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Early Voting Report from NC

A friend of mine here in NC emailed this to me. She does not know the author of the email personally, but knows someone who does. I have withheld the author's name and employer because I don't have permission to use it. I don't know if any of the activity is illegal, but it reminded me of the kind of "assistance" a mentally challenged Georgia man received.

Update: WRAL looked into the allegations in the email and found some to be grossly exaggerated and other untrue. They posted this story including the following: "Lester Jarman, a Kinston insurance agent who initially sent the e-mail, recanted his statements Tuesday. He said he based it on hearsay and learned the information was false after he looked into it further." I re-read the email and Jarman always said he heard about the activity secondhand, but I am glad he investigated further and corrected the record. Thankfully John McCain did not cite this in his third debate. As far as I know Obama has yet to correct the record on that "kill him" comment the secret service investigated and found no corroboration.

The story linked above, about the young man in Georgia who was "assisted" into voting for Obama is something I wanted to post again since all the news of ACORN violations has pretty much buried it. Please follow the link to read about it.

The original email posted here about activity in Kinston which has now been refuted appears following the jump.

With all the discussion about voting fraud and acorn I thought you might want to know what was going on in my home town today.

I live in the town of Kinston in eastern North Carolina. I am an insurance agent with _______.

I received a phone call from one of my three sons this morning. He had been talking to a republican that was a member of the local board of elections. The board member had just left the Kinston early voting location with some very disturbing information. He was involved with an attempt to stop the 'circus' that was going there.

He had stated that bus loads of mentally retarded and severely handicapped patients from a state funded facility called The Caswell Center were being transported to the voting location and that their democratic state employee aids were voting for them.

They claimed they were assisting; but,how can institutionalized mentally retarded patients know how to vote much less make a reasonable logical decision? Most of them cannot read or write and many of them are also blind. This must be illegal!!

He also reported that democratic supporters were passing out shot bottles of alcoholic drinks to other voters before and after they had voted. The parking lot looked more like the back alley of a local tavern on a Saturday night than a voting location.

This news was verified by my 60 yr old sister this afternoon . I stopped by her home after work and was sharing the info when she advised me that she had personally witnessed what was going on because she had voted today at the same facility.

She said that many voters black/white/Democratic/Republicans were questioning what was going on there.

I am 55 yrs old and for the first time in my adult life I don't have much faith in our democratic system and the way it operates. I hope this info will somehow help correct our countries direction and help make other Americans more aware of our serious voting flaws and expose the Democratic party for trying to steal our Presidential Election.


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Comments (28)

The question is: Did any of... (Below threshold)

The question is: Did any of these individuals call the police, or just send out angry e-mails?

I don't know if that is "Th... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I don't know if that is "The Question," but I remember in 2000 in Florida when voters had trouble with the butterfly ballot a slew of them contacted Congressman Wexler's office and the media did not question that. They made a huge deal out of the butterfly ballot, but made it seem a GOP trick to take votes from Gore and give them to Buchanan, not bothering to report to viewers and readers that a Democrat election official created the ballot. Later it was learned that Wexler's office has sent out a call (I think it was robo) to Dems in the area telling them about the ballot and asking voters to call his office if they think they might have voted incorrectly. Stunk to high heaven, but the media ate it up.

I don't know what the polic... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I don't know what the police could do anyway. There have been some prosecutions in past years for vote fraud, but I am not expecting any to come this year unless Obama were to lose, which at this point does not appear likely.

What's the point in having ... (Below threshold)

What's the point in having this election?
It's being stolen three ways from Sunday.
Add to that, the national brainwashing, by the orator and his media, it's just seeming like a waste of time.
Great story, I reposted..

Hi (new here...) I hope so... (Below threshold)

Hi (new here...) I hope some people were able to get video of this activity, otherwise none of this will make any difference. Very sad...

Maybe where you are in NC, ... (Below threshold)

Maybe where you are in NC, Lorie, but not here north of Charlotte.

I volunteer in the Victory office in Concord and we can't keep enough signs in stock for the people coming in, we have more volunteers here than ever, almost all the people I ask agree to volunteer their time. There were thousands at the McCain rally here last week, Biden was in town yesterday and the media exaggerated by saying a thousand was there.

The RTP goes democrat in every election, and Asheville may also, but the population corridor in the center of the state is solidly McCain.

Please keep the faith. Intimidation and misinformation is part of the psy-ops Obama used to defeat opposition in Chicago, and how he defeated Hillary.

Be encouraged.

