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Barack Obama, Serpent American

For some time, I've been trying to get a grasp of just who Barack Obama is, what he stands for, what he believes in. And I've finally come to the conclusion: Barack Obama is a snake.

No, I don't mean that in some generic derogatory sense. I don't particularly like snakes, but a lot of people do, and they say they have some very admirable qualities. (Yes, Ellen, I'm thinking of you.) And the more I see and hear and read about Barack Obama, I am convinced that he has some definite serpentine qualities.

First up, the man seems, to me, to be the very definition of "snake oil:" "any of various liquid concoctions of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative, esp. by traveling hucksters.

Obama is the solution to ALL our political problems! Voting for him will make everything better! (Just don't ask any awkward questions. Or read the fine print.)

Also, the serpent model also works for Obama's past troublesome affiliations. Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, Bill Ayers, the New Party, Raila Odinga, Tony Rezko -- the list goes on and on and on. All of them were useful to Obama on his rise to power and prominence. And all of them, when they grew to be liabilities, were cast aside and left behind as Obama continued his move up the political ladder.

These are the associations that cling to most people. But in Obama's case, he just shed his skin and discarded lt, leaving those past associations behind, reveling in his new, sleeker, untainted skin.

You can even hear it in the talking points -- mention his long-standing relationship with Ayers (and the constantly-evolving description of it, as each prior description becomes "inoperative" when facts emerge that contradict it and a new answer has to be fabricated), and you hear how Obama was only eight when Ayers was doing that. (To call that "misleading" or "ingenuous" would be kind.) Almost forty years ago? Do you know how many snake skins that translates into?

I don't, but I bet it would be a lot.

This is the pattern of Obama's political life. He almost never takes any solid, risky positions. He almost never stakes out a position and holds to it. He has never stood up to his party leadership on a single issue.

And that, it seems, is just the snake oil so many rubes are willing to fork over their hard-earned bucks for.

(Special thanks to Laurence Simon, who in a private conversation compared Obama supporters to the stages of a rocket, discarded once they've been used up, and got me thinking of the whole "snake" metaphor.)


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Comments (25)

You are so right , yes, po... (Below threshold)

You are so right , yes, possibly we all want change ,BUT

Don't we just keep coming b... (Below threshold)

Don't we just keep coming back over and over again to my belief, Jay? Who was the serpent in the garden?

... (Below threshold)
kevin jacobs:

Hey, who gave me and Mary a... (Below threshold)

Hey, who gave me and Mary a -1, but gave Kevin Jacobs a point for saying absolutely nothing?

zzzzzzzzzzzz...wake us up w... (Below threshold)

zzzzzzzzzzzz...wake us up when you're done with this tired, worn out, losing, factually incorrect stale argument.

So, JFO, what exactly did I... (Below threshold)

So, JFO, what exactly did I say that was "factually incorrect?"

Answer carefully... a great deal might be riding on your response.


in a matter of minutes it i... (Below threshold)

in a matter of minutes it is VERY easy to find a quote from Barak Obama:
- supporting restrictions on late-term abortions -AND- in favor of NO restrictions on "a woman's right to choose"...including late-term
- supporting draconian gun-control measures forbidding a citizen even using a gun in self-defense in their own home -AND- declaring the 2nd Amendment applies to individual citizens who want to hunt or for self-defense
- declaring Jerusalem must be the un-divided capital of Israel -AND- supporting a "shared" control of Jersualem
- denouncing the welfare reform initiated under Clinton -AND- taking CREDIT for the results!!

and so on...

the list of issues is long and Obama has been on all sides of every single one!

Most folks can't tell ONE group of folks how much he admires them, how wonderful their faith in God is and how much he respects their right to bear arms -AND THEN- fly across the country and tell ANOTHER group that the FIRST group is "bitterly clinging to their guns and God"

Barak CAN!!!

Another tired, worn out, lo... (Below threshold)

Another tired, worn out, losing, factually incorrect stale argument...if Obama attended Hogwarts, to which house do you suppose he would belong?

Candy, I looked at Kevin's,... (Below threshold)

Candy, I looked at Kevin's, uh, post #3 and compared it to JFO's post #5 and gave Kevin a +1 vote!!

Held up to next to JFO's it is positively brilliant!

