't believe she's ready to be president of the United States, which is the job of the vice president," Powell said. "And so that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that Senator McCain made."

Even if she is not the real reason - she has now become the acceptable excuse for any conservative who wants to endorse Obama. She has become the anchor that will drag this campaign down to the bottom of the lake - all that is left to be seen is how close the Democrats will get to 60 senate seats.

Once the New York Times cover story on McCain's health records, or lack thereof, breaks today - the entire country will actually have to come to grips with the fact that Palin has absolutely no business being President - and more than enough will cast their vote accordingly.

If McCain Only Had His Own ... (Below threshold)

If McCain Only Had His Own Brain
(If I Only Had A Brain, Wizard of Oz)

He could while away the hours, conferrin' with his pal Palin
"Gee this innovat'n is a drain"
And his head he'd be scratchin' while
his thoughts were busy hatchin'
If McCain only had his own brain.

He'd unravel every economic riddle for any individ'le,
In trouble or in pain.
With the thoughts he'd be thinkin'
he could be another Lincoln
If McCain only had his own brain.

Oh, he could tell you why the facts are to be ignored.
He could think of things he'd never thunk before.
And then he'd sit, and think some more.
He would not be just a nothin' his head all full of neo-con stuffin'
His heart all full of pain.

It would not be dumber and dumber,
He'd be smarter than an unlicensed plumber
If McCain only had his own brain.


If Obama Only Had A Brain<b... (Below threshold)

If Obama Only Had A Brain
(If I Only Had A Brain, Wizard of Oz)

They say Obama's the Messiah,List'ning to Jeremiah
"Oh that preacher is a bane"
All his policies are wanting
It's the people that he's conning
If Obama had a brain

He'll take your wealth and spread it, It's a tax cut-not a credit
Can't you see that he should reign?
With the thoughts that he'd be thinkin'
You would think that he's a beacon
To the clinically insane.

Oh he could tell you why it's him you should adore
He could think of things to coddle his press corps
And then he'd sit, and think some more
He would not be just a nothin', to the people that he's bluffin'
Affiliations to explain.

His plans they are grandiose
A puppet of George Soros
If Obama had a brain.

Back atcha....

JFO, is this the same JFO t... (Below threshold)

JFO, is this the same JFO that accused Powell of selling us into the Iraq war to the UN? Now he is your darling? You hated him so. I thought you broke up. I would like proof that conservatives were all ga-ga over Powell. ww

It's really sad that instea... (Below threshold)

It's really sad that instead of sticking to the issues and letting you decision be based on that, you resort to attacks. I think that most americans can see through the smears and negative attacks. For the people who claim to be religious start looking at the bible.
The same way you judge people, that is how God will judge you. Would any us make it, if God judges us the way we judge other. Think about it!!!!!

Mr. SchippertWe do... (Below threshold)

Mr. Schippert

We don't need other nations to tear us apart. We are tearing ourselves apart. If we are honest with ourselves, there are things about the republican and democrat party that needs to change. We need to stop looking at ourselves as republican or democrat, but as americans. It doesn't matter if we are white, or black, were americans. In God's eye's we are all his children, who are we to judge each other in this way. If you are christian, or catholic, live out what you are taught!

This is no surprise at all,... (Below threshold)

This is no surprise at all, for this is truly a race thing. Black supporting Black!

I am sorry that he is not supporting his party and his party's candidate's McCain/Palin.


McCain/Palin 2008

I agree with #46, it does n... (Below threshold)

I agree with #46, it does not surprise me at all. I fear for terrible things to come.

I will vote for McCain/Palin.

And obama will never be my president.

Well done Genral Colin Powe... (Below threshold)
A proud American!:

Well done Genral Colin Powell, you are the first republican maverick this election! Good Choice!

"I also find it odd that Po... (Below threshold)

"I also find it odd that Powell - a former Secretary of State - is unbothered and uncurious about the extent of the Obama-Ayers connection."

Yes, on the Annenberg Commission founded by a republican philanthropist and on the same board as other republicans that palled around with a terrorist too. There is nothing more to learn. Is he hiding his friendship? Yeah... probably???? You going to let him say he's "ok"? Fool wake up, the country's left your dumb ass in the dust on this.

So you guys are suddenly pissed that your "uncle tom" has come to get his own opinion? Boy, everyone loved him when he shut up and did what he was told in front of the UN in 2002. Think before the weekend 95% of the country loved him. Now 60% do? How about listening to the 12 minute interview and tell me that's just rehearsed, or scripted as a guise for his racism.

Your little factoids you keep regurgitating aren't covered by the news because they're a) untrue, b) irrelevant or c) biased.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

After this little election, you're party is going to distance themselves as far as they can from your diatribes, in an attempt to restructure. You're going to cry "PC" because the dems are in charge... but really, it'll be their attempt to appeal to the "real patriots". The ones that don't call themselves patriots while throwing around bigotry. Calling others terrorists and employing Eugene McCarthy tactics.

"If God himself came down a... (Below threshold)

"If God himself came down and revealed to US that he was supporting Obama the posts here would be essentially the same: "Yeah, never liked that ol' God anyhow, he ain't no American".." "God's nothing but a racist socialist commie".."God just wants a job in the Obama administration"."


Yeah Jesus would probably be quick to claim he WAS a socialist.... lolololololol.

Nice point. Love it. We got conservatives that endorse Obama every day now. Each one of them is a fraud apparently. Each Republican is really a centrist, or a fraud.

The chicago tribune, first dem EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. Did I say ever?

Did the NY Times endorse McPalin? No. of course not.

The ENTIRE MEDIA IS OUT TO GETCHA (except for fox)... and now your own party is full of crap... hmmm... turns out the only people you agree with are yourselves and some guy on the radio who calls himself an entertainer.

Time to rethink your sources for news?

Bill Clinton Taxes = Social... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton Taxes = Socialism?


You're puppets.

Racism is alive and well, s... (Below threshold)

Racism is alive and well, supporting the age old resentment of the majority culture against gifted, intelligent, well-educated, accomplished blacks who have a healthy sense of self. We have never allowed ourselves to be deterred by the historical resentments of haters.
-- Obama '08

According to black theology... (Below threshold)
Dave B:

According to black theology that Obama signed and was "instrumental" to him growing up Jesus might be in trouble if he's not black. They'll kill him. So Jesus, if you're not black, stay up there till the election's over!






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