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Gaza Phones Ringing American Voters For Obama

Palestinian Media Watch points out that inside the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip, individual Gaza citizens are calling American homes to convince American voters to support Hamas' preferred US presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

"23 year old [Palestinian] Ibrahim Abu Jayyab sits by the computer in the Nusairat refugee camp [in the Gaza Strip] trying to call American citizens, in order to convince them to vote for the Democratic candidate for president, Barack Obama...

Most of the Palestinians feel hatred towards USA, whose administrations have always stood by Israel...

Abu Jayyab's idea is to make telephone calls to American citizens through Internet sites that allow making free calls... in order to use them [to make phone calls] for the campaign supporting Obama. Abu Jayyab says: We dial random numbers and try to call people without knowing their identity or their affiliation...

He said that a large number of Palestinians dislike their activity... [those] who do not see any difference between the American politicians, because of the hostility that they feel towards America. But his hope is that their activity will have some impact [in support of Obama]."

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 26, 2008]

Why, one must ask, do bad actors such as Hamas, the messianic Iranian mullah regime, Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers so ardently support Barack Obama over John McCain?

Every day, there are more things the Obama campaign must distance itself and its candidate from. Rarely are there items for them to embrace and openly trumpet. At some point, the troubling trend has to mean something to voters who have yet to make up their mind about whom their next president should - and shouldn't - be.


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Comments (3)

Boy, I sure hope they call ... (Below threshold)
Captain America:

Boy, I sure hope they call and interrupt me.

I'm sure I'll get a "bang" out of the call.

Why, one must ask, do bad a... (Below threshold)

Why, one must ask, do bad actors such as al Qaeda so ardently support John McCain over Barack Obama?

Here's a better question... why do you care?

Why, one must ask, do ba... (Below threshold)

Why, one must ask, do bad actors such as al Qaeda so ardently support John McCain over Barack Obama?

Because endorsing the candidate they actually supported didn't work out so well in 2004 so now they're trying a little 'reverse psychology' ?






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