I am nervous about NC mainl... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I am nervous about NC mainly because of the polls prior to the primary which showed Obama and Clinton close, then he beat her by about 14. I have a good feeling in many ways though. If you read my "state fair" post you know that those identifying themselves as McCain supporters overwhelmed the Obama supporters about 4 to 1.

Asheville is very liberal, not representative of NC, but Obama is doing much better here than Gore or Kerry did. I just noticed that the latest Rasmussen poll is showing McCain up by 2 in NC. I am hopeful that NC will pull through, but I think this race is different than any other and just about anything can happen.

was a poll observer in 2004... (Below threshold)

was a poll observer in 2004 in Ohio and witnessed the same thing but on a smaller scale. It's not a "new" trick. Voter reform is desperately needed and maybe like 9/11, to wake us up to problems, are these outright abuses important...they are not new...just being MAGNIFIED.

Yes, someone SHOULD have taped it even with a cell phone....that would have been the most effective thing.

Lorie,The reason NC ... (Below threshold)

The reason NC is competitive this time around is that our minority population is 26% - that's the underlying factor in the red states where Obama is actively campaigning.

I also expect him to lose PA, which means he has to have NC.

I'm not comfortable with where we are, but I'm far from downcast. NC hasn't gone D since 1976. What democrats we have are blue dog democrats, not leftists.

Color me absolutely astonished if Obama's 26,000 fraudulent ACORN votes will sway our state.

The state polling rules require cell phones to be turned off to enter. So much for using one to film with. You'd have to break a law to catch the law breakers. Would that make the evidence inadmissable? Anyone know?

Who can really verify any o... (Below threshold)

Who can really verify any of this? Where's the film footage? Who will attach their names to this report? Without verification, this is just a rumor. What are they afraid of - mentally challenged and disabled people attacking them in their dreams? Sincerely, SplendidMarbles

Splendid,What are th... (Below threshold)

What are they afraid of? You must be joking.

Ask the formerly unknown and currently unemployed Joe the plumber...

Lorie:Learn from K... (Below threshold)


Learn from Kim's mistake. Don't post as fact something that is in an email, or an unnamed source. If this is true, I'm sure that somebody would have gotten video and positive (named) confirmation from additional sources. Too many things on both sides of the political aisle are used only to inflame people.

Otherwise you are descending into the DailyKos realm of blogging. I expect and demand a higher standard of journalism than what we all complain is the problem with the MSM.

I was not sure whether or n... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I was not sure whether or not to post this one. The reason I did post is because the story is so similar to the one I linked in the post about the family in Georgia who did go on the record with their names and even pictures in the local paper.

The person who sent the email to me is someone I know well and trust. She did not know the email author personally, but a friend of hers does and she trusts them. I get dozens of emails a week claiming all kinds of things and don't post them. Since I know and trust the person who sent it to me, and since it reminded me of the Georgia story, I posted, but identified it for what it is -- something from a friend of a friend.

Since I know and trust t... (Below threshold)

Since I know and trust the person who sent it to me, and since it reminded me of the Georgia story, I posted, but identified it for what it is -- something from a friend of a friend.

Even so - it's not good enough.

You cannot post this stuff without full attribution. I'd love to believe it's true, and if it's true that it spread like wildfire, but you must remember that the standards are different for us.

"Luci Ramirez," Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame may be heroes to the moonbats, but we know what liars they are, because they had no proof!

We cannot at one time villify them and at another, engage in the same conduct. Even if you know the source, you must attribute or refrain from posting.

By posting this anonymous "friend of a friend (winkwinkwink!)" story, you descend into the same shadowy territory where the moonbats are so comfortable, and you invite yourself to be shredded and eaten by them.

We know that they have neither a standard of conduct nor a shred of decency - that does not give us permission to appropriate their tactics.

Get attribution or take this down.

"Get attribution or take... (Below threshold)

"Get attribution or take this down."

Rather commanding, there, aren't ya? And who appointed YOU as "The Great Enforcer"?

JLawson,Reading in... (Below threshold)


Reading in context is a skill you could stand to learn.

PGG, may I suggest you also... (Below threshold)

PGG, may I suggest you also apply your mad ethical editorial skillz to Wizbang Blue? I am sure Lee, Paul and Steve will give you a warm welcome. Well, maybe Paul will once he's done telling you about his vast estates and the many serfs that toil to maintain the topiary gardens...

Oh, I read and fully apprec... (Below threshold)

Oh, I read and fully appreciated it in context, pgg.

