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Powell Endorsement

The endorsement of Barack Obama by Colin Powell, which has been hinted at for months, will certainly be the media's main focus for at least the next week. I wonder if all those lefty bloggers who have referred to Colin Powell as an Uncle Tom for all these years will call him that anymore. Probably not. Count on this endorsement by a Republican In Name Only to receive much more media attention than that of former Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman or numerous high profile Hillary Clinton supporters of John McCain did.

Update: Drudge links this report from September in which Powell said the election of the first African American as President would be "electrifying."

Update II: MIchelle Malkin points to the inconsistencies in Powell's professed reasons for supporting Obama and addresses the talking point that pro-choice, pro-affirmative action Powell is a Republican hero. I know I will be branded a racist for referring to affirmative action. It isn't a race thing, people, it is an example of another fundamental issue on which Republicans and Powell disagree. But then again, Palin's reference to white terrorist Bill Ayers was not a race thing either, but the AP still branded it that way. (Sorry, but it is taking me a while to get into Obamathought mode.)


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Comments (35)

African-American supports A... (Below threshold)

African-American supports African-American!
News at 11:00

Just so you know dont mean ... (Below threshold)

Just so you know dont mean my comment to be racist, just saying with the support levels in african-american community where is the surprise?

I was disappointed that Powell's statement was very disingenuous. How can he support someone that said the lack of diplomacy led to Iraq war when he was the one responsible for diplomacy?
Just doesnt make sense.

"The endorsement of Barack ... (Below threshold)

"The endorsement of Barack Obama by Colin Powell, which has been hinted at for months, will certainly be the media's main focus for at least the next week." -- Lorie

Far more importantly, it provides just one more nail for the coffin of the stinking Republican corpse.

Each day, conservatives, brings us closer, closer still to Judgment Day. You can try to run from it, you can try to hide, but you won't escape from it -- it's coming just for you. Deal with it.

Good,DLTDHYOTWO.Now,... (Below threshold)

Now, if the new Congress prosecutes everyone in the Bush admin. for war crimes, and they will, will Powell get a pardon?

Colin Powell was always an ... (Below threshold)

Colin Powell was always an opportunist. He is what he is. And it is about a black supporting a black and nothing more, maybe. That Powell may or may not have the same ideological bent as Obama is irrelevant.

Powell will probably get a kick start to his flagging campus speaking tour out of this probably has not much to do with his endorsement of Obama. And pigs thus fly.

Does anyone here know just how much money there is speaking at Colleges? Trust me, it is an absolute mortal fortune.

And as always, MSM will make a big deal out of this, waxing positive at every turn they can milk. In other words, Joe Liberman is a negative and Powell is a positive.

No surprise there.

Keep it classy there, Herma... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Keep it classy there, Herman. Comments like "stinking corpse" make for such stimulating and substantive debate.

If voters knew what they were getting with Obama I would not be so concerned about the coming election. If the media had done any investigation into his past, his current connections, etc. or reported his record of votes. Instead media investigation of Obama has consisted of reprinting Obama campaign press releases. If John McCain's centerpiece of his campaign consisted of a policy he has voted against the entirety of his political career the media would point that out in every report they did on him. Instead they take Obama's claim that he is now a tax cutter as gospel in spite of the fact that his record as the most liberal senator is in direct opposition to it.

But why should voters hear about voting records and such silly stuff from the media or Obama followers. Much better to recite classy lines like "stinking corpse."

So much for all that "I'd l... (Below threshold)

So much for all that "I'd like to give the world a Coke" talk, eh Herman? Now it's all about Truth Squads, coffins and Judgment Day. At least you're proudly showing your true colors.

I saw Colin Powell at the U... (Below threshold)

I saw Colin Powell at the UN selling the reasons for the American desire to change the regime in Iraq and the threat they posed to the rest of the world.

Negro supports Half Negro.

What is it? Obama is HALF White. By virtue of him calling himself African American makes him only Half American and by putting African first I question where his loyalties really lie.

Herman---go fuck yourself!

So, Powell made his case ag... (Below threshold)

So, Powell made his case against Sadam. Now he makes his case for Barry. Strange world.

Unclezeb and Larry:<p... (Below threshold)

Unclezeb and Larry:

It's amazing that you would just toss out the notion that Powell was endorsing Obama simply because they are both black. Can you supply us with any evidence to that effect. And please don't recite the statement that the election of a black man would be "electrifying." I know many many whites who think the same thing.

Further, I assume that to continue with your point you must also believe that any white person of note who endorses McCain is doing it because they are both white?

