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Breaking: Obama to Leave Campaign Trail to Visit with Sick Grandmother

Fox News just broke this. Obama is to do an event in Indianapolis on Thursday and then will fly to Honolulu to see his sick grandmother who was just released from the hospital. He will return to the trail on Saturday.


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I wish his grandmother well... (Below threshold)
Donna Armsworthy:

I wish his grandmother well. She is on in years.
Him? Not so much....

I wish his grandmother well... (Below threshold)

I wish his grandmother well too. I don't care for the man or his politics, but I wouldn't wish harm on him or his loved ones.

Same here - here's hoping f... (Below threshold)

Same here - here's hoping for a quick recovery and good health.

Best wishes to his grandma.... (Below threshold)

Best wishes to his grandma. Not the best wishes to him.

I agree with everyone above... (Below threshold)

I agree with everyone above me. However I have to wonder if it was McCain's mom if the left would be as understanding as everyone on the right seems to be. I've seen this in many places and the and have only seen one idiot would made a stupid incentive remark.

That's bad news. Here's to... (Below threshold)

That's bad news. Here's to hoping she has a full recovery.

It couldn't have anything t... (Below threshold)

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that there's a suit in Hawaii over BHO's birth certificate, could it?


However, if his grandmother is, indeed, ill I wish her the best and hope she recovers soon.

I hope she wasn't hurt by b... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

I hope she wasn't hurt by being thrown under the bus.

To the grandmother, get well soon.

is this the grandmother he ... (Below threshold)

is this the grandmother he called 'a typical white person'?

Barry: Yes.... (Below threshold)



Next up: Press complains ab... (Below threshold)

Next up: Press complains about McCain's insensitivity and lack of class for continuing to campaign while Obama is visiting his sick grandmother.

For real, I hope his grandm... (Below threshold)

For real, I hope his grandma is ok. I also hope Barry Sotero / Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his name really is finds his long lost birth certificate soon.

I too hope granny gets well... (Below threshold)

I too hope granny gets well soon, but the trip feels contrived. If she's so sick, why wait two days, till late Thursday, to leave? When he was on his weeklong Hawaiian vacation, they didn't seem exactly tight, O and his granny. O and M and kids stayed at the villa (while he practiced for the debate) and visited gran ONCE, for about an hour, two max...not exactly great devotion. Something about this smells a little funny. Is Baracky bamboozalin' us a little here?...Like maybe he's needin' politically to seem warm and vulnerable? Whatever, my best to gran.

Prayers of Recovery for his... (Below threshold)

Prayers of Recovery for his Grandmother truly.

But I do Smell a Rat...there is a team filing suit in Hawaii for release of his birth certificate and also investigating his past and will release findings soon

Granny did her best to rear... (Below threshold)

Granny did her best to rear her daughter and sent her off to college. She couldn't control the fact her daughter was an anti-american slut who bedded anyone who hated America and in turn birthed a half white/half Arab terrorists supporting nut.
I feel sorry for Granny and wish her the best, she is carrying a load when she looks at Hussein O.

scrapiron has anyone ever t... (Below threshold)

scrapiron has anyone ever told you, you are a real piece of shit? if not let me be the first, though somehow I doubt I am.

Best wishes to his Grandmot... (Below threshold)

Best wishes to his Grandmother.

I hope it's nothing too serious.

Scrapiron,Regardle... (Below threshold)


Regardless of your political ideology, that is a nasty thing to say about anyone. You are a radical nut that makes the regular, honest, right wing folks look bad.

What pitiful people those o... (Below threshold)

What pitiful people those of you who have posted such harteful things about Obama when his grandmother is so sick! You people are the skum of the earth!!

As to your lying comments about Obama not being an American & a so called investigation to find his birth certificate, DREAM ON!! There's nothing to find! You racist bigots are a disgrace not only to the USA but to the human race, you belong in the gutter along with McLiar & VP Dick Cheney-with lipstick!!

You and your pathetic party have nothing to offer in this campaign but lies & hate! Why don't you all move to Alaska with McShame & VP pig with lipstick & seceed from the USA like 1st fool Todd Palin wants to do, there you can wallow in your hate & disgrace...

I don't know how you pigs sleep @ night, but enjoy it for now while you're still alive because you're gonna pay dearly when you meet your maker!!

Obama/BIDEN 08

Is this really the time and... (Below threshold)

Is this really the time and place for all the vitriol? The woman is ill, just out of the hospital. Leave the hate for a couple of hours. The cause won't be lost in that amount of time. You can start sniping again in another blog entry.

Some of the comments on her... (Below threshold)

Some of the comments on here baffle me. You all that made those snide, rude, and ridiculous comments are the cancer of this country.

Obama isn't a socialist, nor an Arab Terrorist, if you believe this to be true, you get what you deserve in the next four years if McCain is elected.

