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Lowdown on Joe

I thought I linked this earlier, but don't see it so I'll give it a post of its own because I think it makes an excellent point.


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Thanks again Lorie...... (Below threshold)

Thanks again Lorie...

Thanks, Lorie, this should ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Lorie, this should satisfy even PH, as well as jp2, hyperhippie, but will probably piss off Lee Ward for lifting the content entirely from one of his unpublished posts. Beware, Rick, Lee is not one to forgive easily.

Thats hilarious. I... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Thats hilarious.

It's amazing that these idiots in the media are trying to dig up dirt on Joe the Plumber. I didn't realize have a driver's license revoked in Arizona, or going by your middle name disqualifies you from asking a presidential candidate a very brutally simple question about taxes.

The problem is that the question made Obama reveal his Marxist idea of redistribution of wealth. And for asking this question he must now be destroyed! I could care less about this guy's past, or who he is or might be. The man had a more relevant question than any debate moderator has asked so far, and rightfully so, it has taken center stage in this election.






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