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Flagged Georgia Voters And The 90-Day ACORN Putsch

After 4,500 voter registrations were flagged by the system in Georgia for possible citizenship conflicts, the thousands of flagged voters in Georgia can vote, and perhaps apply to a total of 50,000 registrants flagged for other reasons.

Now, read the following carefully.

Shore said the ruling applies to the 4,500 Georgians that were flagged for citizenship reasons and she was uncertain whether it applied to the some 50,000 others that were flagged for other reasons.

The issue was raised in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Georgia college student who claimed that the secretary of state's voter verification system violated the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act and caused an illegal purge of voters in the weeks before the election.

Federal law prohibits widespread voter purges within 90 days of the election. In Georgia, that has become a heated issue with some calling the purge "voter suppression."

The Federal Election Law is the Federal Election Law, and the intent is clearly to protect valid voters from being corruptly blocked from voting by officials seeking to influence an election.

However, has anyone questioned whether it is legal to register to vote "within 90 days of the election"? And if so, doesn't this make final weeks registrations (think ACORN, people) essentially somewhat bullet-proofed from the effects of scrutiny?

A closer reading and understanding of Georgia law is required to answer that question fully and equitably, but it is the first thing that came to mind, and would go a long way to explain the quadrennial ACORN rush, which was always intended to overwhelm the system. But are they leveraging more than just overwhelming the system with the 90-day no-purge law?

It begs an answer I pretend not to know, but strongly suspect.


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Comments (24)

You guys make too much abou... (Below threshold)

You guys make too much about nothing with Acorn. It really shows your desperation.

We make much to do about no... (Below threshold)

We make much to do about nothing on ACORN? Ok..let me get this right. ACORN who is under criminal investigation in 14 states by the FBI (because they don't have anything else better to do) and RICO in another state.

Yeah, I guess I might be making much to do about alleged criminal activty. (NOT)

I value the rule of law more than a person who can talk well and "make me feel good". If that is what you call desperation, then your lack of values is showing through!

You guys make too ... (Below threshold)
You guys make too much about nothing with Acorn. It really shows your desperation.

Seriously, Cockroach. Are you saying the rule of law is selective. You copy and paste a Mark Foley timeline on another thread, and now ACORN is "much ado about nothing"? Especially when Obama said he was not associated with ACORN, who is out of touch here?

ACORN broke the law and won... (Below threshold)

ACORN broke the law and won the battle. They're laughing all the way...

"You guys make too much abo... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"You guys make too much about nothing with Acorn. It really shows your desperation."

So umm you wouldnt have any problem with republicans using the exact same tactis as Acorn right?

Yeah thought not.

Retired military.....if we ... (Below threshold)

Retired military.....if we the same as ACORN did that we would be called racists!!!

Gotta love the value system on the left!

Income redistribution is just the tip of the iceberg...your 401(k), home and guns are next. Share the wealth man...Share the wealth...

Obama is the kind of person... (Below threshold)
le combat:

Obama is the kind of person/government that the founders were preventing ever in attaining power.

"In 1911 Booker T. Washington wrote in My Larger Education, Being Chapters from My Experience the following:
'There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do do not want to lose their jobs.'"

Obama uses this plight to empower himself not others.

Interesting to see how ex-slaves viewed the Constitution themselves.

"Frederick Douglass [6], in an 1852 speech, intoned:
'Fellow-citizens! there is no matter in respect to which, the people of the North have allowed themselves to be so ruinously imposed upon, as that of the pro-slavery character of the Constitution. In that instrument I hold there is neither warrant, license, nor sanction of the hateful thing; but, interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a GLORIOUS LIBERTY DOCUMENT. Read its preamble, consider its purposes. Is slavery among them? Is it at the gateway? or is it in the temple? It is neither.'
And later he told his audience:
'Now, take the constitution according to its plain reading, and I defy the presentation of a single pro-slavery clause in it. On the other hand it will be found to contain principles and purposes, entirely hostile to the existence of slavery.'"

Take that Obama. Those quotes are priceless and reveal what you sir so lack - love of America.