God forbid that you would accept the idea that Powell is endorsing him because Powell thinks he's the best candidate. You can argue all day that he's wrong in his thinking but to impugn a purely racial motive to him is shallow at best.

WHO?... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:


Anyone who opposes Obama sh... (Below threshold)

Anyone who opposes Obama should just go ahead and admit that they are de facto racists because that is what anyone who disagrees with him on anything is going to be accused of being anyway. For heaven's sake Palin was accused by the AP of making "racially tinged" comments when she talked about Ayers. (For those who don't know, Ayers is white. Since the media has barely mentioned him some might not know that.)

It sucks being accused of being something you have never been one day of your life. Accused of harboring thoughts and prejudices that have never crossed your mind, but can never prove or disprove, is maddening. But get used to it. That is what many on the left are already doing and anytime anyone who supports McCain mentions race that will be the case so those of us who support McCain better just self censor or that is what we will be in for. That is what we are being told in not-so-many words. Better to get in line now with Obamathought before you are branded a racist.

Even with the Powell endo... (Below threshold)

Even with the Powell endorsement and the HUNDREDS of thousands who have appeared at his latest campaign stops in the swing state of Missouri (What did they say 100K and 75K in Kansas City) republicans still deny the questionable judgement and policies that their party has put forward that it seems a very large majority of Americans both Democrats and Republicans have rejected.

I think what amazes me more than anything is the stubborn resistance to being the kind of patriot that is willing to admit that the decisions that Bush/Cheney made over the past eight years (the worst one taking us into this costly war in Iraq that contributed greatly to this morass we currently find ourselves in) were so damaging. Then refusing to connect the dots that McCain supported those decisions 90% of the time. That is HIS record. McCain must take responsibility for voting for those disasterous decisions that Bush pushed and Republicans voting for McCain now choose a continuation of destructive party politics rather than voting to improve their own country's standing. Not to mention the fact that there is clear racism when so many rednecks have been interviewed and then shown for the whole world to see via the internet today.

Such a shame. The necessity of moving into the 21st century is still being blocked by many republican party loyalists only looking to their own benefit instead of the commonwealth. Such a shame.

I guess McCain will lose th... (Below threshold)

I guess McCain will lose the vote of black liberals, now.

"Powell said the election o... (Below threshold)

"Powell said the election of the first African American as President would be "electrifying."

Well, if anyone says a voter is racist for not supporting Obama, they could be right in some cases. On the other hand, the above statement wouldn't suggest any bias on Powell's part, would it?

Lorie I don't know... (Below threshold)


I don't know whether you were responding to me or not. I didn't accuse you or Larry or unclezeb of being racist. If I think I see it I call it but that's not what I got from their comments. What I got was a close-minded view of why a man who used to be a hero of the Republican party chose to endorse Obama.

But I have a question for you. I've read frequently on right wing blogs that blacks who vote for Obama are racist because they will vote for a black man in overwhelming numbers. Do you believe that?

(the worst one tak... (Below threshold)
(the worst one taking us into this costly war in Iraq that contributed greatly to this morass we currently find ourselves in) 13. Posted by Indie | October 19, 2008 11:05 AM

What morass? We're frikkin winning, with honor and we will come home with honor and the Iraqis will have a chance to establish the society they want for themselves. I'd imagine it won't be another Saddam Hussien administration.

I am reluctant to talk abou... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I am reluctant to talk about race one way or the other anymore because I have been accused of being racist for questioning Obama so I no longer have an opinion on it one way or the other that I will share openly -- at least not at this point.

I think many people will be the same way. They will be afraid that if they mention anything that can in any way be construed as being racial they will be accused of being racist. If Sarah Palin could be accused of "racially tinged" speech for mentioning the white terrorist Bill Ayers, then I don't know where the line will be drawn. To me that indicates that anything that could potentially embarrass Obama is going to be deemed racist because it could hurt his chances of being the first black president. After he is president I don't know where the line will be drawn so I will likely just shut my trap lest I suffer the consequences.

As for Powell being some Republican hero, you must have been living on another planet for the past few years. Many Republicans have never liked him because of his pro-choice and pro-affirmative action positions, and many more have not thought much of him for reasons having to do with his reported whining to journalists like Bob Woodward.

The comment I made above wa... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

The comment I made above was in response to JFO.

Oops. I just noticed I mentioned affirmative action in it. I should not have done that. It is going to take me a while to program myself for Obamathought, but maybe I'll get there eventually.

