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Corporate Tax Effects 101

The winner of the Tax Foundation's ad competition among American citizens has a winner. And it explains the effects of high corporate taxes in a language your mother and your neighbors can understand clearly.

"Tax Attack" by Andrew Patterson of Edmond, OK. Nicely done.

See more at The Tax Foundation.


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Wonder how patriotic compan... (Below threshold)

Wonder how patriotic companies are when they go out of business, and fire/lay off employees because they can no longer compete anymore?

All three submissions were ... (Below threshold)

All three submissions were excellent.

And we get all indignant when a burger in a full service restaurant costs $10. And when we can't understand the tech support guy. And when ... well, you get the picture.

(But you might want to change the title, Steve. EFFECTs rather than AFFECTs.) I'm just sayin'.

Heh. Changed...Sig... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Heh. Changed...

Sigh... Haste makes waste and sloppy usage...

Must See TV for the economi... (Below threshold)

Must See TV for the economically challenged and if your last name is "Obama".






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