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On That Double-Secret Obama-Khalidi Tape

Director Blue has a tip from a source that has been right in the past, and who claims to have seen the Obama-Khalidi tape the LA Times is suppressing.

However, I received a tip from a person who has provided useful, accurate and unique data from LA before (e.g., "All six of CNN's 'undecided voters' were Democratic operatives"). Take it for what it's worth, but I believe this person is on target.
Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can't release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

It would be really controversial if it got out. Tha's why they will not even let a transcript get out.

Not a good week for Obama. Wrong time to have one of those.

Obama said earlier today in efforts to blunt McCain's effective "spread the wealth" attacks that McCain will soon be telling people Obama "is a communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten."

Well, no sir. It would probably have something to do with your communist mentor in your early adult life, and the associations you have made - and now minimized - since then. Then of course there's that silly thing like your own statements, such as intimating that Wealth Redistribution is an unattained Civil Right.


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Comments (45)

'Obama said earlier today i... (Below threshold)

'Obama said earlier today in efforts to blunt McCain's effective "spread the wealth" attacks that McCain will soon be telling people Obama "is a communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten." '

I think this is the crux of the campaign for me. As a conservative I too would like to decide who to share my toys with. As the secular messiah, Obama was not only benevolent enough to share his toys, he wants his benevolence to now extend to telling me who I must share my toys with because he knows best.

No Senator, sharing your to... (Below threshold)

No Senator, sharing your toys does not make you a communist.

Taking another child's toys by force and giving them to another child is communism.

question: are all the peopl... (Below threshold)

question: are all the people obama sat on boards with or participated in govt projects with over his career considered to be his mentors? or just the ones who have questionable pasts?


obama in a landslide

faked bir... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

faked birth certificate

the "whitey" tape

Khalidi tape

question: are all the peopl... (Below threshold)

question: are all the people obama sat on boards with or participated in govt projects with over his career considered to be his mentors? or just the ones who have questionable pasts?

In Dreams of My fathers he states I sought out Marxist professors
His fathers dream was 100% on rich people.
His mentor mentioned is his book was member of the Communist Party and the Communist Party stated so on their website.
So taking BHO words to heart we see a pattern emerge and the logical conclusion is the man is a Marxist. The Dem have used much less tangental relationships to call people racist and Nazis.

So <a href="http://wizbangb... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

So another anonymous source has surfaced. The right is finally figuring out how to force the hand of the LA Times. It's too bad conservatives have to get into the pigpen, but when you have to castrate a boar that's what you got to do.

No, Pea. But Frank Marshall... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

No, Pea. But Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's mentor by his own admission.

You know Frank, right?

Membership in the Communist Party USA and being referred to by Obama as his mentor should fit the bill you're asking about.

If not, then you are intentionally blind or dishonest.

If not, then you a... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
If not, then you are intentionally blind or dishonest.

From what I've seen I would say ignorant and dishonest, and that's The Truth.

Just release the tape. You... (Below threshold)

Just release the tape. You don't give a major newspaper a video tape and expect it not to be fully disclosed to the public either by showing the tape or by the paper printing a transcript. This crap that the LA Times promised the source not to release the tape is plain laughable. The source does not have to be revealed, only the contents of the tape. What is the big deal here, honestly? If the tape turns out to be harmless, then McCain-Palin, etc. will look silly.

But I think we all know why they will not release it. I guess Palin's wardrobe has far more probative value than Obama's words at a PLO gathering.

The libs are getting testy!... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The libs are getting testy!!

Would it not be great if Hannity got hold of this in time to show it during the BHO infomercial???

Hey Peapody peabrain. You w... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Hey Peapody peabrain. You will NOT find people like this with any sort of tangential connection to McCain , Palin or even Biden.

Only the top of your ticket!

"or just the ones who have ... (Below threshold)

"or just the ones who have questionable pasts?"

Funny, how you keep asking questions and ignore the answers. Personally, I think an Obama admin would present more of a questionable future:


Hermie gets the prize. He ... (Below threshold)

Hermie gets the prize. He hit the nail on the head.