Half you twits don't even know what socialism is, nor that all Arabs aren't terrorist, nice slur btw, show those true colors!

Wow, Scrapiron. I don't ev... (Below threshold)

Wow, Scrapiron. I don't even know what to say about your comment. I don't care how you feel about Barack Obama, democrats, or anything. What you said is the most vile, disgusting, ridiculous, horrid thing I've ever read written about anyone. And before the other Scrapiron apologists jump in, I defy anyone to point to a time when anyone from the left said that some Republican's mom was a slut that.... fuck it, I'm not even going to reproduce it. That is the most fucked up and vile thing I've ever read. You are a really sick and wrong individual, Scrapiron. The world would be a much better place without you. I may not believe in the same Baptist/Pentacostal/Methodist/Catholic/Mormon god that you believe in, Mr. Scrapiron, but I do believe in the universal force of Karma. The fact that you could say those things about another person is pretty damning on your own soul.

There's really nothing else to write...you should probably visit your doctor and get a cancer screening, diabetes, etc. because you are at odds with the force that guides us, saying those fucked up things you said.

We love you Senator Obama a... (Below threshold)

We love you Senator Obama and we wish your grandmother well. I know how much your family means to you, and family does indeed come first.

Maybe by the time you get b... (Below threshold)
Michele Bachman:

Maybe by the time you get back, the Palin's will have successfully convinced Alaska to seceed from the US and take her sorry ass with them. John McCarthy...McCain...or whatever the f*ck his name is will reveal more about his ties to Libby and Keating while you are away, and steal away all the retirement of all the plumbers of the US.

Scrappy:NOT classy... (Below threshold)


NOT classy.

NOT helpful.

NOT welcome.

Mind your manners.


Wow. It's a tough call for ... (Below threshold)

Wow. It's a tough call for the dumbest comment here, but I'm going to give the nod to Michele Bachman over Scrapiron.

It was neck and neck right up to the finish, though.


Holy moly, the politicizati... (Below threshold)

Holy moly, the politicization of this thread is sickening. "Best wishes to gran" or "I'm no fan of the guy but I hope his grandma is alright" are the decent, civilized things to say. Classy people like Tom Blogical and Clint and JLawson understand that. Then there's Scrapiron and this Michele Bachman idiot who want to throw feces at one another. It's nice to imagine that after the election all the insects will crawl back under the floorboards, but unfortunately that is not likely to happen.

Hope his gran is ok. On th... (Below threshold)

Hope his gran is ok. On the other hand, O might have watched Johnny Fairplay on Survivor

I wish Obama grandmother im... (Below threshold)

I wish Obama grandmother improve health knowing her grandson coming to see her. That show strong family value that we all need to get back to, to restore our nation health, and economy.. God bless Obama and his grandmother for reminding us who we are. Thankyou..

I wish his granma well. he ... (Below threshold)

I wish his granma well. he is a nice kind and respectful man,they raised a fine young man.

While in Hawaii, he might s... (Below threshold)
TN Traveler:

While in Hawaii, he might spend some time to pick up a certified birth certificate to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

God Speed Typical White Lad... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

God Speed Typical White Lady

Obama didn't visit his own ... (Below threshold)

Obama didn't visit his own mother when she was dying of cancer, because he was too busy with his state Senate campaign. She died without ever seeing him.

He famously threw his grandmother under the bus and not only declared her a "typical white person" but described how she would say racist, hurtful things to him. This was so breathtakingly disrespectful and shameful I still think about it sometimes. All that this woman did for him, and he uses her as a campaign prop?

Now she might be dying, and God bless her and everything she tried to do. But Obama has shown time and time again that he uses the people around him for whatever they're worth, and discards them if they hurt him politically.

I pray for Ms. Dunham, but I certainly have no respect for Obama. He has shown us his character. This is not a good man or a respectful grandson. Whatever he's doing, I suspect it doesn't have anything to do with the woman who sacrificed so much to raise him.

Evidently some focus group ... (Below threshold)

Evidently some focus group decided this would be good PR. Hussein is interested in Hussein, not his racist, typical white grandmother.

Obama's grandmother is sick... (Below threshold)

Obama's grandmother is sick and I wish her well.

However, I am suspicious of the timing of all of this. Obama has two lawsuits pending regarding his birth certificate and Hawaii is where the documents are supposed to be.

1. This is an update on the original lawsuit filed by Berg in Philadelphia, PA. Obama's lawyers have not responded, so they are legally admitting to the charges. Why go through all of this, pay lawyers thousands of dollars to deal with it, and have people talking all about it over the internet?


2. This second lawsuit, which I just heard about is going on in Hawaii. What gets my attention here is that it looks like the state of Hawaii does have birth information on Obama, but Obama is blocking its release. Why?