Yes, I'd like to know when ... (Below threshold)

Yes, I'd like to know when Powell was a Republican hero (his antipathy to (R) SC appointments no doubt hinges on his love of affirmative action, an anachronism that has long out-lived any potential benefit it provided) but I do remember when he was an "Uncle Tom" and an arch-villain to the left. But now that he has come out for the O!, all is forgiven, right? Even 'war criminals' like Powell...

More from the "Republican h... (Below threshold)

More from the "Republican hero":

"Fidel Castro has done some good things for his people," Secretary of State Colin Powell to Congress on April 27, 2001.

H/T: http://www.babalublog.com/archives/010103.html

Powell has pretty much lost... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Powell has pretty much lost his currency on both sides of the undecideds. The undecideds still harbor some doubt about him over his UN intelligence brief in the lead up to the Iraq War.

"election of first African-... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

"election of first African-American as President would be electrifying" -- but its not about race?

Powell was instrumental in ... (Below threshold)

Powell was instrumental in the lead up to the Iraq war and now the lefties like JFO support and believe Powell now. Now here come the excuses from the left why Powell is all of a sudden a hero to them. Personally I could care less. He is a blip. Lorie, I don't even think it is a weeks worth of talking points. Much more is happening fast. They just trotted out Colin to stop the hemmoraging Joe the Plumber was causing. ww

Yeah, Powell used to be a ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Powell used to be a hero of the Republicans, that is until he started stabbing bush in the back at every turn. Powell is what we call a front runner, but remember who it was that was leaking all the sensitive info, it was him and his fat assistant. After the 2004 Election he was fired so fast, and not even allowed to stay until a replacement was found. Colin Powell is a part of the shadow government that is now pushing for Obambi for many many reasons, and none of them has anything to do with Obambi.

So, Powell made his case ag... (Below threshold)

So, Powell made his case against Sadam. Now he makes his case for Barry. Strange world.

9. Posted by RicardoVerde | October 19, 2008

Well, at least was right about Sadam. He's batting .500.

I'm actually a bit surprise... (Below threshold)

I'm actually a bit surprised by this. Had friends that served under him and having read his book he appeared as the consumate self-starting self-reliant leader who believed in being responsible for one's successes and one's failures. He states many times in his book about some needing a hand up, not a hand out and how equal opportunity trumps equal outcomes.

And now he's endorsing the "Socialist One"

But I guess you sold your soul quite awhile ago General. Go stand in the corner with Wesley Clark. The left will call your name when they need you.

JFOBut I ... (Below threshold)


But I have a question for you. I've read frequently on right wing blogs that blacks who vote for Obama are racist because they will vote for a black man in overwhelming numbers. Do you believe that?

Yes I do. Just as I believe that many whites out there will vote for McCain because he is white. Racism is alive and well on this planet ( not just in the US ) in all its various forms, up to and including reverse racism, which is where someone votes for another color ( or tribe ) so nobody can accuse them of being racist.

But as I said in my original post on the subject, I think that there is another reason why Powell endorsed as he did; personal profit.

Except for serious scholars who happen to be black, Obama is going to garner roughly all of the black vote, near 100%. And that applies equally to Powell, who knows whose VP nominee is, all the way to those who don't.

A vote for Obama is all about who he is and what he has promised and how he projects upon those with different views.

It is an emotional vote instead of an analysis based on facts for most folks. Well, except those who are committed left leaning types who will vote for him because he isn't George Bush.

If he wins, it will be because of the economy and a better get out the vote effort and not because he is qualified to govern the Executive Branch of the Government.

And there will be unintended consequences. If Obama wins, I expect to see more US terrorist activities as a challenge to Obama.

This endorsement has reveal... (Below threshold)

This endorsement has revealed the pettiness and intellectual dishonesty of Colin Powell. He obviously harbors great resentment for the Bush administration for the Iraq war fiasco.

But to assert that Obama has any worldview even close to what Powell has (or at least purported to have) is ridiculous. Powell is throwing a temper tantrum because of ill will toward the Bush administration, while forgetting his inclusion in national Republican politics long before the Iraq War. Here's his big "thank you" to the people of the political party that provided him with so many opportunities.

My comments have nothing to do with race, but based on what Powell has said about an African-American president being "electrifying" and his own support for affirmative action....one can reasonably assume race is a factor in this non-sense of an endorsement.

Mr. Powell is a hero and leader, but the reasons he gives for an Obama presidency are nowhere near rooted in sincerity.

