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New McCain Ad: Compare

The McCain/Palin campaign has a new ad out called Compare. It outlines in the simplest terms the differences between the two candidates. I like it.

At this point in the game you've got to make your message as clearly as possible and this ad does that.


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Comments (8)

I almost never watch the br... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I almost never watch the broadcast channels, but I do watch cable channels and the only Obama ad I've seen in the last two weeks is the one where they use clips of McCain's face during the last debate and try to disingenuously claim that McCain is just like President Bush.

Obviously that's all they've got. There are no positive reasons to vote for the lying Marxist messiah.

And Obama actually had the hypocrital audacity during that debate, to straight faced lie and say that McCain's ads were "100% negative".

You can't make stuff like this up.

I like that new ad, too. I... (Below threshold)

I like that new ad, too. I'm hoping that the McCain campaign, for once, has been smart in holding their ad dollars until the last week (as opposed to just not having any TV presence) and go on a blitzkrieg all over the country. This would be a great exclamation point to the whole election cycle. Now is the time to inundate the airwaves.

I used to see Obama's ads maybe 4 or 6 times every hour on cable channels I watch. Haven't seen much lately except what P. Bunyan described.

In the last few days, I started to have a good feeling about this election (finally!). I think we'll win.

"And Obama actually had the... (Below threshold)
Bill W.:

"And Obama actually had the hypocrital audacity during that debate, to straight faced lie and say that McCain's ads were "100% negative."

Yeah, that bugged me at first too. But then I checked it out and he was actually correct.

"Yeah, that bugged me at... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, that bugged me at first too. But then I checked it out and he was actually correct."

Better go back to checking. You missed a few. Must be hard to see with the light from the messiah blinding you. Oh well, if he's elected you won't have to bother yourself with exerting such effort....they'll give you what you need and tell you what to think....and you'll like it, or they'll pull a "Joe the Plumber" on you.

ODA315- You clearl... (Below threshold)


You clearly don't understand NewSpeak. "Negative" means that they encouraged people to vote for McCain -- you know, AGAINST Obama. Negative. Also Racist.

Re: Ad

I like it.

It sounds the right note for undecided voters who are leaning McCain but nervous about the economy. Just the right note to be sounding now.

This ad may have a differen... (Below threshold)
carlos marroquin:

This ad may have a different tone than the rest, but the bottom line is that it's deceiving in all its facts. You have to be a moron to believe everything it says! The only true statement on that message is when he says "Im John McCain and I approve this message"

You have to be a moron to b... (Below threshold)

You have to be a moron to believe any campaign commercial on both sides. They are designed and produced with the ignorant in mind. How naive. ww

Compare. I like that title... (Below threshold)

Compare. I like that title. Now Obama should take that title and compare McCain to Bush and McCain to McCain--if nothing else, how many times McCain has supported Bush or lied or condemned and blessed his support of Bush should be very entertaining. Compare alright. Compare the lying and conniving John McCain of now to the McCain of 2003--would make for sad, yet very enlightening commentary.






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