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White people shouldn't be allowed to vote if they don't support Obama!

Why is it that white people need to be denied the vote? Why, because they're racist, of course! But hey, the idiot pundit calling for this is white, so therefore it's OK.

That's why this ban on white people voting I'm proposing has got to be statewide. And I'm sorry to say, it's going to have to include all white people, even those who would vote for Obama, because you can't just let some white people vote. That would be unfair.

By this point, you either think I am joking or are calling me an elitist. I assure you I am neither. OK, maybe a little of both. But it wasn't always like this. I come from the Coal Belt, from that Alabamian hinterland between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, as per James Carville's famous formulation.

I am, in fact, just two generations out of the coal mines that blackened the lungs of my grandfather, leaving him disabled, despondent and, finally, dead at the ripe old age of 54.

So, understand that I am saying all this for the good of the country and, in fact, for the good of those hard-working white people that Hillary used to pander to.

I know those people, I come from them. They are not some shameful abstract demographic to be brushed under the rug of euphemism by Wolf Blitzer and his ilk.

I have broken kielbasa with those people. I went to school with their children. I have gone to Sunday Mass with a deer-hunter hangover with those people. They are bitter with good reason, and they are armed because they are scared. They mean well, but they are easily spooked.

His three reasons for denying Caucasians the right to vote are 1., the election of President Bush; 2., Sarah Palin's candidacy and her supporters; and 3., Ed Rendell and John Murtha said so.

Brilliant political commentary, eh?

Oh, and I forgot: there's the obligatory Pennsylvanians won't vote for Obama because they're racist. Any white person who disagrees with Obama's policies must clearly be a racist! The majority of black people who support Obama, however, are not racist.

Yet somehow, it's people like this asshat who think that they're healing the racial divide, not widening it. I'm really curious how it is not condescending to tell minorities that their race means more than their intellect does. If liberals see Barack Obama and other minority politicians as equal to white politicians, then shouldn't their policies, experience, opinions, and credentials be subject to the same scrutiny? Why should a black politician get special treatment just because he's black? Why should white people be forced to support a candidate just because of their skin color? Again, how is this not condescending or insulting? If Obama wants to be taken seriously, then he needs to call for a stop to the race baiting... although, that's about as likely to happen as Al Gore announcing that he made up global warming to reinvigorate his political relevancy.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Comments (48)

I think Ashley Todd was say... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I think Ashley Todd was saying essentially the same thing.

I have a better idea. Let'... (Below threshold)

I have a better idea. Let's do away with all voting this year. All of the candidates are elected through "Rock/Paper/Scissors", using the official World RPS rules.

The race card is a very eff... (Below threshold)

The race card is a very effective means of scaring and guilting people into doing what you want them to do. Which goes hand in hand with Obama's 'Truth Squad' and Biden's freezing out the media who actually asked real questions.

Question me and I will ruin you or make you look like a racist, that's the theme of this campaign.

The only reason Obama is wh... (Below threshold)

The only reason Obama is where he is, is his skin color.

It is the ultimate bullet proof vest. Obama knew it, those running Obama knew it.

We have a president that has been endorsed by our enemies, involved in voter fraud, involved in the financial meltdown of the US, he's campaign finance laws, and lying over and over again..... about anything and everything.

This guy should be eligible for a county clerkship.
But he's about to be voted President.
Because he's wearing a racial bullet proof vest.

Wow, I didn't know a single... (Below threshold)

Wow, I didn't know a single body could that much patronizing, condescending elitism and not explode. That faux sense of "belonging" to a community because "oh, I used to live there and hang out with them" must come in handy when trying to trick us racist, scared, bitter, gun-clinging Pennsylvanians. Because we totally can't see through it. Or past Obama's skin color.

The only reason Obama is... (Below threshold)

The only reason Obama is where he is, is his skin color.
It is the ultimate bullet proof vest.

Yeah, obviously a black man with a Muslim name would have a really easy time running for president.

Todd, are you another writer for phawker.com? Your humor seems to be on their level. Maybe Cassy can declare you a "pundit" also.

It's White Guilt. And yes,... (Below threshold)

It's White Guilt. And yes, Obama would not be here except for his skin color.

And the media helping him is affirmative action at it's finest.

Can't wait till this fraud loses next Tuesday.

Cripes, Cassy. Did... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Cripes, Cassy. Didn't The Onion have anything for you to get upset about today? I'm sure phawker.com is grateful for all the extra traffic their site must be getting.

Are you saying phawker.com is a satirist? If so, they'll have to come up with far more wacky stuff as what they're running now seems quite in the mainstream of liberal thought.

