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State of the Race and How You Can Still Affect It

I have been really frustrated by the failure of the McCain campaign to effectively tell the history of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown to voters. With the Bush administration and McCain warning for years of the problem and warning of catastrophic consequences of continuing on the reckless path we were on, and Democrats fighting them every step of the way, this is the issue that should have led McCain to an easy victory, rather than the issue that has so far caused him to sink in the polls from a small lead just prior to the meltdown to now being 4.9 points down in the most recent Real Clear Politics national average.

In my opinion, if McCain does lose it will be because of the way he chose to be Mr. Bipartisan the week the market tanked, rather than to explain to voters what had just happened and why. McCain let Barack Obama get away with blaming the mess on Bush policies and to claim he is the one who warned of the coming disaster, even though his "warning" came well after the problem was evident to all and his "warning" consisted of (as one Obama supporter who reads Wizbang even put it) "urgently writing letters." McCain is the candidate who sponsored legislation three years ago to address the problems and Democrats in congress are the ones who killed it. That is a pretty darn simple thing to explain and not only is there written evidence that is what took place, there is embarrassing video of the likes of Barney Frank and other prominent Dems on record poo-pooing Republicans for even suggesting there was any problem with Fannie/Freddie and advocating making even more loans to people who could not afford them.

For those who disagree or question that presenting this information to voters would make a difference, talk to some of the people you know who vote, but who don't follow politics like most political blog readers. Ask them if they are aware that McCain sponsored legislation three years ago that might have prevented the meltdown, but that Dems in Congress killed it. I have asked about a half dozen people I know who fall into this category and not one of them knew it, and all seemed shocked that McCain had not made that the centerpiece of his campaign.

The numbers are not good for McCain, but just about the time I think the race is too far gone, I see something that makes me think there is still hope. That came this weekend when I looked at the latest national polls to see that they are continuing to move McCain's direction. (As I noted above, the RealClearPolitics national average is now showing a 4.9 Obama lead. Earlier this weekend it showed a 6.9 Obama lead.) Polls in a few battleground states are starting to follow suit, although Obama still holds a sizable lead in several states McCain has to have for a win.

McCain supporters should continue to get the word out to voters they know about the facts the media absolutely refuses to tell -- such as facts about the origins of the Fannie/Freddie failure and the sub-prime loan mess. While those in the mainstream media ignore facts like those and facts about Obama's backdoor talks to Iraqi officials that could have delayed our troops from withdrawing from that country, or facts about the way he got his sweetheart home deal with the help of Tony Rezko, we have to do whatever we can to inform voters.

Journalism in this country is truly dead in the mainstream media. When reporters from the New York Times are trolling Facebook trying to talk 16-year-old girls into dishing dirt on Cindy McCain, while at the same time refusing to report on substantive matters that would reflect negatively on their guy, Obama, you know there are serious problems. When the mainstream media plants a satellite truck in front of a citizen's house and digs through his personal records more fervently than they do those of the candidate for President of the United States just because he had the nerve to ask a question of the candidate who came to his neighborhood looking for votes, you know there is something seriously wrong with the media today. When they send dozens of reporters digging through trash in Alaska, but won't seriously investigate Barack Obama's ties to Ayers, Rezko, Jim Johnson, ACORN, etc., you know there is a problem. When the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate from a recent election endorsing the Republican nominee gets a yawn, but the anticipated endorsement of RINO Colin Powell gets a huge build up, you can easily see where the media's affections lie.

It may be too late to make the case now, although ads like the one below are something I think could still be effective, but I think the case needs to be made. I wish John McCain would do it himself, but if he won't I guess it is up to us. Try the experiment I mentioned above. Ask your friends if they are aware of some of the information the media is hiding from them. Ask them to share the information with their friends. Two weeks is an eternity in politics, even when you are significantly behind. By the time election day rolls around, if polls continue to narrow, McCain might just be close enough to pull it out.

