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A Boy Named Hsu & Small Donors Concealment

The Washington Post posits that Big Donors Drive Obama's Money Edge. But the concern is not about the 'big donors' but rather about the Obama campaign's shady concealment of its 'small donors' list.

Case in point: A boy named Hsu, who was arrested for filtering hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally to the Hillary Clinton campaign through hundreds of 'small donors' to whom he provided the money to contribute in their own names, most of them poor Chinese residents (legal or illegal) of New York City's Chinatown. You know Norman Hsu.

This is why Obama's concealment of his campaign's thousands and thousands of small donors is disconcerting. Are they laundering points for illegal donations from larger donors or foreign directly to the campaign?

It's not as if there is no precedent for such a concern. McCain's entire list is published for scrutiny.


  • 'Chinese' is codeword for: Chinese.

  • 'Concealment' is codeword for: Concealment.

  • 'Illegal' is codeword for: Illegal.

Just to be clear.


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Comments (22)

You should call it a 'Secre... (Below threshold)

You should call it a 'Secret Codeword Disclosure'. Please be advised the following subliminal Secret Codewords are contained in this blog entry. You are further advised that your response to this blog entry may cause you to feel humiliated, embarrassed and shameful due to such Codewords. You've been told.

I agree. Steve, you will no... (Below threshold)

I agree. Steve, you will now officially be called a racist.

Seriously, if Obama wins, can you imagine all the potential campaign contribution fraud and law breaking that will be revealed. I would recommend impeachment. ww

I am laughing and admiring ... (Below threshold)

I am laughing and admiring the code word disclaimer thing Steve. I would really love to see it catch on with others all across the internet so that we might see the preemptive defusing of such phony accusations.

I would be delighted to watch the air slowly leaking from "racist" balloons that, up to now, have been constantly launched at us in hope of intimidating a shut down of our non-racist voices.

Keep up the good work. I read everything you write.

I agree with Willie. <br /... (Below threshold)

I agree with Willie.
Is there anyway to scrub enough info, so this guy doesn't get impeached?
I have never seen anything like this.
But none of it surprises me anymore.
Obama calls for investigation of McCain campaign regarding ACORN....?
I suppose the FEC will be going after him next....

Secret Codeword Disclaimer.... (Below threshold)
Bill S:

Secret Codeword Disclaimer...funny stuff if it wasn't so true.I cringe at the thought of the Obama, shudder, presidency and the use of the Justice Departments Civil Rights Division to prosecute unconscious racism and the application of 'codeword' bigotry. Hate crime legislation, Obama-style.

of dollars illegally to the... (Below threshold)

of dollars illegally to the Hillary Clinton

. of course not

Gotta lotta lovin' for thos... (Below threshold)

Gotta lotta lovin' for those codewords!

nick - What, you didn't rea... (Below threshold)

nick - What, you didn't read the link attached to the words "most of them poor Chinese residents?"

. of course not.

And of course after you read it you can explain, if you can, why Hillary "returned $7,000 in contributions" if they weren't at minimum improper or at worst illegal.

But I suspect you won't do THAT either. Much easier to helo in, drop your little turd of wisdom, and helicopter out isn't it?

Big difference between Hsu'... (Below threshold)
Richard R:

Big difference between Hsu's money and this campaign. Hsu had to use real people, because the money was going into the Clinton campaign in the form of checks. Obama's benefactors are contributing online, using pre-paid (non-traceable, purchased in bulk) credit cards. There isn't a real person listed. As long as it's a real sounding name and address, taken at random from mailing lists, nobody looks any further.

The only way to trace it is to start tracing down those $100 contributions to the real person. Some are real, a lot aren't. But there's no way to prove who made the fake donations, and no way to remove Obama from office once the size of the fraud is found.

Great post. I appr... (Below threshold)

Great post.

I appreciate the explanation regarding how to decipher the Codewords you employ.

But, it makes me wonder, are you using any Double Secret Codewords ?

Thanks much, MichaelC. </p... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Thanks much, MichaelC.

In fact, a debt of gratitude to all Wizbang readers and commenters.

I will confess that the chore is to have fun while working at communicating issues and situations that are anything but fun or funny. but they so hate being laughed at. So, endeavor to laugh at them we must.

Cheers, all.

Shhhh!Quiet, JohnG... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:


Quiet, JohnG...

It's not as if there is ... (Below threshold)

It's not as if there is no precedent for such a concern. McCain's entire list is published for scrutiny.

Well color me confused. Open secrets puts Sen. McCain at 87.5% full disclosure in his campaign finance reports, while they place Sen. Obama at 92.4%. What am I missing?

'Chinese' is codeword fo... (Below threshold)

'Chinese' is codeword for: Chinese.

'Concealment' is codeword for: Concealment.

'Illegal' is codeword for: Illegal.

Thank you for the clarification!

I was so confused.

Geez, I thought it all meant "racist."

parthenon- "Well color ... (Below threshold)

parthenon- "Well color me confused."

OK, you're confused:

"Last June, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, along with seven other watchdog groups, requested that the McCain and Obama campaigns release more information about these small donors. The McCain campaign made some improvements to a database on its website, but the Obama campaign never responded to the request."

Or willfully ignorant.

for you lying mother fuckin... (Below threshold)

for you lying mother fucking shits
a turd is all you deserve

you provide NO proof.

nick - Why am I not surpris... (Below threshold)

nick - Why am I not surprised your answer to "why Hillary returned $7,000 in contributions" came straight out of a fifth grade playground playbook.

"nick" is codeword for douc... (Below threshold)
Codeword: Racist:

"nick" is codeword for douchebag

Codeword: Racist... And USD... (Below threshold)

Codeword: Racist... And USDA Prime Choice AHole.

And it goes without saying he has taken to heart The Messiah's call to argue and "get in their faces."

Obama campaign returned mor... (Below threshold)

Obama campaign returned more contribuions
than clinton
thus your statment was meaningless

Well, nick, all you have to... (Below threshold)

Well, nick, all you have to do is look it up. For some peculiar reason, Hillary saw fit to donate (some of the) unsatisfactorily vetted Hsu's contributions to charity:


Will just leave the current filing on the back-burner for now.

Ex-Democratic fundraiser Hsu ran Ponzi scheme, SEC suit says


I think a bigger concern mi... (Below threshold)

I think a bigger concern might be Crazy Ahmed's contributions than Hsu's:

"There is enormous amount of money being secreted into the Obama campaign from foreign sources. It is fairly safe to say these countries will be richly rewarded - Kenya, Indonesia but most of all - Obama will drop a load on the UN. Fosho."







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