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Support Josh Mandel

Joel Mowbray has an article that should outrage you:

When Josh Mandel got a call from the Marines last year asking him to return voluntarily to Iraq, he had much more to contemplate than when he first enlisted in 2000. He had just been elected to the Ohio state legislature. Family considerations were also important to him. He ultimately decided to serve a second tour in Iraq "because I didn't join the Marine Corps to say no when my country called," Mr. Mandel explains.

Of all the factors he weighed, Mr. Mandel says political concerns were not among them. Now he has been forced to deal with the politics of that decision. The opponent in his tough re-election fight, trial attorney Bob Belovich, is attacking Mr. Mandel's service, arguing that he abandoned voters. Mr. Belovich's wife, Barbara, acknowledged in an interview for this column that she has told voters that Mr. Mandel "went AWOL" (a military term for desertion) by fighting in Iraq.

Even Mr. Mandel's motives for serving in Iraq are being questioned. Mrs. Belovich claimed in an interview with this columnist that Mandel "put his personal ambitions ahead of his constituents." Asked why anyone would enter a war zone out of "personal ambition," Barbara Belovich replied curtly, "Certainly he wasn't serving our needs."

And that's not the worst of it. Take a look at at what Mrs. Belovich said at a Democratic Party event:

The Belovich campaign has not been bashful in going after Mr. Mandel's military service. At a major Democratic Party event in Cleveland this March, while Mr. Mandel was still in Iraq, Mrs. Belovich told Mr. Alai, "Josh Mandel isn't serving our country, he's serving George Bush."

The Belovichs are so repulsive they make me want to vomit. Show your support for Josh Mandel here.

Hat tip: The Corner


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Comments and things that th... (Below threshold)
Necromancer Author Profile Page:

Comments and things that these people say and do make me mourn for my comrades and all that went before me and paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.
"Semper Fi"

Whether you spell it Belovi... (Below threshold)

Whether you spell it Belovich or Obama, saying anything and bashing anyone to get elected is still the same disgusting demagoguery.

Obama and his supporters an... (Below threshold)

Obama and his supporters and the democrat party in general have sold their souls to the devil. I knew it was coming, just didn't think it would be this soon.

But they still Support the ... (Below threshold)

But they still Support the Troops(TM). Don't even think of questioning that.

I made a small contribution... (Below threshold)

I made a small contribution, it's the least I can do.

I listened to the recording... (Below threshold)

I listened to the recording of Belovich and his wife. What a pair. Exaggeration and whining is an art for these two. His wife complains that Mandel was "AWOL" for most of his term. That's untrue. He was in Iraq for 6 months out of a two year term. Belovich himself made ridiculous claims that Mandel was only elected because he had a "Jewish sounding name" and his campaign sign was blue and this confused voters.

While I did a little looking around right after I saw this post, I happened upon this blog. I wrote a comment correcting the author's mistake in labeling Mandel as a Democrat and reminded him of the Beloviches behavior. The author also complains that Mandel "refuses" to debate Belovich, makes assumptions about Mandel's character for not debating and then at the very bottom writes this:

"Belovich says that he understands that Mandel is currently out of the country, and doesn't know when he is coming back."

My comment has yet to be posted and I doubt it will.

Update: the OhioDailyBlog ... (Below threshold)

Update: the OhioDailyBlog got my comment and its author refuses to post it, but went back and corrected the political designation of Mandel.

I know he refuses to post my comment because his post is almost two months old. Why would he go back to a posting on 9/8 to make that one small correction, unless he read my comment, decided he didn't like an unkind, but civil and factually true, comment and just pretended nothing was ever said? I sent him an email and called his refusal to post my comment 'cowardly'.

This is our future, folks.

It's not fair to paste all ... (Below threshold)

It's not fair to paste all Dems and Obama supporters w/ a broad brush. I have actively campaigned for Obama in many states, and I think Obama will support many policies aimed at junior enlisted persons that will improve thier quality of life. But we can argue all that another day.
In this State Rep race there is only one choice. The Beloviches' comments go beyond the pale and I think because of them he is unfit to serve. That's why, even though I don't vote in your district, I sent a donation to Josh Mandel. He is a fine and honorable young man who should not be penelized politically for serving his nation in harms way. On policy we may disagree (don't forget, I'm a Dem), but I'm also a Vet and wish him the best of luck.






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