The questionable registrati... (Below threshold)

The questionable registrations were probably flagged by ACORN. That's part of their responsibility and they have been doing that.

Sore losers already and Obama hasn't even won yet.

"The questionable registrat... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"The questionable registrations were probably flagged by ACORN. That's part of their responsibility and they have been doing that."

Sure that is why you said PROBABLY. That is also why thousands of registrations from ACORN are still getting rejected and they are being investigated in 14 states.

Why dont you do us all a favor and stay above the Canadian border? If Obama gets elected you wont be safe there either but at least we dont have to listen to your prattle.

Obama supporters took contr... (Below threshold)

Obama supporters took control of the functional positions throughout Georgia governments long ago. ACORN is not the only corrupting influence interfering in decency and ethics in government here. One well-known black college sorority has long had a pattern of eliminating white people from positions in government service and replacing them with "sisters". A look at many agencies in Georgia state government, like many federal offices you will go into, will reveal that pattern. Go down to 2 Peachtree Street in Atlanta, go up to the Medicaid floor, and find me a white person in any position. Don't expect a fair election anywhere ACORN or a black majority has power, it is not in them.

Screw obama and his tax the... (Below threshold)

Screw obama and his tax the hell out of everyone to fund education. (you think otherwise you're nuts)

Billions has been spent by both parties and math and science score continue to go down.

It doesn't take money (see obama's 100 mil pissed away in Chi-Town) it takes a plan.

A plan that has the math students in Singapore the top scoring students by all measures.

If you're registered to vot... (Below threshold)

If you're registered to vote as Mickey Mouse and you don't have an ID, you can't vote!! So what's the problem? If any of the ACORN workers signed up people who aren't eligible to vote...or don't exist...they can't vote! What's the big scare?
The same with the tax plan. Obama has said over and over he will give tax cuts to 95 percent of those of us who work for a living, but the republicans continue to say he is going to tax us. YES...he is going to tax the wealthiest 5 percent of us, who have gotten millions in tax breaks under Bush. If you make over 250,000 a year you're finally going to have to pay taxes like the rest of us.
If that's socialism, then bring it on!!

"The questionable regist... (Below threshold)

"The questionable registrations were probably flagged by ACORN. That's part of their responsibility and they have been doing that."

You may choose to remain naive, but I'm not.

And Holly, pray tell, let's say we have a family which earns, say, $30k, and at the end of the year, with today's tax codes, owes no income taxes; how do you give them a tax break?

"If you make over 250,000 a year you're finally going to have to pay taxes like the rest of us."
And newsflash! Those who make $250k now PAY TAXES.

You, too, may choose to remain naive, but I'm not.

Seems to me that states jus... (Below threshold)
just me:

Seems to me that states just need to change their registration requirements and voting requirements-ie show ID when voting or some such.

I think registrations flagged for citizenship reasons should be flagged by the election workers and they should file provisional ballots until they can prove they are eligible to vote, but I think you are right that if you can't purge anyone 90 days from the election then it give ACORN all the motivation in the world to do lots of registrations during that period.

And lastly, Holly, Of cours... (Below threshold)

And lastly, Holly, Of course Micky Mouse won't be able to vote. Why not use the most ridiculous scenario to make your point? Oh wait, you did.

As far as showing ID ... tell that to my daughter who did not vote in '06 because she never received her card and thought she couldn't, yet oddly enough, she's on record as voting. They obviously didn't show ID when they pretended to be her. According to you, that couldn't possibly happen.

If McCain/Palin win the Whi... (Below threshold)

If McCain/Palin win the White House, what good will it be?

If the nastiest, dirtiest, most erratic campaign mounted in the 21st Century
(and even though it's only a few years old, that is saying something),
can triumph over the most obvious leader to emerge in decades,
what hope does our nation have?

What direction would a McCain/Palin administration take us?
Do you think that they even know themselves?
Have you noticed that the color scheme of the McCain campaign
isn't even red, white and blue? It's blue, white and gold. Which USA is that?

All I hear from the McCain/Palin camp is "Barack this," and "Obama that."

What I hear from Obama is "We can do this," and "we can fix that."

