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Freak shot

Not all South Koreans play golf like Se Ri Pak or KJ Choi.

A South Korean golfer has paid a heavy price for an embarrassing shot that landed his caddy in hospital.

The golfer, identified by the country's Supreme Court only as "Jung," was fined 2 million won (911 pounds) for the incident, which occurred at a club in Gunsan Province more than two years ago.

Media reports said Jung had wound up a huge swing at the third hole but when his left foot slipped, the ball rocketed off in the wrong direction and struck his caddy -- standing eight metres behind him -- in the stomach.

The caddy needed seven weeks of hospital treatment.

The Supreme Court recognized lower courts' ruling that Jung had violated the duty of due care to prevent injury to others while playing a sport.

"In events such as boxing or judo, injury to the opponent is to be expected so there is that mitigating circumstance," the court said.

"But in golf, it is unreasonable to expect a caddy should anticipate injury to him or herself."{Reuters}

If the caddy is behind the player, the answer is no.


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Comments (4)

Given the track of the head... (Below threshold)

Given the track of the head of a golf club, even behind the player is not the place to be. The safe place is directly in front of the player, face to face as it were. The club head is tracking downward as it swings in the only direction a loose club could fly toward the caddy.
But it sure takes some kind of weird to hit someone standing behind the player. That's the wonderful thing about life: everything that can happen probably will at some time.

If it is unreasonable to ex... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

If it is unreasonable to expect the caddy to anticipate injury, wouldn't the same hold true for the golfer?

"The safe place is direc... (Below threshold)

"The safe place is directly in front of the player, face to face as it were."

Tell you what, BlogDog. I'll let you test that theory, and I'll continue to take my chances standing behind the golfer when I'm playing. ;-)

Well, it's comforting to se... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

Well, it's comforting to see that we're not the only country with idiots on the bench. These people wouldn't know common sense if it hit them in the gut like an freak golf shot.






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