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Breaking News- Sen. Ted Stevens found guilty in corruption case

He is up for re-election on November 4th. From AP-

WASHINGTON - Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted of seven corruption charges Monday in a trial that tainted the 40-year Senate career of Alaska's political patriarch.

The verdict, coming just days before Election Day, adds further uncertainty to a closely watched Senate race. Democrats hope to seize the once reliably Republican seat as part of their bid for a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Stevens, 84, was convicted of all seven charges he faced of lying about free home renovations and other gifts he received from a wealthy oil contractor. Jurors began deliberating Wednesday at noon.

Stevens faces up to five years in prison on each count when he is sentenced Jan. 26, but under federal sentencing guidelines, he is likely to receive much less prison time, if any

You can write off one more Republican Senate seat.


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Comments (37)

That's one well worth writi... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

That's one well worth writing off.

That's good news. Puts us a... (Below threshold)

That's good news. Puts us at 59 I think. Very close.

Shocking! ... (Below threshold)


As much as I hate giving th... (Below threshold)

As much as I hate giving the dems another seat, I have to agree with Steve on this one. Bye Stevens, I hope your cell is comfy.

Good riddance to bad rubbis... (Below threshold)

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

So, when does the trial of "Freezer" Jefferson start?

Good riddance to a self-ser... (Below threshold)

Good riddance to a self-serving hypocrite. How anyone could now vote to reelect him is beyond me, but they will. Scary.

Jefferson's trial <a href="... (Below threshold)

Jefferson's trial is scheduled to being December 2nd.

Thanx Ted - for nothing. A... (Below threshold)

Thanx Ted - for nothing. And good riddance. Somebody's got to have standards.

Ho-hum. ANOTHER CORRUPT ... (Below threshold)

Ho-hum. ANOTHER CORRUPT REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN BITES THE DUST. But you conservatives will continue to mention William Jefferson for the umpteenth time, because that's all you have and you know it (for proof, see marc's post above). Or you'll go searching on the Internet for some malfeasance committed by some obscure Democratic assemblyman or dogcatcher, or bring back cases from decades ago in your feeble effort to show, hey, there's parity.

It's clear why the number of corrupt Republican Congressmen BY FAR EXCEEDS THE NUMBER OF CORRUPT DEMOCRATS:

Whereas Republican congressmen are motivated by greed and the desire to maintain their way of life, their Democratic counterparts generally want to help people, and those who are benevolent are less apt to become corrupt than those who are selfish.

You've had 8 years to fuck things up really bad, conservatives, but the nation and world can't endure another Bush term. On November 4th, the change begins. Deal with it.

What makes you think he won... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

What makes you think he won't be re-elected? His name remains on the ballot and there is nothing in the rules of the Senate that prevents him from being re-elected.

And if he is re-elected he would either have to resign (not gonna happen) or be voted out of the Senate by a 2/3 majority.

If either of those things happen Alaska state law says there would have to be a special election.

"It's clear why the numb... (Below threshold)

"It's clear why the number of corrupt Republican Congressmen BY FAR EXCEEDS THE NUMBER OF CORRUPT DEMOCRATS:"
Of course, we welcome the prosecution of such scum. You people protect and cheer yours. As Biden would say "stand up Alcyee Hastings, William Jefferson, and Charlie Rangel"

Bye, Ted. You got what you ... (Below threshold)

Bye, Ted. You got what you deserved.

And remember, your new prison bitch name is "Theodora".

Herman, if you think the la... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Herman, if you think the last 8 years were so bad, you have not seen anything yet if your anointed one gets elected (that is, unless you are one of those people who do not work, yet collect payments from those who do).

Same old tired BS talking points. Last 8 years, lalalalalala, I can't hear you.

Conservatives will kick out any scandle driven pol due to our principles. Libs don't, plain and simple, otherwise, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Diane Feinstein, William Jefferson, Mark Foley, Charlie Rangel, and yes, even Barack Obama would have had to resign due to unethical and corrupt behavior.

Well, it is what it is. </... (Below threshold)

Well, it is what it is.

Conservatives will kick out any scandle driven pol due to our principles. Libs don't, plain and simple, otherwise, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Diane Feinstein, William Jefferson, Mark Foley, Charlie Rangel, and yes, even Barack Obama would have had to resign due to unethical and corrupt behavior.

Exactly. You know what's even funnier? Obama, with all of his *imagined* connections, wouldn't have passed security clearance with the F.B.I.. And yet, he may be just days away from being elected POTUS! LOL! That's almost as surreal as it gets!

