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Fairness Doctoring

The assault on Free Speech is relentless, as if free political speech were not an express part of our Constitution. There's a reason it's the First Amendment, after all. But no matter. But for all the iniquities of the "Fairness" Doctrine, the second most egregious - after of course the concept of limiting free speech - is the plain fact that it will be applied only to talk radio in a brazen effort to silence conservatives and their conservative-dominated venues. The rest of the media available for public consumption have free reign to prosecute the same assault on conservatives as the Fairness Doctrine.

Media coverage of John McCain has been heavily unfavorable since the political conventions, more than three times as negative as the portrayal of Barack Obama, a new study says.

Fifty-seven percent of the print and broadcast stories about the Republican nominee were decidedly negative, the Project for Excellence in Journalism says in a report out today, while 14 percent were positive. The McCain campaign has repeatedly complained that the mainstream media are biased toward the senator from Illinois.

Obama's coverage was more balanced during the six-week period from Sept. 8 through last Thursday, with 36 percent of the stories clearly positive, 35 percent neutral or mixed and 29 percent negative.

McCain has struggled during this period and slipped in the polls, which is one of the reasons for the more negative assessments by the 48 news outlets studied by the Washington-based group. But the imbalance is striking nonetheless.

That story, within the context of the professed need for the Fairness Doctrine, has been burning me up since yesterday.

Fairness is not expressed in the doctrine. It's more akin to Fairness Doctoring - not unlike the "impartial" and "objective" manner in which the rest of American media cover the battlefield of ideas.

More later, either in link or original writing. Right now, I am beyond angry, which is not a productive state to write in.


  • 'Conservative' is codeword for: Conservative
  • 'Doctoring' is codeword for: Doctoring
  • 'Fairness' is codeword for: Assisting Liberals Where They Suck


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Comments (7)

This "fairness" you're miss... (Below threshold)

This "fairness" you're missing is the kneejerk response, programmed into the wimpy MSM by a generation of neoconservatives, that, if you're going to report a weakness in one camp, you've got to report a weakness in the other. Bogus.

'Fairness' will depend on t... (Below threshold)

'Fairness' will depend on the definition that is supplied by an Obama-appointed Federal Judge.

Of course the definition of 'journalist' will also be redefined as 'certified' or 'licensed' to practice 'journalism'.

Clyde,The "wimpy" MS... (Below threshold)

The "wimpy" MSM by training is overwhelmingly liberal. Run by liberal agenda driven editorial boards and owners. By admission and polling journalist are 90% liberal leaning.

The unconstitutional nature... (Below threshold)

The unconstitutional nature of the fairness doctrine as well as its extremely selective and partisan targeting cannot be stated too often. Two points.

1-Rush is too big to hush. For a large number of radio stations, his show represents the largest chunk of ad monies they get. If the price of keeping him is programing 3 hours of some liberal whom few will listen to, many radio programmers begrudgingly do so. Hannity, with his TV exposure, might survive as well. Once this sinks in be prepared to start hearing about how the conservatives are getting the better time slots or are being promoted more actively. I would not be all that surprised to start hearing a line of argument that states that the Fairness Doctrine isn't being enforced unless the ratings for liberals match the ratings of conservatives--not just equal access but equal results.

2-The original Bill of Rights had 12 amendments not 10. However, the first 2 did not pass. Only numbers 3-12 did. So the 1st Amendment was originally the 3rd Amendment. Anyway, the order of the amendments is not an indication of their relative importance. If next month's election goes the way I fear it will, I'm likely to view the 21st amendment as the one I most treasure.

I'm certainly opposed to go... (Below threshold)

I'm certainly opposed to government imposed censorship standards of any type and I certainly hope that the U.S. Supreme Court has the wisdom to strike down any return to the Fairness Doctrine if there is ever really a serious attempt by congress to ever make it law again. I hope civil libertarians of all political ideologies will join in fighting any such standard. In my view, all legal constraints on freedom of speech including ideology, religion or obscenity, are all clearly unconstitutional constraints.

However, John McCain has suffered from another sort of problem. He was once the darling of the press that admired his war hero image as well as "maverick" reputation. But this current campaign has not highlighted that "John McCain", but all of the negatives of the bad side of "John McCain" including his temper, erratic personality, lapses of judgement and sometimes racist bent. By comparison Barack Obama has maintained a more calm and steady demeanor in the debates and interviews, only looking so much more presidential by comparison.

I'll admit that only a few years ago, I personally thought that John McCain might well make a pretty good president. But I haven't recently seen many good traits by McCain that seem very presidential to me. If McCain can't even manage his temper during just a debate, I'd fear his ability to handle a real crisis as president. The debates were like an audition or showcase and McCain simply came up short all three times in the minds of most voters who responded to polls. It's not only the baggage of George Bush that are hurting the Republican brand this year, but it's the failure of McCain to inspire voters anywhere near close to the way that Obama has inspired many of his own voters. McCain has simply become a largely ineffective candidate.

John McCain has been his own worst enemy during this current campaign, which he is now highly unlikely to win, and has only hurt his positive reputation during his last years in office. McCain likely will remain in the senate until 2010 and then announce his retirement, far short of his ambitions to close out his long 26 year career in Washington as president.

Paul,Please show M... (Below threshold)


Please show McCain's Racism.
I mean real instances not the use of CODEWORDS.

Show McCanins temper durring the debate.
I would like to see the world from your view point.

Hell, the fact that McCain ... (Below threshold)

Hell, the fact that McCain kept his cool on the View is proof enough that Hooson is once again pulling a smear.






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