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For What It's Worth...On the Polls

I don't know as much about polls as many do. In fact, I know very little about them except that they are sometimes wrong. Sometimes kinda wrong and sometimes very wrong. I also know they are used to shape public opinion as well as reflect it. I think a lot of that is going on right now. I am going to keep plugging away to help McCain win in my state of NC, as well as many down ballot candidates here, and I suggest you all do the same.

Check in to read Wizbang as often as possible, but instead or arguing with those who are hard and fast for one candidate or the other in the comments section, I would suggest you talk to friends and neighbors and family members about why they should vote for John McCain and the Republican ticket. No need to "get in their face" as Obama put it to his followers, just talk to them like you normally would. In a post later I'll do a quick rundown of what I think the main points are that undecided voters need to know. Mainly though, make sure those who vote Republican realize there is more reason than ever to turn out to vote this election.

McCain certainly is at a disadvantage, in more ways than one, and has a steep hill to climb, but as Sarah Palin said in Florida, you don't cut down the nets until the basketball game is over. Obama has reportedly rented the stadium, ordered the caviar, put together his transition team and written his inaugural address, but the buzzer has not sounded yet. His Dean Smith four corners defense may allow him to sit on his lead until election day, but there is still a week for anything to happen. Take this with a grain of salt, but this comment, is an example of some of the things I am hearing from those who (like Palin) say the election has not actually taken place yet.

Update: Interesting NC news. Political campaign veterans Gary Pearce (Dem) and Carter Wrenn (Rep) both believe Obama will fall short in NC. Pearce says McCain will likely win NC, but at a steep price since the close race here has required McCain to spend precious time and resources in NC rather than in other battleground states where he is behind. Both cite race as a factor. I don't know what to believe. It is hard to get a feel here. Since I am in a very red county I have a slanted view, but am hearing from people in other parts of the state who believe McCain will win. I keep thinking back to the primary and how Obama's support was so underestimated in the polls leading up to election day. He ended up winning overwhelmingly. I would not be surprised with either outcome in NC.


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Here's what I tell fence si... (Below threshold)

Here's what I tell fence sitters, ie; people who are not paying attention: I don't know of anything substantive BO has EVER done, do you?
I don't agree with JM on everything, but I know where he stands on the issues. I can't say that about Obama on everything, and I'm truly scared of where I know he stands.(If they ask what I mean, then I tell them.)

To sum it up: I'd rather have an imperfect candidate I know, than an unknown risk who has NEVER done anything of any consequence.

I have had a few "fence sit... (Below threshold)

I have had a few "fence sitters" tell me they're voting for McCain. A couple of Democrats have told me the same thing, saying that there are too many unanswered questions associated with Obama.

As a Brit I'd like to know ... (Below threshold)

As a Brit I'd like to know where do American conservatives go from here?

This is the denial stage. Y... (Below threshold)

This is the denial stage. You'll soon get through this. McCain has run a devisive, ugly campaign and he does not deserve to win the Presidency -- and he won't.

Hansel2 -And what ... (Below threshold)

Hansel2 -

And what has Obama done to deserve the Presidency?

FWIW, here in liberal Orang... (Below threshold)
Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus:

FWIW, here in liberal Orange Co. NC, once you get outside of Chapel Hill/Carrboro, I'd say the signage ratio is 3:2 in 0bama's favour - a ratio actually better for McCain than the Kerry:Bush signage in '04. Anecdotal, I know, but....

I saw a statistic that earl... (Below threshold)

I saw a statistic that early voting in NC was heavily DEM. Can you comment? Is that standard, or does that bode ill for McCain?

Follow the links in the pos... (Below threshold)

Follow the links in the post. They say the early voting has been overwhelmingly Dem, but that polls are showing that those who have not yet voted, but plan to vote are going McCain. It is explained in one of the posts linked in my post.






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