But my point stands. YOU don't get to decide what people post here. If you're as heavy into the censorship jones as it seems, you might want to go over to the Blue - they regularly ban people who don't agree with them.

Seems to me you'd fit right in there.

you might want to go ove... (Below threshold)

you might want to go over to the Blue - they regularly ban people who don't agree with them.

Not only do they ban people that disagree with them, they ban people that prove them wrong. They really hate that!

Not to derail Lorie's post ... (Below threshold)

Not to derail Lorie's post but Denise has it right.

Wizbang Blue is actually a perfect mirror for what we conservatives will find during an Obama administration. If you don't agree with the party line, they will find a way to ban you. Wizbang Blue hates it when you show them they are wrong and they shout liar at you until you either leave, or they ban you.

Expect similar tactics from an Obama administration.

Funny how it didn't bother ... (Below threshold)

Funny how it didn't bother you when Bush stole the election twice. I don't believe that this story is true. It's third hand and there is no proof. Stop looking for reasons why Obama is going to win. Considering what Bush and Chaney did to this country I don't know how you think anyone could be worse.

Wow mary is still stuck on ... (Below threshold)
Republican Jedi:

Wow mary is still stuck on the last two elections. Nothing was stolen Bush won. I suppose if Florida was allowed to count until it found a certain way that the chads/dimples/mismarks/intentions/ exc.... added up to a gore win you wouldnt say that Gore stole it right. And if you havent realized it yet Dems have controlled Congress the last two years, I know they have let you down in not doing anything they promised you. such as lowering the price of gas, stopping the war, impeachment, reversing the bush tax cuts, reducing spending, repealing parts of the Patriot Act exc... So where is your outrage at your Democratic Congress? remember they control spending, they hold the purse strings not the President, he only submits a budget, Congress loads it up with pork. They could have defunded anything that they wanted to, they just didnt have the guts.

Lorie, I live in the east s... (Below threshold)
michelle from NC:

Lorie, I live in the east side of Fayetteville area and this morning we took tree loaded suv's of total 14 people for Mccain and Pailin......It really was like a convoy....lol....and I was very surprise that in the parking lot of that library where the voting place was going, there were a lot of people for Mccain.......Lets all vote, we all going to be allright!!!!

I just wanted to add that I... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to add that I live where this did happen. But they were told they couldn't vote for these mentally handicapped person, only a near relative or legal guardian could assist with voting. I'm glad that got straighten out. Hope this clears things up. I just want to add I'm not saying this doesn't happen where we don't know about it.

This is what really happene... (Below threshold)

This is what really happened:
"A caregiver and four residents from Howell in La Grange came to the Massey site this morning. All four of the residents were previously registered to vote, so they were only there to vote. The caregiver went to the machine with the first resident and started voting for that person; according to poll workers, the resident didn't ask for help or tell the caregiver how she wanted to vote, the caregiver just started voting. When a person at the poll told her she couldn't do that, she stated that she had been able to do so in the past. It was explained to the caretaker that according to the statute, only a near relative or legal guardian could assist with voting. The caregiver then gathered all of the residents and left. No votes placed by the caregiver were placed; the machine was cleared and none of her choices were counted as votes."

Of course, don't let the fa... (Below threshold)
John B.:

Of course, don't let the facts get in the way of your little political party here:

Kinston, N.C. -- The Lenoir County Board of Elections office has been flooded with angry phone calls in the past two days because of an e-mail circulating across the country.

The e-mail said black employees of a facility for mentally disabled people took a busload of their charges to a one-stop voting site in Kinston and were helping them fill out their ballots. Democrat also were passing out shots of liquor outside the polling site, according to the e-mail.

Barbara Hammonds, elections supervisor in Lenoir County, said the incidents never took place. Some mentally handicapped people were brought to an early voting site, but poll workers told their aides that they couldn't assist them in the voting booth, she said.

Lester Jarman, a Kinston insurance agent who initially sent the e-mail, recanted his statements Tuesday. He said he based it on hearsay and learned the information was false after he looked into it further.


<a href="http://www.enctoda... (Below threshold)


Don't Believe every hoax you receive in your inbox, folks. People are pushing their agenda all sorts of ways and posting and forwarding these things without verifying them is completely unethical and irresponsible.

It's a lie.<a href... (Below threshold)

It's a lie.


"Lester Jarman, a Kinston insurance agent who initially sent the e-mail, recanted his statements Tuesday. He said he based it on hearsay and learned the information was false after he looked into it further."






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