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Joe Biden's Gift -- Reminding Voters of the Terrorist Threat

I was offline yesterday, and was really surprised last night to read of Joe Biden's comment about Obama's election inviting a generated international crisis. What was really weird is that yesterday I mentioned to someone that if Obama is elected there will likely be a terrorist attack because our enemies will want to test him. I then said it is too bad that McCain can't say that because he would be accused of fear mongering. I guess he can say it now, since Joe Biden has. I can imagine an easy ad using the audio of Biden's comment and then the line "John McCain has already been tested and America's enemies have no question about where he stands on the issue of terrorism and national defense." Period. That says it all.

On September 12, 2001, if George Bush told Americans that he could guarantee there would be no additional terrorist attacks on US soil, no one would have believed him. Of course he couldn't promise that. That we have not had additional attacks is no accident. I doubt many Americans have even considered the fact that Obama opposes so many of the tools and tactics that the Bush administration has employed that have thwarted additional attacks. Joe Biden has given John McCain a perfect opening to remind voters of just that.


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Comments (12)

I was pretty thrilled with ... (Below threshold)

I was pretty thrilled with that statement myself. Let's not forget that Biden was the guy who said "Democrats have lost faith in the American people."


Maybe he's not so dumb.

One odd thing Biden appears... (Below threshold)

One odd thing Biden appears to try to accomplish, the perception the next attack will somehow personal about Obama. That Obama is being picked on. That it would be somehow an attack separate from an attack on America.

Its the height of arrogance and an attempt to exclude America from the right to have a say in the response.

As the vice-apologist for O... (Below threshold)

As the vice-apologist for Obama, Biden essentially implies, 'You may not initially like or understand his responses....' Very much similar to the 'God works in mysterious ways' meme. As lowly mortals we may not be able to appreciate his "decisons" in the greater scheme of the cosmos at the moment, but as time passes and we become enlightened we will begin to understand. And probably if we never do it will be out fault anyway. Trust in him. I think I am witnessing the blossoming of a new secular religion.

Every time I think of this ... (Below threshold)

Every time I think of this messiah crap, I'm reminded of Gagdad Bob's quote:

"And a man who is his own god has an idiot for a worshipper."

'You may not initially like... (Below threshold)

'You may not initially like or understand his responses....

I think this was directed to Liberals like code Pink. Guys we will use our Military and not give a crap about what the world says. Or we might have attack some country without them attacking us first. I know it will make Obama look like the Nazi war criminal Bush, but you have got to forget all the stuff we been telling you for the last 5 years Just remember Republican Bad Democrat Good. Drink your cool-aid before you leave.

hcddbz -"Guys w... (Below threshold)

hcddbz -

"Guys we will use our Military and not give a crap about what the world says."

I don't agree. Where the left seems to think that our first response is always a military threat (against poor, helpless, innocent dictators simply looking to pay a fair price to rent land ajacent to their own) the actuality is something else.

I DO believe that an Obama presidency will hamstring itself, rendering it more ineffective than the Carter administration did. That won't be good for the US or for the free world, but Putin and Chavez are gonna LOVE Obama!

Yes, but will Mr. Bipartisa... (Below threshold)

Yes, but will Mr. Bipartisan take advantage of the opportunity and I mean, in spades! He has missed so many chances so far one wonders whether he wants to win this thing or not. Screw the "undecided", brain-dead lot you're so concerned about not offending, John. It will be conservatives who elect you, both repub and dem, not those who still haven't made up their very questionable minds.

When the test comes the fir... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

When the test comes the first action of Obama's supporters will be to cry racism as if the despot instigating the test gives a flying rat's ass.

We can't know what the test will be or what the ultimate right answer is, but given the left's fervent anti-war protests during the Bush administration, the military option is off the table. The left in general and Obama in particular has no moral authority to send anyone into harms way.

If Russia takes back a few former soviet nations, well the world will just have to live with it. If China threatens to take back Taiwan all the U.S. can do is try to get the best deal for the people of Taiwan. If Israel and Iran go to war and Iran blocks the strait of hormuz Americans will just have to pay $20 a gallon for gas and burn wood or coal to heat their homes. After all, the electorate wanted change and they weren't too particular about what that change would be.

I think hsddbz (comment #5)... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I think hsddbz (comment #5) is exactly right about what Biden was trying to say without actually saying.

Obama may actually do the right thing like Bush has been doing all along and that will piss off Obama's anti-vicory in Iraq supporters.

History has shown that in t... (Below threshold)

History has shown that in the most liberal peace loving candidates wage war.

Woodrow Wilson brought USA into WW1

FDR was elected as the man that would keep the USA out of the war in Europe (see how well that worked)

JFK used the CIA in Vietnam and when that did not work he sent in the Military and the Johnson did what? Increased it to record levels.

Carter was whip and Obama seems to be surrounding himself with those rejects so it will be interesting to see. Bidden referenced JFK not Carter. So will Obama standup like old time Democrats or will he be like Ted Kennedy and Carter.
Or hill he allow Old Soviet expansion because he like Marxism.

Pass the Mylanta; Biden is ... (Below threshold)

Pass the Mylanta; Biden is a moron: http://theseedsof9-11.com

What happens to Bidens Sena... (Below threshold)

What happens to Bidens Senate seat if Obama /Biden wins? He's way ahead in the polls. Does the Gov chose the next senator even though the term limit is up on her?






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