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Obama Campaign Denies Obama Wrote a Promotional Blurb for Ayers' Book

The Obama campaign may want to rethink that denial:


It would be nice if the media actually did its job and reported on the Obama campaign's lies but they just wag their tails, pant, and beg The One for more.

Read all about the story at Zomblog.

Hat tip: Hot Air


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So do what I do - bypass th... (Below threshold)

So do what I do - bypass the MSM, send this link to 7 of your friends and ask them to send it to 7 of their friends. I call it the Power of Seven. Don't be discouraged, don't watch the polls. Spread the word, share information.

Ayers!!!ACORN!!Wright!Socia... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Ayers!!!ACORN!!Wright!Socialis . . . iz . . . izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmm.

Why does this not suprise m... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Why does this not suprise me? The Obama campaign is making Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe.

It's been non-stop lies with these idiots since day one!

Ain't gonna happen.<p... (Below threshold)
Michelle's American White Racist:

Ain't gonna happen.

The Chicago Way is that you deny until someone else grabs a bigger bullhorn than you have.

They can also play out the clock.

The Ayers issue is dead. Ca... (Below threshold)

The Ayers issue is dead. Can't you see that the country has heard about it, thought about it, and rejected it as anything significant.

Time to move on. Haven't you gotten the "he's a socialist=communist" meme?

groucho: Ayers is part of ... (Below threshold)

groucho: Ayers is part of the "he's a socialist" meme. So is Wright. So is Frank Marshall Davis. So is nearly everyone that Obama has associated with over the course of his life.

And thus far, the country hasn't heard much on Ayers except denials from Obama and dismissive reports on page A-23 of whatever local rag is in their town.

"This is not the blurb I kn... (Below threshold)

"This is not the blurb I knew." -B. Obama

Out here in flyover country... (Below threshold)

Out here in flyover country a lot of people are just now hearing about the Marxist statement Hussein O made in his reply to 'Joe the Plumber' and they are not pleased. Lame stream Media tried to bury it so deep it wouldn't be dug up until 2050 but the Web has short circuited them. If the Lame Stream Media would wake up and look around they would see they will be the first victim of socialism. Only the releases by the 'one' will go to the public. 99% of the media will be out of a job. It won't bother me but their families may get hungry on the salary they will get at McDonalds. Maybe Michelle O will share some of her $467 afternoon snack with them, but then looking at her there would be nothing left from a hundred pound sack of horse feed.

"Time to move on. Haven't y... (Below threshold)

"Time to move on. Haven't you gotten the "he's a socialist=communist" meme?"

groucho, we know all Obama wants to do is "socialize" and "share the wealth". No voter fraud connected with community organizing to be concerned about, no deception or crisis strategy here, either. Nothing to see, just move along.

So he and Ayers served on t... (Below threshold)

So he and Ayers served on two different boards together over the course of years; the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. They had offices in the same building. Ayers hosted a political party for Obama at his home. Obama even moved to Ayers' neighborhood and wrote a critique on Ayers' book.

But Ayers is just a guy he knows who lives in his neighborhood and whose kids, in their late 20s and early 30s, went to school with Obama's elementary school age children.

Got it.

I got a mail-out from the F... (Below threshold)

I got a mail-out from the Florida Democratic Party today warning me about McCain's Lies! about Obama.

One part says:

MCCAIN CLAIM: Senator Obama's political career was launched at a fundraiser at Bill Ayers' home.

FACT: Barack Obama began his political career at this Ramada Inn [picture inserted] - not at Bill Ayers' home. [New Yorker, 7/21/08]

He didn't deny the fundraiser at Ayers' home. He only disputed where his career began.

Another part disputes McCain/Palin assertions that he "palled around" with Ayers saying there is "no evidence of any relationship". How do they dispute it?

They cite AP saying Obama was a child when Ayers bombed stuff.

They cite CNN saying there's no indication they're "now" palling around.

And they cite Time saying Ayers and Dohrn are "despicable", but making an issue of Obama's relationship with them is absurd.

I swear, I'm not making this up.

Ayers!!!ACORN!!Wri... (Below threshold)
Ayers!!!ACORN!!Wright!Socialis . . . iz . . . izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmm.

Plumbing license! Tanning bed! Keating! Can't send e-m... ailzzzzzzzz.

Does the term beating a dea... (Below threshold)

Does the term beating a dead horse mean anything to you? Here's a link if you want to check it out.


Maybe the MSM isn't doing a story on this because there is no "there" there. The Righties have been screaming about this stuff for months and we get it, it's just not a deal breaker with most people. The middle class needs help in a bad way and they'll gravitate towards the party that meets there needs every time. The need for help outweighs the risk of some obscure guilt by association political play in many Americans minds.

We're fully aware that all the usual suspects will be crowing about this until election day. To bad their audience is shrinking.

Does the term beat... (Below threshold)
Does the term beating a dead horse mean anything to you?

Ask Andrew Sullivan.

You actually provided a Wikipedia link to "beating a dead horse." Did you look up "the" too?






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