In addition to the efforts of Republicans in Congress when Bill Clinton was President, there were over a dozen attempts of President Bush and Republicans in Congress to do something, but they were thwarted by congressional Democrats. If the media were doing their jobs, the voters would know this, but since they cannot be bothered to give voters the facts on the big issue in this election, we will have to do it, as best we can. Ace has been yelling this at the top of his lungs -- the rest of us who think voters should have the fact should follow suit.

Here is an ad that Ace posted. If ads like this got more airtime it would not only help McCain, but would help GOP congressional candidates.

Update: I know I could list thousands of examples of media bias from the past week alone, but this one jumped out at me in an article about Joe Wurzelbacher's appearance on Huckabee. From the Toledo Blade: "In the days since the debate, it became known Mr. Wurzelbacher is not a licensed plumber, is not buying a business that makes enough to be taxed more under Mr. Obama's tax proposals, and has some tax liens against him.

On Friday, the East Valley/Scottsdale Tribune in Arizona reported that Mr. Wurzelbacher's Arizona driver's license was suspended in May, 2000, following nonpayment of a court-imposed fine for civil traffic violations. He lived in Arizona from 1997-2000."

Wurzelbacher never claimed to have any particular license. He said he was a plumber. I guess that working on plumbing doesn't make you a plumber -- just like being allowed to write for a newspaper doesn't make you a real journalist. Joe said he hoped to buy a business and to one day make $250,000. He never claimed he made that much now. His point was that once he got to that point his taxes would increase, but evidently the "Blade Staff" reporters didn't actually listen to what Joe said. As for traffic offenses or unpaid taxes, that kind of stuff has nothing to do with Obama's comment that he when you "spread the wealth around" it helps everybody.

The American media in a nutshell: Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Jim Johnson -- move along nothing to see. Congressional Dems destroy the U.S. economy by refusing to heed warnings of coming sub-prime mortgage problems -- it's all Bush's fault. Barack Obama admits his tax policy is one that would redistribute wealth -- Joe the Plumber doesn't have a license and he has a tax lien against him. Oh, and my favorite, his name isn't really Joe, it is Samuel Joseph.

Is there really any question? Journalism is dead.


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Comments (24)

Anyone who'd suggest pickin... (Below threshold)

Anyone who'd suggest picking up the mortgage tab for a bad mortgages people got themselves into is pro Big Government. McCain is the most liberal Republican candidate ever to run.

His track record includes:
Gang of 14

McCain has recently realized he can get traction against Obama by addressing him from Conservative Principles. But McCain realized this late and also doesn't have the heart to run it through.

Because what fundamentally separates McCain and Obama on taxes, the economy, and the size of government is the severity.

Of course journalism is dea... (Below threshold)

Of course journalism is dead. That has been the case for decades. This election has only served to put the fact beyond debate. And make no mistake...the republican elites who chose McCain as the 2008 fall guy were counting on the leftist media do just what it has. Those in the repub stratosphere wanted to lose this election. The financial fiasco engineered by democrats and helped along by George Bush and cronies is going to be a much greater disaster than anyone has so far let on. And it will be the dems in charge when the depression hits. That was the goal. To hell with the nation, the American people, our rights and freedoms. Republican elites couldn't care less. It became a matter of cashing in, bigtime, while the getting was good. And as the thugs gorged themselves a bit too happily, causing a much larger disaster than anticipated, it is now time to pass the buck, while selling out the US and its sheep-like, trailer trash public. McCain will lose because the party elite knew him to be the only one stupid enough to lose. Why do you think Huckabee stayed in so long? Had to make certain a legit contender and campaigner like Romney would not steal the nomination and actually mount a campaign! So congrats to the people we elected in 1994 to save the nation from the radical left. A classy bunch, huh!

I suspect McCain ele... (Below threshold)

I suspect McCain elected to stay somewhat away from detailing the mortgage mess because it is simply too complicated for the average undecided.

And that is where the election will be won or lost.

