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Ads Voters Need to See

I have been talking to friends who don't generally follow politics, but do vote and are just now starting to pay attention. None of those I talked to knew about the role of Democrats in Congress in the current economic crisis. They did not know that John McCain had warned of problems at Fannie/Freddie in 2005 or that he co-sponsored legislation to address them. They did not know that Obama tried to convince the Iraqis to delay troop withdrawal negotiations until after the election. They did not know that Sarah Palin had served on the Oil & Gas regulatory commission and that she resigned in protest to corruption she saw there, even though it was done at a steep cost to her family income. They did not know that Palin had already, in less than two years as governor, returned tax money to Alaskans. No one I talked to knew that Joe Biden had said Obama was not qualified to be President. And on and on and on. There is a lot of information out there that would help John McCain, but most voters don't know about it. Here in NC I see about four times as many Obama ads as McCain ones.

Below are some ads that I would like to see on television. These groups need help to get these ads on the air so if you are able to help, click on their websites. If you are not able to send money, pass the ads along to everyone you know on your email list so that as many people as possible see them. Ace has some excellent advice for those who want to encourage the McCain campaign and other groups to run specific ads, and he adds that they should not be running so many on Fox anymore, but rather on other networks because most of the people who watch Fox know who they are voting for. I agree. We still have to encourage our base to get out and vote, but the people we need to sway are those who are just now starting to pay attention and have not yet made up their minds.

Here are some ads you can support by contributing money or by sharing with all those on your email list:

Our Country Deserves Better ads. This group has produced a number of good ads, with some tailored to specific states.

Let Freedom Ring
at Never Find Out.org:

Here is a tax ad from the same organization.

Move America Forward Freedom PAC ad: About Barack Obama's attempt to convince Iraqi foreign minister to delay troop withdrawal negotiations. Link to Move America Forward Freedom PAC website.

This is one of my favorite ads from the McCain campaign -- unfortunately I am not seeing it here in NC:

This is a web ad that Five Feet of Fury and TNOYF made:


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Here is a youtube video wit... (Below threshold)

Here is a youtube video with a perspective on Obama that may cause an uproar with the left. It's not an ad, so sorry about the O/T, but I believe it's important:


"Sarah's a Fighter" - Sarah... (Below threshold)

"Sarah's a Fighter" - Sarah Palin TV Ad going National:

From: Sal RussoOu... (Below threshold)

From: Sal Russo

Our Country Deserves Better PAC





I am so pleased to report to pass on to you the good news that after the Our Country Deserves Better Committee unleashed our $100,000 anti-Obama ad blitz, and "Stop Obama Tour" throughout the state of Nevada, new polls out show Obama's poll numbers plunging, and McCain's rising.

And now, as of 9:28PM Central Time we can report to you that the brand new Politico/InsiderAdvantage poll has McCain now tied with Obama - 47% to 47%.







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