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Life in Florida XIII

More news from around The Sunshine State

Stop the Presses. Palm Beach Post newspaper to be printed by rival Sun-Sentinel.

Right Guard. School locked down after man steals deoderant from grocery store.

The Florida Chainsaw Massacre. 88-year-old tree to be cut down in Coral Gables.

No Free lunch. Woman goes to jail for $7.45 Waffle House bill.

Stop the Presses II. Palm Beach Post takes back endorsement of Tim Mahoney.

Sky diving South Florida style. Elderly couple drive off 2nd floor of parking garage.

A token of his gratitude. Man exposes himself to toll collector.

Too much time in the sun. Floridians stand in line over three hours in order to vote early.

About time. 23-year-old gets first ever hair cut.

We have a winner. Contested judge race declared over almost two months after the election.

Do Wizbang readers agree? Florida earns title of 'Weird News Central'.

Hat tip- South Florida Daily Blog


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Comments (2)

That trees jes a yungun. N... (Below threshold)

That trees jes a yungun. No gud fer loggin, cut 'er down n make way fer some real lumber. Or wait fer the next hurricaine to blow it over.

There is a reason why Flori... (Below threshold)

There is a reason why Florida has its own Fark category. I love the state, though, and were it up to me I'd move down there in a heartbeat. West Palm Beach, or Dania Beach, but I'll take Pompano, too.






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