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Breaking news- Blogger Dean Barnett has passed away

William Kristol at The Weekly Standard writes-

It's my sad duty to report that our good friend and valued contributor Dean Barnett passed away today. He was a remarkable man--principled, witty, and to all of us, a model of grace and courage. We mourn his passing and cherish his memory.
God bless the Barnett family.


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Comments (9)

Oh no!! I loved Dean. I was... (Below threshold)

Oh no!! I loved Dean. I was on several conference calls with him. I can't believe it.

Dean was such a wonderful m... (Below threshold)

Dean was such a wonderful man. He was kind and generous and this feels like a kick in the gut. We talked about his CF a while back when I mentioned my daughter had a test for it as an infant. What a horrible disease and what a sad day.

He was always fun (and info... (Below threshold)

He was always fun (and informative) to listen to and read.

God's peace to him and his family.

This is tragic news. I alw... (Below threshold)
Randy R:

This is tragic news. I always enjoyed his intelligent and insightful writing and was really hoping he'd pull through. Best wishes and prayers to his family.

I'm so sorry to read this n... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I'm so sorry to read this news. Dean was very hopeful he'd beat this, and so this really hits hard.

Very sad news. I enjoyed h... (Below threshold)

Very sad news. I enjoyed him immensely as a guest host on Hugh Hewitt and loved his Boston accent. He will be missed, but his intelligence and humor will be remembered always.

That is a damn shame.... (Below threshold)

That is a damn shame.

I knew he was in ICU but hadn't heard any updates over at Hewitt's blog so I was hoping he was better.

Chowdah! was a funny, very smart and caring guy. What a loss.

Godbless indeed. From the b... (Below threshold)

Godbless indeed. From the blogosphere to the stratosphere sir! May the cheetos flow like wine on the other side!

(Before anyone take offense, let it be known that I mean that with the utmost affection and respect. I hope people are cracking jokes when my ride comes.)

RIP.... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:







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