While Fanni and Freddie were the two catalysts, you also had the issue of derivatives and AltA mortgages along with a lack of oversight from the SEC and Cox. McCain didn't really sponsor a solution, he signed up to co-sponsor a bill that had long since made its way out of committee where it died as all bills die, on the floor of partisanship. Dole was the sponsor and she had two original co-sponsors, neither of which was McCain.

There is about a week or so to go before the really heavy artillery pokes its way out of the hidden valleys. I have no idea what it will be or even IF there is something waiting. Both candidates are holding back until the last minute with whatever dirt they think they have.

If the economy had NOT imploded, McCain and Obama would be in a statistical tie. And all the hollering and yelling about who is at fault simply falls on deaf ears; undecideds simply blame whoever holds the White House and no amount of education is going to reach them.

A few more days of nothing much changing in people's lives (more or less) and the campaign will once again return to a statistical tie. From that point, get out the vote will determine who wins or loses.

I have volunteered to make calls. Has everyone else who lives in a safe State?

In my opinion, if McCain... (Below threshold)

In my opinion, if McCain does lose it will be because of the way he chose to be Mr. Bipartisan the week the market tanked, rather than to explain to voters what had just happened and why.

You can boil the whole campaign down to this. McCain will lose, not win, because he is a maverick, which means nothing more than that he will turn away from his party on nearly all the important matters of our day.

The only issue is how much damage the most liberal president in history can do with a supermajority of the most liberal Congress in history can do in 4 years and whether conservatives will care enough in 4 years to find someone that can actually beat Obama, who will have the bottom 60% or so of the electorate firmly in his pocket via handouts, bread and circuses by that time. I suspect it will be a hopeless battle, personally. When the dependent become a majority they can simply keep voting themselves handouts. I realize my viewpoint is a little depressing and even unhelpful, but when people are prepared to increase the ranks of a Congress that has a 9% approval rating, the handwriting is on the wall.

You don't have to be a whiz... (Below threshold)

You don't have to be a whiz kid to look at the booming economy from 2001 thru 2006 and find the democrats promising in 2006 to change the direction of the country. I guess the destruction of the nation (started in Jan 2007) through the financial,housing, and stock market was the change they proposed. They destroyed the nation for political purposes and to satisfy their personal hate of GWB. A wounded ego is a dangerous thing. The numbers in the economy may recover but the trillions of dollars lost (at the hands of democrats) will not return to the millions of Americans who lost all.

Welcome President Obama! </... (Below threshold)

Welcome President Obama!

Good by George and Richard. We will obviously miss you a great deal because of your incredible insight and sound judgment in deciding to invade Iraq, and also for keeping a close eye on Wall Street during your watch to prevent any serious shenanigans. Sorry Bill and Hillary. Of course we really wanted to have you back again so that Bill could have another shot at some more action with interns in the oval office. Too bad John and Sarah. It looks like we will probably never get a chance to fulfill our wildest dream of someday having President Palin lead the free world. Welcome President Obama! You are an intelligent, articulate, and insightful 47 year old biracial man, a top of the class graduate of Harvard Law School and president of its Law Review, a former instructor in constitutional law for 12 years at the University of Chicago Law School, a 3 term Illinois State Senator and US Senator for the past 4 years who on November 4 will very likely win the right to begin what may be an eight year process of helping to unite, reform, and lead the greatest and most powerful country in the history of the planet, and in the process, despite the cynics, skeptics, and nay sayers, perhaps become the most practical, effective, and respected American president in modern times. Welcome.

See, you started off on the... (Below threshold)

See, you started off on the right track and then you ended up in Joe The Plumber territory.

If you think he's a winning issue then you can happily STFU. The entire right-wing blogosphere got that convered. It's Plumbers and whackjob theories about Ayers from here to election day baby. Then the obligatory post-election posts asking yourselves what went wrong.