"Conservatives will kick ou... (Below threshold)

"Conservatives will kick out any scandle driven pol due to our principles."

Ummmm, what about Larry Craig? And I think you mean S-C-A-N-D-A-L.

Good bye Ted Stevens, glad ... (Below threshold)

Good bye Ted Stevens, glad to see corruption being kicked out, regardless of party affiliation.

Conservatives will kick ... (Below threshold)

Conservatives will kick out any scandle driven pol due to our principles.

So your "principles" result in more of your politicians being involved in scandals, but at least those principles also compel you to drive out the scandalous once they're caught. (Most of them, anyway.)

Heh, good platform. I see a comeback looming in 2012.

"Barney Frank, Chris Dod... (Below threshold)

"Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel"

Imagine if these corrupt political careers had ended the moment the politicians began using affordable housing as an excuse to steal trillions from the housing industry by encouraging the poor to purchase mortagages they couldn't possibly afford, then perhaps the global economic meltdown would have been prevented.

If only Democratic Party voters had the guts to remove their own corrupt from office.

Wow. If I'm fortunate enoug... (Below threshold)

Wow. If I'm fortunate enough to make it to 84 I hope I'll have learned a thing or two more about the important things in life than this fellow. I doubt he'll see prison time; one has to think his age and four decades of Senate service will play a factor.

I doubt he'll see prison... (Below threshold)
John S:

I doubt he'll see prison time...

You have heard of Presidential pardons? And unlike Clinton, Bush won't be accepting $500,000 bribes to dole out a pardon.

Good riddance...Anot... (Below threshold)

Good riddance...
Another corrupt politician evicted from the party, probably to late, but gone none the less unlike the Democrat party that remains a refuge infested with criminals of all sorts.

This seat is not necessaril... (Below threshold)

This seat is not necessarily lost for the GOP. Alaska residents can re-elect Stevens since felons can serve in the Senate.

Voters can then hope that the Senate throws him out after which the Republican Governor can appoint a replacement who is another Republican.

Hang him with six criminal ... (Below threshold)

Hang him with six criminal democrats on each side of him. Make it a lucky 13 day, Or do we have to wait a couple of years until the democrats figure out they are backing a Marxist for POTUS. Only a blind, deaf 1 year old can now believe ole Hussein O is not a Marxist or maybe a full blown communist. BWAHAHAHAHAHA, history shows you never say anything you don't want repeated in the modern electronic age age. Now the LASlimes can release they're destructive tape before they go chapter 11.

Wow Scrapiron, that's lots ... (Below threshold)

Wow Scrapiron, that's lots of pent up anger you have there. I guess Cialis didn't work for you.

You've had 8 years... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
You've had 8 years to fuck things up really bad, conservatives, but the nation and world can't endure another Bush term. On November 4th, the change begins. Deal with it.

Another clueless liberal. Yes the grass is always greener on the other side of the aisle, or so it looks until you get there. Most Americans are not slaves to ideology, but vote their pocketbook and their security. Two areas Obama will likely be a disaster at. There's no way Obama is going to be able to live up to the expectations he as set and allowed others to set for him. By 2012 voters will be looking back at the Bush years as being better times.

Good riddance!! I wish bot... (Below threshold)

Good riddance!! I wish both parties would police their own and get rid of the scum. But...no, they have their "boys clubs" where they consistently trade off favors for each other.

I long for the days of "Citizen Representation".

"I long for the days of "Ci... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"I long for the days of "Citizen Representation."

If you accept the fact that the Founders were mostly elites (they had to be to be able to pull off most of what they did), it is still amazing to see how their vision of governance has been prostituted by those who have turned politics (at all levels) into a corrupt playground. The founders envisioned government as really almost a chore, where you took your turn to represent your region (or state) and then went home to run your business, whatever that was. They would be shocked to see what those who claim to stand on their shoulders have done.

I'm waiting for Palin the R... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Palin the Reformer to demand his resignation. Anybody want to make bets that it won't happen. Palin only pushes reform when it serves her best interest.

Ref#13, Why did you include... (Below threshold)

Ref#13, Why did you include Mark Foley in with the Demo crooks? Hell, every GOP member for years knew what he was, and every page was warned about him. So don't say the GOP cleans house, as they don't, and neither does the Demo's. THEY ARE ALL CROOKS, every damn one of them.

Allen,You are corr... (Below threshold)


You are correct. To back it up here is a timeline that shows who new what and when.