As Mr. Obama believes so st... (Below threshold)

As Mr. Obama believes so strongly in wealth distribution, why do we not see any stories about how much of his OWN wealth he himself has distributed?

This is the guy that won't buy his own daughters birthday or christmas presents.

JFO has left the building!!... (Below threshold)

JFO has left the building!!.....


That's because he will expe... (Below threshold)

That's because he will expect his donors to buy his kids presents now.

I remember when his one-time political ally, Governor Rod 'Blodryovitch' was amazed that his daughter got $5000 checks for birthday presents from political allys and donors, as well as Hanna Montana tickets in prime seating (think 4 figures).

Of course, since the checks and presents were in the girl's name, they didn't have to return them.

It's a Chicago Dem thing...

It will be the democrats th... (Below threshold)

It will be the democrats that wake up from the hangover after election day saying "My God, what have we done?!" if Obama wins. They will crying out the loudest. When they realize that he is not the friend they thought he was, the "deer in the headlights" won't stand a chance against the socialist democrat. Ayers, Oginda, all the of the "issues" that are being scoffed at, and written off as a big zero, will resurface in a way they never imagined. Not because it isn't happening, but because their eyes are closed and refused to see things as they are right now.

After 16 years of Goldman-Sachs, there is no resistance left in this country. And who were two of the men that fronted Goldman-Sachs....? Google is your friend.

Hmm... in addition to the t... (Below threshold)

Hmm... in addition to the two you mentioned, Oyster, how about Jon Corzine and Stephen Friedman?

Wikipedia can be almost as friendly as Google, sometimes...


How many anti-Obama pieces ... (Below threshold)

How many anti-Obama pieces have you written at this point Jay? How about something pro-McCain for a change. Think it's getting a little worn.

doesn't look good for us gu... (Below threshold)

doesn't look good for us guys, just saw sabato and charlie cook say it's OVER. they both said looking at the electoral map,mccain can't catch up even if he wins every independent vote and he won't. it really might be over, what with stevens found guilty. anybody wanna move to mexico?

kyle: "doesn't look good... (Below threshold)

kyle: "doesn't look good for us guys, just saw sabato and charlie cook say it's OVER."

Dammit...RATS...and here me and 95% of the country didn't even get a chance to vote yet!!

I hate it when that happens.

or...WAIT...this is soooooooooo crazy it just might make sense...what if we VOTED ON NOVEMEBER 4TH ANYWAY, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS???

whose with me?

Jay,???... (Below threshold)



Er... strike "Oyster," subs... (Below threshold)

Er... strike "Oyster," substitute "LaMedusa."



I, for one, will welcome ou... (Below threshold)

I, for one, will welcome our new Goldman Sachs Communist overlords. Though, I was hoping for Robot overlords instead.

Obama is either the empty suit who will simply go along with whatever Congress and his financiers want OR he is a Trojan Horse for the spoiled rich hippies who hate the US. Both options reek.

J, sent you an e-mail at "t... (Below threshold)

J, sent you an e-mail at "tips".

"whose with me?"I'... (Below threshold)

"whose with me?"

I'm mailing in my Not-on-your-life-Bama ballot tomorrow. Oh, and my "yes" vote for McCain.

Won't the liberals be surpr... (Below threshold)

Won't the liberals be surprised when people don't show up to vote for Obama because, you know, it's in the bag already. It's over!! Obama wins.

And they'll be enraged when McCain wins because of a combination of those fake polls and conservatives that showed up and voted because knew that the liberals were only trying to supress the conservative vote.

How strange that there is <... (Below threshold)

How strange that there is no one to come forward and shed any light on Obams's Columbia days. Why isn't there a "I dated Obama" story by some co ed? Why isn't there someone who was "best buds" with Barry telling anecdotes? I find all of that strange.

I've interviewed and hired a lot of people throughout the years and I've always checked personal references, required transcripts and insisted on no blank time in the resume. This guy want's me to hire him for the greatest executive job in the world and he won't even let me see his college transcripts.

Is there something wrong with this picture, or is it just that I expect too much?

He does take risky position... (Below threshold)

He does take risky positions, friendships, he just covers for them later, only when caught, and then with help from his buddies in the lethargic, er, legacy press.






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