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Ownership: Your 5-Feet of Influence

Early this morning in Wealth Redistribution An Unattained Civil Right: Obama Interview, I noted the 2001 Barack Obama interview that has surfaced in which the presidential hopeful lamented the limitations of the Constitution and was driving for "redistributive change" through legislation in order to exact "political and economic justice."

And while in the interview he did not think wealth redistribution could be affected through the courts, he was confident that it could be attained "legislatively." The reason the courts have not legislated this from the bench is that it requires the court to interpret the Constitution in a manner that is wholly in conflict with the document - and its intentions - as written.

The prospects of an Obama presidency and a large democrat majority that leans far left in both the House and the Senate will set the stage for "legislative" imposition of the transfer of wealth to those who he views have a civil right to that money.

Ed Morrissey says it Smells Like Socialist Spirit. I would suggest that it is beyond olfactory sensation. It is Socialism.

Well, then. Fine .

But this is not the America I knew...

The government does not exist to determine the acceptable level of wealth of its individual citizens. For government to assume that role, it would have to end private property rights and assume all property belonged to the State. That is classic Marxism, and as Barbara West of WFTV noted, it runs in Marx's classic philosophy of "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs". That economic direction has been an abject failure everywhere it has been tried, and in many cases resulted in famines that killed millions of people.

The RNC and the McCain campaign has to get these quotes out to the American public in the final week of this election.

Ed strikes the nail squarely on its head.

The good folks over at NewsBusters.org, who clearly also do not sleep, noticed as well. They noticed our early posting, for which we are grateful.

But the broader discussion is what is important here, beyond our circles of comfort, and the discussions that matter can only be carried out by you, within what I call your permanent 5-Feet of Influence.

The McCain campaign can "get these quotes out to the American public," but it is what you do with them - the manner in which you discuss and with whom - that makes the difference.

You are the campaign. It is your Constitution that you - not John McCain - must defend and protect. You cannot cede that responsibility to any politician. None. The Constitution protects you. It limits politicians. There is a potential conflict of interest at the outset. Barack Obama just explained that to you in no uncertain terms. Do you understand that?

So stop whining, stop complaining about the media being in the bag for Obama, stop fretting over polls reported - and often conducted - by the same. Just shut up already. Get to the business of defending and protecting your Constitution.

Go to bed tonight fully able of answering this question with specific things you have done and people you have spoken to, and not just things you have griped about:

What are you doing with your 5-Feet of Influence to defend and protect our Constitution and American liberty as our parents handed them over to us?


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Comments (23)

All well and good.... (Below threshold)
Captain America:

All well and good.

But you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place for full impact:

1. Rev Wright and Black Liberation Theology
2. Joe the Plumber "spread the wealth" and
3. The 2001 audio tape

Anyone one of these in isolation can be defended to varying degrees by Obama (minimization, deflection, a reassessment)

But you cannot dispute a timeline of consistent redistributionist messages.

Moreover, this goes beyond mere socialism. This is race and class warfare.

I haven't seen this fact po... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen this fact pointed out yet, but I think that with the release of this interview, we finally have a pretty good idea of Barack Obama's real "litmus test" for Supreme Court appointees.

Sure, Obama says that the Court itself cannot deliberately legislate the confiscation and redistribution of wealth. But the massive power grab that Congress must necessarily impose in order to make socialism a reality here in the USA will certainly generate numerous lawsuits challenging its Constitutionality.

Just as Roosevelt packed the Supreme Court with sympathetic justices in order to legitimize the Constitutionality of the New Deal, so must Barack Obama pack his Supreme Court with socialist justices, in order to legitimize his very own "Red Deal."

As a footnote, it should be a given that any appellate court justice who embraces the notion of "justice" through the forced redistribution of wealth would, almost without exception, also support government-sanctioned abortion on demand. Therefore the abortion "litmus test" is redundant and can probably be ignored. This will be to Obama's advantage, as it could make his appointees more palatable to the Religious Right, regardless of their views on socialism.

I blogged on my own site a few days ago that I did not expect the immediate introduction of a "Democratic Socialist States of America" following an Obama inauguration. But the more I learn about his belief in socialism as our only hope of salvation, the less optimistic I become.

