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News that you can use

My fellow Wizbang contributors are concentrating on the waning days of the Presidential race. If you are bored with McCain vs Obama like I am, you may enjoy some of these.

Then turn on the lights. South Korean professor says porn isn't good for you.

Childish. Congressman Tim Mahoney skips out on debate.

Maybe I can be his fact Czecher. Mark Steyn forgets Chuck Hagel and John Warner aren't running for re-election this November.

Unleashed. Runaway poodle causes flight delays in Boston.

In other news, water is wet. Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has a 27% approval rating.

If the Federal govt. ran healthcare, patients would be in the parking lot? Hospitals ease ER crowding with ward beds in halls

Lastly, what would Genghis Khan think? Mongolian singer K Nominjin poses for PETA. You'll have to check under the fold to see more.


Tasty looking isn't she?

Hat tip- ROK Drop and Marmot's Hole


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Tasty looking isn't she?... (Below threshold)

Tasty looking isn't she?

I'd still be horny hungry afterward.

There should be a strike th... (Below threshold)

There should be a strike though in that post...

I find that really funny, c... (Below threshold)
Lola Author Profile Page:

I find that really funny, considering that Mongolia is so scarce on growing land. Thy would have to spend millons and millions in imported food in order to go vegetarian.

I'm wilting over the sight ... (Below threshold)

I'm wilting over the sight of her.

I usually eat my salads wit... (Below threshold)

I usually eat my salads without dressing.






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