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New Let Freedom Ring Ad: Middle Class

Let Freedom Ring has a new ad from their Never Find Out campaign. It's as effective as their Part of the Problem ad.


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Comments (9)

This is such BS it... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

This is such BS it doesn't even provoke me to a comment. It is obviously meant to entertain the light-minded, people that entertain the scary ideas of big black men cutting Bs into young white girls faces, or vote not once but TWICE for George W.

Want some real truth from someone who really does fight for the middle class? Try this one:


Truly effective ad (must be... (Below threshold)
Captain America:

Truly effective ad (must be racist)

Dr. Lava,First, I di... (Below threshold)

Dr. Lava,
First, I didn't know Bernie Sanders was running for president. Second, if you increase taxes on companies they will pass that cost along since they don't have the privilege of printing liquid assets like the US government does. Third, I thought Congress was ultimately responsible for passing spending bills. Greenspan whether you like him or not has had to spend at least some of his tenure at the Fed trying to guess what these jackasses in Congress were going to do next to the economy. Now they want to make him their scapegoat.

The democrats took over con... (Below threshold)

The democrats took over control of congress in Jan 07. The economy was setting records and had been for six years. In two short years they destroyed the economy and ripped off the American people for trillions. The democrat leadership from Peeeloshi, Reid and on through the ranks, including their criminal friends, got richer. 'Joe the Plumber' along with the rest of the working people got reamed a new one. I'll never trust another democrat or a Lame Stream Media outlet.

dr lava links to a self-adm... (Below threshold)

dr lava links to a self-admitted Democrat Socialist. No wonder he's such a loon. You know, the useful idiots are the first to be "eliminated" in a socialist society. So lavameister's got that goin' for him.

I've never seen more whinin... (Below threshold)

I've never seen more whining in a single ad. They are crying about losing the public dialogue on tax policy, give me a fucking break.

No one on are side is cryin... (Below threshold)

No one on are side is crying at all ORyan.

We are thinking rationally, and presenting a set of valid points for the public, before they see the irrational leftist Democrats raise our taxes.

And we are only just touching the tip of the iceberg -- as Obama is not talking about the fact that all capital gains taxes would go up. With over half of Americans invested in some way into the stock market -- that means that there will be tax increases to that half -- especially when the rate is going to be 28% or more -- this would offset ANY cut to the income tax Obama preposes. Additionally, Obama wants to charge ALL Americans %28 of their profit on the sale of a home...... what?????? Want even more? He wants to bring back, permanently, the death tax (50%) and wants to extend that to inheritances of 401k's -- something that has NEVER been done. These things ALL will affect the middle class.

The commercial is spot on -- and the issue needs even more exposure since the media is complacent in NOT revealing all the details of Obama's plan. The fix is in from the main stream media.

Here's a funny version of O... (Below threshold)

Here's a funny version of Obama's tax plan. Heads up, there's a *bleep* word in it. :)


Excellent video. Concise an... (Below threshold)

Excellent video. Concise and clear. Liberals won't understand it. ww






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