I've always loved what the ... (Below threshold)

I've always loved what the achievements of FDR. As a casually researched liberal (pretty much the only kind) I never thought that the government assisting citizens could become a sign of totalitarian. Is the general consensus with the right that progressive leaders like FDR and Obama who lean left of the constitution are violating our rights?

Its called change for a reason, he cannot be in office and not tax and spend because then he wouldn't be a. a politician or b. a democrat. The last eight years are not hated because of taxes or wasteful spending, it was the fact that the public's money wasn't going back to the public.

Another few questions. What is the term for McCain's 5,000 dollar tax credit? Also does Obama's plan spread more checks or not?

Isn't Alaska America's most socialist state? Can we really argue Palin's hard numbers, she's written more check's than Barack.

I've already converted two ... (Below threshold)

I've already converted two people who are adamantly and completely convinced now that they're armed with "new information" they never heard on the news nor read in papers. I'm working on a third who is at the "not sure about Obama anymore" stage. A fourth, who was for Obama until recently, is still anti-McCain and will vote Libertarian, but at least he's not so blinded anymore. I'm using my 5-feet.

And isn't there ONE person ... (Below threshold)

And isn't there ONE person in the McCain campaign smart enough to realize that the way to get this out to the voters is by means of EXAMPLE, not by simply stating Obama is a socialist! "Your home will be taken after your death, sold and the money divied up among the "less fortunate." The right of people to leave things to their kids will be gone. That is Marxism...that is Obamas redistribution. That is his "SPREADING THE WEALTH." This is the way in which the message has to be gotten out. It is clear, concise and no one can redefine things according to what sounds the least scary!

An Obama Presidency combine... (Below threshold)

An Obama Presidency combined with a far Left Congress, would be the last blow to the American Dream.

Today, we have a belief that anyone who works hard, is an innovator, and is willing to take the chance, can be successful. Success is relative. It may be becoming a multimillionaire, but it can also mean having the means to put your kids through to the school that they want, to make their way to the career that they want. It can mean having enough for a retirement, so you can devote yourself to helping others through volunteerism. It can mean that you have been able to make your mark on the world and leave it a better place.

Obama wants to redistribute 'wealth'. Of course, in the case of Joe the Plummer, Obama wanted to make Joe pay more taxes to give to those that Obama felt 'needed' it. Wealth, produced by an individual's own work and drive to do better, is the result of those efforts, and it is a punishment.

Today's sucesses like Walton, Gates, Turner and others, started out with an idea and through years of work, failures, and innovation, created thousands jobs for others who never had them. These others, rose to the top or near top, and in turn, some of them went out on their own and created their own businesses which hired even more people.

What happens when you tell someone who works his butt off, creates a business and then tells them "Hey, you make too much money. That's 'unfair' and we are going to tax you a lot more and give it to people who didn't bother to work hard!"? The American Dream dies that's what. You killed the incentive to do better and to reap the rewards of that work, and innovation.

Obama wants a class dependent upon the government, and does not want anyone from this class to break free of this dependence. Punitive taxation of those who try to rise above their current income status, is a way to kill that Dream. Telling someone that because they took the chance and produced something useful or creative, they will be taxed more and the people who benefited from their work and creativity will get the fruits of their labor, will kill innovation. Why go to the trouble if all you get is a slap-down from the government?

This country became great, became 'wealthy', became the place where immigrants want to live, is because of that American Dream which is realized every single day.

Do not let Obama and the Dems kill that Dream for good.

"...it was the fact that... (Below threshold)

"...it was the fact that the public's money wasn't going back to the public."

It's all in what you mean by "going back to the public". Why does the government have to take so much of it to begin with? Money going back to the public should be used for services such as maintaining infrastructure, the military and the justice system, which benefits everyone - not as cash re-distributions to a select group.

I'm opposed to just handing out fish, but I'm all for the "teach a man to fish" programs.

And you need to do some reading in regards to the money sent out to Alaskans to offset their energy costs.

Not every Alaskan has the s... (Below threshold)

Not every Alaskan has the same energy bill but every Alaskan receives the same check.

Obama's maximum tax credit, as stated by his website will be 1,000 dollars to select families. McCain's health care plan gives a 5,000 dollar tax credit no matter the situation. Obama is willing to pay for his plan by choosing his tax policy, where was the uproar for Bush's? Each plan rewards a specific group and doesn't change how capitalist we are.