Here's a tip. Nobody gives a flying fk about Joe the Plumber. Nobody gives a flying fk about Bill Ayers. Remember ? That's why the issue got dropped the first time.

Here you are writing a post about how you can turn this around with a different angle and you can't even make it all the way to the end without mentioning some BS issue nobody but right-wing bloggers cares about. So what you're really saying is you can't turn it around.

I saw Ace of Spades the other day asking "PUMAs" what attacks on Obama he could do better to bring them around. PUMAs, the half-fake movement that does not exist in any capacity other than their dedication not to vote for Obama. How could Ace convince those Obama-opponents to not vote for the guy they said they wouldn't 9 months ago.

Fk ACORN, right wing bloggers must be trying to pull off the biggest voting fraud scam in history. Why else would you spend so much time convincing people who already aren't going to vote for Obama, to really not vote for Obama unless you're planning on casting multiple ballots ?

I look at memeorandum and I see the entire roll call of right wing blogs trying to convince themselves that Ayers wrote Obama's book. That doesn't say you want to win, that says you want to be distracted.

And what's today's big break-through issue for you idiots ? OBAMA AND AYERS SHARED AN OFFICE MAILING ADDRESS 15 years ago!!!
Well hooray. You've connected Obama's role on a board to Ayers. Just a few short days after he talked about that on national TV to tens of millions of people. What a breakthrough.

Yeah, let's all wonder why it is that the right-wing is just too distracted to form a coherent and effective message that can avoid the fkn landslide that's about to hit you, your 40 year old terrorist connections and a lying plumber.

Effect, not affect.... (Below threshold)

Effect, not affect.

Kilo that's because you are... (Below threshold)

Kilo that's because you are just like the rest of your lowlife liberal scum-sucking bunch of cowardly liberals. You don't give a damn about the way the country is going to a welfare country. What the hell will you do when those that work guit working to give you and your kind their welfare check each month? Cry? Where is my check? I even had to walk to the mailbox to see if it was there. Damn , times are getting bad. That 1/2 breed asshole that is your "savior" will be back to bite you in the ass before it is over with. Then who are you going to whimper to? Aryers? Wright? Rezco? Acorn? Naw, just hold youd hand out a little further and cry HELP.

The people who did not keep... (Below threshold)

The people who did not keep an eye on Wall Street were the Democrats. The fraud committed by Enron and World Com all dated back to the Clinton Administration. It found by the investigators appointed under Bush. CRA enacted by Carter and Teat put into it by Clinton. Even Clinton admitted that his party opposed any type of reform of FM/FM and who has gotten the largest donations from them President Obama. It was Democrats that went full bore after investigators when they warned of the problem that was occurring with those infatuations. Lessening regulations on Wall Street you mean like SOX which has cost companies millions to comply with and introduce the mark to market rules.

I have been really... (Below threshold)
I have been really frustrated by the failure of the McCain campaign to effectively tell the history of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown to voters.

In total agreement. He hardly ever mentions Keating, Phil Gramm or his record on deregulation at all. Darn frustrating.

I don't think it is fair to... (Below threshold)

I don't think it is fair to say that McCain is not trying to win this. McCain has fought, and he was willing to take a risk with someone like Palin.

McCain warned against the subprime market mess and so did the Bush administration, but Congress would not step up and deal with the problem even when Republicans were running the place.

Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House when a lot of the changes were made in lending policies that lead to this, and he did not stop it.

Conservatives did not make a big issue of it, nothing like they did with Dubai or Harriet Miers.

So, no, it seems to me that all this whining and second guessing of McCain does nothing but help Democrats and I am tired of it.

I will tell you something e... (Below threshold)

I will tell you something else I am tired of. I am tired of all these socalled conservatives complaining that they did not have a real candidate in the race. Maybe if Republicans would stop going after each other they could pick someone and stick to them, but thus far they seemed determined to help Democrats win by forming their usual circular firing squad.

It is ridiculous.

