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Obama's Newest Association Revelation

You must read Andy McCarthy's piece at National Review. He writes about Obama's most recent communist eruption. Of course you won't hear anything about Obama's association with Michael Klonsky, a committed communist, anywhere in the mainstream media. Here's a portion:

Here's what you need to know. Klonsky is an unabashed communist whose current mission is to spread Marxist ideology in the American classroom. Obama funded him to the tune of nearly $2 million. Obama, moreover, gave Klonsky a broad platform to broadcast his ideas: a "social justice" blog on the official Obama campaign website...

Klonsky's communist pedigree could not be clearer. His father, Robert Klonsky, was an American communist who was convicted in the mid-Fifties for advocating the forcible overthrow of the United States government -- a violation of the Smith Act, anti-communist legislation ultimately gutted by the Supreme Court. In the Sixties, Klonsky the younger teamed with Ayers, Dohrn, and other young radicals to form the Students for a Democratic Society. It was out of the SDS that Ayers and Dohrn helped found the Weatherman terrorist group.

Klonsky took a different path, albeit one that led inexorably to a new partnership with Ayers, which Obama mightily helped underwrite. Upon splitting off from the SDS, Klonsky formed a Maoist organization, first known as the "October League," which ultimately became the "Communist Party (Marxist Leninist)."

Klonsky was CP(ML)'s chairman. He was so highly thought of by Mao's regime that he was among the first Americans invited to visit Communist China. When he was feted there in 1977, a year after Mao's death, the communist leadership hailed Klonsky's party as "reflecting the aspirations of the proletariat and working people."

Klonsky was a regular guest of the Chicoms until 1981, when the relationship soured over the post-Mao leadership's free-market reforms. (Yes, Klonsky is apparently more committed to communism than China's own Communist Party.) So what was a Leftist radical without platform to do? Why, what else? He became an American college professor specializing in education.

Read all of it. If you care about America at all, it will terrify you that Barack Obama could win the election, which would mean Klonsky and Ayers would have a friend in the White House. Afterall, they had a friend in Obama who served on the various boards with Ayers. Obama, as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Joyce and the Woods Foundations, awarded Klonsky and Ayers' Small School Workshop almost $2 million in grants for the purpose of indoctrinating children with communist propaganda.


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This is why American conser... (Below threshold)

This is why American conservatives are so wary of our nation's education system.

THIS NEEDS TO GET OUT ! <... (Below threshold)


Nothing sticks on Obama, th... (Below threshold)

Nothing sticks on Obama, the more we throw the less it sticks, it's like white noise to Liberals. It makes Conservatives more depressed and edgy, poll-watching and nail-biting. But it doesn't stick.

You're willing to believe t... (Below threshold)

You're willing to believe the rantings of a known anti-semite paranoiac liar, eh Kim?

He prepared to run as a Democrat for Congress in Connecticut, where paperwork for one of his campaign committees listed as one purpose "to exterminate Jew power." He ran as a Republican for the Florida State Senate and the United States Senate in Illinois. When running for president in 1999, he aired a television advertisement in New Hampshire that accused George W. Bush of using cocaine.

I suppose you're also a big fan of Philip Berg, the troother who claims Obama's not a citizen.

Ah, anti-semites and troothers, the new Republican party. Have fun in the wilderness, idiots.

As you all surely know by n... (Below threshold)

As you all surely know by now, Verum Serum recently presented evidence that Obama and William Ayres shared an office at 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago for several years. Their stationery and literature show their businesses occupied the entire third floor.


Further down in that post is evidence that Mike Klonsky and his Small Schools Workshop also was located on the third floor along with Obama and Ayres. This is a very tight group, isn't it?

<a href="http://www.chicago... (Below threshold)
Mantis, You loons on... (Below threshold)

You loons on the left are predictable. Change the subject with something that has nothing to do with the story. Then the ad hominem attacks on the messenger.

The Truth About Barack Huss... (Below threshold)

The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama

Not just associations, partnerships:


mantis:What are yo... (Below threshold)


What are you talking about? I don't see Andy Martin referenced in any of the links Kim provided. And what you link to is entirely different than the topic.

You seem to be the only one referencing Andy Martin. And, none of the Wizbang authors here (at least not that I know of) believe in the "Obama's not a US citizen" crap, and I don't either.

Please help me understand where you're coming from.

You are definitely slipping... (Below threshold)

You are definitely slipping Mantis...perhaps you are not getting enough sleep. The name Andrew is shared by this man to whom you cagily direct us and the author of the article brought to our attention by Kim, but other than that he has nothing to do with the concrete evidence piling up and creating a vivid picture for anyone with the eyes and the will to observe.

This non-vetting of a presidential candidate by the MSM is without precedent and bodes dark days ahead should Obama be elected. This stuff is not going away and I think it is clear in the midst of all that is coming to light among those willing to keep their eyes and minds open, there are definitely impeachable offenses. A lot of lying, a lot of absolutely unacceptable liaisons and behavior for one who aspires to Commander in Chief.

The only reason -- I repeat... (Below threshold)

The only reason -- I repeat, THE ONLY REASON -- Americans are skeptical that the communists are, once again, trying to take over America, is because we have been taught to be skeptical.