Obama creeps me out because... (Below threshold)

Obama creeps me out because he's so secretive about his associations. When more information is given to the public in reference to the radicals he knows, Obama tweaks his story to meet his needs.

frank marshall davis? from ... (Below threshold)

frank marshall davis? from what i see theres no evidence of any merit that hes a communist. the house unamerican activities committee tried to label him and plenty of other people as such but we all know that whole committee was pure BS


so to pretzel i would say: obama still isnt closely connected to any unsavory types... but palin is married to a secessionist and mccain pals around with corporate criminals like keating

case closed


obama in a landslide

The only people who ... (Below threshold)

The only people who are proclaiming Obama in a landslide are those who have made an emotional committment (read not intellectual) to Obama or those he pays to infest conservative sites with talking points.

Be that as it may, Obama has a history of telling whoever he is talking to what they want to hear, or words that could be construed to be interpreted in more than one way if a divided audience. It is what it is and he is what he is, which is say a fraud, like most politicians.

Leave us see what is going on:

1. The traditional media is in the tank for Obama to the point where they are embarassing themselves.

2. The economy is in the tank for a number of reasons that include the complicity of Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd and a host of other dups and morons that we have elected to Congress, which includes Republicans.

3. Bush has been hammered and skewered by the left wing media to the point where he is so unpopular that only the partisan Congress is lower. But that doesn't count in Presidential politics that Congress is even lower, nor does it count in individual elections.

4. Obama is a really, really GREAT speaker, with a spell binding delivery of empty words that anyone can listen to and believe fits their preconceptions of what he ought to have said. Yet he says essential nothing.

5. Obama has a long history of associations with bomb throwers and left wing nutcases that include Wayde Rathke, the most dangerous man in America. He has been successful in glossing over his past associations.

Yet polls have Obama and McCain within the margin of error in just about every state that is up for grabs.

Why is this?

My wife listened to him one time and said, "That guy is a phony." Well, she had more to say, but that is enough.

I read his book and decided the same thing (Audacity).

I dunno if McCain/Palin can win or not next Tuesday. What I do know is that the peabody's of the world drooling in their bibs just makes me work harder and become more determined to help McCain/Palin all I can.

And that is one of the serious miscalculations of the Obama campaign and specifically David Axelrod. He underestimates the determination of those who do not like or want Obama as President. The more he presses people to get in someone else's face, has an independent called over a hundred times, tries to act like it is over, just motivates the kind of people Axelrod is obviously not used to dealing with.

wade rathke? the guy who fo... (Below threshold)

wade rathke? the guy who founded ACORN, who mccain addressed as a keynote speaker 2 years ago, calling them heroes?


the neocon lies are over their eyeballs now

poor poor larry. if he does... (Below threshold)

poor poor larry. if he doesnt know that bu$h is a phony, and that mccain is more of the same, then he has no business even mentioning that word

ah well, next week you can call president obama whatever you like....


Peabody, lol!... (Below threshold)

Peabody, lol!

Obama's Kenyan aunt found i... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Obama's Kenyan aunt found in a Boston slum... Developing...

More of the same???!!!!


Here we go again . . . . I ... (Below threshold)
le comat:

Here we go again . . . . I didn't know Bush is running again? Poor Barry, the ugly truth to his beliefs are starting to show. He will lose.

boston slum?remind... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:
PeaIt the Communis... (Below threshold)


It the Communist Party Of America that Claims Frank Marshall as one their own if not one mostly influenced by them. Through him Obama.


In review of Davis's work.

Okay, leave us have ... (Below threshold)

Okay, leave us have a class:

Here is how you do a link properly:

what you want to call it

Take out the ( and the ) when you do it.

And for those who care, here is how you do a quote:

copy what you want to quote then end with

Again, take out the ( and the )

Maybe copy this post to a notepad document on your desktop. I did.

To copy;

Highlight what you want to copy.
CNTRL C copies it
CNTRL V pastes it where the cursor is.

Hope this helps.

The L.A. Times brought this... (Below threshold)

The L.A. Times brought this tape to light in a story written SIX MONTHS AGO. Why is the McCain campaign fixated on it now, just days before the election, when reasonable members of the American public are much more concerned about dealing with the economy than in hearing about every person Barack Obama has ever shaken hands with?

Just more grasping at straws, it would appear.

"a tip from a source that h... (Below threshold)

"a tip from a source that has been right in the past"

I would venture a guess that most everyone has been right in the past at least once. Not a very good way to set up an anonymous source.