"In total agreement. He har... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

"In total agreement. He hardly ever mentions Keating, Phil Gramm or his record on deregulation at all. Darn frustrating." jp2

Deregulation was not the problem with the current mess. If anything it was too much BAD regulation in which the government told banks they had to lend money to people who could not afford to pay it back.

Keating??? I know he was involved in the S&L mess, but didn't realize he had a hand in the current one. Do tell, jp2. Seriously, I did not know he was involved in the sub-prime stuff. I will be happy to read all about though. Got any sources on that one?

The S&L mess was cleaned up in the late 80's and early 90's by George Bush using the FSLIC, the FDIC and the RTC. I know because I worked for a law firm in the 80's and 90's that worked for those government entities and was involved in the takeover of several NC savings and loans. How many of the Keating Five were Democrats, by the way? I know John Glenn was, but since it was so long ago had forgotten who the others were.

Lorie : you really need sou... (Below threshold)

Lorie : you really need sources to understand Keating's connection to the current financial crisis? Well ok!


On April 14, 1989, Lincoln was seized by the government at an eventual taxpayer cost of $3.4 billion, then the most expensive thrift bailout in history. Lincoln and Keating became national symbols of the savings-and-loans collapse of the '80s -- much as lending firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have symbolized the current financial meltdown...
McCain also wrote several letters to government regulators and other officials regarding the issue. One, dated Jan. 30, 1985, to White House chief of staff James Baker, called the proposed regulations "unwise," saying the effort "flys (sic) in the face of our recent efforts to remove the hand of government from the affairs of private enterprise."
The Verdict: True. McCain did push to delay regulations that would have cracked down on savings-and-loans practices and intervened on Keating's behalf, although he was cleared of wrongdoing in the "Keating Five" case.

Do you get it now? And by the way, playing the "Democrats are worse" card doesn't really work with me, since I feel both parties pretty much blow. Also a lame tactic.

Olmert, outgoing PM of Isra... (Below threshold)

Olmert, outgoing PM of Israel, and Obama each benefitted from the same scam on their properties, in fact basically the same amount a $300,000 discount, at about the same time. The Israeli press investigated Olmert's corruption and it set in motion events that led to his forced resignation. The US press looked the other way, so it looks like Obama got away with it. But they did nail the fact that Todd Palin had a DWI in 1986 and Joe The Plumber doesn't have a licence so you can't say the press there is completely dead.


You have got to be kidding,... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

You have got to be kidding, right? Talk about lame. You gave me an even stronger argument.

I have compared the S&L Resolution Trust solution to the current one several times over the past few weeks asking why they had to do a big bailout bill rather than address each institution separately as the RTC did. So I have made the comparison before, but Keating had nothing to do with today's mess. In fact your Bow Wows just made my point.

McCain learned from Keating and warned of the current crisis as early as 2005. You still don't get the regulation part. Not only did your quote make my point, but I still don't think you got it. McCain argued against the government getting too involved in private banks back in the S&L days. If the government had not been so involved recently telling banks they had to lend to people that could not afford to pay loans, we would not be where we are today.

I will repeat it since you totally ignored it the first time: the problem was too much bad regulation, not lack of regulation.

JP2If you do not u... (Below threshold)


If you do not understand the effect on the economy that the CRA of 1976 (or 1977) as changed by Clinton in the late hours of his administration, with subsequent pumping by Fannie and Freddie, then you are a complete idiot.

Sure the SEC had its day, Cox should have been fired. Sure Alt-A had its own set of crap and so did the derivatives. BUT, the seed, the catalyst, the trillion dollar Fannie/Freddie debacle as pumped up by Schumer, Dodd, Frank and a cast of thousands, was the straw that broke the camels back.

If you don't get that, then the best thing for me to do is put you on ignore as a complete squid moron.

As said by a multitude, Fannie/Freddie was a monster created by OVERREGULATION and GOVERNMENT direction. Hell, Schumer used to go to New York towns and drag in Fannie by the ears to make loans and pump up the local economy.

