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New McCain Ad: I am Joe

A few days ago, I got an email from the McCain/Palin campaign asking if there were any other Joe the Plumbers out there who were working hard to reach the American Dream. If so, the McCain campaign encouraged them to send in videos telling their "Joe the Plumber" stories:

We want you to tell us how you are "Joe the Plumber" and why you're supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin in thirty seconds. You could even see your video as an official McCain TV ad.

This web ad appears to be the result of that email request. Take a look:

I love it. Are you Joe the Plumber? If so, go to I'm Joe the Plumber and tell your story.


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Comments (5)

Let's see if it takes off a... (Below threshold)

Let's see if it takes off as well as the "I Am Sarah Palin" campaign.

By the way, the other side can do it too.

I'm waiting for the "I am A... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for the "I am Asdfghjkl and I made hundreds of small credit card donations" campaign by Obamuhhh.

I think the out of work, ta... (Below threshold)

I think the out of work, tax delinquent, divorced and dishonest is a great target audience for McCain. Brilliant.

Yeah, jp2, because out of w... (Below threshold)

Yeah, jp2, because out of work people should be scorned. Tax delinquent people are all bad. And divorced people should be scoffed at.

Dishonest though? Who's being dishonest here?

The "me, too" Obama effort ... (Below threshold)

The "me, too" Obama effort is just too funny. Bracelet? I got one, too. Joes? I got me one to those, too. Third grade reactions from a third-world candidate with third-rate followers. This will be over in a few days and we will OODA on Pennsylvania Avenue.






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