Lemme guess, this guy is al... (Below threshold)

Lemme guess, this guy is also in favor of reparations being paid to all Black-Americans?

If not, does that confirm him as a racist?

I can't believe what I am r... (Below threshold)

I can't believe what I am reading. Obama is a bright well spoken man that is HALF WHITE in case you have all forgotten. Why can we just judge a man for who he is and not his skin color???????

Totally agree with #5. I w... (Below threshold)

Totally agree with #5. I would also add that most people are not aware of obama's past & ideas (they are shocked when I tell them of Ayers etc.), they still think the democrats are for the middle class (I mean the real middle class-democrats think anyone making above 30K is rich), and the press is determine to decide this election.

I can't believe what I a... (Below threshold)

I can't believe what I am reading. Obama is a bright well spoken man that is HALF WHITE in case you have all forgotten. Why can we just judge a man for who he is and not his skin color???????

If your being intellectually honest, it's the left that brings race into politics most often. The use of the word racist on any OBM criticism is a prime example.

Conservatives support many black candidates who share their political beliefs yet these Americans are labled automatically "Uncle Toms" and worse.

Are there racists on both sides? Sure there are and one would be ignorant not to think this, but is it pervasive and overwhelming? Only the left would like you to think so. Let's face it BHO is getting a pass on many areas simply b/c of the racial issue and the fear and guilt associated with white America.

The big problem the Republicans had was their fear of being seen in this negative light. They soon compromised on principal b/c being isolated in the Washington circle, the fear of being labled overcame their principals not understanding the majority of their constituancies are center-right, and would support them but could not stand being lied too. If you don't believe me look at the campaigns of those democrats that took over in 2006, the majority of their campaigns would make Reagan look like a student of Marx, they were so conservative.

The left totally understands this and uses Race as one of their key weapons in deflecting questioning and criticism. I don't like BHO b/c of his stance on Tax policies, military, and his assured appointments of activist judges to our courts, yet when I used those arguments with an Obama supporter I had recently, her response, "Yea but that's just racism" and she was sure that if BHO was white I wouldn't feel this way.

Again the politics of race is not coming from the conservatives but almost totally from the left, it's their "ace in the hole" so to speak

"I can't believe what I ... (Below threshold)

"I can't believe what I am reading. Obama is a bright well spoken man that is HALF WHITE in case you have all forgotten. Why can we just judge a man for who he is and not his skin color???????"

Yes Tammy, he is bright and he is well spoken and he is half white. The problem is many seem to think him being half black alone makes him a suitable presidential candidate alone.

The only time I see race being injected into this is by his supporters, who think that if you don't vote for him, for any of a hundred reasons, that it must be because his skin color.

And Tammy, my opinion is that he is not, racial heritage be damned, suitable for the jb he is applying for.

The only reason Obama is wh... (Below threshold)

The only reason Obama is where he is, is his skin color.
He has a D after his name and he is blank screen. Others have run but they have too much baggage.

However if his name was Walter Williams, J.C. Watts or Michael Steal with an R after his name it would have been over.

Its not about skin color it is 100% about ideology and marketing.

OMG - i realize that neocon... (Below threshold)

OMG - i realize that neocons engage almost exclusively in fantasy-based mockery these days (ie barack loves terrorists etc etc etc) but i cant believe you are taking this article seriously. this blog never fails to astound me with the idiocy of the far, far right

hey neocons! obama wants to seize your bank accounts and turn them over to gay couples!

isnt that TERRIBLE?!?!?


Actually, most of us discus... (Below threshold)

Actually, most of us discussing the issue of race that was brought up by this posting, and has been a prevailent platform for some Obama supporters to guilt or scare people into voting for him, or not critizing him.

heralder - even on that poi... (Below threshold)

heralder - even on that point i dont personally see it happening. i do see many right-wingers saying its the case, and ive seen the media asking if its the case, but i just never see it actually being the case and i suspect its been greatly exaggerated. im sure a blog here or there has insinuated as much but that wouldnt qualify to me as being prevelant

I took care to say the prev... (Below threshold)

I took care to say the prevailent platform of some. I say this because it's been said directly to me in person, numerous times.

I think it's inarguable that race is definitely a factor, but as to who is actually using it unfairly, given my experience and judging comments made by those close to Obama (Reverend Wright seems largely forgotten), I feel it's primarily being used by them.

They're sure enjoy... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
They're sure enjoying this newfound attention: their new headline is "Inquirer Circulation Plunges In The Wake Of Outrageous Phawker Guest Editorial".

