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Just no cents

*- My wife is a Filipina and for some time we've gotten Philippine television via Directv. For the last month or so, the Philippine version of Deal or No Deal shows at noon time. Which coincidentally is the same time for Leonita to be home for lunch.

So Leonita watches the show now every weekday while she is having lunch. It's hard not to watch the show. I do 'appreciate' Philippine women and a television show with 27 of them, some with names of Apple and Precious and Olive, well you know why I watch.

At the bottom of this post there's a video which includes a rehearsal and a interview of two of the suitcase girls. The video isn't the greatest. s

Deal or No Deal, whether in the USA or The Philippines is about greed. Yesterday's show had to have the biggest idiot I've seen on television in some time. After turning down many generous offers, he has two possibilities left, 400 pesos or 75. The current exchange rate is 49 pesos to the dollar. The banker offers this guy 399 pesos or 1 less than what at most he can win. One peso or two cents don't buy anything these days. He says- No deal! Do I need explain what was found in the suitcase he had left?

*- Dear wife was all excited yesterday and today for the return of her mother and sister. They are coming back from the Philippines. Leonita went to Fort Lauderdale airport, 45 miles from my house, to pick them up this morning. Guess what? They are arriving tomorrow.

Suitcases. My life is full of them.

*- My last cancer checkup went well. There is no such thing as total remission with Stage IV melanoma. I'm stable, which I'll take.

*- Tomorrow marks two months since I came home after open heart surgery. I'm 98% recovered, some very occasional pain in the area of my incision and carpal tunnel in my right hand as a result of my surgery being my only complaints now.


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While I've only watched the... (Below threshold)

While I've only watched the show a couple of times, I've enjoyed trying to calculate the fairr market value of the remaining board --- and then watching how the "Banker" uses the Network's greater insensitivity to risk to price his offers.

Then again, I'm probably not the target audience.

I have say its the WOW WOW ... (Below threshold)

I have say its the WOW WOW WEE Dancers that everyone watches here. Esp when they divide up the teams.

WOW WOW WEE Dancers?<... (Below threshold)

WOW WOW WEE Dancers?

What, no Sex Bomb Dancers?

Anyway, as you may recall Bill my wife is a Filipina and we have been living about 50 klicks south of Manila for just over 7 years.

I have to say, your example from Deal or No Deal must be the exception to the rule.

After watching these crap local game shows (most derived from US versions) for so long I've come to the conclusion the contestants ALWAYS opt for the safe return.

If the choice is between going for a half mil and quitting with say, 100 thousand Pesos in almost all cases they quit.

In a way your "greed" conclusion is correct, they take the money, on the other hand they have zero concept of going into the game with nothing and playing for all it's worth with the potential of gaining it ALL or going home with nothing.

"One-two-three-four..." CLO... (Below threshold)

"One-two-three-four..." CLOMP!CLOMP!CLOMP!CLOMP! *Wowwee!* Heheheh!

Glad you are doing better, Bill. :)

Here's to your continued re... (Below threshold)

Here's to your continued recovery, Bill. Was a vein used from your wrist in the heart surgery that you have some pain?

Indeed, the Philippines has some very beautiful women.

I dont have cable or sate... (Below threshold)

I dont have cable or satellite. Thanks for the video.

Congratulations on your continued recovery. We are here for you.

My prayers for your continu... (Below threshold)

My prayers for your continued recovery. God Bless You and your family






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