I do wish his grandmother well, but the timing of all of this is very, very suspicious. It looks like what everyone wants is in Hawaii and this is where Obama is headed.

That is very sad. I lost my... (Below threshold)

That is very sad. I lost my mother last month and it is tough to have a sick loved one. I may not want him to be President, but I wish Obama the best and his grandmother a speedy recovery.

You guys need to drop this "Obama isn't a citizen" conspiracy theory, it's crazy and it makes you look desperate. Obama has released his birth certificate several times, and many independent sources have verified the details of his birth. Grats on being the Andrew Sullivans of the Right.

I find it amazing that obom... (Below threshold)

I find it amazing that obomba leaves the campaign to see his ailing grandmother (I wish her well), and all the nation is sending sympathies.
McCain stops campaigning to attend to the financial disaster affecting our country , and is ridiculed for it. WTF ?

We shouldn't be surprised b... (Below threshold)

We shouldn't be surprised by scrapirons hate or wizbangs tacit approval of it. He's shown us his bigotry many times and, at best, gets a token slap on the wrist for it, just like what Jay did here. The fact that he's not banned makes it obvious to me that the powers-that-be at wizbang agree with him. He just says the things that Kevin, Jay and the rest believe, but don't have the balls to say themselves.

Wizbangblog. Like school in summertime.
No class.

Um, because that was politi... (Below threshold)

Um, because that was political theatre and this is fulfilling a familial obligation, Chuck.

Max, you are plain nuts.</p... (Below threshold)

Max, you are plain nuts.

Hyper, come on. Do you really believe that? Gosh, you people in canada are naive.

Obama does what is best for Obama at this stage. Either party would do whatever to benefit the compaign. There is something else going on here. I am not really sure his grandmother is gravely ill. If she is, I wish her well, but I have to hear about it from a relable source. Obama is neither. ww

And Scrapiron gets 16 posit... (Below threshold)

And Scrapiron gets 16 positive votes. (Yeah, I know, it's all those libruls deleting their cookies to pump him up.)

Well, Willie, then luckily ... (Below threshold)

Well, Willie, then luckily for Obama that in this case, doing the right thing happens to coincide with doing the right thing for his campaign. As he didn't bring a gaggle of reporters, one might charitably assume that his grandmother is actually ill--though you've never made any pretense towards being intellectually charitable.

But you're right, regardless of whether it's his intention this will be good for his campaign. The more attention the media gives to McCain, the more people dislike what he has to say about anything and everything.

Obama is "neither"? Neither what? A reliable source, or...? (It's a negative conjunct, you need another object to complete the thought.)

Props to the Wizbang cons f... (Below threshold)

Props to the Wizbang cons for tarring and feathering scrapiron.

Hyper, he is neither reliab... (Below threshold)

Hyper, he is neither reliable or a source of information.

If his grandmother (the racist) is gravely ill, why take a couple days to get there? HMM?

If my grandmother or mother was gravely ill, I am there. ASAP.

I would say your man is making stuff up, but since you are canadian, you do not have a dog in the hunt, unless ACORN registered you. ww

I am not really sure his... (Below threshold)

I am not really sure his grandmother is gravely ill. If she is, I wish her well, but I have to hear about it from a relable source.

Maybe you can send Malkin to stake out her hospital.

I thought if someone joined... (Below threshold)

I thought if someone joined the Socialist New Party that made him,Obama, at the least, a Socialist. I thought if someone continually associated with unrepentant domestic terrorists Ayres and Dorn (don't give me that "just some guy in my neighborhood garbage" - Michelle even worked with Dorn at a law firm but because Dorn is a convicted felon she couldn't be an attorney only a clerk), anti-American white hating pastors, and had radical mentors such as anti-American activist Saul Alinsky and Communist Frank Marshall Davis (spent hours of time with him growing up in Hawaii) and had loads of business deals with felon (in jail singing his head off as we speak)Syrian Tony Rezko, and worked for and donated to ACORN, that maybe there is a major question on Obama's patriotism and IF Granny is really that sick after her hip surgery then maybe he should be visiting her today and not waiting until Thurs-Fri... Is there anything truthful about this guy, or is it all a sham???

It's pretty much all a care... (Below threshold)

It's pretty much all a carefully calculated facade, I'd say...

I wish her the best.<... (Below threshold)

I wish her the best.

Wonder how she feels about her grandson throwing her under the bus, calling her a "typical white person?" I'm sure she'll forgive him, and that he'll think nothing of it.

She's white after all. An ice person.

Um, because that w... (Below threshold)
Um, because that was political theatre and this is fulfilling a familial obligation, Chuck.

Um, still have the deed for that bridge?

Maybe you can send... (Below threshold)
Maybe you can send Malkin to stake out her hospital.

You strike me as an Andrew Sullivan reader. How's the search for Trig's birth certificate going?






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