That's my point. It's not so outrageous considering other liberal positions.

Seeing as Cassy didn't bother checking her source, I'm not surprised others didn't either

It seems their server was overwhelmed by the attention, so few were able to get a look at their home page.

"That's my point. It's not ... (Below threshold)

"That's my point. It's not so outrageous considering other liberal positions"

no. what you mean is: its not so outrageous considering what other neocons SAY liberal positions are

White people shouldn't be a... (Below threshold)

White people shouldn't be allowed to vote if they don't support Obama? our founding fathers would turn in thier graves if obama ever became president

no. what you mean ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
no. what you mean is: its not so outrageous considering what other neocons SAY liberal positions are

No, I meant exactly what I said and that's The Truth, pea.

yeah you already made your ... (Below threshold)

yeah you already made your point of view as i have mine. if you want to further dissemble from there, be my guest

oops that discuss, not diss... (Below threshold)

oops that discuss, not dissemble. yow, big difference....

...and many black people wo... (Below threshold)

...and many black people won't vote for McCain because their racist. "Hey, kettle," said the pot. Yeah, everyone's racist. Let's just accept it for the character flaw it is and go on shall we.

...I meant "they're". Duh. ... (Below threshold)

...I meant "they're". Duh. Brain fart. According to the latest headlines, I think I told y'all just days ago that Obama's not welcome in Tennessee unless it's Memphis. Seems he wouldn't have even been safe there. Especially not there. For now the skinheads have been caught and jailed, but I rest my case.

Why can we just judge a ... (Below threshold)

Why can we just judge a man for who he is and not his skin color???????

I am. That is why I am voting for John McCain.

This ranks up there with th... (Below threshold)

This ranks up there with that dumb ass at some dink newspaper who said that socialism is a code word for black.

This is the flabby thinking that propels Sen. Yes-I-Can-Tax-You-To-Death.

It's the paradigm which gives us the vanguard of the proletariat, dialectics, and all the stuff that makes Brooks and Matthews leg tingle, and it's all a crock, and it's never worked. And it won't work again, but what the hell guys, let's just lose 8 years in a fruitless attempt.

Yes we can!

Wasn't it Obama himself tha... (Below threshold)

Wasn't it Obama himself that stooped to dragging race into this? Remember your post-racial candidate with the baiting: "oh, they're gonna say he doesn't look like us, and oh, did I tell you, he's black."

Exact quote. You mental midgets on the Left created this whole race industry and your boy, if he wins, is going to set race relations back years, ironically.

There is so much irony to Obama, it'd take days to work it out. The most "steady" one is the one who'll actually attract dangerous actions from our adversaries because they don't care if he's black, or smooth, or Billy Dee Williams.

He's never faced down evil and he won't likely ever do so if there is any risk to it. All his phony leftist kant makes him a stronger "citizen of the world" than an American.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Thanks all you Obama fanatics; hope your teenage-style boy crush is worth it, because that's about all you'll get out of it, and the rest, you'll regret.

And, as if to highlight my ... (Below threshold)

And, as if to highlight my previous post about which side is consistently bringing race into it, right from the side bar!

Wizbang Blue: Breaking News: Obama Assassination Plot Thwarted
Racism is alive and well, and McCain and Palin have been fanning the flames for weeks now. It's not surprising that this was being planned.

In Obama-speak "Fanning the... (Below threshold)

In Obama-speak "Fanning the Flames" is equivilent to "Running Against".

I see in regards to race, Reverend Wright has still not been brought up after having mentioned it previously. How many years ... twenty years did he attend that church?

mitchell - thats NOT an exa... (Below threshold)

mitchell - thats NOT an exact quote. whoever your source is made it up. obama hasnt dragged race into this in any divisive way which is yet another reason he has shown infinitely better judgement than mccain, and will be winning the election next week

I guess I'll just repost wh... (Below threshold)

I guess I'll just repost what I said over at Wizbang Blue which is an exact quote:

Barack Obama In Springfield, Missouri: "So nobody really thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face, so what they're going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he's not patriotic enough. He's got a funny name. You know, he doesn't look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He's risky. That's essentially the argument they're making." (Barack Obama, Remarks, Springfield, MO, 7/30/08)

Notice the underlined word. Try. This was said not in retaliation to any remarks of the kind, but as a setting of the stage, so to speak. McCain's campaign saw it for exactly what it was:

"Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It's divisive, negative, shameful and wrong."

That is what Mitchell was referring to, Peabody.