I mean, this kind of thing only happens in films, right? John McClane (I mean McCain) versus the Russians? It's right out of an 80's movie!

A group of philosophies, collectively known as Postmodernism, has one unifying theme: denial of metanarrative. That means the postmodern person is instantly skeptical of any description of the real world that sounds like a story. Communists trying to take over America? Why, the abuse of authority in the McCarthy era disproved that, didn't it?

Ironically, the rebirth of the myth in popular culture, which was started by Star Wars, has made everything mythic seem false. No such thing as just war, no such thing as slavery under The Party, no such thing, no such thing.

Well it was said a long tim... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Well it was said a long time ago that a society eventually gets the government they deserve. It is beginning to look like they just might be getting their due very soon now.

More guilt by partner... (Below threshold)

More guilt by partnerships. Much worse than communism. Listen to what he says about Momar Khadafi about eight minutes into the clip:


More "association". Khadafi has an interesting endorsement for Obama. Listen also to what he says about Kennedy:


"Please help me understa... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Please help me understand where you're coming from."

Mantis has a long history of reacting like either a child or a complete moron whenever the "C-word" comes up on this blog. It's like an obcession with him to do anything to obscure these truths.

Obama, Ayers, Rev Wright, a... (Below threshold)

Obama, Ayers, Rev Wright, and Klonsky all used Annenburg's money to promote their socialist ideas under the cover of education. This is similar to terrorists in Iraq hiding out in schools and hospitals to avoid the troops.

They funded several of these educational outside support groups .. not the schools themselves....with loads of money from TV Guide magnate Annenberg - $500 million. There was no accountability for performance, there were conflicts of interest. They were setting these education programs up like McDonald's franchises.
Guess who Obama funded first? Ayers educational program - Peace School!!! He also funded Klonsky's education group - Small Schools Project and Rev Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ.

Obama was Chairman of the Annenburg Challenge that funded these projects with Ayers on the board! This is a crazy conflict of interest and he should be smart enough to know better. This is a blatant example of arrogance and he is not fit to be our president.

This Klonsky guy has his own blog site that is a virtual Obama love fest. Read some it's a virtual Obama lovefest.


The Obama campaign yanked his blog off their campaign web site. He was actively bloging there. Check out the screen shot. Sorry can't do 2 url links.


So my curiosity got the better of me to just verify this so I go to the Obama website and sure enough nothing is there for Mike KIonsky. But I did a search on the site and you can too.

Type Klonsky and hit enter. Guess what? Joanna Klonsky has several articles.

Guess who Joanna is? You guessed it Mike Klonsky's daughter.

Excerpts from Klonsky's blog:

Joanna Klonsky works with What Kids Can Do and wrote this piece, "Youth United for Change takes on Philadelphia's public schools," on how an organization of neighborhood youth led the way in creating small schools at Kensington High School.

She works for an educational program in Philadelphia and lives in Chicago. Wow!

What else does she do? She works for the Council on Foreign Relations as a writer that is responsible for several political articles.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a non partisan organization?? Really??

No wonder the Obama campaign is covering it up these relationships. I hope someone will find the smoking gun before its too late.

This is scary stuff folks. I urge you to inform others.

D'oh, egg on my face. I sw... (Below threshold)

D'oh, egg on my face. I swear I saw Andy Martin and not Andy McCarthy. Martin has been featured on Hannity and plenty of righty blogs, and I just thought it was another of his rantings. As far as McCarthy goes, it seems I was unwittingly telling the future, sort of, as he has now latched onto the absurd Berg story (with an assist from batshit crazy Pam Gellers).

Apologies for jumping the gun on my own quick misreading (and not following the link). I do feel dumb now.

But, I'm sure the Klonsky association will take Obama down any day now.

Obama and his team are lase... (Below threshold)

Obama and his team are laser-focused on children. For example, Obama's official site has now a section that explictly targets kids age 12 and under, urging them to ask their parents and grandparents to vote for him. The same age group is protected by regulations even when it comes to marketing of products like candies and cereal.


I have to take issue with t... (Below threshold)

I have to take issue with this guilt-by-association tactic you all are taking. The reason the MSM hasn't taken up the Klonsky issue is because there are no hard facts behind the story. McCarthy's piece is riddled with falsehoods. He even attributes a long quote to Klonsky that a simple Google search shows was actually written by a reporter for the Nation magazine. Don't they have fact and quote checkers over at the National Review? Doesn't this kind of stuff call into question the whole Klonsky-Obama question? It does for me, anyway.

Actually the Small Schools ... (Below threshold)

Actually the Small Schools Workshop was on the first floor at Sangamon. Problem is, Obama was never there and Ayers office was miles away. You skinheads are so full of crap your eyes are brown. Do your homework. Then maybe someone will listen to you. You've destroyed the Republican Party and handed the election to Obama. Nice.

You are all morons. When Ob... (Below threshold)

You are all morons. When Obama wins I am sure that this website will be going on the same path as the Nazi's arrested yesterday. Hopefully you all open your eyes and realize that people like Obama, Ayers and Klonsky want nothing more than to provide children with safe and appropriate educations. And you all criticize them for wanting to put money into education rather than wars.






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