Sheesh. . .

Kilo that's because you ... (Below threshold)

Kilo that's because you are just like the rest of your lowlife liberal scum-sucking bunch of cowardly liberals. You don't give a damn about the way the country is going to a welfare country.

Oh you mean the pending communist takeover. Yeah, that really is not a concern for me, correct. Much in the same way that the imposition of sharia law isn't a concern, since these are things that exist nowhere but in the heads of hysterical idiots.

What the hell will you do when those that work guit working to give you and your kind their welfare check each month? Cry?

My welfare check ? Quit working to fund my welfare check ? WTF kind of glue are you on you idiot ?

That 1/2 breed asshole that is your "savior" will be back to bite you in the ass before it is over with.

Yeah, speaking of winning issues. Presumably this is a reference to him being half black, half Arab, half muslim, half terrorist.

Then who are you going to whimper to? Aryers? Wright? Rezco? Acorn? Naw, just hold youd hand out a little further and cry HELP.
9. Posted by jhow66 | October 19, 2008 1:35 PM

Well no. As mentioned, these people mean absolutely nothing to me, just as they don't mean anything to the rest of the electorate.

So I guess the idea is I'll cry help while you cry "nigger terrorist". Awesome.

What a perfect little representation of the republican situation you are. Could have done better if you didn't embrace the hysterical nonsense which only serves to make you look like a hateful lunatic and you've still chosen to embrace failure, but willing labelled yourself a piece of racist scum while doing so. You're adorable.

Deregulation was not the... (Below threshold)

Deregulation was not the problem with the current mess. If anything it was too much BAD regulation in which the government told banks they had to lend money to people who could not afford to pay it back.
14. Posted by Lorie Byrd | October 19, 2008 4:52

Could you be any more dishonest/uninformed ?
Someone told banks they had to lend money to poor people so they did ? LMAO.

And too much regulation rather than not enough is the problem. The credit default swap market has no regulation and in the past decade has grown from nothing to now be larger than the combined wealth of all the world's countries combined.

You know, the CDS market. The thing you can read the world's economists referring to in between none of them talking about the non-existent government regulations that forced banks to lend to the uncreditworthy.

I guess that's another vast conspiracy of experts against the republican party, just like climate change.

Too much regulation forcing banks to lend to the uncreditworthy and to trash their own balance sheets to the point where their liabilities were 33 times their assets.

Of course, no matter how many times this is claimed by right-wingers, we're still yet to hear a single mention of what piece of legislation, regulation or anything else which forced these changes upon banks. It's just that one little detail that's the difference between that being credible an you being nothing but a desperate liar.

Great stuff. I assume you're trying to convince the UFO watchers and 9/11 Truthers of this, because who the hell else is gullible enough to buy it.

the media and the colleges ... (Below threshold)

the media and the colleges are truly accomplishing their goals. people are just getting dumber and dumber. just look at the 'arguments' of the trolls. sadly their comments mimic what I hear in restaurants, at work, etc. 'deregulation is to blame'. what deregulation, exactly? they don't know, they don't even know what deregulation is. 99% of the population has no idea what the CRA is or, more importantly, what the clinton changes actually did to force, yes force, banks to lend money to people that had no right getting loans. they have no ability to think critically or understand large scale economics to be able to grasp why a bank would accede to government demands that they move into poor neighborhoods and give home loans to people on welfare in exchange for not being fined, being able to acquire competitors, etc. the media in particular has done a stupendous job in hiding the role the democrats have had over the past decade and a half in increasing the role of fannie and freddie, which directly led, in large part, to the current mess. put simply (even though it's simple you won't see the talking heads explaining it in the news), it sure takes the sting out of forcing banks to lend money to people with no income if you tell them "don't worry, you can just bundle up them loans with good loans and fannie'll buy 'em and we'll sell them off to some investor, who will buy them because they've become, in spirit if not technically, government-backed in the transition through fannie/freddie - all the reward with none of the risk! buy two!"

forget about journalism being dead - the death of critical thinking dug the grave. primary schools no longer teach the ability to think. some days it makes me think about going into teaching, kids deserve better that what they're getting today.