"Why is the McCain campaign... (Below threshold)

"Why is the McCain campaign fixated on it now"

It's not his campaign that has become fixated on it.

Maybe Obama should check wi... (Below threshold)

Maybe Obama should check with Robert Mugabe to find out how that wealth redistibution is going.

You need to only ask your s... (Below threshold)
ms T:

You need to only ask your self this. Where is all the money coming from that obama is spending? Think his campaining is a little overboard. And not happy as a teamster that They are wasteing our union due's to promote him without asking us. Then not allowing us to get medication we need, and not see dr's we want. And they are backing him? What does that mean for health care? Means my health care will get even worse. There not backing someone who is going to cost them money. Teamster are mob. When they say if obama wins you best buy a gun. There is good reason for this. Teamsters. Pay us your dues. We do what we want for you and you have no say... Obama. You pay your taxes and I will do what I want with them.... sounds the same. no wonder teamsters are backing him. Also backed by feddie may and fannie mack. So who did tax payers have to bail out ?? Use your brains for something besides a hat rack people.

Dang - it didn't com... (Below threshold)

Dang - it didn't come out right.

Ok, forget the class. Right click anywhere on this page and select "View Source" and go see how someone does a link and a block quote.

That has to be one of my dumber posts :-)

The McCarthy era is live an... (Below threshold)

The McCarthy era is live and well in the USA with its emphasis on guilt by association. Greed-based capitalism is no answer as monolithic communism was not. Redistribution of wealth to the rich- which the Bush tax cuts (supported by McShame) have done- is not 'socialism'. Trickle-swindle capitalism is finished, only a few rabid ideologues still believe in voodoo economics. Obama is the only person who can restore the good name of America, now besmirched and shamed beyond recognition.

The McCarthy era i... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
The McCarthy era is live and well in the USA with its emphasis on guilt by association.

It's not guilt by association, it's those of like mind associate. The old saying birds of a feather flock together is true. Few people hang around with people they don't agree with outside their family and work. In a political campaign people want to know who a candidate has been paling around with and when Obama lies about the nature of these associations it shows he's trying to hid who he is from voters.

Greed-based capitalism is no answer as monolithic communism was not.

Nonsens. The failure of communism was it's inherent incompatibility with human nature. Capitalism suffers no such flaw.

Redistribution of wealth to the rich- which the Bush tax cuts (supported by McShame) have done- is not 'socialism'.

There is no redistribution of wealth when you let people keep the money they earn. The tax cuts just lowered a rate that's still way higher then most people pay. That money goes back into the economy more effectively than if the government spends it.

Trickle-swindle capitalism is finished, only a few rabid ideologues still believe in voodoo economics.

In your dreams maybe. History shows over taxation suppresses the economy and results in fewer jobs and less tax revenue.

Obama is the only person who can restore the good name of America, now besmirched and shamed beyond recognition.

Obama is a joke and, if elected, he'll make Jimmy Carter's failed presidency look like the pinnacle of liberal success by comparison.

The third world despots and... (Below threshold)

The third world despots and tinpot dictators (Like Obama's hero Chavez) are laughing over how much they are going to roll over Obama, as he abandons democracies and long-term allies for miniscule applause in the UN General Assembly.

Well, there is alway... (Below threshold)

Well, there is always the nature versus nuture debate. See it is that Obama is convinced of his own rhetoric. Based on experience in THIS society, he believes he can convert, convince, sway, mitigate, change, or otherwise influence someone with the power of his persuasion.

He forgets:

1. For most, English is not their native language. In translation, most of his rhetoric sounds, well, like rhetoric. Read one of his speeches instead of listening to him.

2. There is common interests and beliefs here in the US. Some of the cultural belief systems in various parts of the world are just alien to anything we can conceive here. For example, the ranchero mentality so common in Latin America - and would you believe in Russia too?

3. Most folks are selfish. Mostly that act out of their own personal situation and believe in those politicians skilled in convincing them that they are for [here insert who you are]. Leaders in other countries could care less. Their interest is in their personal power and more or less the peace and prosperity of their own country, to hell with us.