Looks to me like O... (Below threshold)
Looks to me like Obama's predictions in that quote were 100% accurate.

Since he was so detailed in his words, and I in my response to Peabody, I'm expecting you to be equally so in yours and please post the links of where that is seen to be the case. Vague declarations of it being so is not an argument, it's an opinion with no factual base.

Where have McCain and Palin brought race into this?

You have plenty of time to dig, I'm heading out for the night.

heralder - i knew what quot... (Below threshold)

heralder - i knew what quote mitchell was failing to accurately refer to, and i would accept your correction as refutation of mitchells point, but i wouldnt for a moment accept that obama was bringing up race in a divisive way. i think its a copout to say that he is, based on that corrected quote

I'll beg to differ Peabody,... (Below threshold)

I'll beg to differ Peabody, that said in response to nothing, that quote, in it's glorious fullness, is indeed bringing race to the forefront where is was not present before.

If you were to say: "Man, I hate criminals"

And my response was: "Yeah those damn Republicans"

That would be me bringing politics into an issue of crime, just as Obama brought race into an issue of politics.

Okay, now I'm really leaving. I'll check in tomorrow.

obama wasnt referring to th... (Below threshold)

obama wasnt referring to the GOP at all. you know that, right? he was referring to the hillary campaign at a time when they were as maliciously desperate as the mccain campaign has become as of late

obama did not refer to race in his comment. whether he was alluding to it very obliquely is up to debate, but the point of what he said would stand even if he were white, given the tone and messages of hillarys campaign at that time. obama has brought up the issue of race before too, such as when he talked about his white grandmother. then as ever, it was appropriate within its context and was clearly not intended to increase any racial divides that wright had played on

heralder i dont think you need to join in on the hair-splitting word parsing games being played here so often. if you want to say that obama engages in racially divisive politics, make a real case for it. this singular quote doesnt do 1% of the job

I'm confused. Whit... (Below threshold)
Rebel Without A Pause:

I'm confused.

White people are voting for who they want, be it McCain or Obama. How are they being "denied the vote?"

As for Obama playing the race card:


Obama has kept his campaign on the issues rather than engaging in McCarthyism and last-ditch racism.

Frankly, when McCain wins, I would like to see the looks on the faces of his supporters when they come to the ultimate realization that he IS going to raise taxes on small businesses and the middle class, regardless of his campaign rhetoric. As for so-called Obama wanting to "spread the wealth," I got a news flash for him: Sorry 'bro, John McCain's kith-and-kin in Washington and on Wall Street have already beat you to it.

Gotta love that Socialism and Marxist wealth distribution system for all those wonderfully "experienced" folks on Wall Street and in D.C. Who represent the wealthiest of this nation. I wonder how the Republican "Base" will feel once the euphoria wears off and they realized they've been played by their beloved "Maverick?"

And skinheads want... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
And skinheads wanting to kill Obama isn't so outrageous given other conservative positions.

See? I can make shit up too!

Like there are no deranged liberals wanting to kill Bush. The difference is that I don't need to make it up like Obama's support for after birth abortion.

In general, as a Republican... (Below threshold)

In general, as a Republican, I am opposed to censorship. However, this blog writer is making a strong case for it.

You can't combat racism with racism.

Brian, I'm disappointed.</p... (Below threshold)

Brian, I'm disappointed.

I'll go through by number:

#1, first link. Watch the video, McCain is defending Obama.

#2, second link. No matter how you slice it, direct refusal for a presidential candidate to wear a small token of support for his country (the American flag pin). What job is he going for? The President of the United states of America. No instead he redesigned the Presidential seal with his own logo. And a direct quote from the link:

WASHINGTON - Sen. Barack Obama's refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem led conservatives on Internet and in the media to question his patriotism.

This wasn't McCain or Palin saying anything. Another wrong link.

#3 "Any Wizbang post by Scrapiron."

McCain or Palin? Scrapiron on the Wizbang boards? Nice. Failed again.

#4 Same link as number one. McCain defending Obama.

Second link. Where is McCain saying racist things?


As an RNC unit questions Barack Obama's ability to handle a crisis, the McCain campaign will call the Democratic candidate "risky" in a new Spanish-language television commercial. The message focuses on Obama's TAX PROPOSALS and will air in the four states where Latino votes matter most: Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

(Capitalization mine)

Racist comments? Nope.


So in summary, I asked for links showing McCain and Palin saying racist things, and you posted links to stories an YouTube videos of other people being racist (I bet none of the blacks voting for Obama are racist, does that make Obama racist?), McCain defending Obama against racism, someone calling his tax proposals risky, and you referring to a Wizabang commenter.