I say, let's vote for hope, change and a continuation of Democracy.
4 more years of Reaganomics will turn us into


And who do you think flagge... (Below threshold)

And who do you think flagged those voters? Acorn did, because they are required by law to do so.

Today's numbers:

Obama up by 13 points.

No genius, it was the State... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

No genius, it was the State of Georgia and local elections officials.

If ACORN had genuine interest in the integrity of their registrations, they would 'flag' them before submission, they would stop paying people per diem to register, and they would stop busing in cross-border homeless men to vote.

I'll give you three guesses at the number of Philadelphia homeless men bused over the bridge into Trenton, NJ, to vote in the last election where a Governor and a Senate race were in contention.

Why, who registered them in NJ? And who brought them in?

Is it truly a "purge" when ... (Below threshold)

Is it truly a "purge" when you reject a questionable new registration within 90 days of the election? When that registration was within 90 days of the election? I can see not purging older registrations, but new ones would surely be fair game for rejection.

If you're register... (Below threshold)
If you're registered to vote as Mickey Mouse and you don't have an ID, you can't vote!! So what's the problem?

Oh, man. That would have made a great caption for last week's contest. I wish I'd thought of it.

Hold on folks, don't pan... (Below threshold)

Hold on folks, don't panic, because this situation is really not as bad for Republicans as the CNN article is making it seem.

CNN is making it look as if the decision was a big victory for the plaintiffs and that really is not the case, because any of these controversial registration cases is having to vote a "challenged ballot" -- they don't get to just walk in there and vote any old way they want. So every single one of these questionable votes does not get merged in right away with the other votes. Additionally, these votes can be scrutinized and challenged in lawsuits (to be brought by Republican challengers) after the fact if the election is close.

Go to the GA Secretary of States' website to read the REAL SITUATION -- not the one that CNN portrays as a victory for the plaintiff, who has not dodged the bullet entirely.


The Help America Vote Act i... (Below threshold)

The Help America Vote Act is why the ACORN issue is really a non-issue when it comes to the election.
The Help America Vote Act requires when a registration is received, that it must match with the State's Drivers License information or the SSN information (which is why the ACORN issue is a non-issue). Also, the voter must provide SSN info at the time of voting that matches.
However, some people are being removed from the voter rolls because of clerical errors (mispelling of the name, etc.) who are valid voters. It is happening to Republicans and Democrats.
I firmly believe that we need to reform our election system. It needs to be uniform and nationalized. And it needs to be fair.

Also, most of the time, pro... (Below threshold)

Also, most of the time, provisional ballots are not counted. Most states do not count them.
I don't want this election to end up in the courts. I hope whoever wins, it is by a landslide.
Then, hopefully, Congress will look at the inefficiencies of the HAVA and do something.

I say, let's vote for hope,... (Below threshold)

I say, let's vote for hope, change and a continuation of Democracy.
4 more years of Reaganomics will turn us into


First of all, you must be a liberal, especially if you think Obama will lead us anywhere. Obama is blowing smoke up the ass of everyone who will listen. His plans are going to drive us deeper into recession, plain and simple. Spread the wealth, listen I work and make good money, and sure as hell do not want to give it to anyone other then my wife and child. In this country, of ours, where you have the chance to be something and get an education to make a good life for yourself, we have people who are homeless. who cares, i don't. those people make choices that ultimately put them were they are and I sure as hell do not want to support them and my family. regardless of what anyone here says, under Bush's tax cuts my income tax rate is lower than it was during the clinton administration. that puts more money in my pocket to support my family. reaganomics worked and bill clinton rode that wave all the way through his 2 terms as president only to put on this course that we have now. Its called trickle down, and if you do not believe thats how it works then people are bigger fools that I would have ever thought they could be.

If Obama does get elected, I will cuss out the first person thats complains about the way he is going to screw up this country. His thoughts and ideals, about this country, are very socailistic in substance. Its just sad that to many damn fools in this country do not see it or believe it.

I will cast my vote, on election day, to make sure that Obama does not get into office. If there are any true americans still left in this country, then will do the same.






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