Why is the right speaking about socialist rhetoric, I'm looking at the numbers and they don't add up.

yihdego: if you think I'm g... (Below threshold)

yihdego: if you think I'm going to go off-topic with you, you're wrong. As I said, do your reading.

Obama has lived on the sout... (Below threshold)

Obama has lived on the south side of Chicago for over 20 years. He represented that neighborhood in the state Senate. The "change" he wants to bring to Washington DC is to turn the entire country into the same paradise the south side has become. The majority of children born out of wedlock, each successive child with a different biological father. Why bother providing for your family, that's not keeping it real. The government will provide public housing (two of the main streets through the worst public housing complexes are State Street and Federal Street, surprise!). The government will provide welfare checks, food stamp credit cards, if you don't pay your utility bills the govt passes laws forbidding utilities from shutting off service. This summer the Sheriff refused to carry out court ordered evictions, because of the 'unfairness' of it all.

Most students do not graduate from high school. Even those that do are for the most part barely literate. School improvement means improving the pay & benefits for those who run the schools, not improving the performance of the students.

Right now, Chicago holds the title of most dangerous city in the country, more murders committed than in any other city in the U.S. including New York or LA. Most of the murders occur on the south & west sides of the city.

For an interesting take on crime in the city, a cop blogger has the story:


The actress Jennifer Hudson's family was just murdered on the south side of Chicago...her mother and brother were found shot to death last Friday, and the body of a child was found this morning (her 7-year old nephew was missing from the crime scene and was the focus of an Amber Alert all weekend).

If you want to see the future of the country under an Obama administration, just look at the south side of Chicago. All the useful idiots pushing CHANGE!! have no idea what that change is really going to look like.

Why are the right-wing so f... (Below threshold)

Why are the right-wing so full of hate and hostility? Why must they continue to badger on points after they've been exposed as a lie? Do they truly want to keep this country in it's exact same situation? Reasoning seems impossible with you people. Thank God your party already has one nail in the coffin. McCain's spectacular loss, by anyone's standard, will just about kill you. Good riddance.

Lisa -Google up Gr... (Below threshold)

Lisa -

Google up Grove Parc and Obama - you'll see just what he managed to do. In fact, to save your tiny little fingers some wear and tear, I'll even give you a link.

To Boston.com. If the prospect of Obama's influence makes you feel good - you really ought to read this article.

And think what the entire country will be like once the template of Grove Parc has been applied nationwide...

Lisa,You couldn't ... (Below threshold)
Captain America:


You couldn't be more incorrect. First off, the election will be decided on November 4th, not today.

Secondly, should McCain lose, this will only be the beginning not the end of it. You can portray us conservatives any way you want, but one thing you need to know is we will not quit. This is only a beginning.

Only true surprise I find a... (Below threshold)
Purl Gurl:

Only true surprise I find about American presidential elections this year is a vast majority of Obama supporters are adamantly bent on rendering America a pseudo Marxist nation. This call for rendering America a socialist welfare nation by Obama and his supporters, this truly does surprise me.

Quite ironic an American Indian, like me, an American Indian who has every right to "hate" America, is fighting to defend our Spirit of America, fighting to defend our American ideals, fighting to defend our founding principles of Freedom and Democracy.

There is no need for Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic terrorists to attack our America; we are destroying our country from within by calling for a Socialist America.

I am certain Bin Laden is enjoying a laugh.

Appears there is a Free Lunch in life, appears half or more of Americans expect a Free Lunch paid for by hard working successful Americans.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Give me all I want for free, I am an American! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I do not have to work for a living, I am an American!

Gimme my welfare check, Barack!

When I was born, my peoples, we Indians, were not granted American citizenship, were not granted a right to vote. We fought long and hard for citizenship and a right to vote. We won.

Today, Americans are fighting for welfare checks in their mailboxes.

I believe I will pack up my family, head back to our Indian lands, then lead a life of honest hard work, of independence and of pride.

Our family enjoys pride, we will never become welfare recipients; we always have and always will earn our lunch.

Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation

Purl Gurl you are so righ... (Below threshold)

Purl Gurl you are so right. I am saddened by what was done to the American Indian. My heritage didnt start here in America until the after 1920 something.

You know the bad element always said they would take over from within. We need to fight this 'change'.

Sarah Palin is a Marxist<br... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is a Marxist
Alaska: America's Socialist State

Sarah Palin's home state of Alaska is the MOST Socialist state in these United States, and she's proud of it!

Alaska has no income or sales tax!
That's because it imposes huge levies on the oil companies that lease its oil fields.
First the state government takes it's hefty cut, then it redistributes the wealth, cutting a four-figure annual check to every man, woman, and child in the state.
Sarah Palin was happy to increase this year's check by $1200, bringing the per-person total to $3,269, helping her maintain her popularity as Governor.

I wonder how that's not "buying" votes?

Sarah Palin is proud of her states' collective wealth-redistribution scheme.
Sarah Palin said,
"We're set up, unlike other states in the union,
where it's collectively Alaskans own the resources.
So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs."

Right out of the Karl Marx play book!

Dear joewhatever, Sarah Pal... (Below threshold)

Dear joewhatever, Sarah Palin was acting in accordance with the Alaskan constitution. Are you saying you would prefer she didn't? Is this why you're likely supporting another *ahem* candidate? You know, the one who laments the "flaws" in the US Constitution....

lisa - "Why are the rig... (Below threshold)

lisa - "Why are the right-wing so full of hate and hostility?"

I'll make you a deal, I'll answer that question right after you explain...

- why for 7-1/2 years the cry of "BusHilter" is still heard coming from the left?
- why certain prominent dems in Congress can offer the "war is lost," when in fact they haven't clue #1.
- why certain, and large, segments of "the left" still whine and gnash their teeth over "stolen" elections in 2000 and 2004.
- why a certain dem senator can call his own constituents "racists," and "white trash"

- why... well you get the idea lisa. Hate breeds hate.

I guess either you fail to believe that, or are so sheltered by your "obama cocoon" you're friggin' blind to reality.

Oyster,Obama doesn... (Below threshold)


Obama doesn't call the Constitution flawed.
His words: "Essential Contraints"

He was saying that the Constitution is NOT flawed since he deems the constraints it contains (against using the courts in the manner the caller was asking about,) to be essential.

Have you actually read what Obama really said in that interview, without the right-wing editing? Or are you just another bleeting sheep motivated by fear, uncertainty, and doubt?

I have listened to the original interview and this effort made to twist Obama's words is beyond spin, it is outright fabrication.

Genius, Obama referred to t... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Genius, Obama referred to the "essential constraints" within the context of lamenting said restraints as preventers of "political and economic justice in this society."

So yes, he view the Constitution as flawed.

more specifically, he views that said "political and economic justice" ("redistributive change") cannot be or has not been read into the Constitution ("a charter of negative liberties").

He said that the Constitution does not read explicitly what the government "must do," which is - in his mind - a flaw.

hence, the Constitution to him is an obstacle that he - as he said quite directly - thinks should be redressed (skirted) legislatively.

Not, mind you, because doing so through the courts is wrong, but rather merely "impractical."

The Constitution is a flawed obstacle that he intends to work around to achieve his desired ends: Redistributive Change.

Next question, please.

"Alaska has no income or sa... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

"Alaska has no income or sales tax!
That's because it imposes huge levies on the oil companies that lease its oil fields.
First the state government takes it's hefty cut, then it redistributes the wealth, cutting a four-figure annual check to every man, woman, and child in the state."

Genius, the Alaskan oil commodity is the shared property of the Alaskan people. It belongs to no oil company. The oil companies must bid for the business of extracting it. The cost? A per-barrel tax.

Here's the deal killer, JoeFiveShyOfaFull SixPack, the state government makes no judgment on which Alaskan or class of Alaskans has more or less rights to the funds. It is, as you stated, equal and equitable distribution.

It fails to take from one class of citizens and redirect moneys to another class.

Have a clue about what you are talking and griping about before you come in here and go spouting off.

Purl Gurl, you are inspirin... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Purl Gurl, you are inspiring.

Well, no sense in repeating... (Below threshold)

Well, no sense in repeating what Steve already said. It's not like you'll understand any better.






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