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Gen. Petraeus sworn in as Commander of CENTCOM

Breaking: Pertaeus has been officially sworn in as Commander of CENTCOM:

Gen. David Petraeus took over U.S. Central Command during a one-hour ceremony this morning at MacDill Air Force Base, assuming responsibility for military operations in the most volatile part of the world -- the Middle East.

Under a large American flag and with 84 members of Petraeus' West Point class of 1974 looking on, he accepted the CentCom battle flag from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Petraeus is widely credited with being the architect of the Iraq surge that many believe led to a dramatic reduction in violence. Now expectations are high as Petraeus tries the same thing in Afghanistan, where battle against extremists is on the rise.

Gen. Odierno replaced him as Commander of MNF-Iraq.

Congratulations, Gen. Petraeus. You deserve it.


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Comments (9)

Streets, schools, ships and... (Below threshold)

Streets, schools, ships and buildings will one day be named after this man.

If Obama gets in, Petraeus ... (Below threshold)

If Obama gets in, Petraeus will be forced out of the military by February.

Can't keep in a man who 'Betrayed Us', right Barry? After all, you refused to denounce the MoveOn ad.

What exactly has General Be... (Below threshold)

What exactly has General Betrayus done? Nothing has happened good in Iraq under his watch. We are exactly where we were when he took over. Stuck there spending billions each month with no end in sight. Keep brownnosing this traitor so we can see how out of touch the right has become.

President Obama will fire this moron on his first day in office.

I thought I saw something. ... (Below threshold)

I thought I saw something. Just a blue blurr. Musta been Billy Carter typing at a keyboard again. Nothing to see or respond to. Move Along.

If the ONE wins, Petraeus w... (Below threshold)

If the ONE wins, Petraeus will probably be shipped to Europe for war crimes trials. Obama is a communist trained in Chicago politics. He will not stop until he's destroyed everyone who makes this country work. And Petraeus committed the greatest crime of all -- he commanded US forces to victory. To communists, fascists and Islam, that is a crime that must be punished.

And a well deserved positio... (Below threshold)

And a well deserved position too. Petraeus is an amazing man.

Another reason to vote for ... (Below threshold)

Another reason to vote for McCain.

It's a vote to make Gen. Petraeus the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

(( I think he'd also make a wonderful Secretary of Defense in President Palin's first administration... ))

A vote for Obama is probably a vote to end Gen. Petraeus's military career without any further prestigious appointments or positions of influence.

if, God forbid, the lying c... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

if, God forbid, the lying chunk of democrat dogshit somehow gets elected president, i hope the republicans nominate general petraeus for president in 2012. and then i'd like to see obama, frank, reid, raines and johnson, among others, get arrested, tried and convicted and sent to the prisons they so richly deserve.

Gen. Petraeus the Chairman ... (Below threshold)
marc Author Profile Page:

Gen. Petraeus the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

(( I think he'd also make a wonderful Secretary of Defense...

God keep you General! His second also.

We have finally purged the military upper command of folks like Clark and Powell, who have no clue.






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