That was a waste of time, Brian, so I'll ask again, where have McCain and Palin been saying racist things?

I can point you to this however, since race seems to be such a touchy issue, I give you Reverend 'God Damn America' Wright, to which Obama said:

"I don't think my church is actually particularly controversial." He said Rev. Wright "is like an old uncle who says things I don't always agree with," telling a Jewish group that everyone has someone like that in their family."

Aw that old crazy uncle. A member of the congregation says:

"He has impacted the life of Barack Obama so much so that he wants to portray that feeling he got from Rev. Wright onto the country because we all need something positive," said another member of the congregation.

So, judging from how you used other people being racist and pinning it on McCain/Palin somehow, I guess you can say Obama is racist AND hates America?

Very well. If that's the argument you're sure you want to make ....

Peabody, You're ri... (Below threshold)


You're right, a single quote doesn't do the job entirely. The idea was not to say Obama has been a fully racist campaign, but to say he has brought race up as if the people running against him have been saying these things, and it's simply not the case, they haven't.

But, by insinuating they have, he's making people look for it where it isn't present, hence many liberals and Obama supporters thinking it to be the case.

Well I think you should hav... (Below threshold)
Archie Bunker:

Well I think you should have to Take a Basic Knowledge test before your allowed to VOTE. Because you know as well as I do If that happen the DEMOCRAPS would not have a Chance. It's easy to see who the leaders of the DEMOCRAP party pander to, Mostly MORONS. All you have to do is look at Nancy Pelosi. She is the OUEEN of MORON'S. Look how [email protected]#ked-UP Sanfagcisco is. The end of AMERICA as we know it is coming. Good Luck To you ALL..

Direct quote from my own po... (Below threshold)

Direct quote from my own post asking the question, which is hard to misunderstand:


Where have McCain and Palin brought race into this?

You have plenty of time to dig,...

Since Obama was referring to his political opponents using these tactics in the quote of his I posted, I in turn asked for evidence that this was the case. You said it seemed to be the case, yes failed at providing links.

You failed because there are no links of McCain or Palin making those statements, because they haven't.

And yes, McCain has recently tried to calm the extremist anti-Obama fervor that he allowed to be created,

McCain allowed to be created? Once again, you're placing blame on a man running a campaign for the views held by some of his supporters, views that HAVE NOT been reinforced by him.

I asked you for evidence that he has been, and you couldn't come up with any. You even posted something of McCain defending Obama.

Sorry Brian, attempts at blaming the wrong person cannot be backed up in reality. It simply highlights your bias and your deliberately skewed sense information processing.

peabody, u r wrong as usual... (Below threshold)

peabody, u r wrong as usual--


Obama said at the fundraiser. "They're going to try to make you afraid of me. He's young and inexperienced and he's got a funny name. And did I mention he's black?"

checkmate, useful idiot

"To avoid being mistaken fo... (Below threshold)

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully," the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father." "The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists."

Sounds not only racially obsessed, but a nutter--Marxism is and will remain dead.

For Brian's benefit, I will... (Below threshold)

For Brian's benefit, I will re-post what I had above, which completely destroys his thesis--

peabody, u r wrong as usual--


Obama said at the fundraiser. "They're going to try to make you afraid of me. He's young and inexperienced and he's got a funny name. And did I mention he's black?"

checkmate, useful idiot

55. Posted by Mitchell | October 28, 2008 5:23 PM | Score: 1 (1 votes cast)

Posted on October 28, 2008 17:23

"To avoid being mistaken fo... (Below threshold)
56. Posted by Mitchell | October 28, 2008 5:36 PM | Score: 0 (0 votes cast)

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully," the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father." "The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists."

Sounds not only racially obsessed, but a nutter--Marxism is and will remain dead.

Ok, Brian, the threads over, go somewhere else to make up stuff.

Brian,In order to ... (Below threshold)


In order to not look like an utter idiot, don;t quote my OWN post back to me saying I misunderstood what I meant.

And the little 'red herring' of me asking for you to point out where Palin or McCain has said that was the entire point of me asking, since everyone has blamed them for 'fanning the flames'.

Sometimes we should admit when we're wrong, I've done it one these boards before, perhaps you could save face by doing it yourself, rather than dismissing part of my question in order to try to validate your incorrect response.

You are naive if you believe those views have not been reinforced by his campaign.

No, Brian, I'm basing my opinion on facts and available information. You're basing your opinion on pure bias. I'm sure we'll have another chance to argue something, I hope it goes better next time.






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