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Granite Roundup

Well, 40-odd years ago today, New Hampshire inflicted ME on the world. As a form of penance, I thought I'd do a little roundup of odd stories out of the Granite State lately.

Remember that little dust-up recently when the Obama campaign canceled the singing of the National Anthem at a rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire? Well the kid who was supposed to sing is now singing for John McCain.

I haven't really made much of an effort to meet my neighbors, but I think that if I'm ever down in Springfield, NH, I might have to say hi to this guy. And thank him. And possibly offer him a beverage.

Hey, remember that nut who took hostages in Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester last year? Well, he won't be doing that again any time soon. He's been sentenced to two years in jail.

In one of two current death penalty cases in New Hampshire courts, the defense has made the prosecution's case a bit easier. Michael "Stix" Addison's lawyer has admitted his guy shot and killed Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs, but says it was not planned or deliberate when Addison put a bullet through Briggs' bicycle helmet.

In the other case, a millionaire has been convicted of killing a handyman who allegedly stole from him. John "Jay" Brooks' lawyer is now arguing that he had a tough childhood and shouldn't get the needle.

In more news of Massachusetts causing problems for New Hampshire, here's a story of a Mass. cop arrested for rape in New Hampshire.

(Did I mention that Addison and Leeland Eisenberg, the hostage taker who armed himself with road flares, both came here from Massachusetts? Bay State, kindly take care of your own trash.)

I've never been a fan of New Hampshire's only network affiliate TV station, ABC affliliate WMUR-9 in Manchester. And now I'm even less of one -- they aired and have posted a video showing a New Hampshire soldier getting killed in Afghanistan. Nothing more newsworthy than a terrorist snuff film. (Hat tip to Blackfive)

And New Hampshire is honored once again by a warship bearing our name, as the USS New Hampshire has arrived at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. She will be officially comissioned into Navy service tomorrow.

Well, that's enough New Hampshire news for now. I'm gonna go get ready for my long weekend -- I'm planning on visiting the USS Massachusetts tomorrow and FINALLY satisfy my battleship jones.

And yes, Mr. Duckie will be coming with me. I have 10GB of memory for the camera, too.


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My man, my man! Happy birth... (Below threshold)

My man, my man! Happy birthday!
And many more.

Happy birthday.... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jay!... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Jay,Happy 40th! <... (Below threshold)


Happy 40th!


As someone in the National ... (Below threshold)
JT in the Army:

As someone in the National Guard, I don't see what was wrong with airing that video clip.
Perhaps you totally missed War Tapes which showed hours of footage of NH National Guard soldiers in Iraq.
I know NH is full of crazy liberals, but come on.






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