4. Chicago has a few corrupt players compared to the world stage. Obama is gonna have to be a really quick study in terms of changing his belief system, something that defeated Carter.

For the past few weeks, the two candidates have been receiving Presidential level briefings. So this means that Obama is starting to be informed of most things he needs to know. And I would bet he has found a surprise or two in the goodie bag.

Obama said earlier today i... (Below threshold)

Obama said earlier today in efforts to blunt McCain's effective "spread the wealth" attacks that McCain will soon be telling people Obama "is a communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten."

No, Mr. Obama -- you're a socialist because you want to take MY toys and parcel them out to people YOU choose.

PS -- I love the way Obama ... (Below threshold)

PS -- I love the way Obama tries to predict the ways McCain might attack him, and misses so badly. Reminder . . .

"They're going to try to make you afraid. They're going to try to make you afraid of me. They're gonna say, 'You know what, he's young and inexperienced and he's got a funny name. And did I mention he's black? He's got a feisty wife."

Here's another actual direc... (Below threshold)

Here's another actual direct quote from a speech Obama gave this summer that went down the memory hole. Try and locate this one on the web any more -- it seems to have vanished, somehow:

'I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it's Native Americans or African-American issues OR REPARATIONS, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds.'

Obama and reparations???: ... (Below threshold)

Obama and reparations???: He is going to team up with John Conyers on this one. Taxpayers, black and white.........grab your rears, taxes are going to rise and it isn't going to be pretty!

Obama and socilism: One of... (Below threshold)

Obama and socilism: One of the biggest!

What a slimmy, lying, hypoc... (Below threshold)

What a slimmy, lying, hypocritical politician:

I wouldn't put it past the ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't put it past the la slimes to burn down their building to destroy the tape to protect dumbo. Stupid la slimes.

Please post this on ev... (Below threshold)

Please post this on every Blog you can and e-mail to everyone in your address book and ask them to send it to everyone in their address book!! Ask everyone that can be there to please be there as this is important!!!


Everyone that can, grab your signs and please be at the steps of the Supreme Court at 3:00 PM this afternoon! The things to go on the signs will be listed below. We need as large a Crowd as we can get to be waiting at the steps of Supreme Court for Mr. Berg, the person meeting him at the Train Station as well as Will Bower who will be there to accompany him there. Fox News will also be at the Train Station and will follow them all the way to the Supreme Court, filming everything.

Remember to be loud, but RESPECTFUL as this is about having the Supreme Court hear us and grant us what we are asking for, proof that Obama is eligible to run for the Office of President, our Commander In Chief. Chant Speech, Speech, Speech when you see Mr. Berg. He will either speak before he goes into the Court, unless he needs to go in immediately, if so he will speak when we comes out. He will stop and acknowledge everyone that is there and thank you for your support, if he doesn't have time for a speech right then!!

DO NOT yell anything negative about Obama. You can yell that "Obama needs to show he is eligible", Why the Secrecy Surrounding Obama", "Obama Release Certified Copies Of Your Records and Papers" and you can chant over and over "Uphold Our Constitution, Defend it, We The People Demand It".


1. McCain Supporter's For The Constitution

2. Obama Supporter's For The Constitution

3. Uphold And Defend Our Constitution

4. American's For The Constitution


McCain Funds PLO? ... (Below threshold)
Actually, no. He helped fu... (Below threshold)

Actually, no. He helped fund the Center for Palestine Research and Studies. unlike Obama, who do funded an anti-israeli organization.

That was really weak with the photoshop of McCain, btw.

But now you must be informe... (Below threshold)
Mr Sinc:

But now you must be informed that possession of impending to be released Obama tape, due to explosive massive fiery political temperament situation in United States of America (USA), has now been sent for safekeeping secretive protection from hidden political operatives to unnamed but safe contact in US location. Fox News (FNUS) will play 35.6 minutes of 23.2 minute tape from living room quarters of safe unnamed contact with O'Reilly Bill security detail to mount watch safety against for Obama suppression unit detail staff, noted by distinct shape of earplug circular. To facilitate ability of release full 18.2999 minutes of tape, please remit dollars of US (US) $20,000,000.00 to...

Oh, one more thing while you're licking that envelope, Yoda says, 'for me you make funny much election this year, funny more even those fuzzy bears little.'






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