2000 -- Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) informed of improper Foley Internet messages that made a page feel uncomfortable with the direction Foley was taking their email relationship. Kolbe claims he never personally confronted Foley, but rather recommended that the complaint be passed along to his office. [Washington Post, 10/9/06; Arizona Republic, 10/11/06]

2001 -- A Republican staff member warns pages "to watch out for Congressman Mark Foley." A former page says that they were told "don't get too wrapped up in him being too nice to you and all that kind of stuff." [ABC, 10/1/06]

2003 -- Foley's former aide Kirk Fordham told The Associated Press that "when he learned about Foley's inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had 'more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene,' alluding to House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert's office denied the explosive allegations." [CBS News, 10/5/06]

SEPTEMBER 2005 -- Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA), who sponsored the page, learns "of the e-mails from a reporter." [AP, 9/29/06; CQ, 9/30/06]

FALL 2005 -- "Tim Kennedy, a staff assistant in the [Speaker J. Denis Hastert's] Office, received a telephone call from Congressman Rodney Alexander's Chief of Staff who indicated that he had an email exchange between Congressman Foley and a former House page...[Mike] Stokke [Deputy Chief of Staff for Speaker Hastert] called the Clerk and asked him to come to the Speaker's Office so that he could put him together with Congressman Alexander's Chief of Staff." [Hastert Statement, 9/30/06]

LATE 2005 -- Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), Chairman of the House Page Board, "was notified by the then Clerk of the House, who manages the Page Program, that he had been told by Congressman Rodney Alexander (R-LA) about an email exchange between Congressman Foley and a former House Page." Shimkus interviewed Foley and told him "to cease all contact with this former house page." He did not inform Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), the only Democrat on the House page Board. [Roll Call, 9/29/06]

EARLY 2006 -- Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) talks Foley into running for another term. Bob Novak reported, "A member of the House leadership told me that Foley, under continuous political pressure because of his sexual orientation, was considering not seeking a seventh term this year but that Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), talked him into running." [New York Post, 10/4/06]

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006 -- Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.), whose office first received the complaint from the page, told Boehner about Foley's inappropriate e-mails, and Boehner sent him to Tom Reynolds. Alexander tells Reynolds about "the existence of e-mails between Mark Foley and a former page of Mr. Alexander's." Reynolds tells Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) about the emails and his conversation with Alexander. [Reynolds Statement, 9/30/06; Roll Call, 9/30/06; Hastert Statement, 9/30/06; Chicago Tribune, 10/3/06]

SPRING 2006 -- House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) learns of "inappropriate 'contact' between Foley and a 16-year-old page" from Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA). After learning about Foley's conduct, Boehner told Speaker of the House J. Denis Hastert who assured Boehner he would "take care of it." Later, Boehner changed his story and told the Washington Post he didn't remember whether he talked to Hastert. [Washington Post, 9/30/06; New York Times, 10/1/06]

SPRING 2006 -- Reynolds says he told Hastert about the e-mails after he learned about them. "He said he alerted the Republican speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, to the issue, but Mr. Hastert said he had no recollection of the contact." [The Sun, 10/3/06]

JULY 21, 2006 -- Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington forwarded the messages to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on July 21 and requested an investigation. [CREW, 10/5/06]

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 3:00 PM -- Foley resigns. [ABC, 9/29/06]

Cockroach~Out of f... (Below threshold)


Out of fairness to the author, you might want to post also the source of the timeline:


LaMedua,Thanks for... (Below threshold)


Thanks for backing me up and providing the source.


So, when will you asshats b... (Below threshold)

So, when will you asshats be demanding Foleys' replacement resign? You know, because you're so outraged by ethical lapses by Democrats and Republicans.

Damn, the strikeout of "Dem... (Below threshold)

Damn, the strikeout of "Democrats and" worked in the preview.

Hey everybody, don't tell P... (Below threshold)

Hey everybody, don't tell Piso Mojado, but Mark Foley is a republican.

#14How right you are... (Below threshold)

How right you are. obama probably would not clear for any governmental job.....except the presidency. Aint that a kick.
Even when a candidte wins that I did not vote for, I still wish the best for him....ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY.
HOWEVER, in this case...obama will never be my president. obama is not worthy of my best wishes.....I consider him an enemy of the state judging by the company he keeps and the his marxist ideas. He can go straight to hell.

Hey Herman you said we had ... (Below threshold)

Hey Herman you said we had 8 years to fuck up ! Hell we only have been working 8 years to fix what Clinton laid in front of us. The Dems are the ones that screwed up the Finacials and thier uaw cronies are now about to suck us dry. where does it end? look at the cspann video below and then tell me whos the fuckups! yames







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