Kilo says Re: Lori... (Below threshold)
Kilo says Re: Lorie : Could you be any more dishonest/uninformed ?

No, she couldn't.

The problem with being a hack Lorie is that you pretty much have to defend the indefensible.

"Of course, no matter how m... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

"Of course, no matter how many times this is claimed by right-wingers, we're still yet to hear a single mention of what piece of legislation, regulation or anything else which forced these changes upon banks. It's just that one little detail that's the difference between that being credible an you being nothing but a desperate liar.

Great stuff. I assume you're trying to convince the UFO watchers and 9/11 Truthers of this, because who the hell else is gullible enough to buy it."

The 9/11 Truthers are not among my circle of friends. Try Olbyland for the tinfoil hatters.

I guess the video of hearings where I saw Barney Frank say there was not a problem at Fannie/Freddie and that if anything they should be pushing more of those loans was a fake. I guess when Bill Clinton said Democrats in Congress blocked legislation he and Republicans worked on to address the problems, he was lying too.

If you guys think everything here is a lie and I am a hack, then why on earth would you waste your time here? That is absolutely insane. Don't you have a family or a life? I don't spend my days hanging out at Kos or DU. I stop by once in a while to see how insane they have gotten, but only do that once or twice a month and certainly don't comment there.I don't even think they allow conservative comments on their sites.

Life is short and I would not waste my time wallowing in their lies and hate. If that is the way you feel about this blog or my posts, then don't read them.

If you really think I am an ignorant, uneducated idiot, then why on earth would you read everything I write and then ask me questions in the comments section? If you think I am stupid then why read me? If you think I am an idiot, then why keep commenting? If I am that stupid and unbelievable then you should not have to comment. People will figure it out on their own. Heck if I am that inaccurate and uninformed then Kevin Aylward will not let me blog here anymore. If you think Kevin is as uninformed and uneducated as me, then why visit his blog so frequently?

I try to read the majority of my comments, but admittedly don't read them all. I respond to them mainly when someone is trying to convince my readers of something that is not true. I really should take my own advice though. I don't know why I respond to people who think everything Republicans say is a deliberate lie and who constantly insult me.

When I don't respond to comments I get some of you guys saying stuff like "I asked this question five minutes ago and you haven't answered yet...crickets chirping...now it has been ten minutes and nothing... crickets chirping... You aren't answering because you know you are lying..right Lorie, right????"

When in reality I have either been busy being a mom, wife, sister, daughter or I think the comment is so stupid that to answer it I would lose IQ points. Or it is one of the comments that I didn't have time to even read.

I am serious about wondering why you would spend so much of your time reading stuff you say is lies and garbage and uneducated and uninformed. And some of you spend a lot of time reading it and trolling the comments. Maybe I'll go back through and count up all the comments from some of you who say everyone here is stupid, just to see how much time you are spending here.

To spend hours and hours and hours reading something you say is stupid and uneducated sounds pretty stupid to me. I just don't get it. Are you guys getting paid? I heard a while back about some college students getting paid to comment on right wing sites. At least that would make some sense.

jp2~Your blockquot... (Below threshold)


Your blockquote 101 and one-word Batman exclamations have not made you look smarter, only more obnoxious. I personally don't give a shit what party you belong to because your primary purpose is to take the hard earned money of others. The joke will be on you when you think Obama's plan to share the wealth will cause other people's cash to fall in your waiting arms. You will never see any of that tax money, cuz he's got other plans for it. You weren't paying attention to the Annenberg challenge preview, were you? You don't even really think Lorie is a hack because you're too stupid to understand what she is saying. Yer just a lyin' fool who needs to take out his crap out on someone. Why she puts up with you is beyond me.






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