Who cares about Powell. Blo... (Below threshold)
Artist against Obama:

Who cares about Powell. Bloggers need to expose Obama's connection to Shepard Fairey. Obama's campaigns found dirt on Joe the Plumber even though they said Joe was a non issue. What dirt can we find on Shepard the Artist? We already know that he has been arrested several times, creates art in illegal spaces, we know that Shepard is a copyright infringer, has made a career of creating visual rhetoric that attacks the United States and the American people. And Obama praises this artist? Obama accepts over $400,000 in donations from the sell of Obama prints from this artist but turned away donations from Rezko? LOOK INTO THIS!

Lorrie, I started this line... (Below threshold)

Lorrie, I started this line of comments so let me weight back in, (if i say something inappropriate please note I am on my third margarita).

I do not care what color Barry Obama happens to be at any given moment. I do not like socialism or communists. I do not like liars. I do not like politicians that pledge to do very particular things then go back on their word just for their own personal gain.

All of the above describe Barry. I you question him you are a racist. It is despicable what has been done to Joe the Plumber. Who is next? The thought of these thugs being in office sends a thrill down my leg but it could be something other than a thrill. Barry scares the pee out of me.

Uncle Zeb and Larry: There... (Below threshold)
Dave B:

Uncle Zeb and Larry: There really is no other explanation for it really. He's a retired General, Chief of Staff, and Secretary of State who denounced terrorism who is endorsing an inexperienced and untested young politician who said he will reduce the military, talk to dictators and nuts without precondition, has said hurtful things about soldiers and their actions, purposely tried to undermine diplomatic and executive efforts in Iraq for his own political ambitions, that blurbed a book for and started his political career in the living room of a guy who bombed the place where Powell worked and other military buildings. While endorsing this person he is NOT endorsing a man with a lot of political and foreign affairs experience,a disabled military POW who has always stood tall for the military even at his own political expense who shares a political philosophy (or did) almost identical to his own. It's almost like a cop not endorsing another cop but supporting a guy that is anti law enforcement who is friendly with a cop killer. It just defies explanation unless he admits that he wanted to support the first black candidate because he is black and believes it is historic and necessary. Then most of us would understand. No need to try and bullshit us. Most of us would understand that at least a little bit.

"Mr. Powell is a hero and l... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Powell is a hero and leader, but the reasons he gives for an Obama presidency are nowhere near rooted in sincerity."

You're right. He wants to stay in the game and be "part of history".

Powell's endorsement of Oba... (Below threshold)

Powell's endorsement of Obama does not verify Obama's judgement, but rather brings Powell's judgement into question. Powell says that Obama is ready to lead ... WHY? ... Regardless of Powell's last minute endorsement, Obama is still the most liberal senator in congress ... who accomplished nothing in his meager 3 years in office, except voting present 160 times, and campaigning for President, as well as associating with anti-American racists and domestic terrorists ... and, taking America down the road to socialism. Obama betrayed a friendship of 20 years, for personal ambition. Powell betrayed his friendship with McCain. McCain did not betray his fellow prisoners, even during 5 years of torture. These facts speak volumes about who these men really are, and whether or not we can trust them.

Lorie: Don't worry about be... (Below threshold)
Dave B:

Lorie: Don't worry about being tagged a "racist" for speaking plainly or truthfully. We're in the mess we're in with respect to social programs, quotas, and other endeavors that pretend to champion racial causes while actually demeaning them and making them reliant on others with the underlying premise that they aren't capable of doing it on their own. Those that achieve on their own carry an albatross around their necks forever because of it. If affirmative action isn't government sponsored "racism" then I don't know what is. It began as a mandate to assure that minorities would be notified about civil service and other opportunities where they had not prior to that and look at the abomination it has become and how much resentment and racial tension it has caused. Minorities are treated like dogs that need feeding every day instead of human beings that can acheive anything they want if they work hard and stay out of trouble. This thinking was the cancer that led to the death of personal responsibility, merit, and hard work. I, like so many others stood idly by and didn't say anything because, like you, I was afraid to be called a racist even though I knew I was the only one not taking race into account about anything or believed that minorities were lesser than me somehow. It was socio-economics and not race but the social engineers have gotten us to the mess we have today because a lot of people didn't confront it while it was happening. I was speechless when I recently discovered what was going on inside many black churches. I thought blacks cheering for the exoneration of OJ Simpson inside churches was an anomoly and not the way it was. Confront them Lorie, like you would if you encountered a white racist ignoramus then maybe our kids won't have to deal with this mess. What GeneralPowell did is EXACTLY the problem. TELL us you endorse the black candidate because he is black and you think it's historical and important but don't disguise it with the reasons you gave so that the MSM can be "locked and loaded" against those that call you on it by claiming racism.






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